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  1. We live in a converted chapel. The top attic is full of ‘treasure’ (or she calls it junk). Hundreds of Rams programmes, vinyl records etc.
  2. The Mrs did take we to the one in Denmark for a birthday a couple of years ago where we stayed in a proper Lego room with free kits etc. I did wear an 'it's my birthday' badge all day which worked great when blagging a jump to the front of the queue for rides. The most embarrassing incident was after Mrs Admira popped to the in-house restaurant to book a table for two for dinner. When we arrived at the table later, one of the place settings had a little colouring book and some pens. They're not used to adults visiting without children apparently so assumed it would be her and a child! I didn'
  3. We are planning on moving from Suffolk to Derbyshire in a couple of years so getting it down a ladder and transporting it 180 miles without breaking it is gonna be a bitch.
  4. It’s in the attic so has little human throughput. Remarkably low dust up there but I use one of the Mrs old make up brushes which works a treat.
  5. This is Tonytown, so the home of Tonytown FC. If you look on the left, there is a game going on against Brickston United on their small floodlit pitch!
  6. So after four long years, I finally completed Tonytown at the weekend. This is the Lego town that resides in my lower attic that comes in at 80 Sq Ft and 130,000 pieces. I think I underestimated the interest that there would be in it as so far this week, I have turned down a radio interview on BBC Radio Suffolk, offers to appear in newspapers, a local teacher asking whether she could bring all her school kids round and then the chance for it to appear on ITV's Good Morning Britain this morning. As things stand, the video has just passed 90,000 views on Twitter. I'm shunning
  7. The lack of goals is concerning. I wonder what England's all-time goalscorer is up to these days? Maybe he could show them where the net is.
  8. The last all English XI to win the FA Cup was West Ham in 1975
  9. I saw Spear do this at the alternative festival a couple of years back. Shiver down the spine moment.
  10. Went on to be a great servant for Jim Smith’s Oxford side. 350 games for them.
  11. One of Arthur Cox’s squad who made 50 appearances 1984 - 1988
  12. One of Joziak’s better games. Causing them problems.
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