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  1. When will the Derby Telegraph start using a spell checker? Three mistakes in one article is poor even by their low standards.
  2. What a lacklustre performance. We need that takeover over the line, some money coming in and some new signings. How many late goals is that this season? Buchanan and Byrne played ok. Waghorn mainly anonymous.
  3. If you enjoyed that, try The Staircase on Netflix. Similar concept. I think the guy in this was guilty as hell but make your own mind up.
  4. I sold his autobiography on eBay last night and 20 minutes later, the BBC announced his passing. I felt a bit spooked.
  5. No doubt we will give him away for peanuts like we always seem to do with our star players.
  6. Ah sorry OP. Didn’t see you’d already done a similar thread.
  7. Only allowed to leave the hotel for water-based organised excursions. Other than that, it’s an all inclusive prison camp! Free food and booze and 29 degrees everyday. Awful 😉
  8. 00110100111000011100 Yes that’s the Rams scoring record this season! Let’s predict who we will get the magic 2 against. I’m saying v Chorley in the cup.
  9. I suppose that the more successful managers (i.e. Sir Alex and Wenger) stay in the job a long time, probably because they are successful!)
  10. He comes in between Clough Jnr and Addison: Did Clement feel better than Lampard?
  11. On the plus side, the most entertaining football in recent years was under Mac (far better than the dirge we are stomaching now) and I expect Mel has fond memories of it. On the negative side, we can say bye bye to having an experienced manager such as Howe or Rafa. It’ll be a rookie to work under Mac’s wing like Terry.
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