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  1. Hopefully when fully fit he will do his talking on the pitch
  2. How much did we get 😩
  3. Cracking signing, low risk in a 2year too, give him time to get fit and we'll hopefully see the ibe of 2014
  4. Marshall 5 Byrne 6 Forsyth 5 Wisdom 5 Clarke 5 Bird 5 Shinnie 5 Jozwiak 7 Rooney 5 Knight 5 Marriott 6 Sibley 4
  5. Not to gain promotion with the dwarf That mad January signings in THAT season Arthur hurting his back 🤔 List goes on.......
  6. Derby fan on 5live phone in last night slating cocu stating he isn't charismatic enough to get the players motivated and when he's interviewed its like he doesn't want to be here! 1 game in....... 🙄
  7. Marshall 6 Wisdom 5 Forsyth 6 MTW 5 Clarke 6 Bird 4 Shinnie 4 Knight 4 Sibley 4 Whittaker 3 Marriott 4 Subs Rooney 4 Byrne 5
  8. Malone is just sour grapes after being left in the cold and Lowe is just comparing a top 10 Premier club to a championship team, pains to say but sheff utd are a better team, but see ya to both 👋🏻
  9. This reminds me of when villa robbed Charles and Johnson off us, further back to Wright and Saunders to Liverpool, but as long as we reinvest at least half to forward players, we have ready replacements in Buchanan and wisdom
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