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  1. Just remind me who is coaching them again?
  2. basically just means the shots we're having are of a poor quality, with little percentage of scoring from them.
  3. yeah, the answer is he and his assistant are poo.
  4. More to the point why can it only be addressed in January? There is way more he can do tactically to get us on the front foot and scoring some goals, regardless of players.
  5. well I'm not being funny but it really wouldn't take much to better a 1 win in 11 record.
  6. We have only won once in the last 11 games, you don't think Mac could better that??
  7. i completely agree. Not once in all the games he's been in charge has he set us up to just out play our opponent, or at least try to. Every single game is the same, "how can we stop the other team" Even against the likes of Wycombe he just tried to match them and hope we would come out on top. Tactically you can't get much worse than that. There has been little to no progression from game one under Rooney until now. I understand him saying we can't build a proper identity/way of playing because we're deep in relegation trouble. However, if he had come in and tried to develop a style from
  8. i could have told him Knight out wide didn't work last season.
  9. lets re-phrase that to what would another management team that isn't poo, do with this squad.
  10. if your comparing Marshall with Rotherham's GK for example, you have to look beyond each teams results because that's comparing teams, and we're trying to compare individual players
  11. but if your comparing 2 players for a position why do results matter?
  12. Hungary are a good side and were very competitive at the last Euro's. They have very good players: GK- Gulacsi, plays for RB Leipzig, Champions League standard CB- Orban, also RB Leipzig CB- Szalai, Fenerbahce ST- Sallai, Bundesliga, Freiburg ST- Szalai, Bundesliga, Mainz Those are a few, can't be bothered looking through the whole squad. But i think you'll find they are way above EFL league one standard. Agree with you that if your a good player you should be able to show it no matter the management, but unfortunately that's not how football works nowadays.
  13. yeah 2 poor managers though, just because we'd be on our 3rd manager of the season doesn't make it a bad thing. It's about finding the right person.
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