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  1. He looks like the young lad from the film This is England.
  2. My heads not straight, although that could be something to do with the 5 double gins consumed within the last hour.
  3. Great design, purchased this morning, club shop was heaving.
  4. I bet Chelsea top brass are wetting themselves with all this talk. ‘Chelsea appoint manager with 1 year experience in the championship’ - come on.
  5. I wasn’t on it tonight until I saw the retained list, pass the gin.
  6. Que Sarri Sarri Chelsea won the europa league Now can we keep Frankie please Que Sarri Sarri
  7. Yeah who cares about £170m.
  8. Was alright last night after a few beers, an easy 4. Woke up this morning, 9.
  9. How many years left on franks contract?
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