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  1. England Ram

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    I'm going to try and be objective with my ratings (and see how different they are to erathirea to show how footy is about opinions)... Roos - 7. Couldn't do anything about the goal. Looked steady when called upon, claimed a few dangerous looking crosses and was in the right position most of the time. (AGREED) Bogle - 6. Steady, unspectacular. Guilty of (and this will be a common theme across 3/4 of last night's defense) backing off too much and effectively allowing the opposition to put crosses in needlessly. Tried some fancy things going forward. Some worked, some didn't. (Rating of 6 is fair, but got caught out of position too often and this is one of the reason too many crosses come in from his side, he is too busty recovering to get close enough when he's not backing off) Keogh - 5/6. Not up to recent standards. Backed off too much and made a few too many risky passes for my liking. Was bailed out by Tomori on a couple of occasions. Not sure I remember him actually making a tackle. (Disagree on the rating mine's a 6 and some of the info. His biggest issue was having no one of any skill to be able to give an out ball to in the midfield and Ipswich choosing to press super high along with the midfield 2 not actually covering the back 4 compounded the issue. Agree on his overall poor defending though) Tomori - 7./6 Strongest link of the back 4 last night, his pace was vital in stopping them getting behind. Couple of sloppy passes. (Disagree with the score, mine is a 6, He put himself and others in trouble with too many passes but had the problem Keogh had with no one in the middle able to receive a pass and do anything with it. If Keogh made the amount of positional mistakes and passing mistakes he makes in a game there would be a witch hunt!) Malone - 6. Average. He provided us with some of our better moments going forward, particularly in the last 10 minutes, and didn't defend too badly. Couple of mistakes, which people will jump on, and too much backing off, but he also got us out of a couple of holes when we'd passed ourselves into trouble. (AGREED) Johnson - Contraversial 7/4. He started poorly, I'll say that, but after the first 10-20 minutes I thought he settled into his 'role' fairly well. He's not got the passing of Huddlestone, so we can't expect that of him, but he broke up the play well and had his best game since September for my money. (COMPLETELY DISAGREE!!) My rating is a 4 along with King. His inability to control and pass a ball cost us much more than just his role. As a team we were playing with 10 men (or even 9 if you include King) most of the time. The back 4 couldn't break the press because he couldn't control the ball quick enough or pass it accurately enough. It was very obvious early in the game we had to bypass him and the team did, went long most of the time and thus didn't play as we should. Yes, he put himself about a bit, but was often late and out of position as a defensive mid. Along with his passing etc his and Kings performance cost us the most. King - 4. At fault for the goal, and too many loose balls. Hopefully it's all rustiness. Wasn't entirely sure whether he was meant to be playing the "Bryson role" or lying deep, which isn't a good sign. (Agree in part) Party at fault for the goal, Holmes and Johnson didn't help matters. Agree with the rest, but would add his inability to pass as an extra, although he found space well. Holmes - 6. Had a couple of nice runs, but probably tried to do too much and occasionally missed the simple ball. Not one of his better games, though he gains a point for his goalline clearance. (Agree on the 6 just for the goal line clearance. otherwise he'd have been a 5. Missed the simple ball a lot but also threatened a little bit going forward. Not helped by us going long most of the time and others inability to pass the ball as well.) Wilson - 5. Poor by his standards. Nothing seemed to come off for him last night, and wasn't surprised to see him as the first subbed. Maybe should have started in the middle with Holmes out wide? Who knows. (Agree on the 5, but would add the caviat that he was injured early in a challenge that should have been a yellow. Hate that tactic on a good young player, but it worked) Lawrence - 7./6 Got the goal a player with his mentality needs. Hopefully he can kick on from this. Put in some dangerous balls from free kicks, but needs to work on his corners I think. I couldn't help but noticing he played a lot more intelligently, looking for passes rather than shooting from 30 yards. Put up well with some strong challenges. Best he's played for a few games. (Disagree on the score. Only gets a 6 because of his goal. Such a frustrating player to watch. Actually cheats as a team mate. I'll give him that he actually looked up and passed the ball more than usually which was a step in the right direction. However, he does not press properly as as front man, he plays at it, he rarely tracks back and when he does he gives away foul after foul because he just barges in to the player. I'd be interested in his 'heat map' to see if he does move more than 30 yards in a game. Waghorn - 6. Lot of running, not much service. Nearly nicked it for us at the end, and he worked tirelessly. Think he might have benefited from Bennett coming on earlier. (Agree) Nugent - 5/4 As a striker, your job is to score goals. *SHOULD* have scored at the death, and lost a point by not doing getting his shot on target. Not sure where he goes from here. His confidence must be shot. Other than that, though, he put in a typically Nugent performance, harrying the defense without offering a great deal. (Disagree, 4 is fair for someone who came on late and still looked knackered and didn't have the legs to pass, harry or shoot properly. He is done, and he knows it.) Bennett - 7 Best of our subs last night. Full of endeavour. Yes, he lacks real 'quality' at this level, but he put Ipswich on the back foot by simply running at them. Won free kicks, and provided some much needed impetus, particularly in the last 10 . (Agreed) Bryson - 6. Calm, composed, and creative. Not quite the impact of Bennett, but the game changed. The bhoy (pun intended) has got a bit of his old spark back in recent weeks. (Agreed) MOTM... On ratings it would be Bennett, but that's silly, I'd say Waghorn for not giving up on the thankless task of dealing with long balls and no support.
  2. With a realistic view of the constraints he has had to work under then he is doing a good job. Selling Vyds was necessary sadly and he knew he'd have a budget to bring a few in. He chose Marriott and Waghorn, Zoon and Evans to spend some money on and bring a few loans in. Those signings we can judge him on, but not the complete package. He knows what he needs to change and I'm sure is much more understanding of the needs we have, but financially he is VERY restricted as to what he can do. Can the team play better, surely, and inconsistency is a sign of a team not there yet. But I'd rather watch this team try and play the way Lampard wants compared to the absolute dire football we were watching last year under Rowett any day of the week, twice on Saturdays and any day ending in Y. January and Summer will be the final part of shifting out all those contracts and FFP restrictions we have been speaking about for so many years. Until that is sorted we will be unable to do exactly what we want, so I am looking forward to some games where we click and are exciting to watch, some average games and some poor ones at least until 2021. Anything more than that is a bonus.
  3. If that’s even remotely true it is absolutely heartbreaking for him and us.
  4. England Ram

