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  1. I think it was more to do with we couldn't hold on to the ball, or even wouldn't hold on to the ball. Whether it is Martin or Jerome I am not fussed but our game plan was pathetic. Eleven players never have an off day together, that type of scenario is caused either by a couple of players or the managers instructions being wrong for the game.
  2. Totally disagree with that viewpoint of yours. It was criminal the way that we kept giving the ball away in the second half. Our game was crying out for someone to actually hold onto the ball instead of wild forward passes that are 'meat & drink' to any defender, or just as bad trying to go on a run with the ball and getting dispossessed continually. The way we played on Saturday lacked any intelligence. As a small example Marcus Olsson was left stranded so many times when he had the ball that he was forced to play a ball that had little chance of reaching a Derby player. Jerome is perfectly capable of holding onto the ball but he was given nothing to play with apart from balls to chase. To me it was lazy football with little intention of taking responsibility for looking after the ball.
  3. James McClean

    It is a lousy national anthem, more a personal anthem in my opinion, but the sentiment is the same, turning his back on it just shows him as an immature attention seeking young man, which to me is a recipe for being a disruptive influence. I would prefer that we didn't sign him.
  4. James McClean

    Oops!! that is what comes of typing something in a hurry. My apologies for my typo. x
  5. James McClean

    I don't think anyone is forced to wear the poppy are they? Maybe it was wrong to use the army to police that part of the UK because the IRA were largely just a criminal organisation trading in drugs and protection rackets. Your ethnic cleansing and sectarian murder drivel is quite funny though. As regards McClean, he is probably just an intention seeking young man which I don't have a huge problem with, just think we can do better than that.
  6. I agree, and better coaching / tactics. I thought today both centre backs were immense.
  7. He is much calmer and disciplined and is the better player for it.
  8. There is no doubt that Keogh has made big improvements to his game. Outstanding today, as was Davies.
  9. That's another way of looking at it.
  10. Or should Sky having pumped a not inconsiderable amount of money into the game, consider their audience as a priority.
  11. Clough and Burton

    I am pretty sure that what he says to the press and what he says to the players will be two different things. In a way he is taking the pressure off the players to the media not putting it on them. To be honest what he says is correct, they have the lowest playing budget by a long, long way which is going to make it difficult to compete (as Sage eloquently said).
  12. Tis a thing of beauty, skill, strength, bravery, awareness and control. What is not to admire.
  13. Derby County v Burton Albion match thread

    Fantasist or just plain boring, maybe he is both.
  14. Mrs Parsnip's Christmas Present?

    Does her lawnmower need replacing or any of her tools?
  15. Brexit or Eurin?

    I don’t think so, but happy with my lot. While I favour open borders I am not against bit of form filling either but feel we should be letting in unskilled manual workers as well; happy for everyone to better themselves.

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