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  1. Been working..... I take it there's no news yet then!
  2. Rooney stated that he was back in training last week but something again afflicted poor Tom during a session,so he's being looked at again I assume.
  3. If it doesn't happen today then the journalists aren't going to continue to roll out the ******** they keep getting told I'm sure.....they will start going for the jugular I suspect.
  4. Got to say mate,I thought shinnie was one of the few who played well today,had a go on goal twice and I don't recall him losing the ball or misplacing a pass. I know that's not saying much with our rabble today mind😂
  5. I'll watch it in full and then resign myself to our fate.
  6. Nope and im normally mr optimistic but all the signs are that we are done.
  7. Well who would have thought that Mac would ever return to the club or we would be trying to borrow money from Sam rush? So its probably happening!
  8. Nothing,I repeat nothing would surprise me this season......I could witness Elvis Presley himself slip on our number 9 shirt and just shrug my shoulders.
  9. It will I think....you don't realise that these things are actually happening when you are in the middle of a situation. But it's taking place here,in slow motion.
  10. It's not happening,we need to come to terms with this,as much as I hate it.
  11. Not so very different from what I suggested and in reality it will probably be a combination of the two. To be honest I'm pretty accepting of it it's likelihood now as it is actually more attractive than what we are currently going through at the moment. It's like witnessing a horrible divorce taking place,it's nasty and heartwrending and everyone will be better off when it's done,even if we end up in a smaller house.....
  12. A few months,perhaps at the very best until the end of this season if the takeover falls through,as it appears to my mind,to have already done.
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