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  1. Looking at the store seems it's only going to be available in short sleeve?
  2. I think it's been a fantastic season. Certainly one that will be fondly remembered for years to come with some good cup runs, some great goals and great performances such as the second leg of the playoff semi-final and Man U away. It's been great so see some of the products of our academy given a real chance in the first team and there now seems to be a proper link between the senior team and the academy whereas before this season that link felt limited at best. On another day the playoff final may have gone in our favour so I think this season as a whole was right up there with what we could have realistically hoped for especially considering the transition needed to adopt the different style of play.
  3. I definitely agree. Each season I'm hoping to recapture that same excitement. That season everything just clicked. The team was well-assembled and suited the style McClaren wanted to play perfectly. I'm just glad that I was here to see the football we played. 13/14 will live long in my memory.
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