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  1. rynny


    Evans "handball" was as much a penalty as the Cleverly "handball". Neither were.
  2. His run in the build up to the free kick was brilliant. Took on 3-4 players at the same time, could have gone down for a free kick but kept going.
  3. Ibe started off as a striker, and in a podcast that he did in the summer said he still would prefer to play there.
  4. I didn't think that was the case on Tuesday, Wisdom regularly got forward, Clarke got forward as well. 3 of our best 4 chances from open play fell to Wisdom, Byrne and Clarke.
  5. We had some very good opportunities last night, Byrne, Jozwiak, Wisdom, Knight's one on one wrongly called offside, Clarke, Holmes. The most disappointing thing last night was the set pieces but it wasn't always the delivery, the players needed someone on the back stick, and it very rarely happened.
  6. If the last 3 games had been drawn would this even be a thing? We would have the same points, the fact we were inches away in the last 2 games from getting draws as well (Rooney sitter rolling the wrong side of the post against Watford and Clarke hitting the post last night), just makes me think this talk is rather premature.
  7. Would it technically be; 7. En (se) 🤔
  8. Sounds better than the original.
  9. Yes, no one should have to put up with eating Burger King.
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