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  1. You've gone too far there BR! I like waghorn,but only because the hold up messiah is away at hull.
  2. Great to see us playing waggers to his strengths finally. Fantastic goal today.
  3. I wouldn't say he has...he's just not been played to his strengths up to now.
  4. Well deserved mount,great goal and hat trick
  5. Proper 433 with him doing the martin role properly and to his strengths and it works! Can't believe it's taken Frank so long to grasp this.
  6. Bryson doing what he does best,facing the goal and running into balls and waghorn seemingly playing as a hold up striker should and distributing the ball... We might be onto something here and the timing couldn't be better.
  7. Just what we needed at this point in the game... Mount!!!!
  8. Get in Bryson...top lad ! (no matter what some others say)
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