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  1. Those were the answers I came up with too
  2. admira


    I’ve been building an 80 square feet Lego town in my attic for the past five years so no chance of me being bored. Anyone want to come round and help?
  3. It was. If you watch the highlights video (below), Allan Hunter clearly doesn't make much effort in stopping him scoring late on and has a smile on his face afterwards (Town no. 5, 3 mins 55) . It was a bit of a meaningless match I think. Neither side could move in the table regardless of the result so maybe Ipswich didn't take it too seriously. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmJbdNnDt_s
  4. This is when I fell in love with the Rams as a 10 year old Suffolk boi! After they trounced Ipswich 6-2 away, a Derby fan saw my Rams scarf and walked me up Portman Road on his shoulders. I felt ten feet high
  5. I have a whole shoebox full of the Topps ‘bubblegum’ cards. Will post some pics later.
  6. I’m 54 but was in the dance tents at Glastonbury in 95 and 97 off my face on something and dancing like a loon to Leftfield and Underworld. Is that acceptable?
  7. No, I said believable! I've seen him, doesn't look a day over 99.
  8. Well I've done the maths. Out of the 51 believable responses so far, the average age of the DCFC forum posters is .... drum roll please ... 49.5. I'm surprised most of us even know how to use a computer (although that is my job)
  9. I did a rock n roll mini bus tour in London a couple of weeks back. We stopped outside Jimmy Page's house and the old sod came out of his house and got into his chauffer driven limo. I caught it on video like a proper stalker too. Too big to post on here but here is a screenshot.
  10. @David This could be an option - up to 100 people on the free plan https://zoom.us/
  11. We could make a game of it and try and guess who everyone is from a single clue...
  12. Not a big football or music fan then! 😉
  13. I've done it two days a week for the past year but am now at home for the foreseeable future. We have a team video call each morning to have a bit of a chat so we don't go insane.
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