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  1. My sister and niece have a business dealing with young children, they say the isolating has decreased massively in recent weeks. I suppose the fact its still happening is a positive that its being tracked than a negative.
  2. I might be wrong, probably am, but wont our biggest expenditure be that owed and paid to the staff (mostly players), and possibly some to Cocu after being sacked and maybe still Keogh. Usually when clubs go into administration Players etc seem fairly well protected and dont seem to suffer, it seems to be the debts owed elsewhere that are slashed, do we have many of those? As far as i can tell Mel has been funding the running of the club, so the debt is owed to him if anything?
  3. I think I'd rather have Fawaz or Marinakis.
  4. Probably lol had a couple of beers 🤪
  5. in fairness so had Jose and they soon got rid.
  6. I don't think today Jim Smith would have made Christmas in his first season, very poor form and no sign of improvement until magically Igor signed and it turned around. Today we wouldn't have been able to sign him in the November.
  7. Doesn't surprise me. More evidence of cowardice.
  8. Is anyone else actually excited for Saturday ? Weirdly I'm looking forward to it more than any other game this season.
  9. knowing our recruitment team we would end up with Garth Crooks and Dean Windass oh and a banana too.
  10. they do yes, hence why I wouldn't be happy with a postponement
  11. if he or she was they wouldn't have the balls to admit what they had done, these sort of people are cowards.
  12. Crete is my Plan B should Turkey not happen in August. Not sure how they are getting on now but a few weeks back they were struggling a little with Covid and vaccinating was poor. Hopefully if you miss out you can rebook later in the summer ?
  13. Guess it depends as not fair on Luton if close to Saturday
  14. Unlike the first team, no skills, no freedom of passing ,no defence, and no goals 😁
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