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  1. Other than Portugal and Ronaldo, you mean?
  2. Let me know when, and I'll let you know if I'm in.
  3. When's that going to happen? 2030?
  4. I upset a few on Sunday for suggesting that Kalvin Phillips didn't boss the first half.
  5. Nope, I remember useless information, important things not so much.
  6. Of course he doesn't, he isn't a poor player. I think part of the reason his end product isn't as good as it should because of his unnatural technique, sometimes it is decision making, but mostly it is because of a poor pass or shot.
  7. Thought Joz had a mixed game, put some great crosses, moved the ball well, but also lost the ball or gave it away in dangerous positions a few times. I understand what @DazzaRam is saying about Jozwiak's technique, it doesn't seem like he strikes the ball cleanly, reminds of Dirk Kuyt.
  8. Could be worse, you could have a defender only good enough for the bench for Scotland...
  9. Newly formed company? Erm....
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