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  1. Liked the look of Watson in the U23’s, he’s something we don’t have in the first team squad, that “creative midfielder”, I was glad he got a decent chunk of time last night, hopefully he gets plenty more.
  2. In bigger news.... whenever they finally decide what the salary cap is going to be, we will still need to make some more moves to create cap space. Free Agency should be interesting, the big names will still pull big money, but after that there’s not going to be a lot of money about.
  3. Has Gregory touched the ball? Can’t seem to get it anywhere near him.
  4. Like the look of Beningime so far. We really can’t afford not to have Byrne on the pitch though.
  5. Im actually surprised there hasn’t been more rotation. It’s a big ask 2 games every week. Looking forward to seeing what Baningime has to offer.
  6. Big money for an aging player who’s missed a lot of games the last 5 years. Great signing if he stays healthy.
  7. He’s definitely better on the right, where the rapport with Byrne was immediate. His strength is movement off the ball and receiving it in tight spaces and turning the the defenders, especially since Bielik’s injury those passes haven’t been coming, with players opting for the easy sideways and backwards pass too often instead. confidence is low and perhaps the physical demands, this season especially of the championship are taking its toll. In my opinion we will see the best of Jozwiak next season.
  8. Was the same for CKR’s goal and Gregory’s chance to be fair.
  9. The Jozwiak stick is actually starting to make me laugh. If you watch the game, he’s always showing for the ball but it never comes, it always goes backwards. Then on the rare occasion it does go his way, he actually looks to go forward with it, but he’s the one who’s getting all the flack. I’m not saying he’s playing well, he’s not particularly, but there’s been far worse on the pitch.
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