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  1. 1977 Ram Raider

    Harry Wilson - Signed on a season long loan

    HITC saying Villa sniffing now as well.
  2. 1977 Ram Raider

    Jack Marriott

    Not again.
  3. 1977 Ram Raider

    Bugger all happening

    There’s only one c**k Inn this post.
  4. 1977 Ram Raider

    Inside info

  5. 1977 Ram Raider

    Mr T Abraham and Mr M Vydra

    In Curtis Davis’ pocket soon.
  6. 1977 Ram Raider

    Chris Martin

  7. 1977 Ram Raider

    John Terry

    Unlike Terrys tongue!!!
  8. 1977 Ram Raider

    3rd Runway

    Slightly incorrect, passenger figures continue to grow year on year and beats each month compared with the same month last year for the last 5 years. Freight is a huge part of the airport that’s why it’s been classed the uk’s largest for pure freight.
  9. 1977 Ram Raider

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Rather keep Vydra.
  10. 1977 Ram Raider

    Where have Derby managers lived?

    No but he may be in Amalfi White.
  11. 1977 Ram Raider

    Where have Derby managers lived?

  12. 1977 Ram Raider

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Watching Argentina is like watching Derby.
  13. 1977 Ram Raider

    Where have Derby managers lived?

    Bet Paul Jewell had sticky floors too.
  14. 1977 Ram Raider

    Salomon Kalou

    Oh dear you’ve been well and truly twittered my friend.
  15. 1977 Ram Raider

    World Cup Players

    Seems to have struck Accord with the fans. In to Jazz apparently and can sometimes be found busking at the Civic centre.

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