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  1. Did the boys that were going to leave, actually leave in the end? (Gordon aside)
  2. Only Bielik is good enough and now there is a strong risk he never will be. Shinnie and Knight just don't offer enough offensive threat. Every game its the same question "Where are the goals coming from"
  3. You have to say @sage - there will be a lot of fans who will find it hard pressed to actually remember a worst performance than that since the one-season wonder in the Premiership.
  4. Roos 4 Wisdom 3 Mengi 3 Clarke 4 Buchanan 3 Baningime 3 Edmondson 4 Shinnie 6 Jozwiak 4 Gregory 3 Sibley 3
  5. My mistake that day when I saw the team was not lumping serious cash on Villa. Tonight I made the same ducking mistake 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Just don’t understand why he’s put out there on a wing completely isolated. Does Rooney think in this formation in that position he’ll effect the game?
  7. Taking Shinnie off is a good call. He’s probably the only player with some credit but game is gone. Although the one time in the first half when a good weighted pass would have put Jozwiak through, he completely scuffed the pass which is why he’s a limited player with a foundation of effort which has got him to where he is.
  8. Yep - terrible and three or so players who also didn’t give him an option to pass wide. The amount of coachable situations that have shown up in this game is scary.
  9. Long ball up and Buchanan is so weak that he just flicks it back for a corner. Its these little things all game why we are so pod or at times.
  10. Max Bird against Cardiff - this’ll be interesting.
  11. Is this a little like Franks team at Villa that day?
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