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  1. Not the home games, think they were about £5 each
  2. There was the Southampton one in the cup. However I don't think he was shooting.
  3. May have failed a late fitness test, and was due to be involved.
  4. rynny

    Fikayo Tomori

    He has you hypnotised
  5. rynny

    Fikayo Tomori

    True, but very wrong 😂
  6. Even Dawnie knows they are not going this season 😂
  7. Was he really? Looked like a big donkey everytime I've seen him play. Scored 9 goals when Cardiff went up, 12 the year before. His record is the same as Theo Robinson's.
  8. There were some Brighton fans happy that he left them. Saw one video of his mistakes from the season they went up, think there was something like 8 goals in a row that they conceded that were down to his errors.
  9. Really looking forward to seeing this.
  10. Tha lnk you so much. Greatly appreciated.
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