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  1. Think I've probably missed someone out the team but I would go with this. Wanchope Martin Rooney Cole Mount Hughes Bogle Keane Huddlestone Keogh
  2. So it's any player that has played for Derby, but you select them when they were in their prime??
  3. Yes, how good would that be! Put in a cheeky loan bid for Tomori? you never know he might choose us ahead of playing with Zlatan at Milan.🤣
  4. Actually the midfield is less defence minded now than under Cocu when we were conceding more goals. We have generally switched from 2 CDMs before to now just 1 CDM. Agree that he will be playing prem football before too long.
  5. I've been saying the same thing all season, even during the start under Cocu, while others were saying he's an average championship player at best.🤣 As a CB he has it all, brilliant heading, good on the ball, drives forward when needed, great tackling, good pace, good positioning. As much as i would love us to sign him permanently, i just can't see it happening. Brighton will want big transfer fee or i could actually see him fitting in well in their team next season. Who knows, possible England cap in the future? Also, How has Matt Clarke not scored yet this season?😅
  6. i tried. 🤣 seriously though it must make it a bit more difficult
  7. With the pitch in this state it surely makes it very difficult to / does not encourage us to play good football either
  8. We wouldn't be able to have a breather as Waghorn can't hold the ball up like CKR McDonald similar to Jozwiak because he would run with ball, just slightly more defensive minded I thought leaving CKR on and bringing McDonald on were good calls by Mr. Rooney
  9. Roos - 8 Byrne - 9 Buchanan - 8 Evans - 8 Wisdom - 6 Clarke - 9 Bielik - 9 Shinnie - 8 Jozwiak - 7 CKR - 7 Knight - 7
  10. Shinnie - Not really sure how this is Shinnie's fault. We're recovering from Cocu's mess. He left us bottom of the League remember. Johnson - I can remember many games Johnson did well for us. After getting converted into the CDM role. He added a lot of bite to our play and generally help set the tempo in a lot of games. Was first choice in that position for several different managers, is that a coincidence? Thorne - 15/16 season I'm pretty sure Thorne played nearly every game. Don't know how you can say he was only 'ok' Jozwiak - There are many many examples of players needi
  11. If you class success as being sold for profit and goal tally then by all means it was a success. I was just saying that a lot of Vydra's goals were penalty's which obviously makes him look better than perhaps his overall play was. He would often go through an entire game without contributing anything and then just nick a goal at the end. I'm not saying he wasn't a success but would you honestly pay 8-10 million for him again?? I think we were lucky Burnley took him for the price they did in the end.
  12. Shinnie - was bought on a free transfer and has been great all season. good leader and professional Johnson - I don't think people appreciated him until he was gone and realised what we were missing. Got us through many games Thorne - Fantastic ability. Had around 1-2 years where he played great for us but then the injuries came back. Shame. Only cost around 2 million though. Remember him running the game against Man Utd in cup. Jozwiak - I think to beat Southampton to signing an international player like that for around 4 million is great business. He has had some games where
  13. Thought you were in favour of the 4-3-3 @DCFClks
  14. Depends what you mean by succesful to be honest. I would say Bielik has only really shown his worth for a few games this season does that make him a success? I would say it probably does as we can see the potential is very high. Vydra i am not sure if he was a success or not really. We sold him on for good profit, but he only really had that one good season for us. Top scorer that year but a lot of his goals were penalty, his overall play was good in moments but not brilliant and not that consistent. Towards the end of that season he wasn't even first choice striker anymore. C
  15. CB - Agree that if Clarke or Wisdom gets injured could be a problem. We do have Evans, Forsyth, Bielik, Te Wierik(although he might be leaving), Soloman, could all cover for a bit. So i don't think this is the no.1 target we should be making. Striker - My opinion this is what we need most right now. CKR looks tired and i don't blame him as he's been heavily involved in nearly every game so far. We have no cover for him as Waghorn is realistically a winger and Marriott is always injured. CM - Shinnie and Knight have been great but yes maybe they do just lack that killer pass. I gues
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