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  1. Just got back -fantastic match, great result and thanks to @BurtonRam7 for the screenshot. Won't reveal which one is me !!
  2. Is anyone else having issues with this stream? I am totally unable to get any feed despite being logged in.
  3. Just mute the commentary a bit (or a lot) and amplify the crowd noise, that would improve things immensely.
  4. It was the incessant talking on Rams TV that led me to shout at the TV. The Radio Derby commentary just makes me laugh. My partner commented that the Rams TV lot sounded more like a radio commentary.
  5. I forked out £10 to watch this game live. I was really disappointed that the crowd noise was so muted that it was practically non-existent and thus there was no atmosphere. I found that the commentators felt obliged to fill every second with what can only be described as patronising,irrelevant drivel.They should be informed that less is more, as we do have eyes. I did try to have the sound muted with the Radio Derby commentary on but the two were out of sync. It was great to actually watch the match bit I think I will stick to radio Derby in future as you can really hear the crowd and savour the atmosphere plus the commentators never fail to make me laugh.
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