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  1. I’ll be in the Moon Under Water in Leicester Square (Wetherspoons) to replicate the 2007 pre-match. Loads of Rams in there then. Look out for my Kevin Hector T shirt and come and say hello!
  2. Don’t forget to factor in any internal London travel time, long walk from Wembley Park tube, queuing to get through turnstile, for toilet and beer, bag searches etc. Three hours will soon be eaten up
  3. I'm there for my 4th Rams Wembley final (missed 2014).
  4. Exactly the same as 2007. Impressed they still fit.
  5. Anyone else not slept the last few nights? I keep waking up in the middle of the night thinking about the game and having palpitations!
  6. Having been to the cup final as a practice run, one thing I would advise is leave central London earlier than you’d originally planned. The queues to get into Wembley were huge by 4.15 and only just made it for kick off. It’s half an hour to Wembley Park plus walking and waiting times from Covent Garden. Beers in the ground were £5.90 a pint but queues long again. Anyone watching on TV may have noticed that when the second half kicked off, the ground was half empty. This was due to the longest toilet queues I’ve ever witnessed and hundreds of people still waiting to be served for refreshments.
  7. I was lucky enough to be there in the Watford end to witness this first hand. I got the impression they expected to lose anyway so were there for to just enjoy the experience and day out. There seems so much more at stake for us that there’s no way will we have the same reaction if we lose be it 6-0 or 1-0.
  8. We’ve rarely started with two up front all season so not sure he will change formation from the outset in such a big game
  9. My postman doesn't work Sundays. I'm going away on the Friday morning
  10. The guy I sit next to just got the lasts seat in 111. he's on the roadrider. Does anyone know if this goes into central London or only Wembley?
  11. This isn't for everyone but on the big games, I always stick a sizable bet on the opposition. Any winnings would pay for my match ticket and lessen the pain a teeny weeny bit. To cover the outlay, if Rams win, I had a pre-season bet on them going up so will benefit from that, will save a couple of hundred quid in fuel by having four less home games to drive to and let's face it, the feeling of euphoria, you really couldn't put a price on.
  12. 111, row 39 - one of the singing blocks. As a South Stand Upper, it made sense.
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