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  1. With all the debate over the best biscuits, crisps or cakes we need to start a ‘World Cup of Everything’ topic. If you’ve not played it yet you’ve missed a real treat. Pick any topic. Select 32 of them. Randomly pair them off and vote on which of the two is better. The next 16 do the same, then quarters and semi final until you are left with your top 2. Vote again to come up with your World Cup winner in that category. We’ve done loads, as a family, with friends, at dinner party’s etc. Great fun.
  2. 1-Jokanovic 2-Bowyer 3-Monk 3-Houghton Any of those 4 in that order. I think Monk and Houghton about the same. Jokanovic's football lovely to watch at times, although leaky at the back. Bowyer did an incredible thing at Charlton and the way he got them playing and suceeding was remarkable.
  3. Expectations can be viewed in two ways, realistic and unrealistic. Realistic: We will have to circualte close to 60% of the team that played at Wembley and do so well to repeat last year. As it stands, realistically with little funding and no clear transfer targets but a manager 1 year longer in to his management career then it has to be 12th-6th. Unrealistically: we will have cleared some of the dead wood giving us more wiggle room for wages and transfers if we sell one player for several million and buy a few gems and the youth players come good, and we get another lot of worthwhile loan players, and the manager takes more leaps and bounds in his expertise, then top 2.
  4. Already been online and got one for me and the boy. Love it. Looking forward to the away kit now.
  5. Love it. Hope the away kit is the reverse black as well. Will be the first home kit I buy for 5 years.
  6. Oh, and we were in 503, some atmosphere, we kept trying but were competing against fights breaking out between drunk Derby fans and a relatively poor showing on the pitch for long periods.
  7. It helps Villa that they have 2/3 very easy catchy well known songs to sing so everyone joins in. Us, well, it’s been almost all season and most still don’t know the words of songs created by fans. Not that it would have made too much difference, but some serious thought needs to be made so we can have tunes/ songs as easy, repeatable and catchy to make our own. Until we do we will be playing catch up in the singing stakes.
  8. The greyed ones are usually club Wembley and we won’t get that allocation. And on match day they are often empty anyway!
  9. We originally wanted 120 and were willing to pay the extra for it, now 224 is released right above where we wanted and we can’t get them as we’ve used our numbers already. So frustrates as we are now in 503 at the opposite side of the ground and a worse view. Just does not make sense to me at all.
  10. Block 503, row 11 near the front, with 8 of us so we will be singing.
  11. Tried all the orange and purple blocks but all sold out when I got in or had 1-2 seats together. I was only 2700 in the queue and the middle tier was not selectable. Wanted to be towards the middle but all the south side of the stadium was sold out as well. So we are block 503 row 11.
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