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  1. I find it a very interesting position to be in. We as a fan base have wanted all sorts of people to run us from the local businessman to foreign oligarchs. Regardless, we find ourselves in administration, in millions worth of debt, looking at the barrel of league 3 (lets not pretend by virtue of names that it is anything else). Any person, organisation, consortium or whatever who has the accumin, money and desire to save this club, and get us out of the mess we are in and help us compete again has my backing. The responsibility for weeding out the chaff lays at the administrators door. Hopefully whenever this does happen our fan base will be more realistic with where we are and what we can spend etc moving forward so we never end up like this again.
  2. Allsop 8 Byrne 6 Forsyth 7 Stearman 6 Davies 7 Shinnie 7 Bird 7 Morrison 5 Knight 8 MOTM Lawrence 6 Stretton 5 Buchanan 7 Williams 7 Ebosele 5.5
  3. How refreshing is it to have people at the helm who are both honest and forthright in their approach. That small piece of news actually gives me even more hope after yesterday. Asking for a £5 million deposit in a UK bank is genius to be fair. If you’re serious about wanting this club and having the finances to secure our future then £5 mill should be easy money to you. If not…jog on!!!
  4. Well, it wasn’t too bad of a start to the season. This is more for nostalgia as we don’t know when we will be this high in the league again. Taken at 13:40 22/09/21
  5. Galling, infuriating, maddening. What an absolute travesty. We fans are not to blame for this, but we will be the ones left to pick up the pieces of our club, and broken hearts, for years to come.
  6. Roos - 8 Byrne - 8 Buchanan - 8 Jagielka -8 (lost a point for the goal) Davies - 9 Bird - 9 Shinnie - 8 Morrison - 7 (lost a point for the sitter) Sibley -6 Lawrence-6 Baldock-6
  7. It’s been an ongoing problem for a while. Some teams use throw ins to move up the pitch to keep possession and improve their foot hold in the game……we are not one of them. We waste so many of them and often put ourselves in a worse position we might as well not have any. We also miss the opportunity for so many quick throw ins as we always wait for the same two to take them, who are poor at them and who then look back, take their time, give the ball away and we start again!
  8. I was going to do mine but read this and thought…..spot on!!! please take these as my ratings as well.
  9. Having given it much reflection after yesterday I think the person who got the nail on the head best was Micheal Johnson. Even though both goals started from poor mistakes from our side, (Buches and Lawrence) and those players are the main reason we ended up conceding, we actually might not have conceded at all if we were more thoughtful with our fullback attacking positions before we have ‘secured the ball’ as Johnson put it. For both goals, coming at the back post that the right full back would have been covering, Byrne could have and should have been putting a challenge in on their player. For both goals he was no where near due to his taking up of an attacking position way too early. I have no problem with us playing the way we are trying and it is easier on the eye than all of the last two years, but if we are under pressure or haven’t even cleared our lines then that right fullback can’t be so out of position. similar situations happened v Forest when we lost the ball needlessly. Once he got back to challenge, the second time he got a yellow. It is definitely something we need to look at, especially if we still haven’t made the possession part of it ‘secure’ as Johno said.
  10. WBA 3-1 Derby Derby goal scorer - Bird
  11. I’ll always call out any captain when they act like that, especially when we needed the opposite from him at that time. I couldn’t give a rats ass it was Lawrence. He wears the armband, he needs to act like he’s wearing it. And two shots from distance, I’ll give you that, but it doesn’t excuse his general poor play and giving the ball away constantly.
  12. How the hell are you supposed to have composure as a team when tour captain doesn’t have any at all and it falling apart himself. Then he needlessly gives the ball away AGAIN and we are on the back foot and conced. Abject performance from so many particularly the ‘experienced’ forward and midfield players.
  13. I am aware of that situation due to being informed by an employee of that company. I did not ask the ins and outs of contract situation in detail but payments from the club are due periodically for the initial contract agreement and then the takings go in to the club coffers, however, as far as they are concerned as it stands Delaware are owed money from the initial agreement but the takings are still going into the club from match days and hospitality and that due to this Delaware are giving the bare minimum of support to the club.
  14. As one who has dyslexia I had to find the apostrophe to see what you were getting at 🙂 You were lucky though, half the time I spell a word and it doesn't pick up it is spelt wrong but it means something completely different so it can be 'interesting' to say the least when I miss it 😉
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