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  1. How come no one ever considers the feelings of us racists, eh? I reckon I'm being discriminated against.
  2. Yes, I've considered it, but so what? It may not force Chelsea to show their whole hand but they would surely have to give some sort of response. As for the positions being hypothetically reversed, again, so what? The positions are not reversed and I don't give a damn Chelsea fans feelings.
  3. Yeah, seems reasonable. " Are you or are you not, interested in securing the sevices of our Manager?" Don't see why that should inconvienience Chelsea in any way. If they want him say so, if they don't, make thier postition clear and then everyone can get on with planning for the future.
  4. This whole thing needs bringing to a head. I think perhaps Derby should do a press release telling Chelsea to put up or shut up. Good idea? Bad idea? Bloody stupid idea?
  5. Not if it can be shown that Qatar acted in a corrupt manner.
  6. Grimbeard


    VAR: Just kill it now.
  7. I'd rather have King Billy or Pulis
  8. Perhaps not, but he has a pretty good win per game ratio at Pride Park.
  9. He must know whether Chelsea want him or not. If they do then he should decide. If they don't then he needs to say that he is staying and end the speculation. I understand that it's a huge decicion for him to make and he has much to concider, but this can't go on for much longer.
  10. Just wish Frank would take the Clash off repeat play and make his mind up. We can't afford for this to go on for much longer.
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