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  1. Grimbeard

    v WBA (A) - Predictions

    WBA 2 - 2 Derby FRGS: Mount
  2. Grimbeard

    Dr Who

  3. Grimbeard

    Non-League Day 2018

    Like I said, only just got back. hic🤢ooh me head
  4. Grimbeard

    Dr Who

    June Whitfield's Dr. Who? Who knew?
  5. Grimbeard

    Number One when you were born?

    Sorry https://youtu.be/nHj4FnFXesw
  6. Grimbeard

    Corporate buzzwords

    I think that we need a cold eye review of our thread startup procedures in order to ensure that we avoid drowning in the ideas shower.
  7. Grimbeard

    Non-League Day 2018

    Just got back from Ayner-v-Ilson. Smashed 'em three none.
  8. I didn't in 1975, this morning I just wore a big coat.
  9. The last time I was in that building, I was 14 years old at a disco with my first girlfriend. This morning I had to make a conscious effort not to dance to the music playing in my head.
  10. Grimbeard

    Unpopular topic? - South Stand

    If I wanted to sing, I'd join a bleedin' choir. Much happier muttering and mumbling.
  11. Grimbeard

    Biggest waste of money

    How much did we pay for Steve Biggins? It was probably too much.
  12. Grimbeard

    Karen Carney and trolls

    10 years? Seems harsh, it's society and their upbringing that's at fault you know. 😉
  13. Grimbeard

    Karen Carney and trolls

    I agree to an extent, but given the same punishment as if they had actually committed the crime?
  14. Grimbeard

    I have seen the future and I don't like it.

    Don't like the future? I'm not over keen on the present.

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