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  1. bcnram

    World Mental Health Day

    That is great to read your positive steps, particularly your comment about exercise helping. The Royal College of General Practioners are really going for this by inviting GP surgeries to refer suitable cases to signing up with parkrun instead of medication.
  2. bcnram

    Youth under new managment

    Maybe the praise for this should still be with Darren Wassall and his team. The fruits of the long-term view and the investment in the academy could just be starting to come through.
  3. When I saw where he was running up from, I did think that it had all the signs of a buggerup, took it well though.
  4. bcnram

    Cat thread

    I really dislike cats and cannot see the point of them as a pet. I disliked Tommy Docherty more and coudn't see the point of him either.
  5. bcnram

    Bradley Johnson

    His game is more disciplined now, and whereas I haven't been a fan in the past, He has been excellent the last few games.
  6. bcnram

    Away Days

    I am not sure that a tweet can be counted as 'the majority', its a bit like the often quoted 'we all'. No matter, not really worth a discussion. 🙂
  7. bcnram

    Away Days

    I would be interested to see evidence of that statement.
  8. bcnram

    Away Days

    For me that sort of attitude is the very reason why bans on alcohol on coaches should be in place. Fans are being treated like louts because historically they have behaved like louts.
  9. bcnram

    Dunking- Where do you stand

    I bow to your expertise in all things biscuit (and dcfc of course). I do confess to enjoying a dunked jammy dodger too and am willing to sacrifice the tea flavour for the enhancement of the biscuit experience.
  10. bcnram

    Dunking- Where do you stand

    I think all biscuits are ok to be dunked into tea (never coffee). Different biscuits require different skill levels, for instance a Nice biscuit requires real skill to have it in and out with no shaking it all about to avoid a mess over the china tea cup.
  11. bcnram

    Will Hughes on Rowett

    That will be a system that relies on balls being pumped over the top of midfield for the forward to chase after. Criminal non-use of the lovely grass at Pride Park. I also recall Ben saying something similar after Jimmy Floyd H took over and Burton started playing football.
  12. bcnram

    Will Hughes Watch

    They only sent two to Repton and that was many years ago, neither made the grade. Will going to Repton was nothing to do with Derby.
  13. bcnram

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    George Thorne would suit our current style. Quick thinking, accurate passing and always available to receive a pass.
  14. bcnram

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    Last Saturday evening was crying out for a fit George Thorne.
  15. bcnram

    Were Leeds That Good Or ,,,,

    Leeds simply worked harder, reacted quicker and always had options when in possession.They also look like a side that has had a lot of repetition training.

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