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  1. Do they still count all season tickets as attendance even if people don't turn up? That would make sense on the feel of a more empty ground and still getting the numbers.
  2. Renewed x 2, My dad has as well so that 3 of us. It is definitely more entertaining this year than last and thats what I pay for at the end of the day. Hoping next year continues to be entertaining and we can be competitive.
  3. To quote myself, which seems weird and to follow Mel's line of wages. IF 1.25 million is 40% of our wage budget per month, the total wages per month is then close to 3.125 million. The closest from the horses mouth we have had it. So, our annual wage bill in the championship is £37.5 million!!! Yesterday Steve Pearson, the finance man, said we make closer to £30 million as a club and Mel has to pay the rest. From the past accounts, looking like we loose close to £7 million a year, that Mel covers in equity loans, there's close to your totals!! How to change that? Lose that £15 million surplus in players not playing gives you an operating profit of £8 million, even £10 million off that surplus wage bill, to give you another £3 million a year to spend on other peoples wages and you are still operating at a profit. I can see why the focus is on that part of the club moving forward.
  4. I heard that it wasn’t 40% of the 37 first team players who’s not or hardly played but of the 37 we have a budget of 40% of that total amount tied up in players who have not or have hardly played. That changes the numbers a bit when only a handful need to be really top earners to make a massive dent. The shocking amount to me was it is the equivalent of £1.25 MILLION per MONTH on sallary we are not using. £15 million a year. For a club that reportedly yesterday only makes close to £30 million in total. No wonder you can’t sustain that.
  5. More importantly about Frank’s goalkeeper error, our disinterested chair man then named the next two further down the line!!
  6. I agree. For me it wasn't staged at all. Yes, they had to be careful with some answers and you could see a measured approach as they discussed some subjects but they wouldn't be doing their jobs properly if they didn't. But to have the body language they had with the quick responses they had, along with ANY question being asked responded to it was clear that they were there to be as honest as they could. To have your chairman come out and state as clearly as he did about the type of phone calls he is getting about the club and the manager talking about mistakes, learnings, feelings, players (although he couldn't remember the 4th choice goalkeepers second name but Mel could, and the 5th and 6th) and the future etc was very positive. You could see the dislike of the situation from all 3 regarding FFP and the answer to the bloke who wants free cup tickets was as genuine as you can get, even though it was not what he wanted to hear. I for one loved it and I am glad you found it positive as well.
  7. Spot on Mucker, My bland relaying of the questions missed a lot of the banter and lightheartedness of the evening. I even missed Steven Pearce jibe at Radio Derby that was roundly applauded.
  8. Second half was quick fire questions: Q; Dubai trip in the press true or false? FL: False, ish. Did talk about it but only in the early stage and didn't take it further. He was planning to run thier balls off for 6 days, in the end they rested with their families. Q; Away tactics- Some great performances but struggled against park the bus teams. FL: Study all teams and try to win accordingly. Q: Goalkeeper situation- Roos & Carson switching. FL: Roos was always going to play in the cups and due to injury was rewarded with league play. Great to have competition. Q: Are you enjoying it? What has surprised you the most? Are you still in love with Mason Bennett? FL: Yes. PLayers what they will say when they walk in the door of his office, man management side. Yes. Humble and loves the club. Q: Under 23's not playing at pride park? MM: Pitch condition, ground built with the highest stand facing West so pitch gets less sun. Facilities are good at Loughborugh. Q: Under 23 & U18 straighten helping for next year? MM: U23 & U18 doing well in respective leagues, would be 3rd best youth set up in the country if all leagues combined and averaged. FL: No guarantee of success but a real opportunity for the future. Q: Which managers learned from? FL: Morhino- Tactics, Anchilotti man amangement but is trying to be his own man. Q: Signed Elfi Ambrose, is he fit? FL: Yes, was behind like Ashley but now fit. Keogh and Tamori great partnership but needed the man power. Q: Recruitment team, who are they, what are they looking at? FL: Joe Mclaren and his team research and look in to players with Franks guidance as to atributes and budgets hes looking at. Q: To Mel, trying to improve revenue, break away league? MM: FFP issue and TV money spread unfair. Championship teams get 4% of tv revenue of Premier teams even though TV viewing figures can be 4 or 5 times higher. Thats all the space I had to take notes but other questions were about Loan players and young players staying like Thomas compared to Bogel. Frank said no one knew Bogel so was harder to move. Someone questioned about some age like Ashley Cole. Frank said he has been brill for the players on and off the pitch but don't know if he comes back. Who reminds you most of you.... Mason Bennett. 9 Games left, Franks rousing speech to lift the crowd before the end. Hope that helps.
