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  1. Forest 2 - 2 Rams FRGS Martin
  2. Don't think I have ever seen two reds and a penalty on the same passage of play before!
  3. Rams 3 - 1 Boro FRGS Marriott
  4. Great header considering the shiner he just got!
  5. Open game, we are getting into better attacking positions, just need a bit of quality with the key pass, but encouraged so far
  6. yes was sticking for me too, but seems better now fingers crossed
  7. Hull 2 - 1 Rams FRGS Martin
  8. In my Uni days I lived next door but 15 to that boozer, however students were never allowed in there!
  9. Barnsley 2-1 Rams FRGS Waghorn
  10. Agreed keeping them out until after the court case didn't really need any justification, this is bizarre
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