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  1. Thanks for the kind words. It is very much appreciated.
  2. It is when we changed to 3-4-3 (ish) that we capitulated at home, oh and they brought on Bolasie. Another big factor to the home game was Bennett going off and FloJo coming on. Bennett had the running of Neil Taylor so much so that they took him off at half time.
  3. I've tried posting a few times in here, but it just didn't sit right each time I've wrote it out. As some of you know I did the cancer research relay for life last year, my grandma was diagnosed over 2 years ago with a very rare form of cancer. She went through all the treatments, operations, chemotherapy etc and was told she was in remission last April, she joined me at the relay and did the survivors lap and had a great day of it. However in September she took a turn for the worse, she went for some tests and found out the cancer had returned very aggressively. Over the next 6 weeks she deteriorated rapidly. But as the strong woman she had always been she battled to the very end. There were days where we were told to expect the worse, yet she kept fighting and holding on. She eventually passed away peacefully in her sleep. At the same time my wife's grandma was on the same ward, in the next room. We were told to expect the worse, she battled on for a few months but lost her battle at the start of this year. Then this morning my wife's grandad has passed away (from her mother's side, grandma was from her dad's side) he has been suffering from dementia for the last 6 years. To say the last 6-8 months have been poo is a bit of an understatement. I feel like this is something I've needed to write and down but not known where.
  4. Can we keep this thread free from non score prediction posts.
  5. They are being posted out by today, should be here in the next couple of days.
  6. rynny

    David Turnbull

    Some might say welcome David 😂
  7. Would feel like the 2019 version of signing Earnshaw.
  8. I'd wait until your Wembley tickets arrive 😉
  9. In Nico's Q & A today he said Holmes will be fine for the final.
  10. I was expecting this to be a "I bought a season ticket to get Wembley tickets, when can I take the season tickets back and get a refund?" type of thread.
  11. If your friend got put into a queue before hand it does seem weird.
  12. I logged in at 1.40 and got this screen(top pic) . The other 2 devices we were using also had the same screen. When 2 arrived we were then redirected to the bottom screen shot.
  13. Sounds like a smoke alarm battery that needs replacing. Has the house been rented out or is it up for sale? If so ring the agents and they will send someone to sort it.
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