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  1. Interesting on the mclaren fall out after the play off final, good listen
  2. Could lead to a mass clear out that a lot of us crave
  3. 25k a week to not play for another year and a bit a and not take the clubs offer? Who's the fool? Not Mel in my eyes It's not as if he was in his prime, put 9 years of good work in for one stupid mistake where an uber to Duffield would of been around a tenner, some may think its harsh but Mel is a businessman
  4. Just beat them red dogs and ill be happy
  5. I see a lot of wait till January, do we have any funds for January? Can't see cocu being given what lampard had last season, lot been spent on bielik already My bet is what Morris said about bringing through the academy etc is the way forward
  6. Playing more in midfield there it seems
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