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  1. I’m sure that I won’t be the only one from NG2 there tomorrow.
  2. Born in Leeds (Heaven help me!) to Derbyshire parents, who before I was five brought me back and raised me in God’s own County. I’ve now lived at the wrong end of the A52 for thirty years however Derby is and will always be home, I have raised two sons in Nottingham who when asked where they are from will always instinctively say Derby.
  3. Actually it’s a lovely place to live, really handy for away days at the City ground, pretty much devoid of Red Dogs, and there are quite a few residents who actively keep the level of pretentiousness down. As for the other side off the river it’s pretty much gone soft over there and is now referred to as North Bridgford by the estate agents.
  4. Nottinghamshire band, Derbyshire song.
  5. I’ve lived in “Bread and Lard Island” (West Bridgford) for the last 28 years, but I still consider Derby to be home.
  6. The only positive that I can take from Leicester winning today is that they brought Big Wes on for the last 10 minutes so he could win a Cup winners medal to put along side his Premier League winners medal. That is bound to cause the “one eyes” on LTLF heads to explode as most of them reckoned he wasn’t good enough for Forest when they sold him to Leicester 9 years ago. Every cloud and all that........😀
  7. As I was unable to go drinking beer in the Czech Republic this weekend as originally planned the Czech pivo has had to come to me.
  8. Want the club that gave football Steve Walsh to win? Sorry that’s a step too far for me 😡
  9. A team with the physical and mental resilience to compete at this level would be nice for a start. Then for the players to stop repeatedly making the same poor decisions when in possession would be good. Finally a modicum of quality throughout the team would be a bonus.
  10. Whilst each generation may have their good/great players, are they really deserving of the “King” epitaph? Since Kevin Hector hung his boots up there are only a couple of players that have had the same impact on our club as he did, dragging it up from depths similar to where we currently find ourselves to the top league and beyond. In my humble opinion the only two that come close are Bobby Davison and Igor Stimac.
  11. Simple.........the King, there was and will only ever be one King.
  12. A nice doppelbock dunkel to calm the nerves after all today’s excitement.
  13. Roos 6 Byrne 5 Forsyth 4 Edmondson 6 Clarke 6 Roberts 7 Knight 5 Shinnie 7 Lawrence 5 Waghorn 7 CKR 5
  14. Right now Derby, please keep switched on........
  15. Rams 0 Sheff Weds 2 First 20 minutes very cagey, then we’ll concede due to either an individual mistake or failing to clear our lines properly. 60 minutes of Rams possession without actually creating any clear cut chances despite multiple random substitutions. Killer goal on 80 minutes with Wendesday’s first real attack of the second half. Final 10 minutes plenty of possession but with no urgency or creativity, 5+ minutes of added time one glorious chance wasted, all over.....
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