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  1. So by your definition any penalty that isn't hit hard in the top corner is a poor penalty?
  2. I find it funny the people saying he should have gone the same way as the first, and I'm sure those people would be saying that you should never go the same way if Waghorn had gone the same way and it was saved. His 2nd penalty was right in the corner, it was just a really good save (which he was way off his line for and should have been retaken). Why does a saved penalty mean it was a poor penalty?
  3. You've brown nosed Malone for last 10 months yet slag off the player that has scored more goals for this club than any other player in the last 20 odd years, at any mention of his name. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Fair play for the interview, he certainly earns respect back for it.
  5. But I'm not condoning that.
  6. One of the best LBs in the Prem history is the right footed Dennis Irwin. The only issue I have with Lowe at RB is our current left back.
  7. Doesn't every customer want the person serving them to perform their best? I don't go into a shop and expect the staff member to half arsed, drop whatever I am buying, give away the last item in the shop to someone else when I have given it to them to buy. And in my job if I messed up something and told that I have, or even if I haven't messed up but they believe I have, I'm not going to turn round and argue with them, no matter what. It is the same on the football pitch, i dont argue with team mates, supporters, people on the touchline etc, if I have done something they are not happy about, I don't feel the need to swear at them, tell them where to go. I've been in teams where I've not got on with players, who criticise everything, gave abuse, called me poo etc and it made more determined to play even better, not turn round and call them poo, tell them to duck off, it is easy to ignore them, especially when we have had 2 games at home this season and both of them Malone has given abuse to our fans. Maybe so but even if I was allowed I still wouldn't.
  8. Claude Davis has almost 50
  9. If I give abuse back to customers when I get any then I would be sacked. Luckily I have self control when it comes to interacting with people who want to swear and hurl abuse at me. Shame Scott can't.
  10. Seen people say he gave a mouthful of abuse to the West Stand last night. Does that mean he is going to give it to the North or the South Stand on Saturday, assuming he is playing?
  11. We were relegated 29th March, they were relegated on 30th March 😅
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    Athletic UK

    For comparison;
  13. rynny

    Athletic UK

    Before the miss.
  14. rynny

    Athletic UK

    Really not liking the guy for Derby on Twitter so far. Some examples of his poor work. It was a good save from Roos 10 players, no Waghorn or Huddlestone but has Malone who was taken off at H/T. I doubt Jozefzoon's average position was there 2nd half with him being LWB. 🤷‍♂️
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    Bury FC.

    Isn't part of the problem that he bought the club when Shaun Harvey was still EFL chairman/CEO/whatever his role was, and Dale is saying that Harvey said this that and the other, agreed to things that they have done, like the CVA, but there is record of what Harvey said/agreed. Dale is claiming that the EFL keep moving the goal posts, EFL aren't saying a lot, just that Dale and Bury haven't done what they want and haven't proven financial sustainability, Dale says they keep changing the amount the want to be proven. Talksport raised a valid point when he was being interviewed, why doesn't he show that he has the money for the season like he is claiming and get the whole sordid affair over and done with.
  16. How? We were an average side that was inconsistent and unable to put a run together. Our longest unbeaten run was 6 and the most games we won in league in a row was 3, our longest run of defeats in the league was 3. Like I say we were average and inconsistent. Now the 21 league games, I guess you are including starts? And why are we only going league games? Why not play off games? Still against teams at this level. Don't worry you don't need to answer that question, we know the answer.
  17. This is it for me. He just never seems to be involved much. I don't think I could tell you anything he has done in a game at home, bar that shot last week (which will be forgotten by the end of the Brizzle game). He reminds me of a poor man's Dawkins.
  18. I always play fast and loose with the word fun 💪
  19. "fun" fact: only Marriott(5) had less touches than Jozefzoon(21) for us against Swansea, including Evans(27), Paterson(also 21) and Lowe(39). He also made the least passes other than Marriott.
  20. What complete nonsense. For me against Swansea he was the pick of our midfielders first half against Swansea. As stated by @brady1993 he had 93% pass success and was not dispossessed, compared to Huddlestone's 75% pass completion and Dowell's 4 times dispossessed and 83% pass completion.
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