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  1. Roos 8 (PLEASE! just learn how to catch a football) Byrne 7 Buchanan 7 Jagielka 8 Davies 8 Shinnie 6 Knight 6 Sibley 6 Jozwiak 6 Williams 7 Baldock 6
  2. Including myself, I know four people that either can't or won't jump over the obsticles put in the way of attending a game of footie. I suspect that a great many more than 1% are affected. How can a business that is in such financial straits afford to discourage it's customers in this way? Madness!
  3. This is all cobblers innit? I don't want to spend half a day on t'internet, I don't want t' give out personal details to all an' sundry and I don't want to faff about printing me own ticket. Yes, I'm a crotchety old Luddite, but want t' go to the ticket office, give 'em some money, get me ticket and that's it! Untill this can happen I'll keep me money.
  4. We'll be needing a democratic poll to decide.
  5. Me too, mine's small, leaky and smelly as well, it's me age yoy kno......oh, wait, tent? As you were.
  6. As things stand, still having a viable, fuctioning club would be worthy of a street party, complete with flanges, scraves, and balions.
  7. The original one in East street I like, but judging by the photo's, the rest are horrible. Anyone know where the bronze ram from the old Main Centre ended up?
  8. Just before the Netherlands/Austria kick off, the commentator said that UEFA were monitoring the BBC's output due to something said by Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink. Anyone know what that's all about? Or did I imagine it?
  9. Er, are you entirely sure that you meant to say that?
  10. To continue... Now here's a little story To tell it is a must About an unsung zero That moves away your trust.... Some people have a fortune Others earn a mint But Eric doesn't have much In fact he's flippin' skint
  11. Won't happen, even if we do sign him, he's bound to rupture his ACL (automatic critical lubrication) unit 4 games in.
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