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  1. Retro Shirts

    I popped into the shop after work today to have a look round. Spotted the Auto Windscreens top and was walking round with a massive grin on my face for the rest of the time. Such great memories and a quality top. They look even better in the hand. A quick thumbs up to the shop as well. Love being able to stand for 10 minutes and watch the highlights on a big tv as well, that adds to the vibe. It may have been there all along but only noticed it today.
  2. Players whom have improved since joining us

    Baird Ince ........... That was a short list.
  3. Maikel Kieftenbeld - Never signed.

    DCFC Facebook says 2 years, undisclosed fee.
  4. Rams summer 2017 transfer deadline day thread

    Cameron Jerome just been mentioned.
  5. Cameron Jerome

    Wow!! Really?? Oh well, at lest it's a different name to band about.
  6. v Wolves (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2-1 Wolves fgs - Martin
  7. Che Adams

    That's a glowing tribute Ambitious, would love to know how often you've seen him to make that assessment compared to some on here who've written him off already as infierior to what we already have. I've never taken much notice so I'm in the 'trust the manager' camp.
  8. Jake Buxton - signed for Burton

  9. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    It's ok to be sad, just not suicidal, it is only football at the end of the day;)
  10. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    Was a pleasure watching him tonight. Really tinged with a sadness though. Knitted the side together well, advanced when needed, recycled when necessary, cut out passing lanes and put tackles in and got clobbered by their team all the time and won a load of free kicks. I for one will miss him. I'm hopeful for the start of the season and Rowetts plan, but we will be losing a real footballer in our Will.
  11. Hughes and Mitchell - England u21s

    How swift stayed in as long as he did was beyond me. Will wouldn't fit in with that side as none of them can pass a ball or find space unless it's a long ball over top. Of this is our next generation it's going to be a boring time watching England for even more years.
  12. Signed: Andre Wisdom 4 year deal

    Can we set up alerts so we get informed when he signs rather than having to check a 99 page thread?
  13. Just having a look at the early betting odds now the playoffs have finished. Without any movement in the transfer market Sky have us with the joint 5th best odds. Would you be happy with a playoff place next year? What do you think to Villa having the shortest odds? And Burton being odds on favourites for relegation compared to all the newly promoted teams? https://m.skybet.com/football/sky-bet-championship/event/20597365

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