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  1. I was converted to AS Roma as a second club by my best friend (Italian), being right in the thick of it at the Derby della Capitale with Lazio (flares going off absolutely everywhere) is up where with my best life experience ever (tops anything I've experienced in English football). Fortunately for those who know and accept the risk to self in those moments there are still places where you can get that thrill.
  2. Odd thing about Lawrence is how Sky wax lyrical about him. Presuming they must've seen the highlight reel with his odd moments of brilliance. Clearly play being consistently broken down through him and no end product for weeks at a time doesn't make the highlights. He could be a player for someone else but I wouldn't personally miss him. Would wish him well too, just don't rate him as highly as others do.
  3. If a good side starts with the keeper then Roos is abit average to say the least. Good shot stopper but a flapper at decisive moments. Not a bad first half but not a good one either. All to play for 2nd half.
  4. Silly to read into anything yet but it has been a poor start, no getting away from it.
  5. Depends on the result on Saturday doesn't it? Win and all is okay. Lose and people will rightly question if throwing a cup game to your local rivals was the right strategy. I'm not that bothered tonight personally but the facts are it only increases the need for a positive result/performance vs. Brentford ...or it looks abit wasteful otherwise.
  6. Don't bother with ever going to shops now, waste of productive time. Clothes can be a bit of a gamble in sizing, you win some you lose some. May go once a year at Xmas to a shopping centre if I've forgotten someone and need it that day, right and then. Only time I ever go on the high street apart from that is when you have to do something in a bank branch but that is getting rarer and rarer now thankfully. I do virtually all of my company's "miscellaneous" purchasing on Amazon business now which is linked to my personal prime account. Just created a few lists of PPE/Canteen consumbles/stationery/H&S/Cleaning etc. etc. The saving will be around £6k over a year and so unbelievably easy and convenient. Took me a day to set the lists up so well worth it. Beforehand had tens of individual suppliers across the board, generating POs, chasing deliveries, chasing VAT invoices...Absolute pain in the backside. Now just click through the lists, add to the basket and pay within a minute...once a month I download all the VAT receipts and sign off to be reconicled against the card statement. Bezos has nailed it. Any issues can be dealt with through one login/platform with Amazon being responsible for keeping their third party suppliers in check.
  7. Agreed, I think Cocu is showing mettle and I like how he comes across post-match even in defeat. He is obviously very irritated his gameplan hasn't been excecuted; you get the impression the right things are being worked on and done and we have to wait for things to come together. It will click, he is still figuring things out. I'm relaxed for the first time in a while about the dreaded "transition season" phrase because I like the set-up and philosophy. When you're in transition with Gary Rowett at the helm, that is a different kettle of fish mind!
  8. We really were spoiled with Wilson last year. Anyone stepping up after him is going to have a tough task. Unfortunately none have been convincing (even where he has scored). With his early record, I've give someone else a shot at the next one.
  9. When I first moved down South I was on £53k, it doesn't buy you much of a life in London as a single man. It genuinely doesn't and this is what frustrates me, people need to live on the other side of the curtain (or a high cost of living area in this case) and try it before they comment. There is a boat load of stress and pressure to earn it, that is a constant though. Reality is you are either heavily subsidised, squeezed middle or stinking rich in London. That tax cut would have helped that squeezed middle group. I was far better off earning £30k in the Midlands. Granted if you want to sleep in a HMO you may save some dollar but when you're holding down a very responsible job student living isn't actually that appealing. You won't have a hope in hell of ever buying either, your after tax income is swallowed in rent. I moved out after 3 years, as many do. The final paragraph is right but we all have different priorities. People make choices. I would like to think I will be finished work 25 years before retirement age. But I reckon I will have worked as many hours by that point as people who will go the full distance. I choose to do it differently and am okay with the arrangement overall.
  10. This. I run a small business and it is by far the hardest job I have ever done. Hands down, no contest. And I've had some high profile gigs so I know stress very well unfortunately. I work 6 days a week (sometimes 7), don't sleep and never switch off, ever. I took my first holiday in 3 years this year and that was self-prescribed for the company's benefit given I was becoming of little use to it while constantly wired. And I was ill for the first time in a decade for the whole duration of it which I am convinced was a cortisol crash or something to that effect. I'd certainly not being putting myself through this to earn an average wage. Even when I first moved down to the SE years ago, and consequently began earning a SE salary (which doesn;t pay a lifestyle, that I can tell you), pay rises weren't much to celebrate once the gov took their share: 12% National Insurance, 9% student loan, 40% income tax and a small personal pension contribution to boot. Suddently one becomes quite interested in economics when you're taking home c. £3.50 for every extra £10.00 earned. And BJ gets lambasted by the green with envy brigade at the suggestion of a tax cut that ultimately gives something back to the squeezed middle...
  11. Aye, more than one way to skin a cat (or win a game of football in this case). Cocu gives off an aura of knowing the game technically inside out and that makes him interesting to me at least. I loved Lampard last season, his interviews were generally about "desire" and "effort" and his passion did shine through, contrast to Cocu who is more reserved but more deliberate and analytical. I prefer listening to Cocu overall. I am very relaxed about what this season holds because I think the man at the helm is the right man, I'm not sure he has the tools just yet and pre-season was a write-off. If he can start to impart his philosophy on the players he wants to keep beyond this season (sure he is still figuring that out) and academy players he can bring into the fold then that is a good set-up to finally get us out this league when he beds in!
  12. You using Firefox as a browser? Works better with Internet Explorer for the most part. Hit and miss with other browsers.
  13. Soft peno to give away but absolutely superb performance apart from that. Slick football, real intent to the play. Bodies getting forward. Should be an exciting season if this is anything to go by. Think we're unlucky to only be a goal up based on that half.
  14. Agreed. It is also why I'd much rather watch Huddlestone than Evans incidentally but that is another thread! On that, one could argue the latter could be more effective. Sublime quality in a moment is what it is all about for me though. Kinky may have been a "luxury" but I never cared much about that; I'd rather watch him for a single touch or move in a game than watch a more technically limited player work his socks off for 90 mins. Without doubt he was carried in some games but still worth the admission price of a ticket in my view for the moments of magic only he could deliver. It is an entertainment business afterall and he entertained me! He could of gone to the top with more application in my view but the reason he was at Derby and we got to watch him was because he probably didn't have that Ronaldo/Lampard/Gerrard type drive that top players had.
  15. Lampard will get a good reception I am sure of it. Leaving Derby for Chelsea is in no way comparable to running off to Stoke City at the first hint of the cash taps being slowed. I am extremely irritated at how long running this negotiation has taken but that will fade. We don't know all the details. Chelsea may have been the heel draggers for all we know. My conclusion is as always, no-one is bigger than the club and if FL wants to go, close the door on the way out, we move on.
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