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  1. I’ll disagree with the booing, but agree that once they have served whatever time the courts and club deem served then I’ll respect that decision, but they have done neither over the course of a week.
  2. And I understand you have a different view to it than I. And that is why we have a forum, so we can disagree and debate. I also share your sentiment that I don’t think it will become an issue over the next two games.
  3. You are right, I would be showing my displeasure at them, the manager and the chairman. As I stated before, I can be a supporter of Derby County and not agree blindly with everything they do. In my opinion Those two need to not be anywhere near the first team.
  4. Interesting turn of phrase. I’m not being self righteous about ‘how good a supporter I am’. I’m making a choice to show my displeasure at who is wearing the shirt at a given time. Booing two players who know why you are booing them is different to booing the team. I would be more than supportive and chant for every other player on the pitch. I can pick and choose which players gets my support. Ordinarily I wouldn’t boo, but this is not an ordinary situation. Not at all.
  5. Would I boo them if they played this week....absolutely. Would I boo Rooney, no, he wasn’t wearing a Derby shirt and besmirching our name when he did his act. Am I less of a supporter for booing....no, and you can sod right off if you think I am. Being a supporter doesn’t mean I have to blindly agree with every act of the club or players. I booed and protested the 3 amigos, was I less of a supporter of the club then...no, actually I felt more of one than those who sat quietly by and did nothing. Two players have committed what I view as very serious crimes and AS OF YET have made no recompense or restitution for them. So they are Currently not fit to wear the shirt more than any player we’ve had in recent history. So, if the club play them, I’ll boo.
  6. Loads of us said after Wembley we need a real club song we can all join in with. Like it or not Villa out pre matched us, out sung us and their fans were also very ‘family’ demographic The problem......no one willing to take the lead and experiment, everyone disagreeing etc. Whatever it is needs to be a ‘club’ song, not related to players, manages or chairman as they all come and go. I’m on holiday until the West Brom game so haven’t had the pleasure of the pre match guy this season yet, but last year was loud and miss matched. Suggestions? With some thoughts... Come on Eileen Come on, Eileen, oh I swear (what he means) At this moment, you mean everything You in that dress, my thoughts I confess Verge on dirty Ah, come on, Eileen To Come on Derby:- Come on Derby oh we know what this means At this moment, you mean everything You in that kit, oh we must confess you look brilliant come on Derby Or as suggested - Sweet Caroline. One, touching one Reaching out, touching me, touching you Sweet Caroline Good times never seemed so good I'd be inclined To believe they never would Oh no, no Sweet Caroline Good times never seemed so good Sweet Caroline I believe they never could Sweet Caroline To Sweet Derby Mine:- One, touching one Reaching out, touching me, touching you Sweet Derby mine Good times never seemed so good I'd be inclined To believe they never would So Good, So Good Sweet Derby Mine Good times never seemed so good Sweet Derby Mine I believe they never could Sweet Derby Mine etc
  7. Saunders & Goddard. I did see Davidson and Gee etc but for me those two S&G took on the top flight defenders and put them to the sword. To finish as high as we have in a long time and narrowly missing out on Europe. Beautiful to watch. Wanchope, Biano & Sturridge was also great, a close second.
  8. Still not got mine or my boys 😔
  9. Already got the first and third kits for me and the lad. Might get the second kit as well now.
  10. PR wise it has already made the national news as a headline and the East Midlands news as their headline. Carry on Mel, carry on!!
  11. Great advert for Derby County and for Mel Morris as our chairman.
  12. I actually love the fact that our chairman and owner has the balls to face the national media and talk about things like this at a time like this. He really is one of our own.
  13. With all the debate over the best biscuits, crisps or cakes we need to start a ‘World Cup of Everything’ topic. If you’ve not played it yet you’ve missed a real treat. Pick any topic. Select 32 of them. Randomly pair them off and vote on which of the two is better. The next 16 do the same, then quarters and semi final until you are left with your top 2. Vote again to come up with your World Cup winner in that category. We’ve done loads, as a family, with friends, at dinner party’s etc. Great fun.
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