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  1. The Kerria centre,Jesus....that place was a nightmare in the heroin ridden 90's,what a dump. And the old nicks been closed for a year,sold on to developers.The bobbies lice at the fire station now in line with today's budget cuts. Tamworth was once just a quaint market town until birmingham city council paid to house their overspill there in the 60's/70's...and they didn't send their most desirable residents over to stay!
  2. And of course,they actually did!
  3. I absolutely agree with all of the above but I wouldn't be at all surprised if one or all of them are sold and Wayne's brings in aging but budget replacements.
  4. Sadly,I hope it doesn't just come down to money but I could see it happenning..same goes for sibley and knight,our best prospects.
  5. Slightly odd that we are using a west mids team rather than a Derbyshire based outfit but there's obviously some reason for it.
  6. Oh I see,it's me draining their confidence? As far as I'm aware I wasn't at the stadium last season where I would normally be...that goes for 28000 other people too,so I'm fairly sure that there may have been other factors involved. But funnily enough,I will be at every home game this time around and cheering on the lads from there as many of us do. The lads out there always get my unequivocal support,inept gaffers and bosses less so if they don't deserve it. I'll continue to question and deliberate on the issues that face us managerially both on the pitch and off it (if that's ok with you) You see being a fan means that you care about the club and its future and don't just hide away from the downsides...that way you enjoy the upsides even more rather than just blindly clapping away pretending it's all perfect.
  7. We can hardly draw a line under it whilst we are still in the middle of it,it's still there. Hiding our heads in the sand,pretending all is well is what led us into this situation.
  8. You do realise that you are using social media whilst participating in the forum? Just doesn't seem to be doing your blood pressure any good.
  9. I don't think this is the case as a couple of years ago you had the option to get in with a digital ticket....no idea when they stopped using it.
  10. Weirdly,Blair and Boris are the only prime minister's I've actually liked in the past 40 years for all their faults. And to be fair,I'd probably prefer both of them over Wayne as manager😳
  11. Whoever it is,it might actually be,for once,in the next 48 hours.
  12. Well,after excitedly trying the large on,it was immediately passed onto my son (who's clearly slightly buffer than I) and a new XL ordered for me 😳😳
  13. Did you go to the shop b4? May have just missed you.
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