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  1. I don't believe any commentator is in the know. Just a generic comment given everything thats happening.
  2. The problem with statements like this Texas is that it means sentiment is overtaking a requirement to put quality on the pitch. Forsyth was poor yesterday but has been really poor all season. If we want to push forward as a club, then tough decisions need to be made. A new LB with Buchanan as the back up is essential.
  3. Ultimately if we go down we’re in for the biggest revolving door ever. If we stay up, it’ll be some massive decisions. Can still see us using the loan market next season and wouldn’t be surprised to see us go back for Roberts and Edmundson.
  4. Roos 2 Byrne 4 Forsyth 3 Edmondson 5 Clarke 6 Knight 3 Shinnie 5 Joswiak 7 Wag horn 3 CKR 4 Lawrence 5
  5. Their first goal was definitely on side.
  6. Rooney has to go. A half decent GK saves both. Now takes our best attacking player off. Honestly, the whole mgt team can go and do one.
  7. Jozwiak cannot do it all. I don’t want our only player showing creative skill protecting my full back because he’s committing silly fouls.
  8. Thought it was only if possession was lost? Pretty sure on that.
  9. Yep, massively. Whip it between six yard line and penalty box, if no-one there not his fault.
  10. Apart from bringing it back when it hit him, refs been fine. Tell the players to stop fouling especially when we’re putting them under pressure in the last third.
  11. Only one. Knight just passing backwards. Waghorn and CKR have no chemistry and not making runs. Lawrence - is he playing? Forsyth and Byrne dreadful. Roos kicking it out of play unchallenged. Good job they have put a weak team out.
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