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  1. was hit on the head by an object thrown by the Coventry fans yesterday , luckily no treatment needed, stewards not interested , left the ground after the match , Coventry fans everywhere looking for trouble , myself and my mates grew up in the eighties so yesterday was nothing compared to then , but the half dozen Cov fans who decided they were tough enough to try it on with us and spitting and kicking their chosen attack method were quicklly despatched by us with the minimum of fuss , no i am not proud of it but neither can we stand back and be spat on . and in relation to earlier posts we dont wear Stone Island
  2. was there yesterday , well done to all the lads for staying in that game and giving us a chance of taking the points at the end , special mention for Jags who i thought was immense again and to the passion that Shinnie showed when he scored , he gives every last drop for this team , congratulations to the coaching staff , keeping things ticking over , fans again superb , great escape is on , COYR
  3. was at the game Saturday , we dominated three quarters of it , a draw was slightly disappointing but we inch closer to the teams just above us , Davies , Shinnie and Bird played very well and Ravel worked very hard before tiring , great to see Kaz back , Luton will be tough on Tuesday , but im sure our lads will give it their all as usual COYR
  4. Totally agree , Mr P and Bristol City who the hell are they
  5. Same here ang , not claiming my refund , we will have the 3pts instead , Come on you Rams
  6. Im sure all Rams fans will join me in wishing David well in his recovery fight
  7. Quick question , im a season ticket holder , can i go to the ticket office and get my tickets for next 2 home games from there ?
  8. North America? Thats Keogh on Blackpool beach
  9. For Richard Keogh , the EFL, Mel Morris , Steve Gibson , Wycombe Wanderers , Simon Jordan the message is simple Just Duck off the lot of you
  10. great stuff mate , will try and keep the date free and come down
  11. ROONEY, ROONEY, ROONEY, well done Wayne and the lads , you are making us fans proud again
  12. Well done Ryan , a very composed performance , should keep your place for Saturday, faultless last night
  13. Come on Derby , lets get this survival mission started tonight , good luck Wayne and the lads
  14. some good stuff there mate , hope you get that gig
  15. Would just like to give a bit of a shout out for Sam Baldock , noticed some of the ratings for Sam again yesterday and i found some of them quite harsh , Sam works very hard for the team , always moving , making himself available , very industrious player , think hes being harshly treated by some for his missed chances and lack of goals , Sam has never been prolific and works better in a two , just think some should lay off him a little bit
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