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  1. Roos 5.5 Byrne 6 Buchanan 6.5 Jagielka 7 Davies 4 Shinnie 6 Bird 7 Morrison 4 Sibley 5 Lawrence 6 Baldock 5
  2. Has entering administration impacted our 23 players to choose from restriction?
  3. Geesh in that bbc article our old friend Mr Rush is mentioned.... "Two of the six potential buyers are "substantial entities" who were previously in touch with Morris, who had been looking to sell the club since 2019, with four new interested parties. The six are understood to include former Derby County owner Andy Appleby and chief executive Sam Rush, who are both part of the 366 Group"
  4. Watford still in the PL so their predicament won't affect our chances of staying up
  5. An image of Mel getting in a massive tangle of ribbons around a maypole with the legend "Morris Chancer"
  6. Stretton makes it 2 after nice play by Cybulski and Plange? Lovely touch high fiving the ball boys!!
  7. Just a coincidence or something more sinister...?
  8. So we should just give up and that is the end of Derby then is it!? Some rich person needs to get involved and if RR with no links to Wrexham decided to get involved perhaps various rich folks with an affinity for Derby might?? We seem to be in a more sustainable situation currently, so could come out the other side of this not losing millions a month. The alternative is not coming out the other side
  9. Cloud cuckoo land I know, but If Ryan Reynolds could get involved at Wrexham then surely Niall Horan, Jack O'Connell (Hollywood connections) et al could get involved at Derby?
  10. will we still get RamsTV?
  11. Roos 9 Byrne 7 Buchanan 9 Jagielka 8 Davies 8 Shinnie 7 Knight 7 Sibley 6 Jozwiak 7 Williams 8 Baldock 7
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