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  1. Victory by 53 runs, been a promising start to the season so far 😁
  2. 207-9 was looking an easy win, but a big 9th wicket partnership brought northants back into it.
  3. Lovely football from Che Adams there, and it’s Cole to save the day.
  4. Brut have a free kick....I can’t bare to look
  5. Yeah, I was thinking we’d do well to get 230 at one point, but we scored quickly in the late overs, which is very un-Derbyshire-like, credit to Critchley & Hosein for that.
  6. Quick check of the score as it’s half time in the footy, Northants 36-3, good start by Rampaul & Van Beek
  7. 268-6 hopefully a competitive total, hard to tell just from live scores and before their innings start. very good partnership from Godleman & Critchley
  8. Reading done us a big favour, we HAVE to capitalise.
  9. A major problem has been the size of wages being payed to players nowhere near the first team. Anya, Martin, butterfield, Blackman, nugent, wisdom etc.. that’s where it has gone wrong. What we are paying our first team regulars is probably similar to the rest of the “bigger” championship clubs.
  10. Godleman & Du Plooy have steadies the ship nicely.
  11. Team to face Northants in the opening game of the one day cup. debuts for Du Plooy & Watt, interesting to see what they can do, on paper it makes our batting look a lot stronger.
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