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  1. I asked the opinion of a Blackpool supporting friend: ”In my humble opinion he is in the midst of a purple patch and I don’t think at the start of the season he was in the managers thoughts hence he brought in two strikers of his own. Sadly they aren’t working out at the moment so he’s had to play him. Yep, he has scored goals but he is a cart horse with a terrible first touch and has been abysmal in a few games. He thinks a lot of himself and when he wants to play he can be good. Championship wise, I don’t think he would cut it. But then what do I know! Derby must see something in him!!”
  2. admira

    upcoming gigs

    Yes this was my third time
  3. Didn't play many either as the league didn't start until 1888!
  4. I've not posted anything statty for a while so here's something now. Average number of points per season (3 points a win since 1981/82) Decade Points 2010's 70* 1990's 58 1980's 57 2000's 51 1940's 47 1930's 45 1970's 44 1920's 44 1960's 43 1910's 43 1950's 41 1900's 37 1890's 30 1880's 19 * to date Total goals scored 1950's 736 1920's 719 1960's 688 1930's 679 2010's 600* 1970's 570 1890's 565 1990's 558 1900's 523 1980's 522 2000's 492 1910's 389 1940's 293 1880's 84 * to date Total goals conceded 1880's 116 1940's 252 1910's 307 1900's 488 2010's 494* 1980's 506 1970's 542 1990's 562 1890's 573 1920's 613 1930's 627 2000's 655 1960's 660 1950's 730 * to date Total games played 2000's 436 1950's 428 1990's 420 1970's 420 1920's 420 1960's 420 1980's 418 2010's 414* 1930's 378 1900's 360 1890's 296 1910's 232 1940's 168 1880's 44 * to date Total games won 1920's 175 2010's 172* 1950's 163 1970's 162 1960's 160 1980's 155 1990's 155 1930's 155 1900's 144 2000's 133 1890's 119 1910's 101 1940's 76 1880's 16 * to date Total games lost 1880's 23 1940's 56 1910's 77 1890's 114 2010's 128* 1930's 132 1900's 139 1970's 143 1980's 144 1920's 147 1960's 152 1990's 155 1950's 179 2000's 195 * to date Total games drawn 1980's 119 1970's 115 2010's 114* 1990's 110 2000's 108 1960's 108 1920's 98 1930's 91 1950's 86 1900's 77 1890's 63 1910's 54 1940's 36 1880's 5 * to date Average league position 1930's 7 1920's 8 1940's 8 1890's 8 1880's 9 2010's 9* 1910's 9 1970's 9 1990's 9 1900's 10 1980's 10 1960's 12 1950's 13 2000's 15 * to date Average points per game (3 points a win since 1981/82) 2010's 1.52* 1990's 1.37 1980's 1.36 2000's 1.16 1940's 1.12 1910's 1.10 1930's 1.06 1970's 1.05 1920's 1.04 1900's 1.03 1960's 1.02 1890's 1.02 1950's 0.97 1880's 0.84 * to date
  5. I wasn't going to go now that his debut game had moved to a work day, given my 330 mile round trip but sod it. I'll leave work early and have booked the day off on the Friday and a hotel for match day. COYR!
  6. Boro player ratings out of 10 from Northern Echo: ”2 - Assombalonga: No excuses for missing the early opening, which was Boro’s only clear chance. Lacked support in a ten-man side, but never looked a threat and never laid a glove on the Rams’ defence.” 2 - marvellous!
  7. Red dogs 1-0 Rams no FRGS Red card for someone
  8. First thoughts having just left match. Clarke very good in first half. Kept us in the game early on. Shinnie good in second half. Battered them after the red card so that second goal was required. Marriott pushed off the ball too easily. Lots of balls went to Bogle who did good. Martin quiet. Worst Boro team I’ve seen.
  9. Then there was the Baseball ground gypsy curse in 1946 ...
  10. Similar to most on here, I can see why it had to be done as he’s costing the club a lot of money for something they weren’t responsible for. However, his punishment seems far worse than the two perpetrators. As it’s freed up £25k a week I hope we buy a decent replacement in January.
  11. admira

    Holiday plans 2020

    Dubai next week, Budapest in January, Stockholm for Easter, Valencia in May, North Cyprus in June, Alicante in October, Mallorca also October, India in November, Prague TBA. That's it so far!
  12. admira

    upcoming gigs

    Gigs in the diary: Shine festival, (Minehead). Wonder Stuff, Embrace, Lighting Seeds, Wedding Present, PWEI, Idlewild, Cast, Neds Atomic Dustbin etc Snow Patrol (Ipswich) Embrace (London) Sinead O'Connor (London) Elkie Brooks (Bury St Edmunds) Strand of Oaks (London) Helen Love (London) Elvana (Elvis fronted Nirvana tribute) (Norwich) Joanne Shaw Taylor (Norwich) Subways (Norwich) Smyths (Smiths tribute) (Colchester) Tom Robinson (Norwich)
  13. Of to see Gedge and co next month at Shine, Minehead
  14. Rams 1- 0 Boro. FRGS Martin
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