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  1. England squad for the Holland & Italy game..

    I can't believe the negativity on here for the team and it's manager. Here we have an up and coming,young and promising new manager and all he gets is criticism. Now he's not perfect but who are we to question his tactical nous and team selection,what do we know? We need to give a new manager time to shape his team,it's only his first full season and he hasn't been able to shape it to his design yet,it's not his fault that the formation he chooses to play doesn't suit the players I blame previous managers for these problems. Let's give him at least two seasons,changing the manager all the time doesn't get us anywhere. Can't believe people calling themselves fans if they can't get behind the manager. Etc,etc,etc.
  2. Reading sack Stam, hire Clement

    Good luck to reading,clement did pretty well for us,some of his transfers withstanding.
  3. Rowett

    Clearly there is some thuth in that David. But,I look on this almost as derbys Brexit moment.....it's a subject that is capable of dividing a set of fans who are as passionate about their club as each other and have firm ideas on how we should be playing and run. Hard to moderate something so important to them as that.... Good points from saint ram though...perhaps we could limit posts on the same subject to existing threads?....sounds easier said then done tho!!
  4. My Lads op.

    Good luck guys,hope it all goes well.
  5. Rowett

    I think we have said this before...it absolutely is. There is such a massive gulf in the style of play of Mac and rowett that it was bound to cause friction. If we had brought in a manager with a style closer to Mac's but edging towards some of rowetts then this either wouldn't have happened or the effect would have been much less apparent in the forum's.
  6. Rowett

    That wasn't specifically at you David,it's what I perceive to be the general feeling to be from some posters. Surely the balance on a forum comes from fans having alternate views that balance themselves out?... certainly myself and archied have had many discussions on the subject and both taken something out of the others views that we both can agree on.
  7. Rowett

    So let me get this right.. I go to every match I can,I cheer the team on and off the pitch,even when we lose(or draw!),I pay my rams TV subscription,I buy the new and old replica kit,I support and am grateful for Mel Morris's input and spending on the club....I don't run down the players who try their best day in and day out even if some of them aren't my first choice and I love what Derby are doing with the ground and facilities..... But because I state on here that i don't agree with the managers choices and more especially with the 'style' of football we play,I'm not a supporter and not welcome to comment on here because it upsets some fans with an alternate view? I see.
  8. v Cardiff Rearranged for Tues 24th April, 7.45pm

    On a selfish note at least I'm off for this one so I can at least use my deferred ticket... Having said that I was on rest days on the 17th too... Might be slightly warmer tho..
  9. It’s Black And White: The DET podcast

    I like just about every dcfc related podcast out there although I have a particular fondness for the 'dad and him' cast which sadly hadn't been published for a while. The black and white one is certainly the best technically and it's good to have Nicholson's input,although it can come across as a bit corporate and happy clappy sometimes...
  10. The reality is

    It is his fault we are short up top....and it's unlikely the ones who complained about them being sent out were moaning about is being heavy with strikers.... We clearly had a better balance before he tipped them out.
  11. Rowett

    Promising?.... Took apart a team and replaced it's talents with journeymen when he should have been building on the team. Our playing style is awful and the results are following on in a similar vein. As archied states,he is a young manager so he gets slack for that and the fact that he used to play for Derby. Why is he promising exactly? Mac was sacked last season when the team went into a decline results wise...why should gr be treated any differently?
  12. Player / Fan connection

    Brilliant...love his actual size bonce.
  13. Player / Fan connection

    Oooh,Peter shilton....just Photoshop him into my picture David (I'd change the shirt as well)
  14. Player / Fan connection

    Just flash this happy on the screen before every match......(like they used to do on the 'young ones' if you are an older viewer) It may subliminally influence the crowd into expecting an exciting game experience 😎😁
  15. Derby Snow - Game called off

    If I thought we had managed to call it off for nefarious reasons i'd be as mad as the cardiff fans.......you have to play on,whatever your injury 'woes' or excuses. BUT....we didnt.......the road conditions,at the time the postponement was called,were dreadful and were expected to get worse. I wouldn't have attempted the journey,put it that way and I had booked a day off work to watch it. If the match had been at 245pm it would have gone ahead as the conditions had unexpectedly improved..... The only ones to blame here are sky and the sky!

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