    George Evans injury, out for 4-6 weeks

    I felt he made a real impact in those few minutes he played. Cut out passing lanes, put good challenges in and was looking forward when transitioning play. Hope he comes back nice and strong.
  5. England Ram

    V Norwich (H) Match Thread

    When Marriott and Waghorn were playing last night they had a much bigger influence and impact than Nuge and Bennett. I’d say Lawrence and Wilson has about the same kind of impact. Waghorns touch, movement and contribution were at a much higher level than Bennett. For me id start Marriott up front and Waghorn instead of Bennett v QPR. I really want Mason to do well but if he was any other player and not ‘one of our own’ calling for him to be dropped for a few games wouldn’t cause anywhere near as much controvicy.
  6. England Ram

    Jayden Bogle signs 4 year contract

    Fantastic. Well done young man. Already a talent and with much more to come. Well done to the club for realising and getting this done.
  7. England Ram

    Mason Mount

    Wasn’t Ibe also a Bournmouth loaner before his permanent transfer?
  8. England Ram

    v Man U (A) - Cup Predictions

    I was hoping we’d turn them over but after their performance against Wolves I can see Jose using it as a stick to inspire them with. I’d love a 1-2 or 1-1 but I think it may be 2-1.
  9. England Ram

    v Man U (A) - Cup Predictions

    Man Utd 1-2 Derby fgs Mount

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