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  1. What a ****tard he clearly is,for both aspects of this incident. Hopefully get a ban from Derby too.
  2. Bored to tears with this now,its a tedious debate without any facts to base anything on. Whatever happens,whoever we get or keep or don't keep,we are still Derby county and the new season starts on the same date whoever is in charge. Bring it on.
  3. It's that sort of condescending attitude that led to the brexit result in the first place eddie,so we'll done for continuing in the same vein.
  4. Just saw that..... One back in the running then if lamps does move on.
  5. Is he planning on coming back in a rubber dinghy then? 😂
  6. Difficult one as we have lost two of the candidates who would have conceivably fitted in ok in Jokanović and bowyer. It's deeply unfashionable( but I'm not interested in having a glittery manager to brag about) but I'd go for wassell. He would cost us very little in comparison to a big name manager,he knows the club inside and out,including the academy,he did a good job last time getting us into the playoffs,he plays a style of football that mirrors lampards and he has two more years experience since the last time which will have stood him in good stead. I don't think there is anyone else out there at the moment who is a better fit for the club at this stage.
  7. Terry would be a hideous decision Never have a ex defender as your manager,just look at rowett and Stuart Pearce's shambles at Derby and forest. And don't have anybody who is classed as a tough man manager or you end up with another Pearson,no thanks. It would be another retrograde step in exactly the wrong direction again setting us back years. How about some continuity in the style of manager we bring in,one who continued to blend in and encourage the academy to produce players who play the same style as the first team and know the system. The last we thing we need is another change of system and I hope to god Mel has finally learnt that lesson if we do lose lamps.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised at all but wouldn't it be wassell2?
  9. So you want me to answer your questions,whilst not answering mine? Ask someone else
  10. Just needs a certain something adding to make the perfect mix? 😄
  11. Both eire and Britain have said that neither would physically put up hard borders no matter what happens... Which pretty much turns the e.u rhetoric into bluster. So even if it's no deal (and I expect a Canada type deal likeliest) noone is putting up physical borders and both sides will have to quickly put another system to cope in place sharpish.
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