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  1. Seeing as we’ve lost both our player of the year and top scorer, that was a very good performance and result
  2. Maybe but I’m lying on a Greek beach so it’s the first time I’ve got to hear it! He doesn’t seem impressed with Nigel Clough’s odd training regime.
  3. Just listened to an excellent podcast interviewing Johnny about his career. Long section on his time at the Rams with some very interesting insights into the managers, players and THAT play off final. Recommended. It’s called ‘Open Goal’ Si Ferry meets Johnny Russell. Episode 138.
  4. Embarrassingly I am with you. Never even noticed the eye until tonight.
  5. Adam Storer (Laundry Assistant). Where is he now eh?
  6. I bet we can’t name everyone on every photo between us (the ones without names on). I can do the two oldest ones!
  7. It’s ok. Billy is no longer with us and replacement cat has a non Rams name.
  8. Are these not happening any more? Last one i can find is from 2016/17. Been some classic line ups over the years which invoke memories of those childhood Shoot magazine centre spreads.
  9. My mate stupidly named his kitten Billy after Mr Davies and soon regretted it. Especially when kitty was all grown up and he had a cat named after the Forest manager!
  10. Hi. As fellow football fans, I thought you might be interested in a predictions competition that I run called Footycomp. This is a simple to play football predictions competition that I’ve been running on and off for almost 30 years. Unlike traditional fantasy football style competitions, this one isn’t time consuming as you make your predictions before the season starts and then just sit back and watch your progress via emailed monthly league tables. It’s only £5 to enter, just as it always has been The season kicks off in less than a month so it's time to put on your thinking caps, study last season’s league tables and away you go! Last year there was almost £700 paid out in prizes and as every penny of entry fees is ploughed back into the prize pot, the more people that enter, the more there is to win. Please forward this link to as many colleagues, friends, family, 5-a-side mates that you can think of and let’s make this a bumper year. Click below for full details and online entry form https://www.cognitoforms.com/Footycomp/Footycomp201920 Deadline for entries and payment is midday on Saturday 3rd August. Please put this in your diary to avoid disappointment as after this time, the website will not accept any entries Good luck! Admira PS - I chose the orange theme a couple of weeks ago. Weird huh?
  11. Johnson has played 140+ games for us and I can count on two hands how many times I thought he had a good game. No loss for me.
  12. BBC say it was a free https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48880041
  13. Not the best £6m we've ever spent
  14. Lampard’s first day at Chelsea and the bookies already have odds for his next job!
  15. C’mon Rams. Florist announced their new boss minutes after O’Neil left
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