  9. Question: Any chance of signing loan players in summer? FL- All 3 love the club and love playing for us but cost will be prohibative possibly even if promoted. Even Tamori who's worth has increased. Mason Mount caged like a Lion ready to play. Any injuries received they wanted to stay here rather than go to parent clubs. Q: FFP trap. Old heavy investment, get clear, reinvest, stay tight to FFP, no way out. MM: Recruitment savvy, going foreward will be younger players with futures & youth. Half time.
  10. Questions from the floor: Design and circumstance regarding youth and long term plans moving forward? FL: Huge part using youth going forward. I was that player. Route through, support and mentoring. You never know a player until you put him in regardless of how good they are in training. Jaden Bogel was one of these. Some of the other young ones trained well but went on loan. If players show they are good enough they will play. Question from the floor: Had a season ticket for years and wants to know why we don't get cup tickets any more. MM: cost is about £1 million ish loss, that is then £1 million closer to FFP. Can't be clearer than that. We are already mid table with season ticket prices. Question: Another FFP question. SP: We are compliant, we submit our report next week. Difficult moving forward because we are always close to the edge. Question: Frank has always been a top flight manager now in the championship has the money side surprised him? FL: Wasn't aware, not still fully aware but seems lop sided but as thats MEL and SP roles but is Understands there are rules to follow. Don't always have to have the pot of gold for promotion but working towards it. SP; Before we bring ANY money in to the club, ANY, some clubs have a £45 million head start. Our total bringing in last year was £29 million. The model is broke. MM: Model is in need of fixing but wouldn't say it is broken. Was more synical about parachute payments but different clubs use them differently. Some sue the sky money to cover dept and make a profit and others over invest and end up worse off due to wage increases. Q to Frank: We did have a manager linked to a club in the North East, you have been linked to 'a club in London'. What can you do and does it affect you and the players? FL: Nothing he can do, it is an easy link for the press, doesn't affect him or the players. My question about Franks comment about the negativity from those close to the club. FL: Made it clear it wasn't about the fans. 'Others' who work in or close to the club were quick to turn negative and not constructive towards this player and that etc. He mentioned the press and others and he felt he needed to make the message clear and protect the players. And he was also clear that the constant negativity at that point was detrimental to the squad.
  11. So, from my notes now I'm home. Colin Asked about the break and preparations- FL: They have had 6 days off then worked hard and are ready to go- Mason Mount, Bennett, Bryson and Lawrence are fit for Saturday. Colin: Been a good break for you as manager? FL: Don't really break but been away with family doing baby stuff. Always thinking and planning, nice to be away and reflecting. Colin- Taking stock? FL: Disapointed with Stoke, deserved more, need to be better in the final 3rd and focus has been on that. Colin to Mel: Open season on DCFC in the press, selling for £1, FFP & Dubai. MM: Inside reaction has not been as heavily it has in the fan base because they knew the facts. Mels relationship with Frank is good, all relationships are good. Mel doesn't feel he 'owns' the club, he's always been looking for investment. He informed Frank of this the first time they met. The good thing the press miss-information has done is spark more phone calls to the club. Some serious, some not so. All ranging from take overs/buyouts to investment. Conversations are ongoing. Mel then covered the stats- We have 37 contracted first team players. Of that 37 players, 40% of the wage bill is spent on players who have either not or have barely played for DCFC in 18/19 season. That cost of (unused players) is £1.25 million a month. Of that 40%, 60% will be off the wages bill this summer. The following summer 13.5% more will come off the bill. So, about 14 months time we will have cleared what we can. We will reinvest some of that saved wages in summer but working closely to FFP (or whatever it is now called). Colin: Birmingham deducted 9 points, have the sanctions now changed from fines to points? SP: Now called Profitable and Sustainable but still 13 million PA over the 3 years total 39 mill. It is now an independent pannel but guided by EFL.
  12. Sorry guys, I was taking notes and after I'd asked the question my phone died!! In answer to my question about the negativity close to the club, Frank was clear he actually didn't mean the fans but 'others' who work in or around the club. He felt that they were quick to be negative rather than having an opinion and being constructive. He felt at that moment he needed to make a point to make it clear that it wasn't helpful to the club. He went as far as saying it was detrimental to the players.
  13. I’ve enjoyed it. I asked the ‘those close to the club negativity’ question. I liked the answer.
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