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  1. Another for Aitchinson. 83/6
  2. It isn't hindsight. Not been impressed with our defensive set up from set pieces for a while, in fact, since we stopped looking a threat from our own set pieces.
  3. I would hope we work on defending set pieces, the job of each person, who marks who etc. The fact that we had Lawrence marking Gallagher again on the free kick just after the goal says to me that the management team had them set up for Lawrence to mark him, which is absolutely ridiculous.
  4. rynny

    Roy Carroll

    Stilian Petrov for Villa lobbed with him, with his weak foot, from the half way line.
  5. Lawrence should not be anywhere near marking Gallagher. Gallagher is the biggest player on the pitch and Lawrence has headed the ball 3 times in his career.
  6. Decent shout. Lampard with an eye on the main job would be another option.
  7. How many times have we gone up against teams with records like that and lost?
  8. Our record at Ewood Park since WWII is P28 W5 D8 L15. Not won, or scored, in the last 4 games there, which was 14/15 season. Failed to score in 13 of those 28 games. Since we beat them for our first Premier League away win (96/97) at Ewood Park we have scored 6 goals in 12 games (3 in 14/15, 1 in 13/14, 1 in 07/08 and 1 in 01/02)
  9. Absolutely, from a club point of view Rotherham win, from a personal point of view Coventry win.
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