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  1. wasn't Thomas only here on loan at that point?
  2. Clough jr. wasn't given enough credit for what he did, but was it really a mistake replacing him with Mac?
  3. I'm sure he would be delighted if he got offered it, but it's not gonna happen.
  4. no team has battered us so far this season, we have the best defence in the league for a reason. COYR!
  5. who do they have to cross to though?
  6. Yesterday v Luton, Stoke at home their GK did what Allsop did yesterday, v Hull away GK parried it to Baldock for the goal,
  7. trust me, Rooney won't even be offered the Newcastle job.
  8. think it's more likely newcastle will categorically deny they are interested to be honest.
  9. Why on earth would Newcastle want Rooney as manager? I wouldn't worry about it b4.
  10. that in itself is the problem though. We have no strikers/forward players making runs in behind.
  11. i honestly don't know what all this fuss is about. We have 3 decent championship GK's at the club who all make the odd mistake. Take your pick, I don't think it really matters.
  12. he was suspended due to his mistake of getting sent off.
  13. Why change a GK that's had 3 clean sheets in a row?
  14. if we get out of it too quickly I'd expect another deduction.😥
  15. I don't think there's much in it to be honest. Apart from his debut, Allsop has been very reliable and i think he has proved a more consistent GK than Roos so far. Both have made big, crucial saves at times this season, but i am less nervous with Allsop in goal.
  16. even if we only converted 1 in 5 pens, we'd still have more points than present. 😅
  17. why, what did Roy Keane do to him?🤣
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