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  1. The financial implications alone would cripple us even more. So no, any possible rebuild is better done from the Championship. BUT. We have no god given right to stay up and if we go down it will be because we deserve it.
  2. Currently fuming so these are how I’m feeling right now Marshall - 8 Had to make so many saves second half to keep us in it. Not much he could do with either goals. Without him we’d have been dead an buried way earlier. Byrne - 5 Forward average but they targeted him all game and he struggled big time. Forsyth - 4 Poor. Defensively struggled and partly at fault for the first and woeful goi g forward. His lack of overlap and passing quality left Joz all on his own again. Wisdom - 2 poo all game and completely at fault for the second. Positionally poor, and so poor in h
  3. Marshall 6 McDonald 6 Forsyth 6 Wisdom 7 Mengi 5 Roberts 7 Bird 6 Shinnie 7 Jozwiak 6 Lawrence 6 CKR 4
  4. Realise before you start that the EFL and a few other clubs/owners don’t like us and will try and trip us up or get to us in ways you didn’t expect. Be squeaky clean with your finances, make it nice and clear what you are doing, expect no quarter of you breach p&s so don’t do it. Fans with half a brain understand you can’t spend your way out of this division in a season or two without running the risk of penalties if you don’t get out of it. For every Villa there is a Shef Wednesday. With that in mind, sort out the scouting department. Either get rid of this lot or keep
  5. Just watching them attack is a joy to see. Overlapping midfielders and forward movement as soon as they have chance both out wide and through the middle. Lovely to see what can happen when you take it to the opposition and make them worry about you. let’s hope it’s 9/10 - 0 tonight to give us a few goals to the good next match 😂
  6. Marshall - 6 Average. Did some things OK but pushed the ball into the danger area for their second and was caught in no mans land for the 3rd McDonald - 5 Big shoes to fill and didn’t do a very good job. Defensively not very strong and offers nothing going forward so we lose a big part of our attack. Forsyth - 5 Got beat for pace time and again and although helped out a bit going forward it wasn’t much. Wisdom - 5 Poor for someone who was supposed to be the experienced head. Slow to react to the second and also poor distribution. Mengi - 3 Worst of the back line. Out o
  7. I actually agree with all these ratings and 99% of the contents so I’ll second this one for my rating if you don’t mind Sage. Nice one LCR.
  8. Roos - 6- Made a good save and commanded his area. Couldn’t do much for the goal, would have been suicidal to come out for it and you’d expect your defenders to deal with that. Byrne - 7- Got is going forward more than most but because he is the only option most of the time then the opposition know to double up on that side. Buchanan - 6- Average display. Wisdom - 4. Gave them the ball to put us under pressure for the goal and was absent in defence for the goal. Slow on the ball and caught out over the top too many times as well. Mengi - 6 - His best game for us. Still
  9. The formation needs to change to be more positive if you are looking for promotion. 2 holding midfielders with little creativity is partly what is to blame for our current dearth of goals. The second half performance on Tuesday is what we need to be looking at as a barometer moving forward. 3 at the back with real wing backs helps us as we have Byrne who is a real threat going forward and a hopefully improved Buchanan. Or you go 4 at the back with one holding. 1 defensive midfielder in Shiniesta is enough. Marshal/Roos
  10. If Mel is willing to fund us until a ‘real’ buyer comes in then he doesn’t need to rush it with this other bloke who’s already had problems with Shef Wed. I know his health is not great but leaving us in the hands of another chancer is not a good look. Glad at least these guys are out the picture at least.
  11. Roos - 5 Beaten at his near post for the second. Poor goalkeeping. Byrne - 7 First half struggled being outnumbered but second half massively better. Wisdom - 2 Partly at fault for two goals we conceded early. Struggled all game. The odd one or two tackles doesn’t make up for how poor he was......again. Clarke 7 - Best of the back line today. Trying to cover for his other defenders all the time. Buchanan - 4 Poor first half and not actually much better second half as a wing back. Shinnie - 8 MOTM Covered for Bird in the first half and spent time rescuing Mengi s
  12. Early first goal has done us in. Knight being ever the negative, Wisdom with ANOTHER crap pass, Buchanan caught out of position (and has been poor all game) because he assumed his fellow defender could pass the ball forward and its a penno. Second goal is a ball to the centre circle a missed tackle by Wisdom and we are chasing shadows. Byrn shows the guy inside and Roos gets beat at his near post. Poor. Sick to death of our midfield not getting their heads up and looking for the forward pass. So busy going backwards and the Brentford forwards are nicking the ball back from
  13. Roos 6 Nothing he could do with the goal. Byrne 7 Good forrays forward. Just a shame no one on the end of them. Supported Joz and Roberts well. Gudmonson 6 Steady, although could have been more positive with passing out from the back. Mengi 5 At fault for the only shot on target and goal conceded. Clarke 6 Average game, but one of those not being positive. Forsyth 5 Missed 2 chances and attacking play almost zero Shinnie 8 MOTM and would have been able to do more if Evans wasn’t allowed inside his pants for 90 mins. Knight - 4 Poor Needs dropping
  14. Roos - 7 Commanded his box well. Looks a different player when full of confidence. Distribution (punts up field) was generally good. Could release it earlier sometimes but could tell he was waiting for the forwards to get up first rather than play the ball out to a wide man. Wisdom- 5 Was played as a wing back so will be judged as one. Defended OK but his distribution from the back was poor, even his clearances put us in trouble and he offered nothing going forward. Edmondson - 7 Defended well. The odd positioning error but solid. Mengi - 8 His best performance in a Derby
  15. Roos- 5 Poor for the goal, dithered most of the time e with his distribution and that was poor, yes I know it is harsh but we sit only a few points above the relegation with less and less games to play and I’ve had enough of this ‘they will come good and we need to not get on their back’ rubbish people keep spouting. Byrne- 2 His worst performance in a Derby shirt. Gave them the ball for the goal and that stemmed from our back line obsession with not looking forward. Shinnie was in space 10 yards from him, but because he thinks he’s playing rugby he didn’t go for the knock on. Wis
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