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  1. There was a letter in When Saturday Comes magazine this month about players that went on to manage the same club. Since the war there have been 13 Managers or Caretaker Managers that also had a playing career with Derby Stuart McMillan Jack Barker Harry Storer Jr Tim Ward Dave Mackay Roy McFarland John Gregory Mark Lillis Darren Wassall Steve McClaren Chris Powell Gary Rowett Wayne Rooney I wonder if any of the current squad will one day manager us? Curtis Davies perhaps?
  2. Phil Jag is the latest of this elite club. Who else can we name, say since 1970? So far I have ... Wayne Rooney Scott Carson Gary Charles Tony Dorigo Paul Goddard Ashley Cole Mick Harford Stephen Warnock Gordon Cowans Rob Lee Steve Hodge Francis Lee Paul Parker John Gregory Lee Hendrie Darren Bent Jack Butland (?) Danny Mills Nick Pickering Dave Watson Snr There are a handful after the Rams too (Tomori, Mount, Lingaard, Huddlestone, L Osman, C Powell etc)
  3. I'm not renewing after six consecutive years, but the 330 mile round trip, new grandson arrival and all the nonsense that's been going on are equally contributing factors
  4. Deadline extended to 3pm today as there is no live game. Only a couple more entries required for record numbers!
  5. Over 80 entrants so far, thank you. Deadline midday Saturday August 7th. I've sadly put T'Rams 22nd.
  6. Sorry, hyperlink was wrong. try this https://www.cognitoforms.com/Footycomp/Footycomp202122
  7. Footycomp is a well-established football predictions competition that I have been running for over 30 years. It was £5 to enter at its inception and it’s still only £5 now! 100% of entry fees are ploughed into the prize fund with last year’s prize pot being almost £600. Unlike time-consuming fantasy league-style competitions, Footycomp is a very simple concept and requires a one-time entry. It involves trying to predict the finishing league positions for the teams in the Premier League and Championship. The entrant with the ‘closest’ predictions is the winner. There are also a few bonus points to be gained. There will be numerous prizes for the good (and the bad!) . The entry form link is: https://www.cognitoforms.com/Footycomp/Footycomp202122 Whether you have previous Footycomp history before or are new to it, I hope you will take part and please distribute this to any friends, family, colleagues, five a side mates etc as it is open to all. Entries must be received by midday on Saturday August 7th. After that, the web form will notify you that you are too late to enter. Payment details are all on the confirmation email that you will receive when you submit your entry. Many thanks Admira
  8. This takes me back to the heady days of signing Kevin Poole and Dean Holdsworth but sadly, that’s where the club is right now.
  9. Does anyone have the "alternative" fixture list? I want to know when we are playing Ipswich away!
  10. Another Suffolk Ram? There are so many of us! - you're the 14th I know of.
  11. This is normally announced in the final game. Have I missed a voting link?
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