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  1. It will all be done in 48 hours but they won’t be able to get anything signed because there will be a travel ban and a lockdown before then! 😂 but actually 😔
  2. Before we had Cocu’s comments about Bogle not being focused when he came on I’d already mentioned to my son that both sets of subs were approaching things very differently at half time. The Huddersfield subs came on and made an impact, ours took an age to get into the game, if at all. The approach we seem to take at half time is a regular occurrence for our subs as well. For those who didn’t see, or who miss the half time due to toilet break or food/drinks break, what happened is: Huddersfield subs- full warm up program with the trainer, small group ball work W
  3. I can't stand the lad and hope he moves on as soon as possible, but he was great last night and I was so happy that the crowd got behind him after that challenge and it really seemed to lift him. He then went about doing what we pay him for and that was massive help to the team because we were playing with 11 men. Someone needs to play that crowd noise to him every time he starts to get his head down or petulant in a game so he remembers how much we appreciate someone putting a shift in.
  4. He was fantastic yesterday. The thing that stood out above all the other things he did well was when we were 2-0 up and Stoke were starting to come back in to the game and we seemed to be bereft of people wanting to put their stamp on the game. Bird collected the ball near the edge of our area, strode forward, broke a few challenges and played a great ball in for Lawrence, who in turn was fouled. Such a mature phase of play, great quality and skill. From the free kick we score and put the game to bed. Sublime.
  5. This baffles me. If he hadn’t played for us and we were looking to bring him in during the January transfer window from another club this place would be going mental at the lack of quality, medical history and behaviour off the field of this player. Move him on, save the money and use it elsewhere. Does not have the quality, has a terrible medical history and behaviour in the incident that has marred our season and the name of our club was appalling.
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