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  1. Players are very happy to take the plaudits in public, they should be equally happy to take the gentle criticism in public and act on it. None of us know what has gone on in private, or what Cocu has said in private to the player previously. As well as a message has been communicated, the kid has to be receptive to it, if he is not, then time to shake him up a bit.
  2. He has shown clear improvement on that aspect so they probably have agreed ๐Ÿ™‚ . The guy has had to make a big step up, but good that he is obviously listening. He does look difficult to play with at times because he frequently runs into places where it is difficult to receive the ball. He is much better with the ball than without it.
  3. Methinks you should watch him a little closer then and not be blinded by his good runs with the ball. x
  4. He has obvious talents but to me he looks difficult to play with. He makes runs into places where it is difficult to pass to him, and often (but not so much lately) stands on top of the player with the ball. He should learn a lot from playing with Rooney. POTY? I donโ€™t think there is an obvious candidate yet.
  5. The sweet odour of fresh BS. ๐Ÿค”
  6. If you are talking squad then maybe capable of scraping in.
  7. That is just buying services for patients though. That is not selling off the NHS. All organisations and companies buy services. All individuals buy services.
  8. The are physically stronger and faster by a long way.
  9. And centre halves that canโ€™t deal with crosses.
  10. 1, I like a keeper who is a good shot stopper and he fits that bill fine. 2. I like a keeper who can distribute accurately and he certainly does that. 3. I do like a keeper who can catch a ball but am ok with punching it. He needs some work in that. 4. I like a crowd who are supportive of the players. We are a long long way away from that.
  11. If that is the case, it says a lot about how poorly Corbyn and his team are viewed if they are not leading the polls at the moment (yes I know that the only poll that matters is on 12/12).
  12. These events are not any help at all. The parties come with their own agenda understandably. The only thing the leaders have to worry about is don't make a massive rooster-up. I felt that Corbyn evaded answering a little more and Johnson needs to stop overdoing the talking over the fairly inept presenter.
  13. You are an amusing if slightly angry with life person. Try to chill a bit, you can probably even get pills for it on the NHS to help you. Not sure you can get a pill for only ever answering a question with another statement though. Keep the Faith!!! ๐Ÿ˜
  14. Or you could say, how great that our society pulls together and raises all that dosh for childrens' charities on a Friday night.
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