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Ring Sting


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My Daughter has a friend in New Orleans and was sent a video from a ring door bell, 2 gangs of black males caught firing at each other, She sent the video to the police...the video/story was in the local press.

2 days later 1 male was seen looking into her door bell, She contacted the police who made a report, She has since moved home for fear of being attacked.

Both my Daughter and Son have these, I haven't, I guess they're a good tool for security but Company's/Governments are making us all fear our own shadows...imo

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31 minutes ago, Alph said:

I've never ever thought I needed a Ring doorbell. For me it solves a problem that doesn't exist. 

It's useful to know who's ringing the bell if we're not in. I hardly ever use the function to talk to them, though.


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I was never too bothered, but got one (Doorbell/Cam) as a present.

I rarely use the contact/intercom thing to be fair, but it's sometimes handy to see who's there (*When we're out).

I've since added a camera (only) to the rear garden, which covers 90% of the garden, plus the all important access to the shed.**
I've turned off the phone notifications for the latter, as it goes off when sheets/towels/large pants are a-blowing in the breeze!  


*I have never used the mobile app thingy to check and/or answer, when we're in.  I just walk through "The Great Hall to the door, and open it... a bit like a human being!... Unlike a friend who will literally sit on his sofa and talk to the caller via the doorcam!  Idle Bugger!


**There is absolutely no need to keep a permanent eye on my shed, of course, as there is absolutely nothing of value in there.  But it's such a lovely looking shed.  Etc... 

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9 minutes ago, Anag Ram said:

There’s a wall running up to the front door. The fox jumps up and poses for the camera.

We call him Michael J.

Why?  Does it moonwalk up the wal... oh... erm... Ah!  THAT Michael J.  🤓

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