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  1. It is because his dad was a **** and juat assume he is.
  2. Paddy Power The market is as follows; '500/1 – England to win WC 2018, Will Hughes to make the final squad & to move to Arsenal in summer 2018'. 8:16 PM - 24 Jun 2017 Anyone fancy a dabble?
  3. I read it as he will only take the fond memories, and forget the bad ones.
  4. I think you are correct, just checked and it is key passes per game. Which is where he passes to someone who then has a shot, which could mean a cross that is too high but the striker gets a slight touch goal wards, which makes it a good indicator but not a conclusive one. He completed 41 key passes last season, only Ince (70) and Hughes (43) had more for us last season. Shows how bad our shooting was last season, Ince registered an assist every 12ish key passes, Hughes 14ish, Butterfield 18, Russell 9, Johnson 12.5. Back to Christie, do you think it says something about the quality of the opportunities that he set up that out of the 41 shots we did not score once?
  5. So Mel has been in charge for 2 years. The club has made some good decisions, some bad, some bizarre, some downright truly awful and some excellent. How much of this is down to Mel? No idea. People complain about Mel going into the changing rooms after Reading, some people complain that he didn't stop the Martin deal, some are complaining about the Hughes deal, some people complain about the free scarf and hot drink, some are complaining that the kits haven't been released yet, some are complaining about money being spent, some are complaining at the lack of signings. How much of it is down to Morris? How much is down to the teams he inherited? Are we going to see any changes with the recent reshuffle? It is almost an impossible situation for Mel to please all of the fans. We want him to get every decision right, but it isn't that easy. When do fire a manager that isn't performing? Who do you get in to improve the team? I think last summer highlighted how difficult it is to please the fans with the surveys of who we want as manager, I know Pearson came out on top in quite a few polls, but it was never much more than a third of fans wanting him, that was 2/3s of fans that he wasn't first choice for. I know there was a poll if you was happy or not with Pearson and the majority were but how many are always happy with everything the club does? Some it is a blind allegiance, others will always back the club as it feels wrong to disagree (not calling anyone who does this, I used to back the club at every decision) Rambling on, what was the thread about? Oh yeah, my opinion on Mel? I think he has made mistakes but has also done very well in other aspects, can not question his commitment with providing funds but if someone can tell me which actions were solely down to Mel, what actions he was advised to do and what actions he vetoed, I am sure I will come up with an better answer. I know some opinions are down to a preconceived idea of what he was going to do, whether that means anything good and it is all down Mel and anything or bad and it is down Rush/manager/coaches/players etc and vice versa. Again never going to call or criticise anyone who believes either, after all we are entitled to our opinions, and are free to voice them.
  6. Last season league games only: Tom Ince - 6 Johnny Russell - 4 Chris Baird - 3 Ikechi Anya - 3 Will Hughes - 3 Bradley Johnson - 2 Craig Bryson - 2 Jacob Butterfield - 2 Markus Olsson - 2 Camara, Pearce, Nugent, Vydra, Keogh and Carson all got 1 each. From https://www.whoscored.com/Teams/20/Show/England-Derby
  7. Where did you see that? Last season he had 0 assists in the league.
  8. You think he has been can-ed a wee bit too much?
  9. He played Coutts there.
  10. So you listed all the managers from the last 10 years but only Pearson (who actually didn't play 4-3-3 here, it was mentioned we were going to do so even if he had not been suspended for the Cardiff game after the players had asked to play them in a formation to get the best out of them) and Clement who was in his first job trying to find a working philosophy. Tell me how many managers get that right from the beginning? So you don't think a manager getting rid of a fan favourite and one of the better players in the team would be under pressure if they get off to a poor start? Whether or not you agree to selling Hughes you cannot deny that a big decision like that is not going to impact the fans feelings. If we sell him and we get off to a flier, then Rowett will be justified in selling. If we get off to a bad start then he will be under pressure.
  11. My fault, I have made him type things he did not mean, got him looking like this.
  12. But it is a question not a statement. And if you believe that every manager we have had in the last 10 years has had to change their philosophy why won't you back that up to prove your point that Rowett will have to as well?
  13. How am I deflecting from the main point? And by main point I assume you are on about the thread? I will ask my questions again.