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  1. He'll probably scrape them up and bake himself a fattening cake.
  2. Common things. I’ve never drunk tea, eaten a steak, ridden a horse, knowingly listened to a Justin Bieber song or slept with Katie Price.
  3. I wasn’t there as am in New Orleans. I was wearing a custom made DCFC Mardis Gras t shirt though so was there in spirit
  4. Not really, it’s all there to read about on the internet.
  5. Not sure the mother of his older children would agree!
  6. We seem to be missing Mount more than people expected. Hope he is back for some of the four home games
  7. I’m in Miami at the moment. Yes very warm!
  8. Villa 1-0 Rams. No FRGS again. No points again.
  9. Its February. It’s the Derby way.
  10. Keogh or Tomiri for me. Only two that have been consistent throughout. Good job really as until recently they were the only fit centre backs we had! Interesting that Keogh is being mentioned by almost everyone considering the abuse he gets from some fans. Could be our first player in history to win POY three times.
  11. Forest 2-0 Rams based on the last 3 performances. No FRGS I hope they look like they care a bit more this time
  12. Please not King and Johnson, look how that went against Ipswich. Got to be Huddlestone as he will create chances.
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