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  1. who to start upfront tomorrow

    Telling people to grow up again😁😁😁
  2. Chris Martin

    Hopefully just what GR has him lined up for....
  3. Chris Martin

    Hilarious and sad at the same time....wanting a player to fail to prop up their own agenda. Mind you,one poster flip flops so frequently on their opinion, presumably under peer pressure that,I genuinely worry for their self esteem.
  4. Reasons to be cautious 1,2,3

    Spot on sage, Cautious isn't the word.....we are fragile at the moment and one heart beat away from drawing yet another game on Tuesday.....if we had,this crazy surge of optimism would be seen to be as ridiculous as the wave of negatively after losing to wolves...the truth is in the middle surely. We still don't have a settled team or system and our general play lacks verve, imagination and confidence .....its a far cry from the seamless flow and confidence the 2013/14 team that inspired many of us for sure...and we really should be doing and looking more integrated after 12 league games. Hopefully Lawrence and some more arrivals might bring the confidence in and reinvigorate our attacking options......
  5. Rams TV who/where has signed

    Anyone tried casting rams TV from their phone/device to Chromecast or a fire stick? I've got a Amazon fire stick and the cast button can't find it????
  6. Chris Martin

    Point proven
  7. Chris Martin

    Crikey,was that what I saw on Tuesday then? I thought it was hoofball with a fortunate penalty that was almost missed. I must remember to reset my "hoofball" appreciation levels back down to national league ninos standards....life must be so much better when you set the bar low.
  8. Chris Martin

    God....how tedious is this.....bores with axes to grind, emerging from the ether because Martin didn't start a game. Newsflash alert "manager used his squad to suit opponents,shocker"
  9. great link up vydra/nugent

    I like Nugent very much but he missed two sitters again which Martin would have been hung,drawn and quartered for... Would prefer to see Martin with vydra where the link up play would be even better...plus Martin's increased lethality over Nugent would have had us three up yesterday. Great we have all three,but they need to be intelligently deployed.
  10. Derby County v Preston North End

    Amazing what a goal can do... Perhaps puts into perspective too,the difference between playing a normal.championship team(Preston) and two better teams(wolves and Sunderland) We probably are neither as good or as bad as some more extreme posters believe.. Certainly 4321 seems the way to go with our current steady midfield......
  11. Derby County v Preston North End

    Not for us,just other teams. .here comes the 30 mins of stoppages
  12. Derby County v Preston North End

    Not a bad game for Russell though,to be fair
  13. Derby County v Preston North End

    Would be standard,wouldn't it.....one up is never,ever enough!!
  14. Derby County v Preston North End

  15. Derby County v Preston North End

    Definitely....most of our forwards just need some confidence... Hopefully see Martin on in a bit.

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