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  1. Adslegend

    We could have the pick of the litter in January

    Unless we have any injury problems or someone shows up that will significantly improve us I can't see us doing much business in January. I do think with Lampard and the rest of the coaching team, teams will favour us when looking for places to develop their players due to our play style and focus on youth. Take last season for example. Palmer hardly got any game time despite being a bright spark and making things happen when playing. Which team would want to risk that again if we had last seasons staff still in charge?
  2. Adslegend


    Great cross by Bennett and a great finish from Lawrence taking the chance when it mattered. Bennett again looking good when he came on- nice to see him continuing his form from the preseason.
  3. Adslegend

    v Reading (A) Match Thread

    45 minutes into the season and people overreacting already. It's almost guaranteed that even the best of teams will have at least a few bad halfs or games during the season. Lampard and the staff will still be learning about the players and will make changes accordingly. Plus the team will still be gelling together.

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