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  1. As I've already said, I obviously don't know this to be the reason, but to me it seems to be the most likely reason. We shall see who they are replaced with, we can then, perhaps, make more firm inferences.
  2. No, obviously not. That's why I said "for no other reason, it seems".
  3. Make no bones about it, we'll need someone to do the heavy spadework to get owt out of this one.
  4. No, I'll only be not watching every fortnight because people have been sacked because they are white middle aged men, for no other reason, it seems, than the chance to replace them with people that are black/younger/female/LGBT or whatever. That is unjust. And yes. I will cancel my subscription.
  5. When we're at home yes, when we're away not so much.
  6. I suspect not, but it may well be that there are many, many grumpy old white blokes like me amongst their subscribers.
  7. Get woke, go broke. I'll not be watching anymore.
  8. Tactical voting for POTS is just plain wrong. Martin for sentimental reasons, yeah I can see that. Bird 'cos he's one of ours, I understand that too. And yes, things certainly improved a great deal after Rooney's arrival in January. But the best and most consistant player, over the whole season, was surely Matt Clarke. Vote for the player that you honestly think is deserving of the award, otherwise the whole excersize is pointless. >mini rant ends<
  9. 5 points from the last 9 games and 0 from the last 4 games. That's a proper end of season wobble that is. Well done LeedsCityRam and thanks for the hard work mozza
  10. Really? Why the F would you think that?
  11. Being a caring sort of chap, I thought that I'd pop over to LTLF, just to see how the poor poppets are holding up you undestand. Oddly, it won't load. I wonder if someone's pulled a cable out by mistake?
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