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  1. England Ram

    Rams or England ?

    I take my computer name very seriously. English first, Ram second. Fiercely proud English man (without any of the negative EDL crap attached or accociated). I’ve wanted to see England win a World Cup or Euros since 86. Ive seen us get promoted and win at Wembley and an FA Cup would be fantastic and a highlight of being a Rams fan. And I’d be there with my young lad as he’s a Derby fan. But for the national team to finally put 66 to bed and be the best in the world, that would be absolutely astounding and something my whole family would celebrate rather than just me and the lad. I watched the Tunisia game with my lad, the wife, the in laws etc and we all celebrated a win. The whole country would get a massive lift and celebrate together if we won the World Cup.
  2. England Ram

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    Loved that. Me and my young lad both sat on the stairs watching with big smiles on our faces. Can’t remember the last time I was as excited with a new manager appointment as this. Strange really as he has no management history to hang it on, but man I’m looking forward to the new season already!!
  3. England Ram

    New Kit Sponsor - 32Red

    And that Coral contract brings in close to £1 million pounds a year (the figure I heard was about £800,000) If we had been promoted they would have created a contract war between Coral and another company that I can’t remember off the top of my head (and I’m not a betting man so it didn’t stick when I heard it) and that would have been worth around £3.5 million. I don’t know how much the shirt sponsor will be but it will pay for someone’s wages. I disagree with having it on the shirt for similar reasons as others have stated, but can see why the club goes down the money route when it brings in as much as it does.
  4. England Ram

    Watchdog Tonight BBC1 8pm - safe standing

    Was a good account and looked positive. Hoping it gets some real attention in parliament and they don’t go down the predictable ‘not for football fans’ route.
  5. England Ram

    Feel sorry for Mel.

  6. England Ram

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    This time around it’s easier to say who I don’t want in charge. Give one of the othe young lads a chance, preferably those with a history of actually playing good football with their teams. Smith, Cook, Johnson, et al. Not any one of the old brigade.
  7. England Ram

    Wage Bill

    My thoughts exactly Sage.
  8. England Ram

    Strength of the Championship next season

    We have one more season of serious book balancing to do so I realistically expect us to finish mid table after all the outgoings and few incomings are sorted. We will (we all hope) be blooding our youth players but this will take time to get them up to speed. Next summer will be where we have more flexibility with both transfers and wages. And a real rebuild can take place. As much as I hate to say it I can see Forest finishing above us as they are further along with their rebuild.
  9. England Ram

    Keogh and the culture of failure

    So we want to ship out a defender because of the ‘culture of failure’ at the club. Yes he was at Wembley but not the only one responsible for that goal. Bucko got icon status for being an average footballer and Forsyth is still here and making many more errors that lead to goals against. Even though we had two bad patches we were still one of the better defences in the league (even with Keogh and a more error prone Forsyth). Lets talk about our immobile and leggy midfield as a problem that contributed to any failure. Lets talk about our attacking players who’s many errors in a match leave us as blank as my nuts after my vesectomy. Lets talk about tactics that actually invite pressure for 90 minutes adding even more pressure on to any defence to survive with little to no rest because our ever so skilled forward line keep giving the ball back to the opposition. Lets talk about all of that before we single out Keogh, who has his flaws, but in too many games was our greatest creative and attacking threat while also being solid at the back.
  10. England Ram

    Derby likely to sell Vydra plus others

    We covered this earlier in the year. This was inevitable this summer due to FFP and also the astronomical wages we are paying out and the millions we are losing every year. We will sell and Rowett will try and do his best by bringing in short term replacements who may be older and on slightly less wages or lower league players who will definitely be on lower wages and may even promote some of the youth squad. Next summer is when we will be freed from the wages and legacy of the mass overspend. After that there will be more freedom in wages and transfer fees. It’s going to be a rough time until then.
  11. England Ram


    Typical ‘good athlete, poor footballer’. Being able to run really fast is only a small part of the game. Defensively he looks good because he can run really fast back to help out his fullback and take up space. These are good attributes to have, also do not need the ability to kick a football accurately. Going forward he looks good on the counter, because he runs really fast. Sometimes even with the ball. Then he has to actually ‘do something’ with the ball. Very Occasionally he will get it right. More often than not he will fluff his pass, shot, pullback, or any other thing he needs to do with the football. Would I keep him? No. I think if we want to seriously make a run for promotion next year we need a major upgrade on him. But I’m not Rowett. (And it’s not just him I’m being critical of, just that this thread is about Wieman)
  12. England Ram

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    If you don’t start playing until you’re 0-2 down what do you expect. We lack such quality in that final third it is ridiculous. Praise Wieman all you want for his defending but as an attacking threat he’s useless.
  13. England Ram

    Quick Nod To Fozzy

    I absolutely loved his hammering of Mitrobitch as well. Great solid tackle showing he’s getting back to his best.
  14. England Ram

    How far short or not

    Lol!! I have been up since 5am and I recounted that number 3 times as well:) Good job I’ve not been driving a car around this morning......oh wait:)
  15. England Ram

    How far short or not

    It depends on what formation you think Rowett will use moving forward. Even we as fans seem to change our mind depending on results. So many have a thing for 433, others 442, some want a 4321, others now like the new 3521. If we are talking about who is capable of challenging for promotion from inside our squad that will depend on if they are promoted this year, if not then the majority are not capable. I'd only keep Carson, Davies, Keogh, Wisdom, Vydra, Lawrence of the older first team squad. I'd love to shift out Pearce, Forsyth, Huddlestone, Ledley, Johnson, Thorne, Olson, Wieman, Anya, Nugent & Jerome, even if we are in the championship. As well as the returning loan players of Butterfiled, Martin, Blackman & Bryson. Start again and use the youth team to actually grow and develop together, suplimented with a balanced amount of experienced players. It wont happen, but hey.

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