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  1. Derby Snow - Game called off

    This idea that fans only contribute a small amount of money to football really is nonsense, isn't it? No fans equals no interest, equals no sponsorship or TV money.
  2. PL/EFL Winter Break

    What will happen to the EFL fixtures when Beast from the East II rolls in a week after the winter break?
  3. A bit of mild weather on the way...

    I'm assuming that this is some kind of joke. For the last 25 years or so, our young folk have had it hammered into them relentlessly that they, due to the actions of their ancestors are personally responsible for all the ills of the world.
  4. A bit of mild weather on the way...

    In 1944, in the run up to D-Day, the high command and were, naturally. concerned about the weather. So they asked the chaps of the RAF what they thought. A Wing Commander. armed with only a magnificent mustache and a sharp pencil, told them to expect a suitable window in the weather around the 4th to the 6th of June. He was spot on. Fast forward seventy odd years, and we have an army of meteorologists equipped with orbiting satellites, numerous data gathering stations and super-computers running unbelievably sophisticated software and what happens? "EEK!" they think, "Looks like it might be a bit nippy next week, better tell everyone to stay inside and batten down the hatches." Followed by..................Nowt. Sack the lot of 'em and we'll go back to using pine cones and seaweed.
  5. Stadium atmosphere

    What JoetheRam said is absolutely spot on.
  6. Civilisation

    But this is my point, you say that a country isn't civilised because they do this or don't do that, but we are projecting our notions of what is or isn't civilised on to other cultures. Are we to say that the Romans the ancient Greeks or Egyptians didn't create a civilisation? With regard to their treatment of women, foreigners and slaves they can hardly be said to be enlightened by our standards.
  7. Civilisation

    I'm sure as civilised people we can come to some sort of power-sharing arrangement, but only if you start to spell cue correctly.
  8. Civilisation

    Obviously should have been countries not counties,
  9. Stadium atmosphere

    And there we have it in a nutshell. People will shout, sing and stamp their feet as and when the mood takes them, you can't force people to join in. Some are just miserable sods that want to be left alone, others are only happy when indulging in a spot of community singing, most of us are probably somewhere in between. Each to their own. Stop fretting about how other people choose to be.
  10. Civilisation

    Depends on your definition of civilisation. You or I may not like the UAE but others may think that it's a model civilisation. The OP suggests that things like education, human rights and tolerance are an indication of civilisation but there are many folk in the world that view the acceptance of homosexuality or trans-sexuality as a sign of a sick and degenerate civilisation. Many of the world's ills are due to counties imposing their idea of civilisation on others. My own view of a perfect civilisation would be a kind of fascism with a smiley face, obviously with me as the sole arbiter of what is good for everyone else.
  11. Another shooting

    I think that it's about more than the control of firearms though. Now I haven't checked this, and I stand to be corrected if I've imagined the whole thing, but I'm fairly sure that in Switzerland almost every adult male keeps a firearm in the home and yet the Swiss murder rate is very low.
  12. Stadium atmosphere

    I've read most of this thread, and whilst I understand people wanting to help 'improve' the atmosphere, I think you're doomed to failure. The atmosphere can't be manufactured, it's an organic thing that will grow or wither of its own accord. A crowd can very rarely be cajoled into excitement, in fact it's probably counter-productive to try, many (most?) people will actively rebel when told that it's time to clap, cheer or go into an uncontrollable frenzy. To quote an obnoxious Scotsman, once of this parish, "It is what it is".
  13. Stadium atmosphere

    Dunno, might have been, unless I'd upset me mam and she wouldn't let me go. Why do you ask?
  14. Bloody Villa

    Is this from the 'Big Boy's Bumper Book of Football Cliches?
  15. Stadium atmosphere

    Probably true, but I distinctly remember hearing Hugh Johns commentating at one particular match, and him saying that the atmosphere was "rather like a cricket match, quiet, with occasional polite applause." The BBG wasn't always a cauldron of sound and fury.

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