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  1. The idea of spending it is probably nicer than the reality of dishing it out! Would be nice to find out, mind.
  2. You've probably reached the age they don't want to jinx it!
  3. You'd get really good hitmen for that price, they probably wouldn't see it coming. I'd prefer cheaper incompetent blunderers, who'd make it more painful and a lot less quick, maybe resorting to a corkscrew, Chinese burns or a maybe a penknife to achieve their aims. I'd spend what I saved on another hitman to dispose of the initial amateurs, before they talked. Not that I've given this a lot of thought, you understand?
  4. Hopefully, @sage will have a productive discussion with the ticket office, and something more formal can take place. I'd be up for it.
  5. I'd buy every spare ticket in the stadium until admin is over, and distribute them to school kids and the unemployed.
  6. Sorry, I missed the quote marks. Although I clearly stated that was Mel's position.
  7. Madness isn't it? Went to get some beers from the local garage on the way home, and the prats were queueing down the road!
  8. This was Mel's position March 16th, 2017. One I can set straight though: There is no, nada, zero mortgage on the Stadium. This was settled by me at a cost of £9M last year. The only club debt is owed to me in the form of soft loans (virtually irrecoverable except maybe after 3 years of Champions League!!!!!). It would seem odd to run up £100m pound of recoverable loans since then.
  9. Tepper invests/owns in a company called Andalusian. That firm was set up quite recently to invest in companies across a few sectors, including sports teams.
  10. Easy to knock, more difficult to join and change it from within?
  11. I know what you mean, but he clapped all four stands from the middle of the pitch Saturday. It wasn't the token gesture either, it felt to me he got the club totally in that time, and appreciated the support.
  12. I'm not buying anyone a ticket, it's too hard to organise in the current situation. Get the fanpark open early, and I'll be first in queue to drink my bodyweight in crap beer to contribute. Glad to help out. Another way to help out, is to treat yourself to a hospitality upgrade for an upcoming home game. Makes an ideal early Christmas present for a loved one or best friend, and the mark up on them will really help the club out. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/page/hospitality
  13. I think we should cling wrap him to one of those wind turbine blades near the ground. That will give him an opportunity to think about what he's done, and we can boo him while pops over the stand roof every few minutes.
  14. I've seen Frank maybe half a dozen times, I would also say he's the best stand up I've seen live. Probably just a below average night I caught him on, I still listen most Saturday mornings to his show, and that's always entertaining.
  15. I bought a Mel Morris fan, and it's useless. All it does is blow hot air constantly.
  16. How does that work then, when the club don't own the ground? I'm not doubting the answer by the way, just seems wrong.
  17. I'm with Bulb. I'll add it to my list of financial misdemeanors alongside keeping my season tickets money in my football club!
  18. Is it possible things are slightly brighter than we think? It seems unlikely that Mel has paid the money owed for the stadium sale so far, so that's £80m, or the balance of, owed to the club. The MSD loan was secured against the stadium, if I understand correctly, so wouldn't that £15m or so be owed by Mel's stadium owning company, not the club? If the above was roughly correct, maybe we're only left with the reported £26m debt to HMRC, the debts to suppliers, and whatever football related debts on top, could these be covered by the payments for the stadium sale going forward? Am I looking at this in too simplistic a manner, or is the above scenario possible?
  19. In fairness, you are a massive k...
  20. It's not a massive leap to only do it once every four years.
  21. Maybe, just maybe, he stands at the shoulder of those he's recruited, those he's bought in from the academy, and those players he's inherited from Cocu? In short, maybe he's stands with his team, rather than our owner.
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