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Good article on Johnny Russell here, can't remember the author's username so if someone could tag him it would be appreciated.


I find this passage particularly enlightening, talking about why he was dropped under Rowett: Then we had a little bit of difficulty because I wasn’t involved for a while and it was kept under wraps. I wasn’t injured, it was a training ground bust up with a couple of members of staff. Even now looking back at it, it’s water under the bridge. But he loved it in me to have that. 

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8 hours ago, Olton Ram said:

Good to see a former player doing well, but that full back he was up against was absolutely terrible. Not tight enough, doesn't read the run into the box and puts in a pathetic tackle at the end. I bet he wishes he could play against him every week.

Its the MLS - he probably does play against fullbacks like that every week. He's probably one of the best in the league.

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1 hour ago, jono said:

We haven’t had a song worth singing since Heartbeat and runs down the wing for me

rose tinted I know, and Johnny has some meh games, but if there was ever a mr 100% it was super Johnny Russell

i am hoping Jozwiak fills that big gap .. he’s got the talent to do it, and some. 

I hope you're right. I have still got a vacant space for a hero on my home screen. 

Was hoping Sibbo was gonna fill it, but he can't get in the flipping team!

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