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  1. The FA have charged Huddersfield for their paddy power PR stunt, doesn’t bode very well for us.
  2. Heard earlier Bielik wasn’t travelling. Nothing more than him not being up to speed as has already been mentioned.
  3. Wasn’t any other relevant thread to post it in but, Madrid are currently 4-0 down to Atletico after almost half an hour. Doesn’t mean much in pre season but they went 2-0 down to Arsenal too.
  4. Oh dear, even with the £10 rams tv bundle I feel ripped off by their lineup.
  5. Get a bit excited when haggis is involved.
  6. Also think people are forgetting the only reason we got him in the first place is because Lampard was here.
  7. Just ordered 5 for the Rangers game.
  8. Already shown he can play at this level and wouldn’t really prove anything if he came back. Good luck to him wherever he ends up.
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