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  1. We could if we wanted to. We're Derby we can do as we like.
  2. It's also why I've dropped back a bit recently, I had an uncharicteristic surge of optimism. Normal sevice has now been resumed.
  3. Given their similar records, does this mean that if we were to get to the play off final, Cocu would change our style of play and leave Rooney on the bench?
  4. 'Prince' Louie? 'King' Louie surely? Have you never seen The Jungle Book?
  5. I know rhis sort of thing ts all about opinions, each to their own and all that but... why? In the name of all that's holy, WHY? We've experimented with Josephene more often than Frankenstien with his monster.
  6. Except for Wigan. You can't discount Wigan.
  7. Logic? EFL? You're entering the realms of fantasy.
  8. Derby 2 - 0 Reading. FRGS: Lawence
  9. Eh up everyone. owt 'appen in the politics thread while I was AWOL?
  10. Damn this Chinese virus. It made me forget to enter a score for today, obviously Id have gotten it spot on ,and the five points would have put me second just one point off top spot.
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