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  1. I don't like the fact we have a fair gap opening up between us in the the bottom 4 and the rest of the league.
  2. Hate to say it but you have quite admire Rotherham's spirit and desire. They have more than us at the moment.
  3. We are all stuck with it if it happens curtains as you well know! We can't just turn off being a Derby fan!
  4. We are doing a solid Sunderland repeat here,a once great club hurtling towards extreme financial insecurity if not bankruptcy and in the final death throws of not surviiving in this division. By next season,I expect that 95 percent of the players and coaching staff will have left,Rooney returns back to man u to a much lesser role to actually get his badges done (never to even think of us again)and the Alonso deal or indeed any deal never happens leaving us standing,hands in pockets and open mouthed watching a side full of unknowns slogging it out in league 1. We never get out season
  5. Preston 2 Derby 1 Frgs Lawrence (setting up for a new club)
  6. Fozzy was good tonight whereas Buchanan was a bit of a non entity i.m.o
  7. The problem here is that Rooney has left us in such a perilous position that it's going to be extremely difficult to get anyone to take us on. We should have fallen back on Mac much sooner than this,he's dug us out of the mire twice previously,but would be really want to risk any further damage to his reputation by being in charge when we are relegated by no fault of his? I still think he could rescue us,even with just 4 games left but the club seem to be pursuing the option of changing absolutely nothing and seeing us relegated in a few weeks time. What a crazy situation to be
  8. It was a full on bag of panic that Rooney threw on the pitch there.
  9. Presumably the fortune I paid for this year's tickets that will be applied to next season will come with a healthy rebate when we are in league 1?
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