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  1. I definitely agree. Each season I'm hoping to recapture that same excitement. That season everything just clicked. The team was well-assembled and suited the style McClaren wanted to play perfectly. I'm just glad that I was here to see the football we played. 13/14 will live long in my memory.
  2. If he gets dropped once Carson is for then surely he's going to be thinking what more he has to do to keep his place? His place to lose IMO.
  3. I'll always remember how time just slowed down instantly for me from when it left Zamora's boot to hitting the back of the net. Felt like the ball just hung in the air for an eternity. Then the sinking feeling and just hoping for someone to create a moment of magic to rescue the game.
  4. Seeing the thread title made me think we were going through our favourite assists. If we were I think this would be right up there.
  5. Glad to see it's been extended. They must rate him there for them to want him until the end of the season. Plus it gives him another half a season of good first team football to further develop him. Unless he'd definitely get good game time here, this is the best option for him.
  6. Unless we have any injury problems or someone shows up that will significantly improve us I can't see us doing much business in January. I do think with Lampard and the rest of the coaching team, teams will favour us when looking for places to develop their players due to our play style and focus on youth. Take last season for example. Palmer hardly got any game time despite being a bright spark and making things happen when playing. Which team would want to risk that again if we had last seasons staff still in charge?
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