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  1. How young is too young?

    Got my daughter a season ticket this year. She will be 7 in September and has been goin on for ages about going football with dad. Childs season ticket was free so if she doesn't like it, it's free extra leg room for me.
  2. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    Don't eat the white pudding it's nasty.
  3. Rowett's blinking

    Foreign body, could this be our German cb.
  4. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    Agree entirely with the Lawrence comment, especially when there's florist rejects who can only manage half a season going for 14 million.
  5. v Kidderminster Harriers Match Thread

    Great quality coverage on the iPad, didn't freeze once.
  6. v Kidderminster Harriers Match Thread

    Bent offside, never
  7. v Kidderminster Harriers Match Thread

    Looking forward to see how wisdom gets on.
  8. v Kidderminster Harriers Match Thread

    No Thorne ???
  9. Prem targets for GR?

    Mels back pocket.
  10. How are you feeling about the upcoming season right now?

    Was he a forest fan?
  11. favourite breakfast routine

    Wake up, freshen up, drive bright yellow lambo to airport, fly private jet to Ibiza, sail around island in private yacht, realise I'm still asleep.
  12. Official: Cyrus Christie joins Middlesbrough

    I find it bizarre that more clubs are in for Christie than our two [ex] prize assets, Hughes and Ince.
  13. Tom Ince - Best wide player for 10 years? (With video)

    Some great goals, got your work cut out to find a replacement GR.
  14. Official: Tom Ince joins Huddersfield Town

    Chris Baird on fire???
  15. Whats the best Derby County goal you've seen live

    One that I first thought of was Russell's firecracker against forest, such a sweet strike.

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