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  1. Yeah Keogh & Tomori the only 2 in with a shout for me, unless someone really steps up in the remaining games.
  2. I hope Efe Ambrose can play centre half, centre mid and centre forward
  3. They look a plan to me, low corners for a near post runner, and to be fair we stand little chance of winning a header against Millwall so it’s not a terrible plan. But the execution still hasn’t been good.
  4. Highlight of that half was the 3000 shots of the back of Lampards head Sky decided to give us.
  5. Our home form has been good all season, So 5 home games is good news. i think it wilL go something like this... millwall - win forest - draw villa - lose wigan - draw Sheff wed - win stoke - lose rotherham - win 11 points leaving us pretty much where we are now.
  6. With everyone always seeming to get injury time winners, it would be nice if we can get one for a change...of course a 3-0 win would be even better.
  7. At work with a Brighton fan, he took one look at their team and said Derby will win....so that’s jinxed it.
  8. This guy in a partnership with Keogh would probably give me a heart attack...i do like those skills though.
  9. Since when? Don’t say it’s been like 5 years or something 😂
  10. Corky got his feet well and truly under the table.
  11. WTF is that all about 😳
  12. Erm it will got to a replay won’t it? 🤷🏼‍♂️
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