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  1. Adslegend

    Lampard too expensive?

    I'll judge him on his football. Prior experience is no guarantee of success as seen with Pearson- who a large amount of the fanbase was yearning for at the time. Don't say what he was doing was required either. We saw how quickly Steve McClarren was able to turn it around- arguably to his detriment. Rowett, as well, talked a big game but ultimately didn't back it up with his actions. This could go either way- as with any appointment. I'm just glad to have the possibility of somewhat attacking football again next season. Something that provides a bit of entertainment on the matchday.
  2. Adslegend

    A moment for Tom Lawrence

    He's had a good couple of weeks. Hopefully this is the turning point for him and he maintains this form for the remaining games. Could prove to be crucial for us.
  3. Adslegend

    Rowett - In or Out?

    I'm delighted we got the 3 points yesterday. Rowett made some big changes and got a win. It was far from convincing though. Zero efforts on target from open play is unacceptable from a team in our position and with our quality. I'm curious what our highest string of passes was yesterday. We need to be controlling the game more. Making the opposition work for the ball. Not giving it away cheaply constantly.
  4. Adslegend

    David Nugent

    Nugent and Vydra were in a rich vein of form early in the season. Unfortunately, it ran out. Rowett was foolish at best to get rid of our other proven striker. Martin offers something different. Rowett only wants cookie-cutter players. Different name but exact same attributes. Once we were figured out we had nowhere to go hence the current form. Nothing resembling threatening in the least.
  5. Adslegend


    Both have come back from consecutive, long injuries. They deserve plaudits for that alone. It'll always take them a long time to get back to close to their prime form. Criticism won't accelerate it and neither will absence from first team football.
  6. Adslegend

    Rage Quitting the match.

    I think it all depends on the context of the performance for most people. If we look somewhat promising or threatening then people will stay longer depending on the scoreline. Last night we looked almost harmless and were 2-3 goals down. We didn't look like bringing it back into contention let alone getting points from the match. For the record, I stayed until the final whistle and didn't bother booing before the final whistle because anyone with a measurable amount of brain cells will realise that that won't help the team any during the game. Yes they get paid X amount but that doesn't numb their emotions. Plus it's almost like they're playing 11 men who are getting paid to nullify them. Who'd have thought?
  7. Adslegend

    Cardiff match on the telebox

    Also, all tickets for the game have been set at £10.

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