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  1. Shouldn't this be moved to the 'de kroeg' along with politics and non football topics. Dcfcfans is starting to read like the guardian lately.
  2. The Derby BMW dealer was terrible,I ended up walking out and buying it from Sytners Nottingham instead who were brilliant to be fair.
  3. I don't think so...I've had it 6 months and my average is 32.5 mpg. My last diesel only gave 37 over the same sort of journeys so I think the bmw,which has a 3 litre petrol turbo is pretty good.
  4. The clamour is because Martin was our best and most prolific strikers for years and Thorne was one of the best midfield players in a Derby shirt I've ever seen. Neither Blackman or Butterfield were ever more than journeymen and produced zero passion from the supporter base unlike Martin and thorne.Theres no comparison whatsoever. And,I'd suggest that a lot of people are more than curious to see how Martin would be in the first team,linked up with a pacy striker like Marriott(or vydra,as was) yet it never seems to happen.
  5. Currently got a BMW M140i...it's very nice and very fast but I think I'm rapidly reaching the age where something with more pliant suspension might be better for my knackered old back.
  6. Do we know what he has actually done to himself this time ..he didn't seem to get visually injured during the American games and I'd assumed it was muscular but I presume not now.
  7. As far as I'm aware these are still our players,in our squad, so it's pretty reasonable to be asking questions about their future here,or not as the case may be. I would suggest if it offends you,to avert your eyes when you see a thread with their names in....it will save you having to spend your valuable time writing posts criticising those who are interested.
  8. Licensing agreements...it's ridiculous but it's on dab and FM plus the Tele if you have radio channels on there.
  9. Better to get a game than none at all. Hopefully do enough to impress cocu and get a start.Waggers has had a mare up to now and we will need an alternative.
  10. Was looking forwards to seeing him in the mix too 😣 As others have said,failing waghorn getting injured in a freak staring competition with Peter Beardsley,he looks to be out of the squad. Surely going out on loan or something,he's not the sort to sit on the sidelines.
  11. Hello Gary,tactics haven't changed much then
  12. Bit like nuge who was annoying beyond belief until he started playing for us when he became our annoying twit 😃
  13. Was quietly impressed by him yesterday...bit Jamie ward (which is a compliment)
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