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  1. Paul Jewell resigned.
  2. Have we ever had a manger join another club, without being sacked or resigning?
  3. rynny

    Chris Martin

  4. Whilst also going in after Billy Davies, so even more appreciation for that.
  5. No need to be concerned. Anyone with more than 1 account will be banned, as per the forum rules.
  6. That is the worst insult I have seen on here. Ever.
  7. rynny

    International Rams

    Babos called up to Wales Under 21s team
  8. What's that got to do with you saying that Martin was old in the Hull play off games? Still spent more than most other managers we have had recently.
  9. No wonder you haven't responded to me 😂
  10. That's almost £15m worth of transfer fees there. If only other managers had that much to spend.
  11. So how have we gone from perennial losers to top 6 because Gary has had to cut costs?
  12. Well, perennial losers is not quite right, how can a 6th place finish be an upward trajectory when recently we have finished 10th, 3rd, 8th, 5th, 9th. Last season we started awful, Mac came in put us up there then Rowett came in, apart from that season we have got less points since our 10th finish under Clough. So how has taken us from perennial losers to top 6, when we have been in and around the top 6 for 4 years?
  13. rynny

    Chris Martin

    We've needed another striker for 4 years. So when Martin left we were still a striker short.

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