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  1. I don't think any political party would privatise the NHS and certainly not go down the private insurance based route. I think when politics gets divided as it has been just lately, so many things get exaggerated on all sides. There is no doubt that because it is such a huge organisation, that it needs to be tightly controlled to avoid some of the waste that happens. Unfortunately, we don't seem to be over blessed with managerial talent to do this effectively. All this right winger / left winger stuff as it is now gets to me. I crave a middle ground. I was even happy to have a Labour government under that nice Mr Blair.
  2. What a huge boost to young Knight, being trusted to come on at such a critical last few minutes of the first game. You’ve got to love this management team.
  3. We can only measure his success with what he does on the pitch. Any financial advantages are the concern of those running the club. Fortunately, he will want to prove that he is able to match the rest of the team with his work-rate and general contribution; that is his character. Hope he doesn't get injured in his last few games in the MLS. 😖
  4. I don’t get the fascination with trying to find out what others earn. Does it really matter. Ps. You are way over the top with Anya’s, he is on nothing like that. 😀
  5. We have got to the play-offs four seasons out of six haven't we? We have gone from a rookie manager making some dodgy decisions to a managerial team with proven pedigree. This should not be a season of transition, it should be a season of aiming for top spot, if we can't do that then second, if we can't do that, then play-off places. Anything below that is a poor season unless we are hit with catastrophic injury problems.
  6. 😃 - If a country is drifting along as this one is (and the same goes for companies, football clubs, education establishments etc.) they need some enthusiasm putting into them, people need to see some action. Boris Johnson has been a bit of a rascal in his time, much of which is no real concern. He will make decisions, he will raise some enthusiasm in many parts of the country. The dreary and downbeats will always be about of course (christ!! there are enough on here), but we can't let them drag the country down. x
  7. I never cease to be amazed at how politicians and journalists don’t always tell the truth. In the real world like it or not that is what happens. Personally, I think Boris will get things done, a breath of fresh air. Corbyn would take the country into the depths of misery (but like his personality).
  8. Not weird at all, you generalised over all Old Etonians no mention of Bullingdon Club. a reminder for you: It would be a start. Old Etonians are not normal.
  9. I understood that there was a trial. Maybe no a long one, but nevertheless a trial.
  10. Why are they not normal? Are knife wielding scroats with couldn’t careless parents at the local comprehensive normal?
  11. You are talking about the UK, she was under Iranian law so goes by their rules.
  12. You assume that she is innocent, that might not be the case.
  13. I think that his problem will be that the majority will not want the red flag over Downing Street while the politburo are in meeting nationalising everything in site. A very scary thought.
  14. You are reading way to much into my post, don’t get stressed 🙂. Life is ok and the NHS in my limited experience is brilliant. I will have my ingrowing toenail done privately anyway. x
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