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  1. Jamie ward,Johnny Russell,will Hughes,tom ince,Bryson in his prime (players from recent years)
  2. My view is if you aren't prepared to back up "something you heard" with facts then don't bother mentioning it at all. It just causes ill founded tittle tattle to break out and grow out of control especially when everyone is bored out of their mind with nothing better to talk about. Apart from anything it's grossly disrespectful to the player himself.
  3. Great listen that,really enjoyed his honesty and insight over both his tenures with us. Reinforced my view that he shouldn’t have been sacked on either occasion and we would be a lot further ahead as a club if we had just stuck with him. And yes,I’d love to see him coaching with Cocu,a match made in heaven.
  4. Can’t wait to listen to this, been waiting for it for years.
  5. Just in after dropping the lad back at uni after the game. What a wonderful performance that was. Martin man of the match...he was deservedly so and was awesome today. Sibley,wow,just wow. Shinny fantastic. I'm very content tonight.
  6. It was horrendous last night,nearly an hour to get off the car park but it takes me 40 minutes at regular matches in any case Seriously need a better option for next season..I don't mind walking for fifteen minutes if I can,at least,get off,straightaway at the end of it.
  7. I really do suspect that cocu isn't at all concerned about our season this year.This can be shown,not just by last night's lineup but also by his determination not to have a settled team even after our best performances. Invariably,our best games have included the best of our mature players who are then dropped for the next game as cocu again mixes it up. He is clearly preparing for next season rather than the current one and experimenting with set ups and young players. Whilst I understand this,it doesn't stop me from feeling extremely frustrated when he throws away chances to win games and progress in competitions because of his future strategy. All I can say is that,he will need to justify his decision making this season by a massive improvement next year when he has a team of his own making and design.
  8. This is what you get when you choose to play rowettball instead of what we do best. Unbelievable.
  9. Errrr. I was hoping for the same line up as against Sheffield to be honest.. You know,that strong one. Let's see and hope this works out.
  10. Ridiculous,40 people out of a population of 60 million people are currently infected and the infection rate is far lower than expected. Its not to say it's not a potentially serious illness for the most vulnerable,but this reminds me very much of the press frenzy surrounding the millennium bug.It's just too juicy a story for them not to whip it up to the max,whilst exploiting the most gullible members of society along the way.
  11. I appreciate what you were saying but we finished third in his first season and won games home and away with a squad that cost thirty quid to assemble so shteve had a fair idea of the principles of the beautiful game. Cocus getting better,the squads improving too but for various reasons,some of his own making,it's took 3 quarters of the season to get here to 12th place.....Mac simply did a better job in my opinion. that's not to say cocu won't be successful with his next season now he knows English football better and can develop the squad further and I think he will do a good job. I'm pleased with the progress now and I love seeing us play this style of football again.
  12. My view is that you have to set up a team around your striker and your system...as a centre forward, Martin is a ideal for for cocu who clearly wants a target man who can hold up and distribute the ball....waghorn also fits into this role well ,(not as well as Martin admittedly but it's in his locker and he has his own attribute of greater pace) whereas Marriott just doesn't fit the system and the team isn't built around him as the striker. In another team with a system that suited him,he's no doubt still lethal but in a Derby side under cocu he's lost. Better to sell on for his own careers sake.
  13. Likewise and watching Chris and Rooney play with their insight and vision is a rare spectacle in this division. I'll be very disappointed if we don't get at least one more season of Martin's magic.
  14. That move and pass he made for the second goal.was outrageous! We would be mad not to offer him another contract,I'm sure cocu has realised what we have in him....and what we lack when he isn't in the team. It's crazy that he is still so important to us as he was under Mac 5 years ago.
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