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Come on you Foxes!

Brammie Steve

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3 minutes ago, Mostyn6 said:

Good job i read this or wouldn’t know it was on today. 

Its crap isnt it.

I know things have changed but im very nostalgic for the days it was 3pm kick off with coverage on BBC and ITV from early morning.

I always seem to remember the FA cup final being great weather too, so i blame them for moving it to 5.15 for it being crap weather too today.

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I’ve got a soft spot cos I lived in Leicester for a long time. Hated then for always having our number, but now we’ve not played them for ages, they are my club in the premier league (also, I think it would annoy them that I have no animosity or ill will).

also, my loyalties always go:



East Midlands (even Nottingham, ie I think I’ve hockey is the only thing they’re relatively good at)  



Great Britain

UK and Ireland 


and then the world, Solar system, Milky Way Galaxy etc. if there was ever an intergalactic championship.

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2 hours ago, Brammie Steve said:

I've never disliked Leicester City.

I was pleased/astonished when they won THE League.

I wish them all the best at Wembley and hope they take home the FA Cup for the first time today.

Chelsea have won it nine times already!

Yea or nay?

Absolutely not

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I just get the feeling that if Chelsea win, it's another trophy won sorry, bought by the "big six". I just want a different name on the trophy so it's Leicester for me. I do hope Mason Mount has a good game though, I think he will be a key player at the Euros.

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