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    Where VAR helped us last night

    They checked the best view, zoomed in, super slo-mo, the only thing missing was the snicko meter. I don't know if it would have been onside or not because don't think they showed/checked if it would have been onside if he touched it.
  2. rynny

    Where VAR helped us last night

    Probably onside 🤷‍♂️
  3. rynny

    Where VAR helped us last night

    Bryson didn't touch it. They also checked on VAR for it.
  4. rynny

    Kelle Roos

    Let's go one better and shut the forum down altogether 🙄
  5. rynny

    Ashley Cole

    Come on, keep up.
  6. rynny

    Ashley Cole

  7. rynny

    Ashley Cole

  8. Where have they said that?
  9. rynny

    Ashley Cole

    Nixon has unlocked his tweets so can now be embedded on here.
  10. rynny

    Rob Elliott

  11. I've heard the UNCAT are looking into it.
  12. rynny

    Derby County Clock

    It faces the west stand, you won't recall seeing it from your seat as you wouldn't see it.
  13. Right film, wrong gif...
  14. Leeds would have had more.
  15. They neither confirmed, nor denied, that he was carrying pliers.
  16. I don't think there would be half the reaction, on here at least, if you lot didn't keep harping on, both your fans and manager.
  17. Waghorn looked ok after the final whistle.
  18. Really? It just starts the next nag doesn't it?
  19. They only go in there to see @Boycie
  20. It was predict the last goal scorer, wasn't it @mozza

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