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  1. Marshall 6 Byrne 7 Buchanan 7 Wisdom 6 Davies 7 Clarke 6 Shinnie 8 Knight 7 Jozwiak 8 Waghorn 8 Lawrence 7
  2. Really? Jozwiak 3-4mil Bielik 8-10mil Rooneys wages
  3. Whatever the formation, just please i hope he stops setting up the team to nullify the opponents and just go for it. You cant win without scoring!
  4. I would rather sign a good manager than get players in jan
  5. "Can we score more than the opponents?" No. But we could possibly match them (0-0 draw)
  6. Please, all the Cocu 'in' voters, what do you actually see as the positives?
  7. I dont blame Mel. He took a gamble with Cocu, knowing he'd never managed in england or a 'big' league before and unfortunately its backfired. Mel had the right idea bringing someone in for the long term but has just not selected the right person.
  8. Marshall 6 Byrne 6 Buchanan 6 Wisdom 6 Davies 5 Clarke 5 Shinnie 5 Bird 3 Knight 6 Jozwiak 6 Lawrence 6 Cocu 1
  9. Cocu just stood there most of the game hands in pockets. genuinely don't think he has a clue what to do.
  10. He's been training with us for a while now. I doubt he could do the full game but 60 mins or so should be fine. Then give Waghorn/Ibe some game time.
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