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  1. At the very least get them all doing shuttle runs
  2. Not sure he will be able to continue as that really is a nasty looking gash
  3. This guy is very tricky and and is always trying to get in round the back
  4. They perform a lot better when they have a crowd watching
  5. He has a great touch for a big man but goes down far to easy in the box
  6. Yep Spot on. This was me back in the day, enjoyed the times when Liverpool came to the local clubs Notts county , Forest and Derby and was taken to watch them and then being aloud to stay up late on a school night to watch their European triumphs on TV (can still hear the brilliant theme music as i write this)But i also always had a Derby season ticket and i guess i grew up. Winning all the time gets boring anyway. C'mon You Rams
  7. When was the last time our goalkeeper scored {worth a try)
  8. Could so easily have been reading posts of how we got what we deserved or why do we always lose to these teams and we were lucky to get a draw, i am just happy that we got the 3 points don't care how and nether does/should any other team fighting for points in this league at this stage in the season.
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