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  1. And Bennett? Don’t forget we used 4 subs
  2. Tomori didn’t put a foot wrong. It’s slightly worrying that him and Keogh are probably the first names on the teamsheet, since with Pearce gone, we don’t really have anyone in the squad to allow them to have a rest. Granted Wisdom is a fallback option but his form has been erratic After the 120 minutes at Old Trafford, we lost away at Bolton in the next match so fingers crossed we get a better follow up v lowly Reading.
  3. Delighted for Keogh. That took some balls
  4. I’ve been impressed by Roos / Rose (however it’s prounounced)
  5. We’ve scored 8 goals against Premier opposition in 4 games. That’s only 12 less than we managed in our entire Premier season in 2007!
  6. Saints 2-1 Rams. Marriott
  7. admira

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Frank looked totally dejected from the moment we kicked off. Not once when the camera was on him did he open his mouth to shout any encouragement, he just looked like he didn’t want to be there.
  8. admira

    Craig Bryson

    One great season? Let's not forget he was our Player of the Year twice - 11/12 and 13/14. Not many players can claim that (Only Steve Buckley, Mark Wright and Richard Keogh)
  9. admira

    Would you ever...

    Bucko and Brayford probably going cheap after last night...
  10. admira

    Snake City watch

    Quote from BBC story on this: "Some supporters have been critical of the style of the play and a "Rowett out" banner was displayed during their 2-0 home defeat against Bristol City on 1 January." I can't think what they mean ...
  11. admira

    v Leeds (A) - Predictions

    Leeds 3 - 0 Rams. Tonked
  12. “The game was due to be staged at Pride Park Stadium on Saturday 26th January 2019. However, Millwall will instead be involved in the Fourth Round of the Emirates FA Cup that weekend after they recorded a 2-1 home victory over Hull City in their Third Round tie on Sunday afternoon.” https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2019/01/millwall-clash-to-be-re-arranged
  13. admira

    Vs Southampton home (Matchday thread).

    Lampard post match response: "We made a sub after that and David Nugent coming on made a big difference for us.” the72.co.uk player ratings: David Nugent Failed to get involved at all. 4
  14. admira

    26 game comparison season by season

    Yes, he won't be playing tomorrow.
  15. admira

    v Southampton (H) - Cup Predictions

    Let's try that again! Rams 1 - 1 Saints. FRGS Mount.

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