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  1. SillyBilly

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Tunisia were ridiculously cynical, offered nothing at all in the second half, was sweet justice to serve them the winner in injury time. Thought it was going to be one of those England nights!
  2. SillyBilly

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Seems very harsh on England as been pretty good but as always we seem to shoot ourselves in the foot!
  3. SillyBilly

    Best of luck Gary x

    He is a competitor now, if you were in business with that sort of attitude you'd be out of it very quickly. I hope he has a crushingly poor season at Stoke. I want Derby promoted and Stoke are competition, no love lost at all. That is the correct and only sporting mentality to have! I remember Lampard and Ferdinand talking about the fact they could barely speak to one another on England duty given they were so fiercely competitive on a club level - that is what you expect from a winners mentality. No room for your platitudes I hope at Derby County!
  4. SillyBilly

    If you're reading this Frank....

    Just bookmark the posts, will keep you occupied I'm sure! Seriously, why not enjoy the prospect of Lampard coming in and not whetting the appetite to get one up on the doom mongers. I know its a sport much loved on fan forums but come on...time and a place.
  5. SillyBilly

    Blaming Rowett

    Personally I am delighted, his football was not befitting of Derby County, Stoke are his perfect match. An excellent result all round. Hopefully we can get someone in who has not been educated in Rowettball.
  6. SillyBilly

    Did Google's AI just pass the Turing Test?

    I see AI and automation as just taking away the jobs that make us human so we can give more time to doing whatever work remains. In the future I expect to be driven into work by an automated vehicle which gives me the great "benefit" of being able to work to and from work. And then to sit at work in a nappy contraption which self-cleans my arse and an intravenous drip of coffee which doses me the exact right hit per hour (so I don't have to leave the computer at any point). And then for all my "pointless tasks" like supermarket shopping Amazon or the likes can take care of by machine learning my shopping habits and buying it in for me. They can organise all aspects of my life while I can devote more of this "free leisure time" we were promised to sit on the laptop making the overlords more money. Jokes aside I just don't see the benefit of dehumanising every task when my work hours seem to be going up and up. Perhaps its just me but technology just means more stress as employers stake a claim on whatever "free" time is created.
  7. SillyBilly

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    It is a fickle game as another 45 minutes of holding them back and we'd have been collectively hailing a defensive masterclass...but we didn't and questions will eventually need to be asked about the sustainability of playing that sort of football long term. We had a combined 31% of the ball against Fulham averaged across the two games and it seems like this non-possession football is showing our opponents far too much respect, why can't we play a little? I was a little raw last night but I am quite thankful today as I don't think we're anyway near ready to be promoted with this squad - we would be more likely to challenge the 11 point lowest total than compete to stay up. I can just imagine what setting up like that against City would get us, probably smashed 10-0. A Fulham away type match would have been one of our easiest games next year in the Prem... and yet they looked a different class. Fair play and good luck to them.
  8. SillyBilly

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Would be an impressive feat to stop Fulham scoring in consecutive games, I would think we're going to need a goal tonight.
  9. SillyBilly

    Series you just can't get into.... convert us...

    My tips are Godless and Damnation but I am very partial to historical dramas/series. Just started watching "3%" on Netflix, watched 2 and a bit episodes and now abandoned...ropey acting, cliché script writing, comes across as very low budget...not sure if its aimed at teens or something, just way off. Can't remember where I got to in "Better Call Saul" but I was bored stiff watching most of it and no desire to pick up whereever I left off. I kept watching based on the postive reviews and having quite liked Breaking Bad. I started watching " The Expanse", somehow made it to 9 episodes, absolute garbage with ropey acting to boot. Almost watched to 9 out of intrigue as to how bad it could get. I like GOT, Westworld and Designated Survivor (albeit the latter is getting a bit tiring). Narcos good until Escobar died and then no interest, as per everyone else on this thread too by the sounds of it! House of Cards...couldn't get into it, abandoned part way through, had no investment in any of the characters (good or bad) Walking Dead...can't stand it anymore but watch it anyway as I've invested too much time in to not seeing Negan dead at least. Pretty much rinsed Netflix dry with the above of everything I am interested in so nothing much to watch apart from the odd new episode of the ones I still like. The Alienist is a potential I could get into, watched 10 mins and not gone back as yet. It takes a lot for me to commit to a first episode but then I usually persist for quite a few if I break the seal.
  10. SillyBilly

    Derby County F.C. v Barnsley F.C.

    What a crazy last 10,15 minutes or so across the league, for once we made it quite smooth on our end!
  11. SillyBilly

    Derby County F.C. v Barnsley F.C.

    Gutted for Burton, what a sucker punch!
  12. SillyBilly

    Keogh ....New Centre Back

    This. Really like Keogh but at the same time he is one of the few constants in the perennial bottling we get when it comes to the crunch. Time for somebody else to see if they can do better I think. A good servant to the club no doubt.
  13. SillyBilly

    North Korea

    This is no different to what they always do. The only difference is after each episode they are more advanced and deadly. I dont think you get successful appeasement policies with lunatics. Things will calm down for a few years before the regime needs to remind their people there is an enemy again. All part of its survival game.
  14. SillyBilly


    Not sure I'd describe the millenials as "snowflakes" in the context of the corporate world these days. You used to be able to have a laught at work but no longer. Technology doesn't make life easier, it makes it harder...now you juggle 50 jobs instead of 10. More output per worker but a worker who is struggling to keep up with the "machine". I can get heart palpitations upon hearing the "e-mail" notification - you just don't know what is landing and it can be morning, noon or night. And the volume of incoming e-mail...does it end? For me the last 2 years the workload has been getting horrendous, so much so I am working most weekends and taking very little leave. I've had 1 day off this year and I doubt I will get another for 2-3 months at the earliest given my diary is rammed for the next quarter. I don't want to forgo annual leave (I am not that person) but I would be more stressed sat on a beach somewhere knowing my inbox is swelling by the minute. If it doesn't kill me I will come out of this nicely enough though, you make a call at the end of the day, tolerate more **** upfront and get out early (but risk dropping dead) or take the whole journey slower. I made my bed so I try to lie in it with minimal fuss.
  15. SillyBilly

    What an awful chant

    How old are you? Have a word with yourself. Sound like a baby, more problems in the world to spend a morning of your time crying about.

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