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  1. I suspect the issue is more that a significant number of voters are fearful of Corbyn gaining power and the return to too much power with the unions. Too many people with memories of Robinson, Scargill and the like.
  2. Hmmm!! I see flaws in your business plan. Trouble is that your margins will be really low, or your pricing will have to be so high that it will be prohibitive to the average Balkan. A long and pricey ferry ride to Ireland, transport in Ireland and across the border (including suitable bribes and protection payments to current IRA), ferry trip to the wildernesses of South West Scotland or Anglesey.
  3. I suspect a lot will be done with online declerations and the ocassional spot check. There are too many crossings for barriers everywhere.
  4. I would like him to stay just so I can see how it develops (assuming it did), but often his football hasn't been great. If Lampard goes this week, Derby County will still be here next week.
  5. This is politics though, probably the dirtiest business. I do get your point though.
  6. The majority, I confess not all as it didn't make that interesting a read. I am not looking for a Prime Minister to be squeaky clean. I want one with some drive and ambition. Neither am I concerned by Gove's previous snorting escapades. It seems that Johnson has the best chance of keeping Corbyn away from flying the red flag above Downing Street. That to me is a good enough reason to support him.
  7. It's all about having players who have the capability to make the right decisions. Too many times this evening, England players didn't make the wrong decision, they made no decision. I am all for playing out from the back, but common sense suggests that there will be occasions when the ball just has to be shifted as far away from danger as possible and reset the defence.
  8. I think the fault with crosses should be equally shared with the centre backs.
  9. The marauding bit is what I have an issue with. That and the fact that he struggles to defend crosses.
  10. That’s not a dig, just a viewpoint.
  11. He probably wouldn't be a massive improvement on Keogh, but we definitely need an improvement on him. I just don't get the 'love in' for Keogh. He is indisplined in some of his defending and inadequate on defending crosses, as our poor record shows (second worst in division for goals crosses and corners). I do get that he catches the eye by diving in to block a shot ocassionally, or going on a run with the ball (which has improved a lot lately). I just want a calmer more effective defender in that cricial position. Villa will put a lot of crosses in tomorrow!!!
  12. Sadly Leeds have a better team with better players and a much, much better manager. I have no complaints about the result, it could have been more. tactically horribly by Lampard and not helped by the ineptitude of Wilson, Nugent and Malone. I thought the referee was among the poorest I have seen this season, but that was not his fault that we were so poor.
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