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  1. He threw a few players under the bus last season. Keogh, Forsyth, Butterfield, Martin, Russell.
  2. Martin was a regular in a pub that I used to run. He said about that game that Regis had gone off for treatment earlier in the game and Martin had thought thank god, such a dirty player, with little regard for anyone's welfare. On the challenge there was little doubt in his mind that he went to hurt him, he said he slid in to get the ball collected around his face next thing he knows Regis has smashed into his legs. Ruined his his career, he was on the verge of a move to the Prem and an England call up.
  3. With him missing so much football this year it wouldn't surprise me if we did get him back next season (even if we are not promoted)
  4. Paul Boertien played an hour with an ACL.
  5. Michael Johnson seemed to get injured every week at one point, seem to remember him clattering into the advertising boards, stretchered round to the bench with a neck brace on to then reappear on the pitch a few minutes later.
  6. I agree, think we will take 5th as well.
  7. Marcus Olsson. He is 6' jumps 3' 8"
  8. I have a few theories, and with some actual reasons that I have seen people put; 1- score against forest. It seems that even some average players it gives them a hyped up recognition (see Marcus Olsson) 2- we didn't get promotion, so it is his fault because he is the striker and he didn't score more goals. 3- he doesn't run around like a headless chicken, chasing after a ball that he is never going to get. 4- he is mardy. They see him throwing a strop when he isn't passed the ball, when his team mates needlessly give the ball away, when his team mates take stupid shots and miss. (reality is he wants to win as much as the fans and isn't happy when we lose) 5- he falls over easily 6- he chews chewing gum whilst playing 7- he is past it/not very good.
  9. Resist the urge rynny...
  10. Thought they were going to have to have an oxygen tank ready for him when he went off.
  11. Are you suggesting Lawrence as the striker? He isn't capable of playing there as he can not head the ball. I like Lawrence, I think he is a good player and gets too much stuck from some fans, his position is LW though.
  12. 2 footed back of the knee, only one reason for the challenge and it wasn't to win the ball.
  13. That was a horrible challenge.
  14. Is it his milkshakes that bring the boys to his yard?
  15. Think you misunderstood, there is plenty of his underpants, but not a lot of room.
  16. This is what I was trying to say.
  17. Well they would need more stewards closer to the away fans, that will always be the case. If someone ran out of the North Stand at PP and had done the same would you then expect us to have extra stewards in that area, taking them away from where they are going to be needed more?
  18. The choices facing the club to prevent this from ever happening is putting fences in front of the fans or at the pitch side having a steward every 5 yards. The guy has ran out from the equivalent of our North Stand, an area where less stewards would be needed. I personally think the steward that got him on the pitch has done as well as can be expected.
  19. Anyone else see the steward being led away by the police after trying to push Grealish back over the advertising boards?
  20. Took my youngest to his first game of the season. He enjoyed it for the most part. Anyone else see Carson let rip into Malone twice in the second half? He wasn't happy about Malone not going for his kicks.
  21. I just don't understand these average footballers that think they are above fans. Same friend saw Jamie Ward after that Reading match, both got on the train to London, he asked JW if he could have a chat, said to give him 5/10 mins to let him get a seat and he will come over. Mate thought yeah right, but sure enough came over spent almost an hour chatting with him, and left his wife on her own sat bored 😂 Just shows the difference and the perception they give off.
  22. A friend of mine saw Shackell in the train station after a game once, tried speaking to him (well done/good game etc) totally blanked them.
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