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  1. Reading sack Stam, hire Clement

    Camara, Ince, Shackell and Ollson
  2. If we reach the playoffs..

    They still would not be able to play for their parent club though.
  3. If we reach the playoffs..

    Camp returned before the end of the season and played in the Palace away game that ended our opes for 2nd place.
  4. Singing section ?

    We have never managed it in 20 years, I don't think I hold much hope for that.
  5. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Leave them on their seats, saves P&P
  6. Forum Issues

    It didn't work properly as you didn't clear the cache
  7. Derby Snow - Game called off

    The tweet you were on about wasn't really the Cardiff team bus, it was to wind Cardiff fans up, which it did successfully
  8. Rowett

    Not to me.
  9. Rowett

    Of course Hanson is a step down from Huddlestone. There aren't many in the division that has the talent that Huddlestone has and many would be a step down from him. That isn't even what we are on about. We are talking about whether Hanson has had a real opportunity to show his potential or not. You think 12 league starts and only 2 consecutive games at a time is enough for a youth player to show if they are good enough and I think they need a run of games in the team before deciding.
  10. Rowett

    Personally I don't believe Hanson has been given a chance. He has only has 2 consecutive starts, and played less than 30 games for the first team.
  11. Derby Snow - Game called off

    This one made me laugh. Quite simple really, go back to your own league if you don't like our FA's decision (even though it was the football league). It's not like the Welsh FA would do something to rule in their favour... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-562867/Cardiff-defender-Darren-Purse-given-FA-Cup-final-reprieve-red-card-overturned.html
  12. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Think you have might have chance of making use of chocolate fire guard.
  13. FFP going into next season

    No bitterness from a Burnley fan towards ex-manager Howe at all there...
  14. Rowett

    It is a pig's tail, twirly.
  15. Rowett

    That is the other one that does my head in as well. Along with "if you know so much why aren't you manager?" or "I expect Mel will be giving you a call soon as you know so much". Football snobbery. I think sometimes a break from posting is good a thing. I do it every so often, still read and around being nosey but just refrain from getting involved in the bickering. I saw the post and wanted to respond but felt like there is no point. If people want to be obtuse about what happened 4 years ago there is little point trying to correct them now, they have their narrative and nothing anyone can say, not even Mike Ashley, Sam Rush, Steve Mac etc. their mind has been made up that Mac did us wrong by joining Newcastle after we sacked him. Didn't deny the rumours ferociously enough (or at all with some people) yet what happens if we sack Rowett at the end of the season and he joins Stoke will that be the reason we dropped from 2nd this season? Going back to @Ninos, funny how he is mia now we have a Mac-esc run he told all and sundry won't happen under Rowett.

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