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  1. Marshall (Not convinced by him though) Byrne Wisdom Clarke Buchanan Bielik Knight Sibley Joz CKR Ibe Harsh on Shinnie and would rotate him with Knight or Sibley depending on the opposition. Not too fussed whether Wisdom or Edmundson plays to be honest. If Bird is playing he needs to be further forward in one of the Knight or Sibley positions, dont think he's good enough yet to sit in front of the back 4, his vision and passing isn't there yet
  2. I also missed the goal, I turned it off in a mard part way through the second half when Christie was taking an age over a throw in. Saw that we'd equalised via twitter and ran back downstairs for the last 7 mins. Did the same last year and missed Martin's 97th minute equaliser. When will I learn to just see it through?
  3. Not worth thinking about, it would have been disallowed as well. Reckon it would have disallowed their goal at their place this season and given us a penalty Friday night and sent Ribiero off so swings and roundabouts I guess but still wouldn't want VAR
  4. Agree, players a terrified now of putting a foot in incase a ref wants to make a name for themselves and give them a straight red. The diving from Riberio in the first half nearly got Knight booked and it wasn't even a foul, could tell from where the ball went after that Knight got the ball first. I disagree that the Brian Clough Trophy is pointless and unnecessary, its a nice sentiment and legacy but think it should be the Clough & Taylor trophy
  5. Agree. I seem to remember very few of the Clough vs Davies games were on sky and tended to be 1pm kick offs (still a pain but not as bad as 12:15 on a Saturday, 12:00 on a Sunday or 7:45 on a Monday night)
  6. Huddersfield and Wednesday. Would love that gobby gammon at Rovrum to join them as well if possible but Wycome have got no chance of survival
  7. Now the dust has settled on another damp squib between the two of us, its got me thinking what has happened to this match? When we were relegated in 2008 and Forest got promoted from League 1 and the two teams were reunited in the same league for a few years, some of the games were absolutely brilliant, especially when it was Clough vs Davies in the dugouts. But now, I can't remember the last game that I would have watched all the way through if I was a neutral. What are the key factors that have made this fixture lose its spark? Covid - There's no doubt that playing behind closed doors
  8. Roos - 6 Byrne 6 Wisdom 5 Clarke 6 Buchanan 5 Knight 4 Shinnie 5 Bird 3 Waghorn 5 CKR 7 Jozwiak 6 Marshall 1 Sibley 7 Gregory 7 Roberts 7
  9. Yeah there’s no doubt that their goal was dreadful and completely against the run of play at the time. But to be honest from their goal onwards I thought we were absolutely awful
  10. As in we scored a goal out of absolutely nothing and their keeper hardly had a save to make
  11. Joe Worrall getting MOTM just sums up the quality of the match
  12. Think we can consider ourselves quite fortunate to get a draw there. Appreciate that we have a very young squad but we froze on the big stage yet again against these lot. Forest were awful and with a bit of composure and positivity we would’ve won easily
  13. So frustrating this. Forest look absolutely terrible but also look like winning quite comfortably
  14. I was 100% convinced after this game that we were going to win the league, think it was the week after we spanked Wolves 5-0. Why did it have to go so wrong?
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