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  1. You could also say that Rooney’s excellent early results gave us enough to rise from the bottom of the table and survive thereby carrying us to safety. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. Talking of which, I was concerned that we had been allocated Mike Dean, but thought he had a great game.
  3. You are of course absolutely correct in confessing that yours is the poorest post for a long time. Nigel Clough, who I am a great admirer of, had the luxury of bringing Hughes and Hendricks in to play with seasoned players. In the main, Wayne Rooney has had to select younger players because of what he had available. They were bound to regress after being brought in to the team, that is what most young players do. It is clear that Rooney has tried to rest them when he can, but not always possible. As a manager he was given a duff hand to play. Thank goodness he can have the luxury
  4. Roos 6 Byrne 5 Forsyth 2 Edmondson 6 Clarke 6 Roberts 6 Knight 4 Shinnie 6 Lawrence 5 Waghorn 6 CKR 6
  5. It isn’t worth getting ‘stressed’ about. It is an overused word. Stress is dealing with a life threatening cancer, or being held up at knife point or not being able to meet mortgage payments through losing a job etc. etc. Keep smiling, have a nice cup of tea and all will be well with the world. keep the faith.
  6. Sometimes it is better to say nothing than feed platitudes because a small self-appointed group think they should.
  7. Seems like a rant to me. I would guess that they are keeping things confidential during a sensitive period.
  8. Whether we stay up or get relegated it should just be seen as an opportunity rather than negative or otherwise labels. I am seeing. Our priority is to bring in some decent experience with the right mentality on the field. The club have been totally unfair on the development of our young players through over selection. I don’t blame Rooney for this as he has tried to rest them but has little alternative. if we have to sell some young talent to raise funds then this is what we have to do. whatever the result on Saturday, it is onwards and upwards having cleared out a weak bunch of players.
  9. The players don’t look unmotivated to me, and at times play some decent football. Practically every goal we have conceded in this run has been the result of a silly mistake that should not happen. Our problem is that defensively we have players that switch off at crucial moments and we have seen that time and time again. A midfield that lacks any balance because that is all we have and an attack that is generally shot shy because they can’t think quickly enough when that little window of opportunity arrives. We also have a centre forward who despite his obvious attributes, frequently fails
  10. I suspect he destroyed himself.
  11. Our recruitment is definitely a major reason for our decline. We have spent stupid money on average players whose value was always going to fall without the benefit of a major contribution to the team. that doesn’t all fall on the managers head, the market square flogging should also be dealt out to the recruitment team and whoever authorised the spend.
  12. Roos 5 Byrne 4 Forsyth 4 Edmondson 7 Clarke 6 Knight 5 Shinnie 6 Jozwiak 7 Waghorn 3 CKR 5 Lawrence 4
  13. Bit childish there young man.
  14. I think you are a tad over rating the capability of the players he has at his disposal.
  15. He has been a liability for a good while. I am fearful if he isn’t replaced we will be playing with 10 men. “I would send him back to Wigan or wherever he comes from”.
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