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  1. Derby 2 - 0 QPR FRGS: Holmes
  2. I'm beginning to see a pattern forming here.
  3. Expected goals stats are cobblers. Yes, yes, I know I'm a fool and probably an idiot too, but it's still all cobblers.
  4. Grimbeard


    Aye ban gloves, except for the special sticky ones that Kelle Roos wears, obviously.
  5. Grimbeard


    Potential for major controvercy in Saturday's Watford v Burnley match. At the time Burmley were one up, there was a bit of messy play in the Watford area, a Burnley player went down and there were appeals for a penalty but the ref waved play on. Watford broke quickly, had the chance to equalise, but messed it up and the ball went out for a corner. Before the corner could be taken, VAR stepped in and Burnley were awarded the penalty that they had appealed for a few moments earlier. Now, let's imagine that this happened in the final minutes of a vital end of season promotion/relegation game, played between bitter rivals. Let us further imagine that the team counter attacking had scored. Team 1 think they have equalised, and their fans go wild. But wait... what's this? VAR says no goal because team 2 should have a penalty instead. There would be mayhem, and probably not a little crowd trouble. VAR is insane. Kill it now, before it kills the game.
  6. Little Eaton's become an island? Bloody hell! It's bin rainin' proper, annit?
  7. Gumps 0 - 0 Derby FRGS: No bugger.
  8. Derby 2 - 0 Boro. FRGS: Martin.
  9. Derby 3 - 1 Luton FRGS: Paterson.
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