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  1. As a result of Sky moving the game to Monday night I had to settle for Watching the game on TV in a dreadful ‘Irish’ bar in Prague (only the second time I’ve missed this fixture at the City Ground since 1971). I didn’t think we played that badly apart from a lack of cutting edge up front. I thought Holmes had a great game in midfield, his movement between the lines and his willingness to offer himself for the ball from defence was excellent and something that we’d been sorely missing in the Brighton and Millwall games. We are also missing Mason Mount to link the midfield and attack. We were the better footballing side on the night and I’d much rather watch the style of play that Lampard is trying to achieve than the ‘anti football’ that O’Neill has set Forest up to play. They’re just a modern day version of his ‘pub side with floodlights’ Leicester team from back in the Dark Ages.
  2. No trains, but National Express coaches are running on Boxing Day.......
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