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  1. Definitely. I saw a short interview he did talking about how he’s ‘getting used’ to the different conditions over here. The conditions recently would have been tough for anyone, but coming from South Africa and probably not used to it, I’m sure it was a learning curve for him. In the one day stuff though I’m hopeful of some good stuff from him straight away judging from this game and what he did in the one day cup.
  2. Century for Du Plooy against Australia ‘a’ 👍
  3. Weirdo...🤪 for the record my lad won’t have anything but ham and pineapple on his pizza.
  4. Once, poo idea, too much effort involved...
  5. I expected we’d lose to Lancashire with Anderson & Onions playing, they will win the division comfortably I think, but....I did hope we’d give them a bit more of a game than that.
  6. At least we don’t have to face Anderson’s bowling again....
  7. That’s what I was thinking, no way Morris was playing in 91 👍
  8. 1991? I’m guessing that should say 97. To be fair Chelsea’s rise started before Ambramovich in the 90s, he just took them to the next level.
  9. To be fair, in these conditions Anderson, backed up by Onions can decimate any batting line up. Reece is only a decent swing bowler and had a similar effect on the Lancashire batsmen, unfortunately he didnt have anyone backing him up, but Lancs hardly piled on the runs themselves.
  10. Despite Lace being out already....I still think it’s the way forward 😂 Madsen in at 3
  11. Lace opening with Godleman, good move I think. Asking Reece to open the bowling and batting is a bit much.
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