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  1. He's been excellent,really come on.
  2. I didn't think I could think less of a series of posts from a member but this has topped it off. Well done.
  3. It is using passive drugs dogs who can screen people going into stadiums. Sadly Derby wouldnt want to probably either use it or pay for it but it's a massive deterrent.
  4. Great interview by wayne and so pleased to hear him speaking frankly about Mel and his disrespectful communications and decisions surrounding Derby county.
  5. No. These things don't tend to work out. Let Wayne concentrate on the football.
  6. Oh right,sorry Carl,I was just interested in the original source. Kudos to Rooney if it's true.
  7. What's McLaren got to do with it????
  8. Be good to hear him squirm when he doesn't in that case.
  9. Dawes had nothing to lose from not asking those questions once he is in there,live on air. Mel's not in a position to freeze any journalists out anymore. I'm one of the few who hadn't got a major issue with Dawes and I expect he will ask the relevant questions.
  10. With a 21 point deduction we are down without a doubt. I just want to go down fighting 👍
  11. Ive never been a big fan of Rooney and have been critical of him throughout his time at Derby,in both roles, but today he impressed me with his humility and consideration for the hundreds of staff who are facing redundancy at the club. In addition he continued to express his loyalty to the club and seemed to mean it. I'm slowly warming to him through these difficult times.
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