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  1. Good work @sage I’m getting the hang of this now. Andre looks to have had the poorest game, not a disaster but his scores consistently not as good. One through pass he made was a beauty 💪👍
  2. So if we survive.......tonight Matthew @BramcoteRam84 is .......
  3. Presume you’re referring to his post Man Utd and England days 😉
  4. Not had my tea not had a beer...... to save time maybe I should have a beer for my tea. Celebration time come on
  5. If they were a bunch of duck eggs it would be easier to accept. We know they have a lot of talent
  6. And on this pitch you could bury them and no one would notice
  7. Clarke and Shinnie two superb displays......and considering what was thought of Shinnie a while back I’m so pleased for him, 💪 I’ll add Byrne too, no one let us down in that half
  8. Dear DCFC, Please may we see this performance every game, Yours Hopefully...🙏😍
  9. RDL will be up in arms on here but quite agree
  10. If you’re watching it hiding behind your sofa then you’ll need mirrors to see the game.....as mirrors show an ‘opposite’ picture we might score a hat full. I think that’s how it works anyway
  11. And I’m Britvic now, I’d like to see some success in readyment for my retirement
  12. The way it’s going I’m looking more at Salford City helping us out
  13. Another one suffering without fans. If you totalled the cost of the players out there too..... you’re right though
  14. Frighteningly I can believe that @RoyMac5
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