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  1. I don't know of anyone who has accused Martin of lack of loyalty or selfish greed,quite the opposite in fact. He showed remarkable loyalty to the club and has no doubt been well paid for it,good for him. Every player moves on in the end but few with such a legacy of goals and good football with Derby 👍. Now where's the next super striker,I need a new name for my yearly home shirt!
  2. Perhaps we are planning to have a crack at it in the championship this year instead....😶
  3. And I just thought it was a snidey comment by an unpleasant poster about a players personal life.
  4. We aren't quite there yet and Cardiff are a good team. Derby 1 Cardiff 3 Frgs waghorn
  5. What's this got to do with football?
  6. He's going to be great for us,a very talented player
  7. The thing is we are scoring so few goals that any poor decision that goes against us has a massive impact on the game. Once we start putting more away the impact of them will lessen. If we were three nil up and a bad decision leads to us conceding a late goal then it's not a massive problem but if we have struggled to maintain a one goal lead throughout a game,it's rather different.
  8. We need to crack on with a consistent run of wins now to drag us out of the relegation zone...no reason why it shouldn't happen now 👍
  9. We need everyone we can get...a battling draw against forest at the back end of a extremely bad run doesn't negate the need for a playmaker of rooneys standard,in fact it's going to be even more vital to get him involved whilst we slowly return to the 4-3-3 that we need to start scoring more than one goal every 2 to 3 matches.
  10. What? It went very well. we just had some very entitled fans who wanted a top name in as the boss,not just the academy bloke who managed to get us back into the play offs after that other top name failed to do it. I suppose our expectations have changed somewhat as were are now ecstatic to get a draw against our deadliest rivals,after losing 10 out of the last 13 league games and whilst sitting in the relegation zone just above Wycombe wanderers.
  11. The easiest and most effective var would be for the incident to be displayed on the big screen for the red to view and make a decision from it and from different angles if necessary...isn't that what happens in rugby?
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