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  1. I missed a large chunk of the last day as the kids needed entertaining, when I looked and saw something special could be happening, they were told to entertain themselves, whilst I watched the last 12 overs 😃
  2. Filing the accounts in the wrong year.... yeah this was always coming for them, they’ll go down as well..
  3. This! Keepers always look better in crap teams where they have to make save after save. For me, what I want from a keeper is for them to be just solid. Minimal mistakes (there will always be the odd one), and having command of his area are is most important to me. It’s no good making an unbelievable save, then making an absolutely clanger 2 minutes later.
  4. At the Vikings the guy in charge of the Covid safety stuff has gone and tested positive for it himself. Resulting in a number of players going on the Covid Reserve list, including Justin Jefferson.
  5. He’ll be playing in the premier league. He’s been one of Watford’s better players. Unfortunately I see him in a Leeds shirt next season, which is utterly depressing. We don’t need a midfielder, and do need players in lots of other positions. So buying him would be a stupid idea anyway.
  6. Anyone else feeling a lot happier than they were half hour ago? 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Is anyone even watching this game anymore? Come on Swansea/Stoke
  8. The best thing about following a game through this thread, is you have absolutely no idea if we are playing well or not. The optimistic fans will be saying we are playing well no matter what, and the miserable feckers will be on with the the ever insightful, this is rubbish comments unless we are smashing a team 5-0, then they might stretch to a, we are playing ok. i love it 😃🐏🐏
  9. We need the pacy wingers, with at least decent delivery into the box. With that in place it opens up the rest. We are too easy to defend against, it almost takes something really special every time we score. The option of a quick diagonal ball, for some whippet on the wing to get after changes the whole dynamic of the team, and will give Sibley, Rooney and whoever space to work in..
  10. Exactly what a home shirt should look like.
  11. We will loan 2 or 3 again, who will likely start the season again ahead of any emerging youth players, who will be brought in gradually like Bird/Sibley.
  12. Saw the page count increasing at speed, so knew we’d be losing.
  13. As long as it’s not Senators 🤦‍♂️
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