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  1. I genuinely can't see how MM could do another press conference or interview again given the level of (assumed) embarrassment he must have for the chancers he has engaged with. Fair play if he did but I wouldn't be surprised if we never hear from him publicly again after this charade. Always more of a spotlight on characters like MM who court the attention when things are going well, doing TalkSport interviews and whatever else, and then when it goes south people note the contrast moreso than those who keep a low profile at all times. You can bring these things on yourself unfortunately. I must
  2. I'd agree with that, except the "some guy" happens to be the future owner of the club. And it does quite bother me he doesn't appear to have 2 coins of his own to rub together and has a penchant for running his mouth off/courting press. If it was some 29 year old fan from Chad who also had no dollar pilfering the same claptrap across the web I'd be all in with you. Sadly its the new Chief Exec.
  3. I don't actually feel my keyboard is responsible for the mess the players, coaches and managers have made of this season. And not sure what more support I can give other than wasting £10.00 repeatedly watching the garbage being played out.
  4. Divorcing oneself as a fan for a moment if I was the new prospective owner would I invest in Rooney next year? If it was my money, then honestly no I wouldn't. I'd rather pay him off and bring someone in who I would want to back. Easy to say "give him a season" if he keeps us up, I understand that given we were bottom when he took over, but have to put yourself in new owners shoes. If may cost a £2M to move Rooney on? I don't know, guessing... £30M may be the cost of backing him for a season, it going wrong, and a new manager then wanting to write that £30M off on day one. No guarantees i
  5. This is a wind-up with some of those clubs listed in the top third. However, even as a Derby fan I'd accept if you were to poll other fans across the country and even globally (lets face it our opinion doesn't matter) that Forest would be placed ahead of Derby in size due to the two European cups, arguably we're slightly ahead of them on most other metrics but other fans won't see that and you can't ignore a massive deal such as those honours. Good rivalry between us as we are so similar in size. The only other team in the Championship I'd place ahead of Derby would be Wednesday, they are
  6. Aren't we like the lowest scorers in the football league? You may call that "fine margins" but I don't.
  7. Good post, me too here. 6 straight defeats and I've since accepted we are actually League One standard in performance terms this season. Wednesday in footballing terms are 3 points better than us despite what the table says. We've been given a lifeline we've done nothing on the pitch to deserve IMO. I hope we stay up on Saturday but I don't think I'll be appreciably more down about things if we get confirmed relegated now, large part of the grieving process has been over the prior 45 games.
  8. Roos 2 Byrne 5 Forsyth 4 Edmondson 6 Clarke 6 Knight 3 Shinnie 5 Jozwiak 6 Waghorn 3 CKR 5 Lawrence 4
  9. Why? Roos is a perfectly good goalkeeper at League One level.
  10. For me I don't like the fact that Wednesday have the "free hit", we're so fragile I don't actually fancy us being in the "pole position" given I think we'll being setting ourselves up for the fall mentally before a ball is kicked. I think next week is genuinely played in the head, both of us are crap at the end of the day so it isn't about who is best. And I think we'll be waiting to lose.
  11. These chancers-cum-footballers/managers/coaches should already be relegated. Wednesday in footballing terms at least should be coming to PP with 46 points to our 43 with a slightly better GD. We'd then need to be beating them to survive at best on GD. After today I can't even support them any longer as a group of players/staff for the shambles being served up weekly - I hope somehow we scrape over the line next week for the sake of the club itself, not to save the bacon of those responsible for putting us in this mess in the first place. Owner, manager, coaches and player...the lot all need th
  12. Probably agree. Been trying to work out if he has no end product or his teammates are just not good enough. I think its the latter overall. Like to see him playing in a decent side.
  13. Throwing darts at squad names on a board would be how I'd go about picking the team at the moment.
  14. We're no different to any supporters the world over who want (and often expect) their club to invest in talent. However, we're not responsible for the fact there was no talent in the recruitment department of the club. This is hindsight and it is painful but it is also true. We spent more than enough to get us out of the league (thanks) yet spent it dreadfully, how the fans are responsible for that I am not sure? As for this takeover, if we go down I imagine whatever is signed it won't stand up. Wouldn't be surprised if the next saga for the club is Mel trying to force the buying party to
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