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  1. Possibly, not seen Unbreakable. Edit; just looked on imdb and he has the same name, as does SLJ, so. I would say yes.
  2. There is a sequel as well, Glass, it has Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson, along with James McAvoy. I haven't got round to watching it yet.
  3. Never said it was, he used to drift to the wing for the centre back to follow him, which is why I quoted the part of your post of pulling defenders out of position.
  4. Martin did/does that, he often drifted out to the the wing, that's one of the reasons why Bryson/Russell/Ward always had so much space to run into.
  5. I didn't realise that you didn't want the parts where you judged him pointing out
  6. So you've been watching football that long and you think Lawrence is the most overrated player in 46 years of football? I'm sorry but that is hilarious, with just a touch of ridiculous hyperbolic nonsense. I've had my eyes tested, and the glasses I wear are the correct subscription, thank you for your concern
  7. rynny

    Late subs

    I thought you were calling me fat then
  8. I thought that was you in the dress 😯😱
  9. You've obviously not watched much football if he is most over rated footballer you have ever seen.
  10. Do you mean @angieram? As you have quoted me, and it definitely wasn't me 😂
  11. rynny

    Late subs

    We've brought a sub on at half time in 4 games this season. And in only 2 league games have we not used all 3 subs.
  12. There are over 1500 active members on this forum (I believe, I'm sure @David will correct me) and there is around 10 different posters that have called him. I would suggest that is a small minority.
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