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  1. Could be worse, you could have a defender only good enough for the bench for Scotland...
  2. I would have gone for Bellingham over Phillips, also why I would have taken James Ward-Prowse.
  3. You know your batting has been poor when Wood and Stone (105*) have put on more runs than Sibley, Crawley, Root, Pope and Bracey (102). On a side note.. Olly Stone Darren Fletcher
  4. From the very little I've seen of him, he is those horrible players that are sly and cowardly, puts a boot in after the ball has gone, always late with challenges, elbows anyone who challenges him for a header. Always feel like he is going to injure someone everytime he steps foot on the pitch.
  5. That lasted long. Cancelled the shirt sponsorship after fans complain.
  6. I saw that, was amateur stuff. Easy catch for either of them.
  7. What's the quickest hundred? Do we think it will be beaten?
  8. I'm in and a week away from forgetting all about it.
  9. I wanted to moan about England as well though.
  10. But @Van der MoodHoover is right. Why pick players with question marks over their fitness without adequate cover. There is 3 extra squad places this year, if you we really needed to take them then pick your 23 fully fit squad then add the 2 doubts and 1 extra versatile player.
  11. They will now go over 2 weeks since their last game. Wouldn't last night be a good game for them to get 45 mins, at least, to keep their match fitness ticking over?
  12. I do not understand the hype around Phillips. What does he do? Every game he has played for England he has been the worst player on the pitch, always plays safe passes backwards, takes too many touches before making those backwards passes. He kills any momentum, which is surprising as aren't Leeds meant to be this fast attacking team?
  13. We all know @angieram is the favourite mod.
  14. Is your dial up not working properly again?
  15. Why would you want the tweets stinking the place out? Also don't want his rubbish to be spread.
  16. We have a filter to stop certain words, phrases and twitter wums on the forum.
  17. rynny

    Fikayo Tomori

    And Lingard isn't?
  18. Apart from Buchanan who got called up for England u21s and Knight who had been our best player until Bielik returned. Bird was having to do the work of 2 players next to Rooney. He looked good against Blackburn last season.
  19. Fans were on Whittaker's back from his first home game because they saw a skinny, lanky kid and thought that he would be someone to run and chase down, and because he wasn't and they thought he was being lazy he was given a hard time. You say he was given chance after chance, he started 2 league games and had 23 sub appearances, hardly given a chance at all.
  20. Waghorn's penalty and Cardiff's equaliser happened less than 1 minute apart, Waghorn's was in 78th minute and Cardiff's was in the 88th minute. We knew from 85th minute of our game we only needed to draw to stay up, which we were doing, and saw the game out knowing we were doing enough. If Cardiff hadn't had scored we would have been pushing for a winner and who knows if we would have scored that? There was no point in going for a win in the last few minutes.
  21. He is a footballer, he is paid to score goals, he should be able to celebrate when he does (and is sticking his fingers in his ears really that much of a celebration?), regardless of the opposition, no one "deserves a bag full of abuse". I mean seriously, we weren't even involved in the match yesterday so what difference does it make to us? And Morgan was an unused substitute? It is just pathetic and people need to grow up.
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