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  1. I actually couldn’t give a rats ass who it is now. Just get it sorted already so we can move on!!
  2. Got our two. Similar to most we won’t be near our usual spot due to other blocks remaining locked. Gave me booking Wembley flashbacks! Just looking forward to being back with my lad watching a game.
  3. Sadly struggled the second half and was picked out by the commentators for his ‘wastefulness’.
  4. Currently ………15th-20th absolutely shambolic situation we find ourselves in and will be lucky to escape relegation again. As per the poll, ask me again if we have anyone to actually take us over, any decent signings, a managerial team that gets any quality out of the squad and a large slice of luck if the young players step up.
  5. I thought the embargo is due to the late filing of accounts which is the standard soft punishment for all clubs late with filing. Now, the reason behind the late filing might be the appeal process that took a ridiculous period of time due to Gibson and the EFL prolonging it, but they wouldn’t let those facts worry them with the embargo.
  6. Small fine and mostly covering legal costs to save the EFL face and costs to the other clubs. We will be asked to submit our outstanding accounts in line with the preferred EFL method (they will immediately go through these with a fine tooth comb in the hope we have then broken FFP) and do it the same way moving forward.
  7. For next year....... players with real character who will stand up and be counted every game. Variety of striker options and the one massive miss we have from our team and that is PACE!! Pace with quality. One of our biggest challenges as a team this year was our complete inability to turn teams and have the defenders having to worry about more than just a lump up to CKZ. When you are so one dimensional you become easy to play against. Coupled with our complete lack of ability to defend even averagely, that is also a massive area we need to focus on.
  8. Roos - 5- Average display and needs to be replaced next year if we are going to be even remotely close to mid table Byrne - 6 Didn’t get forward as much as he can defensively shaky. Forsyth - 2 Very Poor. Forward offered nothing and at fault in part or whole for all 3 goals. Hopefully he’s now done as our starting left back. Edmondson - 7 Played OK and looked to get the ball forward although slow to cover the middle for the first goal. Clarke - 8 Defended well overall but similar to Edmonson for the first. Second and third were on Fozzy and he dealt with the rest well. Roberts - 8 What a beautiful strike. Offered nothing in the first half and not surprising as he has no support and the front line were absent. Second half showed what a player he can be. Such a shame he didn’t put that 1-1 away. Knight - 4 Runs around a lot as always but control and passing poor. Needs a rest and reset. Shinnie - 7 Battled well and did his job in the middle. Lawrence - 7 Was switched on for the full 90 mins and that made a difference. Great assist for the first and forward thinking throughout. Waghorn - 12 (extra 2 for letting the post know it was in a game early on) Love this rating given by another so I’m stealing it here. Doesn’t deserve another contract based on his performance over the season but a massive thanks for today’s performance. CKR - 6 Put himself about and played others in. Needs a place on the bench at best moving forward. Bird - 7 Came in and added a bit more composure in the middle. Great pass for Roberts that should have been a goal. Joswiak - 8 Love this lad. Hope he has a great euros and stays with us next year. Great run for the penalty and to get the free kick late on. Curtis - 10 Player of the season. What a man to give the team that 10 mins. Sured up everything at the back. Rooney - 5 He either needs a miracle off season that brings in amazing players or a massive improvement in being a manager or preferably both. Mel Morris - 2 for this year I’m afraid Mel.
  9. What a thrilling rollercoaster of a match and sheer elation at the final whistle. Now, relief, utter and complete relief.
  10. What a relief. Still so shockingly poor at the back and that definitely needs to change. Let’s get that broom in to sweep it all clean.
  11. This encapsulates my feelings after watching us rinse and repeat these last few games!! 😂😂😔
  12. A million and one reasons but a glaring one is our absolute lack of pace and ability in our front line. We don’t / can’t turn any defences and get them on the back foot so they never have to worry about it. We play in front of them and lump it up to a distinctly average forward and rarely have players supporting him. With this in mind we’ve scored the least we have in many a year and with our also porous defence we’ve lost more than we’ve won.
  13. Roos - 3 Poor for both goals. Slow to react for the first and beaten at his near post for the second, yes, it was Lawrence who let the guy get a free volley and yes, it was a good volley, but he again got beat at his near post. Byrne - 6 Defensively battled all game and gave so much overlapping threat. Only one of the goals conceded have come from his side over the last few games. Forsyth - 3 Delivery poor and defensively out of position for the first. No where near the second, but an attacking fullback falls on the winger to cover. Edmondson - 6 Thought he played well. Clarke - 6 Great defensively, just wish he’d get his head on a set piece, those were poor today. Knight - 5 Ran around again and harried but offered nothing to our forward play. His instinct is to turn and play it back all the time. Shinnie - 6 Shielded the back and tried to play it forward but hampered by Knight. Jozwiak - 7 MOTM Why he was taken off I’ll never know. Best game for a long time and felt for him having to play with such a static front line. Waghorn - 3 Below average at best. CKR - 3 Makes us so one dimensional and fluffed his one chance. Lawrence - 3 Gets an extra point for scoring but was at fault for the second by falling asleep again, as he has done loads of times over the last few games. Other than that, offered nothing.
  14. Roos - 6 Hard to save either of the goals when their top player gets two free headers 6 yards out Byrne - 6 Kind of got forward and kind of defended but no end product to make any real difference. Edmundson - 6 under the ball for the flick on for the first and the second. Clarke - 6 Mostly commanding but we conceded two headed goals when he didn’t win a header. Forsyth - 5 Nothing going forward and slow on the defence. Buchanan - 6 Good cross for the goal but offered little else. Shinnie - 7 MOTM can’t do it all himself. Had nothing left to give after covering for Knight all game. Knight - 4 Huffed and puffed and offered nothing going forward or in defence. Lawrence - 1 As I’ve said in another thread his effort was woeful and a disgrace regardless of and style of play. His ‘moments of magic’ are so few and far between his place in the squad is a waste. Waghorn - 5 offered the most up front but infuriating lack of positional discipline being offside all the time. CKR. -3 Again poor. Won little in the air and offered little on the ground. One or two half decent passes does not a striker make.
  15. lol, to be fair they are good points. I think what infuriated me the most is when you need all 11 of you to really put that effort in we let someone who didn’t, stay on for his apparent ‘ability’ to score out of nothing.
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