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  1. Allsop 4 Byrne 6 Buchanan 6 Jagielka 7 Davies 6 Shinnie 6 Bird 7 Morrison 5 Knight 8 Jozwiak 6 Lawrence 7
  2. Come back in Roos, you've seen the competition now 🙈
  3. Newcastle fans think there a big club, they might get there with the new wealthy owners, so they thought too big with Ashley at the helm. He ran the toon better than Mel did with us so he'd be a big improvement, more so at the state we are in now
  4. Love to get a Derby lyric to this
  5. Probably get back what we paid, and we ain't paid that off yet according to reports
  6. The video that huddlestone took showed what Keogh said about Lawrence is baalocks, also failed to mention he gave a false name to the ambulance Move on....
  7. As Appleby and rush are working together, I reckon Appleby is a smarter business man than Morris and will reign rush in on contracts given out
  8. Ironic that Tom glick advocated ffp from the start, look how that went....
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