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  1. 21 games in and not once can we actually say that we have played a game really well and enjoyed it. Huddersfield and Middlesbrough were attentional and solid but 21 games!!! This is just painful and boring and even worse, every line up, you know it's going to be boring and you know we won't score.
  2. I actually think booing helps to make a point to the players but more notably the management team in the dugout and the directors box exactly how we feel about the tactics and results. I think boos are genuinely more aimed at these two points rather than when players do individual things. Do I think it helps the players? Not one bit but will sitting there as a happy Clapper (or a silent clapper) allow a fan to convene their opinion...nope.
  3. Right now with how they're playing, I'd welcome offers for those players....
  4. Classic when Dowell tried desperately to keep the ball from going for a Derby throw in, only fail to trap it and it rolls out. If ever a moment sums up his (limited) Derby career, that was it.
  5. I don't personally into stuff such as having knowledge etc but I was happy at the idea of Rosenior as a coach for us. Either way, there are 3/4 coaches inputting and then Cocu making some real bad decisions from it. I'm hoping Rosenior is the one in there that's saying dont keep lumping high balls in against three six foot plus brickhouses or dont keep Martin playing on his own with very little help.
  6. He's got crap players at his disposal but if I could see just for one minute what he was tactically trying to achieve, I'd cut him some slack. However, I genuinely don't know how he expects his formations, line up and tactics to achieve anything other than the complete dross we are seeing. I'm worried as there are four coaches plus Rooney, and Rooney is the only one who has come out and told it straight, albeit diplomatically. He's only been here 2/3 weeks. For me, this week has been the final straw. Now had the worst win % under any MM manager. He has to go to genuinely stop a relegation risk.
  7. Sorry but unless you give the guy 4 to 5 games in a row, with a strike partner, you can't criticise. Penalty or not, he won it and thus provided a telling contribution. What did most others contribute tonight?
  8. Foreign name - must be good. Love the way the majority of us say he’ll be alright on the basis of two facts: 1) We actually have no idea who he is and therefore we cannot stereotype him already and B) he’s not English. Im sure Flojo had some OK stats in a foreign league once upon a time.
  9. Not read anything here but watching the highlights on the goal two things come to light; 1) Hamer was about 1 foot off his starting position and was leaving too much of a gap to his near post. That one foot made the difference between saving it and not saving it. 2) I picked this up immediately at the game but a few seconds before the ball was played to Armstrong, Forsyth got pulled out wide. Malone dropped in but immediately wanted out of there and was desperate for Forsyth to get back. Subsequently, he was about 5-6 yards higher up that Davies and Wisdom and left a gap in behind him. Pass played to Armstrong, he dribbles a little to the side and shoots. This was the space your left sided centre back would have been marking. Two little things but the difference between leaving with one point or zero points.
  10. Derby 0 Wednesday 2 No rams scorer
  11. But we do need an immediate change in tactics/attitude. Every single game now, especially away games are adding 1-2% into the 'Cocu out' account.
  12. Attacking threat from RB, from Right Winger he looks lost.
  13. Not difficult to stop the Martin threat if he's the only one up there....
  14. You know the bit where you say talks a good game, can you elaborate. I listen to all his post match comments and I’m genuinely concerned. I think he’s clueless, especially to this league, sees something different and is tactically clueless. When he says “build a philosophy throughout the club” do we all just pretend this sounds so great we get weak knees? The bloke is clueless and he’s the Second worst manager under Mel. (Watford manager the worst!)
  15. Sibley showed promise in that game at Forest, yet he disappears from the first team completely. Whittaker (who I don’t rate but ignore that point) has been around the team most weeks, comes on most games now but then Dowell out of nowhere plays. Knight showed decent promise earlier in the season. I think that if at least the football is going to be diabolically bad, can we give the kids more game time. It’ll help for the future if not for the present.
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