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  1. Game pass now offering £5 for a week options
  2. Unfortunately my brothers stag do has got in the way of this. Would have loved to have gone, especially with how many Notts fans I know. A win would be great, the stick I could give if my local club, little Belper Town knocked them out the cup 😂
  3. Alvin Kamara & Jared Cook ruled out 😳 time to fire up the Tay Train 😂
  4. Looks like no ligament damage for Mahomes, so he should be be back at some point this season.
  5. I take offence to that last comment 😒😂
  6. Looks like Trubisky is back 👀 😂😂
  7. Texans? 🤷‍♂️ Maybe...
  8. Well Mahomes got worse and Lindsay didn’t do much. Even Royce Freeman had a good week on McCaffreys bye in that other team, happy days 😂
  9. Hopefully he gets worse 😂
  10. I’m all for Flacco having a great game, as long as Lindsay doesn’t 🤞😂 As we are playing the afc west teams this year, I will be keeping a close eye. Our trip to Arrowhead in a couple of weeks looked really daunting, now suddenly not so much. Though it’s always a tough place to go anyway.
  11. Like SaintRam said he’s Meade more than enough money, if he doesn’t think he’s going to get a starting spot anywhere I can see why he’s done it. NFC North & West are filthy divisions. I think we’ve got it worse as in the West it’s fairly likely Arizona come last. I couldn’t tell you with any confidence who’s coming where in the North. There’s a few more losses in our division, but we’ve had more divisional games where someone has to lose.
  12. Jets schedule is even better...
  13. With their up coming schedule after the Pats, I’m looking at stashing jets players wherever I can. I also fancy a big performance from them this week.
  14. As long as Teddy doesn’t turn the ball over in his own half, absolutely you can. Not sure if Trubisky is back, or if that makes any difference 😂
  15. Exactly, @Davids already got Murray, no need to be greedy 😂 I was hoping for one of Edmunds or Jamaal Williams as well.
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