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  1. An old one of mine used to but the last one just needed brake & clutch down if you're waiting at a junction. With automatics you just need to stop with your foot on the brake for it to cut off. My new car (automatic BMW) has this feature but also has a thing where if you're driving at any speed and take pressure off the accelerator, then it must effectively go into neutral and coasts - to save fuel. The engine revs drop to tick-over speed. Which is fine, but I wasn't warned about it and it took a little while to get used to not being able to rely on any engine-braking if you take your foot off the power to go round a bend or down a hill etc.
  2. Derby 4-0 Bolton Waghorn FRGS
  3. Today at Disney Animal Kingdom😎
  4. To be honest I think you’re crediting MPs with a bit too much strategic nous with that. I think they’re just as chaotic and divided as the public at large.
  5. Blackburn 0-2 Derby Lawrence FRGS
  6. Brentford 1-2 Derby Waghorn FRGS
  7. Yeah. 1 Sin bin = 1 Booking 2nd offence = Sending off, as now.
  8. Replace bookings with 10 minute sin bins except for in the last 10 mins of the game.
  9. Oh I agree. I meant in hindsight but of course it was the disasterous election campaign that did the damage. Strong & Stable, anyone?
  10. The Cash machine in the Co-op near my office isn't working
  11. Still love the guy but I didn't realise his stats were that good, to be honest. Thanks for sharing that.
  12. From memory, that was the first story & then they came out later & said they were looking to pull a lot of production back to Japan anyway.
  13. Not true. Japan has secured a zero tariff deal with the EU & they've stated that they want to consolidate car production back in Japan. Sunderland has lost the Infiniti "Nissan" cars but that's because the brand has bombed in the EU. neither are anything to do with Brexit. Honda's UK plant has been a basket case for years - running at half capacity - just not sustainable long term - especially with the new Japan-EU trade deal. It's not Brexit's fault that not enough people want to buy Hondas.
  14. Disagree. There isn't a politician alive who could have made a success of this. The 2 rounds of indicative votes have proved that there is no majority for anything. Her biggest mistake was calling the 2017 election. After that, she has at least tried to be consistent and show some leadership with the backdrop of being constantly undermined by her own MPs and held to ransom by the dinosaurs in the DUP.
  15. No mate, Manchester to Jacksonville (FL) via Atlanta.
  16. As I've said all along - I think we're heading for another referendum folks. We go on our hols tomorrow. If we end up slipping into no deal while we're away, I might try and claim asylum in the USA.
  17. Wolfie

    Training Regimes

    Gym 3 times a week: 30-40 mins cardio (cross trainer, mainly. Fairly high resistance level). 20-30 mins weights (via machines - I struggle with correct posture for doing free weights) Brisk walk at lunchtime when workload/weather allows. 1.5 miles / 30 mins on average 3-4 times a week. Diet: Low carb, High fat & protein Alcohol & Cigarettes: Yes. Too much. Working on it......
  18. Maybe not but I think that's a symptom of UK voters not being used to coalition governments and the compromises that come with them. The Lib Dems got anihilated for policy decisions they realistically had no mandate to either implement or rule out. I don't really understand why they are doing so crap in the polls, still. You'd think being the only moderate Remain party would guarantee them 30% poll ratings - when they're achieving less than 10%. They're also now going to have to compete with Change UK. Vince Cable has been an awful leader for them.
  19. When people insist on "read receipts" when they send you a work email. Seems to be more popular nowadays. It just shows a lack of trust IMO.
  20. Or 10, if you're the DUP Or 40 ish if you're the Lib Dems. "Power" doesn't have to mean a majority to make a difference.
  21. Halloween (2018) Great performance by Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, who confronts her long-time foe Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago. Far far better than I expected and a properly scary/gruesome horror, with a decent plot and great script. Plenty of nods to the original film as well. Forget any of the previous sequels & just watch this one. Best film I've seen this year by quite a margin. Highly recommended. 9/10
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