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  1. bcnram

    Proud to be British

    You have been gifted being born in a country that is relatively free where within the law you can do pretty much what you want. What you or anyone does with that in making a contribution to the country even if only being a good person is up to you. So in that point I would say you have been gifted an opportunity. On the other hand, the USA where they have the same freedoms is so crazily nationalistic that it is unhealthy for them and the rest of the World. So my point is - I haven't got a clue, but I am pleased I wasn't born into real poverty with little healthcare and sanitation.
  2. bcnram

    My probably unpopular theory of Mel

    I would be hoping for a manager with a bit more pedigree than Paul Simpson
  3. bcnram

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    I don't see it as a big deal if Rowett did go; managers come and managers go. So long as we avoid those on the perpetual management merry go round I am ok. To be fair he did come in saying that he would be playing a 'pressing game with a young side (or words to that effect). Instead he has created an aging side that is set up to sit back and sling long balls forward. If he stays then fine, and Mel should remind him of his expectations. If he goes...... meh!! Our current squad is good enough to play decent football and would probably be more comfortable doing so.
  4. bcnram

    Chris Martin

    Why would I know that? Maybe they don’t pass to him anywhere below his chin. Why did they sack their manager? Why do some people feel the need to ask immature questions?
  5. bcnram

    Chris Martin

    No idea, could also have been a reference to the ex-Foreign Secretary, but boringly is just a case of fat finger.
  6. bcnram

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Even now we have the player who have the ability to pass to each other preferably on the floor. It is the manager who gets the team to play long balls into the corner and too often to the opposition.
  7. bcnram

    Chris Martin

    Your last paragraph is quite funny. The problem with Martin is that he plays well, scores goals and brings others into the game when players pass to him anywhere below his chin. Unfortunately we have a manager who favours thumping the ball in The Hague direction of the corner for others to chase after.
  8. bcnram

    Next season

    Having slept on the result last night and another two poor errors to give the goals away, and having been reasonably critical of Rowett's style of football, I am of the view that Gary has to change his style to suit a club that has genuine aspirations of being a force in the Championship. At Burton Albion even when doing well in league two they were seen as the small club punching above their weight, at Birmingham he had moved to a club that had nothing apart from an owner in clink and some average players and did well to get them organised enough to get to 8th (or wherever it was). My fear is that he has brought that mentality with him to Derby and not been brave enough; I hope he changes. I also hope that Mel or new investor puts pressure on him to be braver with his team. What he was describing that he wanted to do is exactly what I would like to see. Not the hopeful (and sometimes hopeless) punts into the corner for a big man to chase. The team hasn't got to be dismantled we have some excellent players who must be frustrated at the way they are being asked to play. I would ship out some of the old school like Keogh and Forsyth, In football people speak highly of his capabilities as a coach so c'mon Gary let's move forward into a new era for a braver manager and more positive team ps, if you don't I think you and the coaching staff will be looking for a new job by the end of November.
  9. bcnram

    Thank you Mel

    He was President of Wassermans a company of sports agents. I sat on the board of a cosmetics company but it didn't make me a beautician. 🙂
  10. bcnram

    Thank you Mel

    He was never a football agent
  11. bcnram

    14th May 1983 and 14th May 2018

    I can’t remember the terraces being closed as punishment. Then again there is plenty of stuff that I don’t remember.
  12. bcnram

    14th May 1983 and 14th May 2018

    To be fair the game should have been replayed on a neutral ground. In another era the ground would probably have been closed for a period.
  13. I have seen plenty of his style of football at Burton Albion and at Derby, and was also never impressed with what he put out at Birmingham either. I don't like his football, he may well be a talented coach but his football bores me. I have come to the conclusion that he was tainted by the crap that John Beck put out at Cambridge where he started his career. It can gain points but I want to see football on the ground not the dire rubbish that he is subjecting us to. Apart from that he is ok. 😉
  14. bcnram

    Where is George Thorne?

    George Thorne simply does not fit into the team anymore. He passes the ball along the ground and seems incapable of booting it 25 metres into the air towards the approximate direction of the corner of the pitch. He is not a Rowett type player so one of them has to go. Here is hoping to see George in pre-season.
  15. bcnram


    That is not what I said.

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