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  1. "We must be very careful not to assign to this deliverance the attributes of a victory. Wars are not won by evacuations. But there was a victory inside this deliverance, which should be noted." -Winston Churchill- after Dunkirk
  2. Just read this thread from kick off to full time. I have to say that as a collective, we must be the most bi-polar bunch in the entire world. Low level grumbling for most of the first half, then outrage from Sheff's goal untill we scored. Then enthusiasm rising to crowing euphoria for a few minutes. Then anger spiraling down to the depths of despair untill we equalised again then everyone in a panic and running around as if their hair was on fire untill final whistle. In't footy great?
  3. There may even be a new Arthur Cox waiting in the wings. I doubt it, but yer never know.
  4. Fair enough, I genuinely feel better now. (me mam always did say that I was easily led)
  5. Lots of mead. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!
  6. Fairly relaxed about tommorrow, if we stay up great, if we go down well that's football. What scares me is the next few months, will we have a club this time next year?
  7. I've tried to get off the fence, but I can't decide. Is it or
  8. Some of these players had been good/superb but were way past their best, some would become good players, but not yet, and some, of course, never were nor ever would be any good. Only a very few of these were playing at the required standard. As a whole I suggest this must rate as one of our worst squads ever. Derby County 1982/83 Steve Cherry Goalkeeper Vjekoslav Banovic Goalkeeper John Barton Defender Paul Blades Defender Ian Dalzie
  9. 50s Buddy Holly: Buddy Holly 60s: Piper at the Gates of Dawn: Pink Floyd 70s: 2112: Rush 80s: Number of the Beast: Iron Maiden 90s: Rainbow Rising: Rainbow (a blatent cheat it was remastered and rereleased in the 90s) 00s: Thirteen Fires: Blue Horses. (you've propably never heard of them but trust me they were great)
  10. Yes, I applied common sense, ignored the rules and went t' see me mam.
  11. No sheep til Buxton. Macc Lads. Not embedded .cos there's naughty words and the mods wil beat me. https://youtu.be/dzK_An_tOo4
  12. Roos - 4 Byrne - 5 Forsyth - 5 Edmondson- 5 Clarke- 6 Knight- 3 Shinnie- 3 Jozwiak- 7 Waghorn- 3 CKR- 3 Lawrence- 2
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