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  1. Can anyone tell me what the licencing issues are? If you can listen on DAB and the telly, then why not via tinternet? What's the difference?
  2. Play the kids and fringe players. If we win, great. If we lose, what of it? Bigger fish to fry.
  3. Does seem a bit harsh. Maybe he's a policeman and he can't help himself. 😄
  4. Well of course it's arbitary, it's his opinion and his personal scoring criteria. As such Srg's player scores are no more and no less valid than your's or mine. 'S all about opinions innit? For what it's worth, Roos 6 Bogle 6 1 = Cocu's accidentely selected me. Keogh 7 2 = must be doing it deliberately ( taken a bung) Clarke 7 3 = absolute stinker Malone 5 4 = poor Evans 6 5 = off form Huddlestone 5 6 = adequate Dowell 6 7 = good Jozefzoon 5 8 = suberb Lawrence 4 9 = out of this world Waghorn 4 10 = never gonna happen Subs: Paterson 6 Lowe 6 - Marriott 4 -
  5. Hopefully, anyone that's been to university will be able to spell cynical. (sorry, I couldn't help mesen.)
  6. Ilson to Pride Park via several points in between. FOOTBALL SPECIAL SERVICE 23 https://www.nottsderby.co.uk/service-times-info/
  7. Scunny 0 - 2 Derby FRGS: Marriott.
  8. Thanks from me too, Ilsonram12. Think I'll give this a try, gotta be better than waiting half an hour to get out of a car park.
  9. If Mel's doing the negotiating, I wouldn't be in the slightest bit surprised.
  10. I was a bit older but just as giddy.
  11. The 32 shirt is certainly no coincidence.
  12. In Derby County terms, I would contend that the turnaround engineered by Arthur Cox should be counted as a greater achievement. Came to a club just relegated to the 3rd division. A club that just about avoided liquidation in the High Court, had no money and something like severn or eight players with 1st team experience. In an amazing display of wheeling-dealing and team building he arrested the decline, got us promoted, took us straight through the 2nd division and to 5th place in the 1st division Sheer genius and bloody hard work. A true Ram's hero.
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