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  1. Then I'm confused as to why he paid the Inces if Tom was already here, what would he get out of it? Isn't the only person he was allegedly trying to deceive Mel? None of the things he did were against EFL rules or anything were they? It's not like he was stealing from the club, he was allegedly trying to pay people without Mel knowing about it for the benefit of the teams performance. Not that I'm defending the actions or anything.
  2. Why is finish 6th and win the play-offs not an option in the poll?
  3. "In May 2017 Rush left Derby with both parties later issuing claims for breach of contract.[12] In March 2018 an employment tribunal found that Rush had been unfairly dismissed by Derby County.[13] In October 2019, Derby County issued a statement saying the two parties had settled their respective differences on agreed terms." From Wikipedia (I know, not 100% reliable) I don't want to sound like I'm defending him but weren't those action to benefit the club? all be it in a dodgy way, bending the rules. So paying Paul Ince/Claire Ince was pretty much a bribe to get Tom Ince? Paying Bryson was a way of keeping him because he was a good player? Just sounds like the kind of shenanigans Mel's been up to the last few years. It's not like he was robbing the club was it? Or was it? I'm getting confused. and in 2014 he was named Championship CEO of the year if that means anything. What did he do to get that?
  4. Given his reported interest in a bid, can someone remind me why we don't like Rush? I know it's something to do with the Wasserman signings He oversaw the signings of the likes of Martin and Russell. Mac said he was “the glue that holds the club together”. He seemed to be well respected when he was here. He was found unfairly dismissed at a tribunal. Could it be Mel was the one in the wrong during all that? We're certainly in a worse position since he left.
  5. That will be the ultimate humiliation for Mel if Sam Rush comes back.
  6. I said I can't remember MANY times the opposition keeper made a mistake.😆 What was another mistake other than last night?
  7. It's a problem with our system, we're overloaded with midfielders. Our wingers aren't really wingers, they're wide midfielders and are quite defensive. Our only attacking player who makes runs is the striker
  8. decent? It seems to me every single game the opposition goalkeeper is better than ours. I can't remember many times recently that an opposition goalkeeper has made a mistake leading to a goal.
  9. Please no VAR. Aren't referees just like players in the sense that as soon as any Championship ref gets good, the Premier League takes them?
  10. Just had a look myself. I don't understand their obsession. Did we do something to them I can't remember? There's almost 40 pages of it with constant links to pages on this forum. What a strange bunch of people. Can't see any other topics on there about the countless other teams who gained a lot more than us from breaking the rules either.
  11. I went for the Binnie Brothers. Its about time this club took a bit of a gamble.
  12. What would the EFL actually get out of destroying us? Wouldn't they lose out if they a club the size of Derby left the EFL? I can see why they'd want to trap some of the bigger clubs from escaping to the PL, but why would they want them to disappear altogether?
  13. I don't understand this. He's 57 years old, has an estimated wealth of 2.7 billion. At what point do you just say: "I've got enough money now, might as well spend it on stuff". Why would he need to make a profit on Derby? Isn't that why the Saudis are buying clubs? because they have nothing left to spend all their money on? But I guess my attitudes why I'm not a billionaire. That and the fact I'm an idiot.
  14. When Man City got promoted in 1999, you can clearly see their fans enjoying it a lot more than when they won the PL last season or even when they won the PL and FA Cup in 18/19. Just shows that happiness in football isn't just playing at the highest level. and when they eventually win the Champions League, where do they go from there? it must be incredibly boring. I think some City fans are starting to not show up because deep down they know every win is vacuous and they can't enjoy it. They try and start rivalries with Liverpool and Man Utd, but if you ask Liverpool and Man Utd fans what they think of Man City, they don't really seem to care (similar to when Leicester try and start rivalries with us and Forest). I actually think people are starting to just get bored of Man City in general. I wonder how many Man City fans, if they were being completely truthful, would say they get more out of being a fan now than they did before the money.
  15. The only way I'd consider supporting another club is Derby fold is if it were a lower league/non-league club. The lower leagues are the only place where the soul of football still exists. I never have and will never understand the appeal of supporting a team like Man Utd fro example.
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