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  1. I've not seen anyone linked with Tom Lees yet since he left S.Wed. If he's getting desperate and has no other options he can always come and train with us.πŸ˜„
  2. I think his standing tackles and interceptions are good, I can't remember him going in for many slide tackles last season. I think he's best when he just sits in front of the back 4 mopping up and closing down space. Too often last season he was asked to do too much attacking wise as we didn't have anyone else who could link the midfield to the attack, he wasn't very good at it and it expended his energy that should have been used defensively. If we could bring in someone like Morrison or Carroll to link up the midfield and attack and leave Shinnie to sit in front of the defense then we could have a midfield that works quite well, but we have more important problems with squad to address first unfortunately.
  3. Sell him. Who needs two LBs when we have 3 ACL Fozzy to play 50+ games this season πŸ’ͺ
  4. Really? Isn't his tackling his best quality? If he's not good at that what is he good at? πŸ˜†
  5. If Baldock is the only striker on trial and our only option then we should be signing him up. We need to sort out the CB and striker problems before we even think about players like Morrison and T.Carroll.
  6. and if CKR gets injured?... we need another striker.
  7. So hopefully the EFL will have checked them and signed them off by January. Though I'm sure the EFL would have no problem taking their time and delaying it as long as possibleπŸ™„
  8. We do have a lot of midfielders, but there either defensive mids or attacking mids. We don't have anyone who links defence and attack which was a big problem for us last season. Having said that, if we can only sign 4 players then other positions would still be a priority unfortunately.
  9. We're still under embargo because the EFL want us to submit more financial statements from previous years. So if we submit them by January and everything is ok we shouldn't be under embargo anymore, I think.
  10. 1. Jagielka 2. Davies or Wisdom (depending on Davies injury details) 3. Mengi 4. Baldock The amount of people on here willing to take a gamble on Morrison based of one pre-season game is alarming, especially when we have no CB's and 4 is usually a minimum requirement for a squad, we will be lucky to get 3. We also currently only have 1 immobile striker which will massively limit our attacking play. It looks like we'll be giving Morrison a contract though, typical Derby. Rooney seems to have fallen for his ability in training like so many other managers have. Hope I'm wrong and he's amazing but It's not worth the risk.
  11. Why not Baldock? I thought he looked quite good and closed down there defence well. Isn't CKR our only striker?
  12. Does anyone know what colour the number/names will be on the back?
  13. So you're agreeing with me that he got the tactics wrong then? also we haven't even mentioned the penalty takers yet...
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