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Swansea v Derby Match Ratings


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Roos - 5 - Not his best game could have done better with both goals

Byrne - 7 thought he had a good game,

Forsyth -4 poor game not sure what else to say, I don't expect him to play in the last game of the season 

Edmondson -6 played well and getting better 

Clarke - 6 Mr Reliable, I don't expect to see him back with us next year

Knight - 5 his early season form is a distant memory, I cannot remember anything he did, and that's not good

Shinnie - 7 wears his heart on his sleeve, played well 

Jozwiak -7 Best game for a long time, even chased back when needed, lots of energy

Waghorn -5 Not sure what's happening here, is he trying too hard, lots of energy no end product

CKR - 6 You can tell he has an injury, still a handful up front

Lawrence - 7 , extra mark for the goal, played well and brave header for the goal

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On 01/05/2021 at 17:23, sage said:

Roos 5 Should have stopped both goals , poor distribution

Byrne 7 Once calmed down a good game

Forsyth 5 Why was he preferred to Buchanaan

Edmondson 6 OK

Clarke 7 OK but needed to push forward a bit more

Knight 4 Totally anonymous

Shinnie 6 Worked really hard

Jozwiak 8 no end result as a reward for his shift

Waghorn 4 seemed not to know what his role was

CKR 6 Tried hard

Lawrence 5 Goal was only contribution.


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