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  1. 1997/98 season Everton away. Derby's second goal by Wanchope. Series of one touch passes. Beautiful football teetering on orgasmic. Plus a Ferguson sending off.
  2. Oh deary me, I think you need help. By the same token if that was Richard Keogh doing it in the same circumstances.... ?
  3. Birmingham should be heavily fined with a points deduction. There has to be a deterrent against pitch invasions or we should have to return to fencing off the pitch. By the same token, at the end of a season if a club states no coming on to the pitch like the Derby fans do, then the same punishment should happen; stay in your seats boys and girls.
  4. Good God Rowett’s foitball was horrible. Lampard’s is just very boring. A lot to ask I know, but I want to see the ball moved about quickly, I want to see players moving for the ball and working for each other and that is not happening. Frank May want the same but he and his team are clearly not good enough to get the message over. Regarding Holmes you are correct with the term ‘flashes’, that is it, just flashes and that is ok in League 1. I do understand why these flashes are so attractive to some people but I look at the wider picture. He spends too much time on his heels and moving into the wrong space. Waghorn can’t control a ball. Cole is a stop gap because he is Franks mate and Malone is not that good at defending. Frank needs a lot of help with recruiting and an improvement on his coaching team.
  5. Carson Bogle Keogh Davies Forsyth Bryson Thorne Mount Wilson Martin Marriott bench Roos, Tomori, Huddlestone, Lawrence, Waghorn, Flo, Johnson the sheer joy of having a dm who can pass on the ground and a cf who can retain the ball for more than two seconds. Now I am off to find a manager
  6. If I was Mel I would be nervous. Since Nigel left we don’t seem to be able to pick up the gems within the UK. Since Jim left, our overseas recruitment hasn’t been great. As a minimum Frank needs good support on recruitment.
  7. I agree, we have become predictable which in turn has made the performances boring to watch. Lampard and his staff are clearly not instilling any confidence at all into the team. Something has to change very soon, we need a good hard working finish to carry us into next season. If we don't get that then I feel we probably need a new manager.
  8. Disagree with a few of your points, apart from Marriott who is being hung out to dry by his tactics, I don’t particularly rate any of his permanent signings. I can live with a poor run, most teams have them. The football is so, so boring, and I am not just talking about the messing around at the back, it is all of it. It’s as if a Mum has taken over coaching the U15’s 3rd 11.
  9. At the moment I have serious doubts about Frank Lampard’s judgement on a few things. Constant changes, releasing players on loan that are an improvement on what we are left with, signings, tactics, lack of an organised defence, team hardly getting a shot off in games, defence being generally confused, expecting Marriott to deal with high balls against 6ft 3 defenders. Apart from that he is clearly a fking genius.
  10. bcnram

    Our fans

    There is an argument that Nigel has, both with dragging Sheff Utd up and their cup runs, and getting Burton into the Championship and keeping them there for a season was a massive succuss on their budget and fan base. Since Nigel, I think you are right and that tends to say something about our manager / head coach recruitment.
  11. I have more experience of that one. 1940’s is just what I read 😊
  12. Yep we had pretty poor leadership in France in 1940 as well. And it improved with a change of leader 🙂
  13. I don’t think they are mythical 😀 the top half of the Championship is littered with experienced managers.
  14. That would be a bit daft.
  15. No need for another one or two windows. He has already shown from his permanent signings that his judgement is lacking. His tactics are boring and predictable. Time to look for an experienced manager.
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