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  1. Difficult to know how to feel about the result as a point at Brum isn't typically to be sniffed at. We keep on saying must win games but then other results allow us back in the hunt when we fail to win. I suppose the best thing about today is the maths because its still on, the bad thing is we keep on pushing the need to win away from home out and out and the two next away games are even tougher on paper than today. I hope the team that smashed West Brom turn up then because they will need to!
  2. Exceptional performance from Waghorn in that 1st half, these sort of performances validate the fee we paid for him. Held everything up and fantastic finish for the goal. A really entertaining game and everything to play for in the 2nd half but goes without saying we need to start defending quickly away from home. Was like Keystone cops at the back again the 1st half hour.
  3. I also think Change UK is exactly the sort of party we need to maintain the status quo with the EU. I just hope Tony Blair comes out of retirement now to lead this new party occupying the centre ground and rstoring sanity by cancelling Brexit. Also refreshing to see a party not stuffed with career politicians and politicians who have the courage of their convictions - despite what others say I don't think it actually matters none of them see it fit to ask the electorate if they approve of their decision, that can wait until the next general election afterall. And to be honest it doesn't matter what manifesto they were elected on the back of either, noone could have envisioned how badly Brexit could have gone since then - they have a new responsbility to make the decision according to the realities of today, not because of some vote 3 years ago.
  4. Yeah, a disgrace that to this day there are about 170 or so agitators of the 650 MPs total that still believe in Brexit and are actually trying to push the UK out of the EU. I make it Remain has a 300 seat majority over Leave in parliament so why not flex that political muscle and eliminate any Leave voice whatsover? As you say about 100 or so of those 170 are extremists anyway in the form of the ERG so they cannot be listened to or bargained with. Who really cares about manifestos made 2 years ago now anyway? I also don't think it actually matters in the long run that 2/3 of constituences are Leave constituencies, we had a vote in 2016 but the tide changes and people will get used to it. Might be a bit of voter backlash at first but in the fullness of time this vote can seen as just an unfortunate but temporary obstacle that had to be navigated... ultimately for the best interests of those voters.
  5. We should drop the voting age to 10 and 3/4 to counter balance the old fogies. It is fairly obvious most people who acquire cash and assets in life or have cash to protect at the end of their life tend to vote Tory. Socialism sounds great to young people, who would not want rich people to share their money with them as rich people have got lots and they haven't got much? A few years at work and a lot will see the light but to be replaced by the next conveyor belt of starry eyed dreamers. Those that are not up to much by 30 have to plod on, usally they'll take out a life membership with the Labour party at this point, join a Union or rant about how unfair the nasty Tories are to them.
  6. Just got my tickets, for anyone considering it, only about 100 left and selling fast.
  7. That tickled me. As a teenager and young man I didn't think we had much of a distinctive accent in Derby, now whenever I am back my ears rick up to the sweet drawl of Derby and Derbyshire folk. Been surrounded by non-natives for too long.
  8. Couple more would be good for the GD. If we go to City needing to beat them we'd still be behind on GD. Good opportunity to close the gap.
  9. Gibbo interviewing FL is unwatchable. A question is never even asked, the answer is always given within the question. Gibbo: A disappointing night but a case of move on to the next game? FL: Yes. Gibbo: Just one of those occasions where things don't go your way but roll up your sleeves and back to the training ground? FL: Yes. Even Kim Jong Un would blush at this coverage.
  10. It is the same story, another bottle job in the second half of the season. We just don't turn up when it matters. Feel sorry for the fans that travelled tonight, good numbers for a Tuesday night. Limp fisted performance when our season was riding on that 90 minutes.
  11. 2+ hours in an ambulance in Southeast Asia with acute appendicitus. It was a converted Toyota Hiace van and the roads weren't great. Had better evenings.
  12. Is OGS the next Fergie then? Or when they lose a couple next year and can't keep pace with City and Liverpool they'll want him out? It is early days isn't it there? Not going to knock OGS given he has done a really good job so far of a bad situation to walk into but the expectations at a club like Utd are obviously massive and he will be judged on what he wins. If he wins trophies next year then fair play to him but if i was a betting man I'd wager the tenure ending trophyless. Happy to be proven wrong, no axe to grind.
  13. I like Lampard and think he is doing okay but the media circus surrounding him is embarrassing and makes you wonder what'd be like if we were actually doing better. If it was Rowett still at the club I suspect the press would be writing articles about how Derby are currently slipping down the table having got into playoffs last year and the pressure mounting on him with trigger happy Mel waiting to pounce. With Lampard our position is a "blip" and a departure from our Barcelona style football and FL is soon to take us back into the promised land. Quite frankly if he goes to Chelsea I wouldn't be that bothered and that is not because I don't rate him but rather it is still far too early to tell whether he has the aptitude or not. He hasn't achieved anything at Derby yet so one wonders how he can be expected to waltz into a club with less than a years experience and compete with the likes of Man City...if there is truth to the rumours, more fool Chelsea.
  14. Enjoyed that match, we gave it our all. I know Boro are ahead of us with less goals but I'd be really surprised we can sustain a playoff place with our lack of goals, general lack of creativity and cutting edge. We're sat slap bang midtable in the for column and a lot of worldies in that number. 5 points in 3 home games isn't bad but with 2 goals in those matches doesn't make me feel like we're any closer to addressing our attacking issues. Defence is pretty good so not an issue there, need to find a way to break teams down.
  15. Lets follow up with a win against Sheff Wed and this result then means something...got to keep the season alive now.
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