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  1. I think it is more a target going forward for the entire club than a strict instruction.
  2. With the exception of Marshall my main gripe today was the performance of our experienced players; Rooney, Wisdom & Marriott. In the main the younger ones did OK particularly in the second half, although Bird could do with upping his work rate a tad. Mowbray has been at Blackburn for three years and it shows. They have a nicely balanced side that are working together. We have no centre forward and a defence that receives little protection. Onwards and upwards!!
  3. I don't like the way that Forsyth chased across the goal, it is quite possible that Clarke was having a sleepy moment. As much as the coaching staff try to drum into players heads about these issues, the players will not be thinking "now what did the boss say to do" as the ball comes over. It is all about repetition, working together consistently and trusting in each other. Our defensive players should have the intelligence to not chase the ball, particularly one as experienced as Forsyth. Most dead ball movement around the goal is about creating space and the hardest thing for a defensiv
  4. In terms of passing ability Curtis is really not Cocu’s style so I can understand his comment. I am not despondent about the football at the moment. It must be difficult to play with a limited outlet at the top. Marriott is not a centre forward, he has plenty of attributes but leading the line is not one of them, he needs a centre forward with him. All managers need time (and some sensibly used cash is useful) to develop a team. I suspect that Cocu is as frustrated as some of the fans on here.
  5. Thank you, after a hard day at work this raised a chuckle.
  6. I think we can guarantee that they are well aware of that weakness.
  7. I am certain it wasn’t deliberate, I think he was trying to turn away from the collision. Having said that, his foot was left dangling and can understand The red.
  8. Isn't that what guidelines are? "This is what we want you to work round, you sort out how your individual business can do it". Every pub / business is different, surely the government can't be expected to instruct every individual business?
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