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Swansea v Derby Match Ratings


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Roos - 3 Poor for both goals. Slow to react for the first and beaten at his near post for the second, yes, it was Lawrence who let the guy get a free volley and yes, it was a good volley, but he again got beat at his near post. 

Byrne - 6 Defensively battled all game and gave so much overlapping threat. Only one of the goals conceded have come from his side over the last few games. 

Forsyth - 3 Delivery poor and defensively out of position for the first.  No where near the second, but an attacking fullback falls on the winger to cover. 

Edmondson - 6 Thought he played well. 

Clarke - 6 Great defensively, just wish he’d get his head on a set piece, those were poor today. 

Knight - 5 Ran around again and harried but offered nothing to our forward play. His instinct is to turn and play it back all the time. 

Shinnie - 6 Shielded the back and tried to play it forward but hampered by Knight.  

Jozwiak - 7 MOTM  Why he was taken off I’ll never know. Best game for a long time and felt for him having to play with such a static front line. 

Waghorn - 3 Below average at best. 

CKR - 3 Makes us so one dimensional and fluffed his one chance. 

Lawrence - 3 Gets an extra point for scoring but was at fault for the second by falling asleep again, as he has done loads of times over the last few games. Other than that, offered nothing. 

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Roos         5 

Byrne       6

Forsyth     5

Edmondson     6

Clarke       8 (MotM)

Knight      5

Shinnie     5

Jozwiak     7

Waghorn     4

CKR         5

Lawrence     4

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Roos 4

Byrne 4

Forsyth 4

Edmondson 5

Clarke 5

Knight 4

Shinnie 4

Joswiak 7

Waghorn 2


Lawrence 5

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