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  1. The £10 mill tag hinders bielik unfortunately and although the fee is spread over 5 years, it Could of been spent better, bit like what Norwich did Clarke will get better as he adapts to this level
  2. Bet he got a rollicking in Dutch at half time
  3. Couldn't quite see the script through though with that free kick, place would of erupted if he scored that
  4. That's a different Hanson, our bruiser is sat on Oxfords bench
  5. 1 month in and the questions arise 🙄 it's a 4 year deal, I'll be happy with a top 10 finish and bringing through the youth, f#rest have had there Cup final and it pains me to say but they've got a decent squad for once, beat Brentford and the 3-0 will be forgotten
  6. Doesn't deserve the abuse on twitter, not a world beater by any means but trys more than Lawrence and jozefzoon put together, he isn't a striker though and should stick to the wide positions
  7. Hate to predict a defeat against the dogs but F#rest 2 Derby 0
  8. His interviews are from an experienced point of view too, refreshing to hear compared to previous charges
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