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  1. Agreed, with City coming along I think some have forgotten Chelsea are just another money club. They are a big club, no doubt about that, and being a London club are far more fashionable than a club outside the M25. However, from the outside looking in it looks like Abramovich is getting bored with his train set and the investment is beginning to dwindle. Be interesting what the next 10 years holds for them. We just went to toe-to-toe with Villa in the PO final, having just beaten Leeds. Both are those clubs are bigger club than Chelsea IMO. Chelsea wouldn't be out of place in this sort of company when the money dries up.
  2. Realistically looking at market availability I wouldn't be too displeased if we did get Rowett 2. We went back in for the Mac afterall. Taking the rose tinted specs off he was only one game off Frank's achievement. There is no loyalty in football as we'll likely see with FL when the time comes so I am sure we can get over the Stoke City episode and draw a line under it. The football was effective if not a little dour but if we got us back in the playoffs again most would be happy with that.
  3. Don't really require a poll to tell us the sky is blue. Milkshaking is the sort of infantile behaviour you expect from toddlers when something has been taken from them. In this case grown adults who lash out when they're asked a basic question such as "okay then, give me an example of X,Y,Z" and...cue milkshake throwing. You don't really find that behaviour among conserative leaning people as a rule; the left have always had that "hysterical" bunch that can't accept an alternative view and are actually, IMO, by far the most intolerant people I've ever come across. The types that froth at the mouth for you daring to have a world view which doesn't match their own. And they call themselves "liberals" with no sense of irony. About as funny as that prized tool who bragged on social media about bringing facists like Farage down by burning their votes in the 'P'boro by-election (fwiw I don't think it happened before anyone jumps) - you quite honestly could not even compute the level of cognitive dissonance that could go into a single sentence!
  4. For good reason IMO, quite topical as well given there is a by-election in a part of the world that has been ravaged by private landlords trading off poor peoples' misery. Quickest way to kill a dinner party is when the "accidental landlord" bleats on about how hard done by they are! When I realised I'd never return to Derbyshire my only intention was to sell up (left empty until then), the idea of banging a tenant in while they pay my mortgage off didn't sit well with me at all given my own terrible experience of renting. If you don't like being a landlord, sell up. Simples. They don't IME because their tenant's labour is a lucrative commodity. Few other markets available to the layman where you can leverage a £10-20k deposit for multi-bagger returns. Perspective wise, the experience of being both an owner and renting for almost 10 years was pretty enlightening. As a dyed-in-the-wool Tory, protections for tenants against private landlords is one of the few areas I'm on the same hymn sheet as Momentum with, let alone the Labour party! My experience of renting for years in the SE was generally horrific and echoed by most of my mates as well. I moved around a lot so was a frequent hostage to the obscene charges made by letting agents which didn't help. And also enjoyed the landlords who didn't put a penny into a place (all of them IME) during the entire tenancy but then having the audacity to charge you if so much as a light bulb was unaccounted for. I always ended up writing chunks of the deposits off; landlords and agents trying it on. Fortunately I wasn't hard up for the money and had better things to do with my life than haggle with an accidental landlord about a £5 toilet brush...almost as if I hadn;t written them a cheque for tens of thousands while they sat on their backsides. Not a way I'd ever want to make money after living through it.
  5. This makes the 0-1 Derby-Millwall game look like a classic.
  6. Was bored stiff watching that, lets hope 2nd half improves.
  7. Yeah, disappointingly BT panned off to a close up of Poch and we missed all the action.
  8. I hope that peno doesn't ruin the final. Anti-climatic.
  9. A day tripper is exactly as per the descriptor. I am not a ST holder FWIW, I live in the SE, I try and do the away games south of Derby. I was there cheering on the boys at the first game of the season at the Madejski stadium. Last game of the season? I was sat watching at home on TV because I was assigned number 18,000 odd in a randomly generated queue. Incidentally spending a couple of hours on this forum on the Sunday hearing about ST holders who had already secured their own tickets buying up tickets for family and friends. Nice one. And yes, I have been very vocal about why the club did not give fans who have attended games this season, however many, the opportunity to buy a ticket before all and sundry could. Seems reasonable enough for Villa to do it.
  10. I'd have sung my heart out today but was sat watching it on Sky, be thousands more like me I guess. I hope fans do remember this in future when getting up the queue and buying up for every tom dick and harry in their phone book.
  11. No surprise when every non-ST holder was thrown into a lottery for a ticket. The way Villa sold they probably had less day trippers there.
  12. Am a little more gutted for that reason. Feels like a "what if" at the moment. Fair play to Villa though, it'd been hard to beat them whatever team we put out.
  13. Not over by any stretch. We need to do something upfront though, offered nothing really. Given the Leeds 2nd half we have the gear, need to see it now! COYR.
  14. Tories can win back the shires if they pull themselves together IMO. That is their support base and I think votes are being loaned to show a message. Labour has more of an existential crisis to my mind. They are losing heartlands where once a donkey with a red rossette was guaranteed a seat. They are in process of being wiped off the electoral map in Scotland, their century old irongrip in Wales is looking decidely weak, the usually happy hunting grounds of the Midlands and North East now look like Brexit country...They seem to only being retaining support in highly cosmopolitican areas with high immigration, not going to cut it a GE on that basis. Spots of red in the big cities of Manchester, Brum, London etc. LD have already stolen the march on being the party of Remain, backtracking by Labour to out-and-out Remain will win some (but not all) of that Remain vote back but probably cost them as much, if not more votes from the 5M Brexiteers who voted Labour and live in traditionally Labour Midlands and Northern seats. Where I live in the SE (outside London), Labour just aren't a force here, its Tory country with the LD as strong opposition, that ain;t going to change. I'd be sat looking at the electoral map in Labour HQ (If I was a Labour strategist) wondering where you can actually move without losing as many votes as you'd gain. Difficult to say.
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