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  1. Not a bad call there,I would like to see hamer have a run and Lawrence is better as a 10 behind Martin,shifting waghorn back onto the wing.
  2. Rowett?????? I'd rather support the treetards than watch another Derby team under him. Jesus h Christ.
  3. We've got to stick with cocu and I think we will.....this season isn't about promotion,it really isnt,it's about our manager learning the championship and adapting to it. He needs to learn quicker though and get some more agency into his style of play. Perhaps Rooney will be the key to unlock it.
  4. I don't buy into that...99 percent of players strive to do well and showoff their skills..they all want to be loved but if the system is wrong or the management is poor then they can't show their best. Just running around a lot looking enthusiastic is no replacement for playing in a system that works. Cocu needs to sort this out and no number of fresh additions will make any long term difference if he doesn't. Sometimes a manager just needs something or someone to get it to snap into place...with McLaren it was having a assistant manager who was a little more gung ho in terms of attacking play. Cocu has been fortunate, I think,in finding what is actually a decent side to put out today and that's been caused by injuries and luck rather than by his judgement but the mix is just lacking something at the minute.....let's hope he stumbles upon the magic ingredient and soon.
  5. We have seen this before under Clement...the football is underwhelming and unexciting and that drains the players of their enthusiasm as noone is playing to their strengths etc... As I recall wassell came in to replace him when he was sacked and within a couple of matches the mojo returned and we were back in the playoffs. I'm not blaming the players here,that's baalocks,it's the system and management that's at fault.
  6. Any accident in which you are involved and not to blame is the basis for a claim especially if injured.....it would go through the insurance company in any case.
  7. Hmmm,interesting times (when are they ever anything other?)
  8. As you said,each to their own but hopefully we can all move in after the break
  9. I was ashamed today at some of our fans (quite a lot of them by the volume) booing Lawrence when his name was read out on the teamsheet.We all know he's done wrong but he's going to be paying the price for that both internally and externally. His goal and post goal behaviour was I thought,a credit to him and the rest of the crowd quite rightly clapped for some time. The rest of the game was pretty so so but I'll always take a win. Shinny was outstanding and is just what we need in midfield. Pattison ran his socks off and whilst Martin had some good touches which were generally squandered by the almost entirely ineffectual jozefzoon ,he looked knackered...I'm not convinced he is ready for for two games in a week yet....The three week break has come at a good time for him. We are still very much a work in progress and we are going to need time to gel in this system of cocu's,plus the constant rotation of players will need to eventually settle but that's not entirely cocu's fault.
  10. Let's face it,after Chris Martin came back into the side after my years of extolling his virtues,I wouldn't have left even if Jeremy Corbyn had bought the club and set it up as a vegan based think tank for the repatriation of Patagonian hamster hybrids. Nope,the club is bigger than the three half wits who have dragged the club's name through the mud and this forum is part of the club's fabric.
  11. The police breathalyser is not set notoriously low.In fact the roadside breathtest (which is calibrated at least monthly to ensure their reliability and accuracy)is pretty much as accurate as you can be and plans were in motion to dispense with the station procedure altogether but it seems to have fallen by the wayside for some reason. Whatever.....The station procedure does involve taking the lowest reading as the benchmark and if over,that is the one that will be utilised in respect of the charge sheet. By the way,you are only charged if you blow 5mg over the legal limit of 35mg in 100ml of breath,(so 40 and over)so there's no question of being of very slightly over the limit. I doubt,in view of the fact that both are attending court and not re-attending the police station that any further testing such as blood tests or drugs tests are not taking place and I would suspect that both maybe submitting guilty pleas as a result. That will stop the whole thing bring dragged out further and hopefully both will be dealt with at the next court date. I would suspect if they do guilty plead guilty it may have been taken into account by the club too which may have assisted in their playing for the club tonight.
  12. I pretty much thought that we stuck with the club through thick and thin. Lawrence and Bennett will get their punishments and will have to live with the consequences of their actions for a very long time. Whilst they work for this club I expect them to work for the benefit of the club,it's supporters and the community,not sit at home in their pants feeling sorry for themselves so I take the alternate view that the club are correct to get them out there doing their bloody jobs whilst considering their futures at the same time.
  13. To my mind,the two of them need to be subject to disciplinary measures by the club and criminal charges by the police resulting in a courts judgements on the incident. In the meantime they shouldn't be sitting on their arses at home,lounging about,they have a job of work to do for the club and they can bloody well pitch in and give their all for the club together with whatever punishment is eventually deemed appropriate
  14. We clearly need to look after him and not get him injured....he can build on 70 minutes
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