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  1. Bonehead from Oasis is our new assistant?
  2. Two brilliant listens, I was glued.
  3. Get through this season I guess and see where we are (for all sorts of reasons).
  4. Ah thank you but I meant more for regular listening. I used to use TuneIn for Radio Derby (usually 6pm Sportscene, Talksport during the day, plus a few others all in one app.) But looks like Radio Derby was removed from it?
  5. GlastoEls


    Well, we have lost Curtis so 1.5 year deal wouldn’t be stupid... Anyway.
  6. ( I know there’s separate apps but I have one space on my Home Screen front page for radio!)
  7. Random question: is there an iOS app where can listen to both Radio Derby and TalkSport? Used to be TuneIn but seems they’ve removed local BBC stations.
  8. Being a child whose first season was in blue, yes for me!
  9. “Pride Park” really grew on me over the years, to the point where I was surprised when we reverted from the iPro (yuk). I firmly want it to stay now.
  10. Yes - I much, much preferred season 2 - which I hold as some of the best Star Wars ever.
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