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  1. The weather being so nice is killing us (maybe literally) but as I’ve said this is the British Culture. I also don’t bide with the scientists view of stay locked up. Sure that’ll drive the virus away but it’ll kill many more people many times over and destroy an economy which is already being destroyed. The scientists don’t care about anything else other than this virus and that frustrates me as well. I think the opening up could have been done better - more facilities should have been open for instance. However I’m struggling to see how we could have done this any other way - I agree we need to start getting back to a degree of normality. Hopefully being outside and most people are away from others and certainly not spending 15 mins with someone any transfer of this virus from those who are asymptomatic is minimal. One question, if they think there are 8000 new cases a day and now everyone is permitted to a test with symptoms, does this mean 6000 are asymptomatic? I know I’ve made some real generalisations in there but is that how others see it?
  2. Jack Marriott must be the only player in history who goes into a lockdown and comes back injured!
  3. I can only see free transfers this summer so I hope we find a couple more gems out there. The cash flow is dire, the lost revenue, club will be on its knees. They’ll be gutted if they have to extend everyone’s contract and can’t be selective as that’s even more spend. And let’s not forget, the plays took deferrals, not cuts. If they took a 30% deferral for three months, by my maths in month four that will be around an additional 3 million to pay out. (Based on a 30 million wage bill)
  4. Are they technically going to work to perform their job so they will be allowed.
  5. They know that - releasing that info yesterday shows the government are being pro active and making attempts but by delaying it until Monday, they know only half the population will have a BBQ with friends this weekend!
  6. We are fat, old, multi cultural and densely populated. We don’t follow rules and we love a good BBQ as soon as it hits 18 degrees. I mean Jesus Christ could have led us through this and we’d be in the same position (IMO).
  7. Do we know if he did drive back or did he continue onto London?
  8. When did 30 miles become 60 miles to Bernard Castle? Sounds like a journalistic thing to do there to throw in an extra 30 miles lol.
  9. Can you imagine how complex this will get? Are you allowed to travel from one region through an infected region to another? How do you know what state a region is in? What if you live in one lockdown state but are a teacher in another area? The theory great, the practical side - wow, I wouldn't even want to go through this minefield.
  10. I see what you did there - typical British press thing. On the 15th May it was 14,000 fines, not 140,000 fines. Also - I guess you know that all 14,000 have 'extenuating circumstances' which apply to the rules?
  11. Leave the none truths to the media. They do that well already.
  12. So how about something novel - genuine questions I’d like asking in the briefings: 1) Will they announce bubbles of people, possibly family to spend time with each other including the opportunity to have personal contact such as hugging? What alert level would we need to be in for this to occur? 2) what specific approaches will you take to save jobs in the future? 3) You said you are going to protect British Institutions? Who does this mean and how? 4) if the virus is still with us in September how do you plan to fully open schools and colleges? 5) What specific actions have you adopted or plan to adopt which have worked well in other countries? 6) Why were there only 70,000 tests conducted today? Is everyone requesting a test getting one within 24 hours? Six questions of the top of my head that would be far more interesting than the waste of space we get from the media today.
  13. That would have been a far more interesting press question than what we got from the pathetic attempts of Laura K, Robert P or Beth R.
  14. Fair play to you and good luck for your other half. I think we all know quite a lot of RR employees given 1 in 20 people in Derby work there approx. I agree I would buy British all day long but only if prices were comparable. I manage procurement for my company and sadly prices from Uk suppliers for smaller volumenised components doesn’t stack up with Eastern Europe, let alone India/China.
  15. Probably but having been unwell herself recently I am not surprised if she didn’t fancy 270 miles without a ‘proper’ break in there.
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