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  1. Brexit or Eurin?

    I voted,like most of the brexit voters I know,for a complete break from the e.u, what is now coined a hard brexit and the events of late have hardened my viewpoint not softened it.....a lot of remainers are forging their own narrative on what like to believe we are thinking instead of the reality.
  2. v Sheff Weds (H) - Predictions

    Derby 1 Sheffield 3 Vydra frgs
  3. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Vydras and Nugent's goals were great but I do think they masked a otherwise poor performance as a team. Forest,had they been more clinical,should at least have drawn with us and it was fortunate they didn't take the two clear cut chances they had. A more clinical high pressing side would have had us for breakfast I fear. We had poor ball retention throughout as there appeared to be few outlets once we were in possession....as a result our players started to look very leggy and tired,which is what will happen if you can't hang onto the ball and have to run about like a loon,constantly trying to get the ball back(very admirable Johnny,but you shouldn't have to be doing it all game) I'm hoping that the next game will improve on this aspect and we see a bit more accurate passing and interplay.I appreciate that rowett seems to want to play on the break but holding up and onto the ball will make for a more controlled performance surely.
  4. October 16th 1973

    I'm sure it would have been us winning those European cups and more. Mind you,I hadn't done nffc much good lately I suppose. Would have been brilliant wouldn't it though.
  5. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    Hmmm,I understand that but I prefer the attack/defend ratio to be in favour of attack...I must admit I do enjoy watching a well structured attack more!
  6. View from the outside

    I must admit,whilst watching the game I wondered what Warburton could actually achieve with the quality players derby had rather than what he was working with on the day....
  7. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    There's a very definite rift here isn't there and I wonder if it's reflected amongst all derby supporters.... The first but seemingly minority group includes me.....looking for entertaining flair football,happy with 4 all draws sometimes,as long as it's bloody good fun...basically fans of the McLaren derby way and often big Martin,Bryson fans too.....basically we want 2013/14 football again. The second group seem to positively enjoy a more earthy,hard,derby side playing a more direct and less attractive style but which grinds out the results and doesn't concede very often....fav players are naturally our more direct types...Nugent,Johnson,vydra etc and the managerial style typified by rowett and probably Pearson had he remained with us. So will the first group be pacified by good results or be permanently dissatisfied by how we play? The second group are currently on seventh heaven because they see a vindication of their anger against the football of the Mac years which went against their own vision of football and which is being realised by gr and his style......but what happens if this robust style doesn't achieve what they desire and promotion doesn't come along,will they still be happy to watch this style week in,week out? Personally,if I have to watch this agricultural method of play,it had better be successful so at least there is a point to it.....I appreciate I'm in a minority but there it is.
  8. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    I remember the second one and exactly where I was driving at the time....mind you,it was still entertaining 😂
  9. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    It's never going to happen though...Martin won't be starting unless Nugent is injured...only then would rowett get to see good he is and how influential he can be ,over a run of games.
  10. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    But didn't we hammer Birmingham 3 nil with Mac in charge whilst rowett was Brums manager?
  11. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    Both of you are spot on here and sum it up far better than I ever could....bravo I think we could compete at the top but our culture, absolutely has to be by the club living and breathing the derby way and everything including managers,players,staff and culture being completely focussed on that aim. Where we are now seems to have put us in the same place as the Pearson/billy appt...i.e achieving promotion by any means but without the means to play the football we would then need to reach the heights we clamour for,or even prevent immediate relegation. I.e the nightmare scenario of another Billy Davis 2007 season.
  12. Vydra Appreciation Thread

    Not true....I always liked him but criticised his performances...you will see that,if you look back,I was the first to be pleased when he started to perform. I still don't see him as the complete performer but he works well of a strong top player.....it would be better if it was Martin in my opinion.
  13. Vydra Appreciation Thread

    Indeed... He has tactics,I just don't like them particularly. I personally like vydra,great to see any of our strikers flourishing.
  14. Vydra Appreciation Thread

    Well we don't seem to have any discernable tactics now so he's probably just decided to do his own thing,lol And vydra probably didn't fit into McLaren's style any more than Martin fits into gr's....clearly
  15. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    Only because he wasn't given the chance..I have no doubt about that.

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