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  1. Seems way too late to bring Martin on IMO.
  2. He's an owner that fans would dream of having own their club. There's no doubt as to where his heart lies. Sure he may have made a questionable call here and there early on but at no point can you question his loyalty and I feel he's always been keen to learn from his mistakes and improve. He deserves to be the owner to get us into the premiership.
  3. Played very well today. Won a lot of headers and also carried the ball out of defence a few times when he had the opportunity to. What a player to have to be able to step up like that when needed.
  4. Waghorn though is capable of playing as a winger (although often went missing from the right wing on Friday). Martin and Marriott playing together would require a different system (Personally I hope Cocu tries to get them playing together). I feel like those two are our most "intelligent" footballers. Like on Friday there was a move where Martin tried a clever flick where Waghorn was dead to it. I feel like Marriott would've been alive to it. Martin can make things happen... He's arguably the one whose ability we can't replace. He's such an intelligent player in the final third...
  5. It was great to be there. The whole stadium lifted when he was about to come on. Top reception when he came on too which he deserved I think. Should've been given much longer though.
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