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  1. So next season is the transition season...or is it this one? I forget!
  2. Difference is chap we do it every season so the disappointment and dillusionment invariably grows. We're becoming conditioned to seeing us fade in the second half of the season. I wish Bristol all the best by the way, all is fair in love and war, no sour grapes if you finish above us.
  3. He could have taken other big jobs like Bristol City who are rolling in cash...
  4. How long is the average tenure of a Championship manager exactly? The description fits most clubs in the league, if a manager serves longer than 2 years for any championship club they are a long termer so far as I understand. On that basis I struggle to understand the handicap we have when it is the reality also of our competition. The fact is other clubs will have chopped and changed and yet overtaken us while we bottle it year in year out and wheel out the same excuses.
  5. Same old same old, I live outside of Derby, astonishing how far our reputation goes so far as being the league's most consistent bottlers. The commentators laud the attacking prowess of "Frank Lampard's Derby County" but apart from 3-4 games in the real world we're actually pining for the attacking genious of Rowett ball given the figures that actually matter...goals scored. Dire stuff.
  6. Brighton is terrible for parking. I was stung for something like £27 for 5 hours parking a couple of years back as I could not find anywhere to park near the sea front at a reasonable rate. After about 40 mins of driving around hopelessly trying to find somewhere that wasn't full (was a bank hol I think) or a rip-off, and with my blood pressure rising, I thought sod this and just went in to the next car park I saw. I have not been back since, that sort of fleecing leaves a bad taste in the mouth. If the local council thinks those sorts or rates are okay I will vote with my feet and encourage others to do so, absolutely scandalous. Looks like nothing has changed, £26 for your parking to visit the town is a disgrace.
  7. Never turn a night down at your age. You will regret it when you end up like me, sat with a gin staring at the wall wondering where your youth went 😜.
  8. Overall it wasn't good enough so Brighton deservedly through. Could see multiple times how frustrated Tomori and Keogh were in that second half that there was no space being found ahead of them and no movement. Cole's goal gave us something to chase and for Brighton to go backs-to-the-wall. The subs did well and Roos is in imperious form. A disappointing exit for me at the end of a disappointing week following the Ipswich result.
  9. Quality may be one thing but for 2 games now the opposition seem to be in our faces quicker than we're in theirs, winning the majority of the second balls and looking hungrier. One team was bottom of the league Champ and one is Premier League. Our press seems to have gone, we need to actually look interested.
  10. I really like the bloke and hope he does well today but his form is seriously uninspiring to say the least.
  11. You can stagger into a few nice pubs en-route from the Jurys to break the journey up.
  12. I am a little perplexed too. Seems like we are talking about Tom as if he is 35+ sometimes. Lots of players his age will be playing week in week out.
  13. Not really, feel free to post there yourself though if this one is bothering you.
  14. The latter two I could agree with but Davies would not be in my starting 11 personally and on current form I think it'd be very harsh for Roos to lose his place too. Certainly majorly missing Marriott at the moment I'd suggest!
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