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  1. Here’s hoping bristol 0 Derby 1 wilson
  2. Waghorn, holds the play well and brings others into it, chris Martin mold
  3. Needs a big pre- season to revive his career
  4. Play crap and keep your place! What message does that send to the rest of the squad
  5. Awful away match again, where was the desire from Saturday? Trouble is all the talk will be about Marriott and forgetting the poor performance, play off contenders is over now
  6. Got an FA cup final to look forward to now, wouldn’t of got that with us anytime soon
  7. Think coles on RD asked the question and got snapped at by Frank, ask about George Evans, ambrose Jozefzoon was the reply, he hates being asked about players not in the 18
  8. I’d change the efe ambrose bit, but sounds good
  9. Rotherham were there for the taking and we took it in style, breaks done the lads good it seems, back to quick passing and attacking and got the job done only downer was results around us, except boro slipping up
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