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  1. Cardiff match on the telebox

    Also, all tickets for the game have been set at £10.
  2. Derby County v Burton Albion match thread

    I'd like to see Vydra and Martin together again from the start. They showed some signs of linking up well last game. I think Thorne should be given a chance from the start too with swapping him in for Huddlestone even it he only lasts for an hour or so. I'd keep the same back 4 again. Forsyth didn't have a great game last night but I don't think that dropping him would do him any good.
  3. Derby County v Ipswich Town

    The first half was very poor. There weren't really any quality chances created. Second half was much better and several quality chances were made that on another day would have gone in. Martin definitely had a big part in the creation of these chances and there were promising signs of a partnership forming between him and Vydra. They definitely deserve more game time together in the coming weeks.
  4. GR - stick or twist

    Today was a good 3 points for us definitely. However 3 points against a good team doesn't suddenly make a manager the right person for the job just as a loss against a poor team wouldn't make them the wrong one. Ultimately I think people's opinions on Rowett heavily rely on whether they get their enjoyment from the results or from the actual performance. If this kind of football gets us promotion then fantastic. Otherwise it will have been dull football for no other reason than grinding out points when we could also get the same points playing attractive football as shown in recent seasons.
  5. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    But I'll remember that season for a very long time due to the entertaining football we played. We were 90 minutes from achieving promotion. The majority of neutrals would've said that we deserved promotion over QPR due to us playing very nice attacking football. On another day we'd have won comfortably. You'll only ever remember a season of ugly football if it manages to win you a title, win you a trophy or gain you promotion. I can't see any of those happening any time soon.
  6. Derby County V Notts Forest

    It was good to get the win today. Getting such an early goal definitely helped. I think we rode our luck a bit at times today and sometimes struggled to get the ball out of defense and ended up putting ourselves under pressure due to sitting deep and not having a real out ball. Very happy for Russell deservedly getting man of the match. He looked up for the game right from the start. Put good work in defensively making several tackles and looked dangerous going forward with the ball forcing their players to foul him to halt his progress. I also feel he was unlucky with the decision when he beat their left back to the ball and the left back went down leaving him in behind. Looked like a shoulder to shoulder challenge and could've easily gotten an assist from that situation had play gone on. Vydra and Nugent did well again too and took their chances. It was great to see Thorne back on the pitch too. I think Martin did well especially considering he only had 10 minutes or so. He held the ball up nicely and played some nice flicks which gave our football some needed tempo in their final third. Overall a nice win and, although our football wasn't the best, in the East Midlands Derby you only ever really care about getting the win rather than the manner in which you get it. But I think a better team would have punished us more so there is still work to do for us
  7. Time to go !

    I'm all for giving the manager time if he's the right man. I'm not sure that Gary has shown that he is the right man so far. He had the remainder of last season to experiment and work out a system as well as the preseason and 10 league matches this season. I haven't seen any real progress or even any signs to show that we might be heading in the right direction so far. The football isn't entertaining at all and when the results are bad too with no sign of improving you need to start asking questions of the people in charge. I feel like Mel will hang on to Rowett longer than previous managers though out of stubbornness with Rowett being his man.
  8. Derby are so average

    I feel like it's from going from managers who play quality, attractive and attacking football to more defensive ? ? football. Even a quality footballer will look bad playing ? football (Hughes, Martin, Ince etc.)
  9. Johnny Russell

    Russell has been our most productive winger this season in terms of goals and assists. If this dropping from the squad is about him making a point about this then I've got to say I'm on Russell's side. He's been great for only £700/750k especially compared to the winners we've bought in.
  10. What if McClaren had never been sacked ?

    Pearson has been named OH Leuven manager today so unfortunately won't happen.
  11. Very nice goal. Hope he continues to make good contributions and either earn himself a place in our squad or get himself a decent transfer to another club.

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