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  1. Was just about to say the same. Think he had been on loan at Swindon and not done great. Was massively underwhelmed when we signed him and cried myself to sleep when he let him go.
  2. What happened to the other two is irrelevant in my eyes (but clearly not in the eyes of the tribunal) - They were fined by the club and punished accordingly in the courts. It still doesn't sit well with me that they played away at Barnsley two games later but I've got over it. Keogh was offered a taxi paid for by Derby County Refused and got a lift in his mates car knowing he was drunk Didn't wear a seatbelt Crashed and got injured Was unable to carry out the works in his contract Was very kindly offered £5k a week to sit at home and recover and rehabilitate with
  3. We have to renew Waghorn and Wisdom’s contracts
  4. AGR

    EFL appeal

    I'm pretty sure I read somewhere over the weekend that the latest date a points deduction can be imposed on the 2020/21 season was sometime in March - or have I imagined that?
  5. Never want to see Forsyth in a Derby shirt ever again
  6. Really don’t understand people kicking off about Roos starting. Marshall has been dreadful since he came back from injury in January
  7. He is absolutely crap. No coincidence that no other team has tried to sign him in the past 8 years. Should be nowhere near the team on Saturday
  8. That donkey is one of the reasons we have suffered so much heartbreak in the last 7 years. Awful player
  9. Absolute nonsense. If Clough had have been in charge for the whole of the 13/14 season we wouldn’t have even got in the play offs
  10. I can remember the bloke on the Ramswriter podcast saying that he thought our wages were £7m a month at one point during January when our players were unpaid. What a clown
  11. Ladapo missed 2 sitters at the weekend so we all know what’s happening now
  12. Great result for us last night with Boro winning but that late Forest equaliser was a massive blow. Now means that Birmingham still need points and if Forest lost they would be less likely to throw their game against Wednesday like they did with Huddersfield with them needing points as well.
  13. But if Coventry win tonight and Rotherham win their two remaining games in hand against Luton and Boro that will put us in the bottom 3. So it's not in our hands.
  14. Really starting to panic now. Can see Rotherham staying up. Think we have got to hope that Coventry and/or Huddersfield finish below us. Looking at the run in Huddersfield have the toughest with Barnsley and Reading still to play. Ours toughest one looks like Swansea but hopefully by then they won't be able to catch Watford so may be resting players for the play offs. Our other saving grace is that Wednesday will probably be gone by the time we play them on the last day which should work in our favour but stranger things have happened, can remember Sunderland beating Wolves 3-0 on the las
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