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  1. @Bwash_Ram 3 looks a bit Corny (corn knee - I'll get my coat)
  2. Let's bring that average down a bit. 34
  3. Was Evans still at the club then? I know Clement had personally requested we sign Blackman.
  4. Whenever I come on this thread
  5. I don't think it works like that. My understanding of it is that if you work for someone else then you are not eligible for the 80%
  6. rynny


    This is going to be the Saint house hold 😂
  7. We wanted Kenwyne Jones and Jhon Viafara from Southampton, would have cost us £8m. We had even agreed the deal for Viafara. There was also Mika Vayrynen, who agreed to sign but then we didn't.
  8. rynny


    If you feel like a post has broken the forum rules please use the report function. What veiled threat is there? @Coconut is saying that if don't follow the advice of the government and health officials there is a good chance you will catch Coronavirus. He is not threatening you.
  9. rynny


    I've just shut up the pub I work in. No idea what is going to happen now. I've no idea if I'm going to be paid whilst we are closed, no idea when I'm going to be back at work.
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