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  1. Wrong. The answer is both.
  2. Just to be clear are you saying send it to her or she has a face like one?
  3. Why assume the worst? Everything is always the worst.
  4. He played like he had no end on his leg.
  5. 🤔🤔🤔 Joe, you are carrying on the joke, aren't you?
  6. I think you are the one not getting it personally. My reply wasn't to you thinking he isn't good enough, it was to you saying he has had plenty of time to prove himself. You say he has had plenty of time, I'm saying most of the time that he has had shouldn't be used against him as he should not have been in the first team as he wasn't ready for it.
  7. I refer to my earlier post in the thread If he had broken through as a 21 year old and this was his 3rd season a lot of people would be excited to see how much more he can improve on a decent season last year. But because he has been playing a bit part role for 7 years from 15 years old, "he's been given plenty of time".
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