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  1. Cheese

    Thanks chaps, my local deli closed down, and I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Cheese

    Anybody know where Black Bomber can be bought locally?
  3. irrational hatreds

    O.K. Next question. What's Ultimo?
  4. Chris Martin

    I'm genuinely puzzled by people that say we should sell Martin because they think we have enough strikers. Who do we have? 1. Nugent, A good player but will he be fit for the whole season? Maybe he will, but a risky strategy. 2. Winall. Only on loan. A decent young prospect but a bit raw yet. Do we really want to base our attack around him? 3, Bent. He's a hundred and three years old, permanently offside and he's Darren Bent. 4. er... that's it. I suppose it will be pointed out that G.R. could use the money to buy a replacement, but please tell me who we could realistically buy that would be guaranteed better than Martin and different to Nugent.
  5. Barnsley (A) Tickets

    Think I'll make this me first away game of the season. Love Oakwell in the winter. I remember going there in the 80s, lovely to begin with, then at half time the sun dipped behind the stand and the wind whipped in off Ilkley Moor. Brrr, bugger me, it were code.
  6. Derby County v Burton Albion match thread

    Disgusting? What did they do that was so wrong? A team with a tiny budget, who are struggling at the wrong end of the league, playing away at one of the bigger clubs. Of course they're not going to come here and play suicidal, gung-ho football with two wingers, two inside forwards and a centre forward, that would be insane. Any manager in Clough's position is almost duty bound to set up a team to be awkward, difficult to break down and to make the opposition work hard for a win. So long as they don't resort to kicking owt that moves or out and out cheating, then they can employ any tactics they wish. It's up to the home team to break them down. It ain't pretty and I'm glad I don't have to watch it every week but that isn't Clough's or Burton's problem. We can't expect teams to come here and play to our strengths.
  7. Monopoly

    I'll buy Chaddo off you for a quid.
  8. Robert Lindsay

    No I'm not, er, I mean they're not, or is it we're not?
  9. Great idea publishing stuff like this. It gives the meat-heads something to aim for. "We are top of the league, We are top of the league". Chants a moron as he swings a punch at a passing police horse.
  10. What is football

    As one old-school manager once said: " If it's entertainment that you're after, go to a circus".
  11. Water quality

    Nah, they only drank beer when they'd run out of mead. A proper man's drink is mead.
  12. How to score a goal everytime

    One of the many things that puzzles me about rugby: a bloke all on his own, deep in his own half, gets the ball and with all his might he launches it to the back of the stand. Does everyone in the crowd tut and moan? No, they all stand up and clap him. No one ever seemed to be that impressed when Paul Blades used to do that sort of thing.
  13. PPS Development

    The P.A. bloke's been put on trial? 'Bout time too. What's he been charged with? Crimes against humanity or just possessing weapons of mass hearing-loss?
  14. Brexit or Eurin?

    Nearly gave you a like, but the last paragraph let you down. There are religions other than Christianity that are just as in keeping with English values. Agree with the rest of the above though. Oh, go on then, have a 'like'.
  15. Brexit or Eurin?

    Not participated in this thread before because my blood pressure would at some point reach a dangerously high level. Only sticking my oar in now because I noticed that the poll was evenly split at 137 each. Couldn't resist tipping the balance the right way.

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