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  1. dabber


    Well we won the World Cup at the end of July 53 years ago, so that was something at least! 😅
  2. Love the shirt, but the Ram facing the "wrong way" just doesn't look right to me. Given a lot of hints, so hoping for the shirt book for Father's Day, do you discuss the direction the Ram faces at all?
  3. 4-2-3-1 in defence, switch to diamond when attacking?
  4. Like the way he refers to it as first year!
  5. A like for blarting, I think only my Mum is the other person I've heard saying that!
  6. U18 Irish lad, who hopefully is wearing his shining armour!
  7. Dirties 1 - 3 Rams FRGS Mount
  8. Rams 2 - 2 Dirties FRGS Mount
  9. No we're still good, Zander is apparently short for Zoolander!
  10. It is almost libellous though is it not. That tweet is stating that he dived which he didn't based on the fact that the bloke who was best placed and required to decide gave a penalty.
  11. Rams 2 - 2 WBA FRGS Mount
  12. Swans 1 - 3 Rams FRGS Johnson
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