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  1. SillyBilly

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    Not looking like a sell out at all which is a little disappointing. Would have been nice to get a full crowd out but can understand fans not wanting to make £40+ a ticket + family tickets if going together +other costs just before xmas. Shame on the prices really.
  2. SillyBilly

    V Swansea (h) match thread

    Result all important. We've gained on Sheff Utd despite the rest of the teams winning around us. Consolation tonight is Boro or Villa will drop points. Need Brentford to do us a favour against West Brom on Monday night too make it a better result.
  3. SillyBilly

    V Swansea (h) match thread

    I live near the Madejski stadium, enjoyed Reading just putting past one Stoke and the roar from the home crowd. Good afternoon so far :).
  4. Fantastically articulate is Mel, really can see the passion he has for the club and academy, shines through. I really hope we can get promoted in the next year or two, I think it is the least he deserves for what he has ploughed into the club. Very grateful to have his backing, we are very fortunate. Even when results like Wednesday don't go our way, seems like there is a real togetherness at board, manager, academy and fan level. good times.
  5. SillyBilly

    Stoke fans

    I would wager good money the collective assessment of all English league supporters would put Stoke in a top 5 on "thug stakes" taking their places with the likes of Leeds, Millwall and Cardiff. Yes every club has thugs and wallies, some just have a lot more than others, Stoke being one. A reputation is typically earned, usually over a long time.
  6. SillyBilly

    Stoke fans

    Stoke fans are deluded IMO. A few years in the premier league has got to their heads, give it a year or two and they'll find their level again and gates down to their norm. They beat us last night and that is all what really should matter but d**k waving allowing I genuinely can't see any aspect of their club that rivals us in size, from facilities, to size of fanbase (only just relegated and we still average more than them after a decade in this league), honours (they've won nothing so far as I can tell), all time league position (we're premier league, they are championship), years in top flight, all time attendances, the list goes on.... a little irksome as you can accept the arguments for the size of clubs when coming from the likes of West Brom/Wolves/Wednesday/Sheff U/Forest as they have the stats to back it up, like we do, Stoke don't just not rival us but they don't rival any of the decent sized Midlands clubs, at all. We all beat them hands down.
  7. Still one of the best keepers in the league IMO but he needs to improve his current form, Carson's key strength is his shot stopping ability and I'd have expected an in form Carson to have saved 1 if not both of those goals. Bringing in another keeper given his age sounds like good planning to me anyway, Carson isn't going to be around forever.
  8. SillyBilly

    Sheff Wed (A) Tickets

    I've usually gone to Wednesday, we'll routinely take 4000+ when tickets priced sensibly We were only given 3000 tickets (we could have requested more if the club thought we would sell), away end holds far more so it is definitely a case of ticket prices putting fans off. I like the ground and the away day but at c. £40 a ticket I'll find something else to do. And 1 or 2 thousand will have thought the same. Don't think the owners much care if the revenue is higher with less there.
  9. SillyBilly

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    A few hours ago the ticket office tweeted expected crowd was 28-29k.
  10. SillyBilly

    Do you think Frank is here for the long run?

    I said bigger club, I know we've been down in this league for a while but I'll be damned if I ever consider Stoke City to be a bigger club than DCFC! If Lampard went off to someone like Stoke then clearly he'd be no different. Chelsea or even a top half prem team would be a different matter
  11. SillyBilly

    Ridiculous Ticket price

    Rankles a bit to see Forest above us in attendances, Leeds and Villa fair enough but the Red Dogs! We have a good chance to get the average up with 2 big draws out of 3 for the next 3 home games. Numbers should be near 30k+ for Villa if Brum is anything to go by and you'd hope we'd sell out or near to for Forest if we maintain good form. Hopefully we can can sneak into 3rd after the next 3 home games!
  12. SillyBilly

    Do you think Frank is here for the long run?

    Lampard is classier than the Snake. If he does well here a bigger club will invariably come in for him and who are we to stand in his way? He will be massively ambitious. Getting Derby promoted and perhaps keeping us up in a second season would be absolutely stellar work considering 10 years of failure. Maybe a third season consolidating but if he achieved that then realistically what else can Derby achieve without mega bucks? Job done. From there, thank him for his services and give him a good reception at Derby as we often do for any player or manager that has served us well. All getting ahead of ourselves of course as we have achieved nothing yet but think we'd be deluded that FL would stay with us if he shows any ability as a manager. His name will get him on the radar of most big clubs.
  13. SillyBilly

    Sheff Wed (A) Tickets

    One of my favourite grounds to visit, dilapidated and decaying but yet still a shrine to football. Much rather this one than a trip up to the wonderful facilities at our sister stadium in Boro (souless) or somewhere similar! Lack of investment? There are seats are there not? What else do we need?!
  14. SillyBilly

    V WBA (A) Match Thread

    Superb. Hopefully we get a good number of Rams going up to 'Boro on Sat to help us go top, the lads deserve the backing!
  15. SillyBilly

    V WBA (A) Match Thread

    Always back a manager who goes on the attack so the intent is good enough for me. Poor numbers again, how many times we been on Sky this year though?! Perhaps would have added another 500 or 1000 with no game on TV which would have been okay at 3k.

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