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  1. Doubt he will be taken off them after scoring, but is there any other penalty takers in the team? Lawrence maybe, but imagine if he missed one, the knifes would be out straight away.
  2. Roos Lowe keogh Clarke malone Bielik Shinnie Dowell Lawrence Waghorn Marriott we don’t have any wingers that provide any genuine width anyway, so just leave it to the full backs, ideally it would be Bogle & Lowe. Ahead of the back 4 it can be fairly fluid, players can change positions and the formation altered without to much disruption.
  3. Hughes, Hudson-prentice and Van Beek managed to drag us up to 200 and 1 batting point.
  4. Really hope Cocu can coach some more consistency out of Lawrence. The lad is a match winner. To me, it’s doing the ugly side that he did really well at Huddersfield. Doing that gets fans on your side and can boost your confidence when you get the chance to go forward. Because when he’s playing well, there’s plenty of ability there.
  5. Game is available to watch on the Derbyshire website. Watched half hour of Lace & Du Plooy looking good at the crease. Whilst not watching it’s all gone to pot 🤷‍♂️
  6. We’d have lost away at stoke under all 3 of those managers....👀👀
  7. I couldn’t be bothered to say it myself, so thanks 😂 if Cocu starts Marriott against Huddersfield and he gets injured because he ain’t fit, the same people would be going mad
  8. Last season we lose that game. A long way to go before Cocu gets the team how he wants I reckon, but he has got us competing straight away. I expect changes for the Bristol game midweek
  9. Get Buchanan and knight on for Josefzoon and Dowell
  10. Please don’t do that. I just saw 2-1 and assumed 😂😂
  11. Time to stop fannying about and get Bielik on the pitch.
  12. Don’t know where these goals are gonna come from 🤷‍♂️
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