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  1. Cardiff match on the telebox

    Was going to complain about the change but am away in Torremalinos with the wife so will actually be able to watch it now:)
  2. Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    He waved the physio’s away. He ran it off a bit while the Physio watched and then he turned to him and waved him away. The physio asked if he was sure and he waved him away again. Don’t know what more they could have done at the time if the player says he is ok.
  3. RamsTV Meets Phil Gee

    Fantastic interview as part 1. Loved Phil Gee. Although im sure he’s happy in Work and with his family, I watch some of our hero’s working a 10 hour day or even on the bread line sometimes and wonder if the club could do more to make life a little easier and to show our appreciation. Almost like an ex player who helped us achieve something pension/payoff. They may not want it, and we all know the money wasn’t in the game back then as much as it is now, but I’d love them to know how much they meant and still mean to us.
  4. Pick a Ram, any Ram

    Glad my thread got you thinking. For me it has to be Eranio. Sublime. In today’s team he could cover right back, central mid or out on the Wing and be better than anyone in this division in any one of those positions.
  5. Baiano or Vydra?

    I’m glad that my initial reaction wasn’t misguided glory days thinking. Really glad that the thread created such memories as well. It is interesting and sad actually, that so many on here have missed such quality gracing our pitch. I said to my son today, enjoy watching Vydra, he’s been the best in your 4 years as a season ticket holder and I hope you will be comparing him to other good or great players to play for us as you grow older. He’s not as good as Chicco, but the best we’ve had in a while. For us that have had the chance to watch better............the bar has been set very high. And for those around in the championship winning season, the rest of us envy what you got to watch.
  6. Baiano or Vydra?

    Was having a conversation in the car as a family and my wife had a season ticket with me back in our early married life and she loved Wanchope and Eranio and couldn’t remember the name of the ‘little Italian’ who was also good. I went on a long speel about singing Biano’s name for a whole game once and how great he was in the number 10 role. Then my 12 year old son, who now is a season ticket holder and has been since he was 8, asks a fantastic question..... was Biano better than Vydra?????? my immediate response was ‘of course he was he was class’. ........... His response was .....did he ever score 16 goals in a season Dad? I couldn’t remember, although I remember him scoring 16....but that was in 64 appearances, and then couldn’t remember him standing out in loads of games, but he was surrounded by great players. Is it just my memory being clouded by my love for Eranio and Wanchope meaning him missing out, or my aged memory fogged by how much dross has come after him and before Vydra in that role? Or is Vydra a better player in that role and we’ve got a real top class player on our hands again? So......Biano, or Vydra.
  7. Keogh 2021

    Congrats and well deserved.
  8. 6pm live announcement with Mel

    I mentioned to the wife that there will be a big announcement at 6pm from Mel..... Her response.... ’Who’s been sacked’!!!! I had to laugh.
  9. Just laughed out loud while we watch TV...that ticker is class!!
  10. Transfer Deadline Day

    Ticker tape madness:) Love it!!!
  11. James McClean

    Too divisive for me. It is the first time a roumor has had the gym buzzing with opinions, and as split as this forum is. The last thing we need right right now is any distractions, on or off the pitch.
  12. Darren Bent - joined Burton on loan

    I’ll take any name you raise and call on Mickel Beck!! Any money paid to him has to be the most expensive drivel EVER!
  13. 19 to go...

  14. Being ultra positive

    I’d love top 2 obviously but we need the continued luck with form and injuries. I expect 2nd-4th. only a week or so ago people were saying we couldn’t catch Cardiff because they had a 6 point cushion. Well, 2 games turned that around and the same could happen to us. We finish the season against some strong teams, one of the worst run ins. Did you watch the Brighton v Bournemouth game? 2-2 and two teams who were full of average players making the whole a better sum than the parts (and only marginally better at that!) there are lots of ‘individuals’ currently playing in he Prem that I wouldn’t have near our team, but in their team they are succeeding. Many of ours could do the same with the right manager. Yes we need more strength to come in, but, Burnley & Bournemouth show it is possible to take the majority with you.
  15. POLL: The McClaren era(s)

    I was Happy with Mac, but not the way Clough was sacked, the football under Clough was boring though and I felt the time was right. I also wanted Clement. His reputaion was massive as the next big thing and had heard his name for a year on talk sport. Though it was an excellent appointment. How wrong was I. We’ve never been so successful and so turgid at the same time. I also wanted Pearson, oh well. Mac 2 was a surprise. Rowett was top of my list as a replacement once Mac 2 had gone. I’d listened to him in a few interviews while at Burton and Brum and though he really knew what he was talking about and not in a ‘clishe’ kind of way.

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