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  1. Season will be done for the Steelers when it gets cold and Grandpa Ben’s joints start seizing up again.
  2. Dal's first 6 innings of the season brought 24 runs at an average of 4 Dal's next 6 innings of the season brought 260 runs at an average of 52 😲 Hope he comes back next season in the same form he’s ending this one.
  3. Leicestershire beat Sussex so somehow we are still not bottom, going into the big battle for the wooden spoon next up....
  4. Century on the cards here for Dal 👀🤣🤣
  5. It is, the smaller clubs can have little runs of doing well. We’ve even had them ourselves to a degree. A good run in the Bob Willis Trophy last year, T20 finals day the year before. Keeping hold of your best players, and even promising young players is getting harder and harder, with another competition meaning the big clubs want even bigger squads.
  6. Nice little cameo from Aitchinson at least giving us something to smile about
  7. Most ducks in the championship this season 🤦‍♂️ He’s always looked a bit iffy when he’s new to the crease against a newish ball, then if he gets in he starts to look good & usually gets plenty of runs....probably why he doesn’t want to bat at 3. Came back to this round of fixtures with a 90, since then it’s been 13,10,4,0,0
  8. Won’t last long after lunch this.
  9. 2 wickets in 2 balls, 27-2 Du Plooy with a combined 0 runs from 3 balls in the match. Perhaps when you know a player doesn't like or want to bat at number 3, don’t keep sending him out there 🤷‍♂️ We’ve got to find a number 3 batsman from somewhere.
  10. Finally home day of the season, technically we could have a chance of winning, depending on what sort of target Kent decide to set, when they inevitably declare.
  11. Think we was on 15 at half time, thankfully we sorted things out 2nd half and avoided getting in that 20 club 🤣
  12. Best fantasy team I've ever had. Yes, I also have the Vikings kicker and defense 😁
  13. If we’re not in contention this season, everyone’s getting fired....so it was a good start 🤣
  14. 🤨 17 penalties from us, I've literally never seen any team have that many, we were horrendous 1st half. Played well from 21-7 down, and it was never a fumble by Cook in Over Time, so we should have been kicking a field goal for the win. Can't expect to play like we did 1st half and get away with it though. Bengals offense of Burrow/Mixon/Chase/Higgins/Boyd could be really good, just needs a good o line to go with it....we need one of those as well.
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