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  1. Where is George Thorne?

    I think a football club (pro sports team) is unlike any other type of business and when you're a fan and have an alliance it must be so so difficult. At the back of his mind he must also know the value of the club being in the Prem is so much higher and he could recoup all his money if he sold it when we're in the Prem. Getting there is another question. However when you see the subsidy he must put in (in whatever form) get wasted every year by incompetencies eveywhere (on and off the pitch) it must be really galling.
  2. Where is George Thorne?

    I like your response for the well thought approach although disagree but that's just opinions. One point though - I follow someone on twitter who is a finance expert and trawls through the accounts of football clubs in significant detail (Ramblur credentials). I asked him how much we could lose in this current financial year and stay within FFP. He said £23 million would be the allowable loss this year and stay within £39m over three years. My point being here is that when the club use FFP as an excuse to cut back, I don't buy it at all. If it was that MM no longer wants to waste his millions, I'd believe that. If it was that the club wanted to balance the books more and not haemorrhage cash every week on over the hill thirty something players I could go with that also but to simply say FFP is restricting us I don't buy this one bit. Thank you for answering the question however with an educated response instead of abuse!
  3. Cost Cutting

    Let's be honest, if we listen to Mel Morris then not even our Finance Director knows what we're paying out!!!
  4. Where is George Thorne?

    When you go from 2nd to 7th, and play football as bad as we do, everyone is going to blame someone else and fractions are an inevitability. There are only two things that can be done to turn it around; 1) A different manager and coaching staff come in with a different ethos and instantly players get a different vibe from it or 2) The manager changes his own approach quite drastically. That is more difficult to implement, could be different players and formation contributing to a different ethos on the pitch or a massive overhaul of players. Gerenally point two takes longer to implement than point one, as we've seen by the number of different managers (Mel going for the manager approach). For point two to work though, you need to have a manager who is prepared to make these changes and is good enough to. Therein lies the problem for me, we've got a manager who promotes defence at the expense of attack, employs long ball tactics to no hope strikers, restricts opportunities for full backs to get forward aggressively, plays two defensive midfielders and leaves arguably the most creative player on the bench every game despite losing game after game. I was sad at Mac going, I was sad at Clement going, Pearson was the correct call but Rowett is failing badly and is tainting his decent reputation now. I appreciate the fans are split on him and some (half?) want my point two over point one but for those who like him I have to ask the question of whethe you genuinely believe he can conduct a major overhaul of players and culture in this team and come out next season with a different mindset?
  5. Keogh ....New Centre Back

    If we could be a little more attacking, retain the ball a little more, we wouldn't have to do so much defending. When our offensive tactics are, actually I'm not quite sure what they are, so when they are as rubbish as they are despite having about five 1st team coaches under Rowett, the ball will come back at us a heck of a lot more.
  6. Vydra and Palmer

    If I had confidence in the other players to score goals I would t have an issue with him coming off, but when we're so inept as an attacking unit, I simply don't see why taking off your top scorer is the solution. We don't look like scoring goals. Palmer is interesting, he looks ball greedy and often doesn't take the right decision, but I like the fact there is a desire to try and make something happen and when you look at his options, god help him. He doesn't want to pass it backwards but his options are so limited that maybe this leads to him keeping the ball.
  7. The Ref Bashing Thread.

    This isn't true. World Cup referees are awarded on a 24 month window. Our current nomination was Mark Clattenburg until he decided to go for the sun/money. We tried to nominate others (Oliver, Atkinson, not sure on the other two) but FIFA wouldn't change their stupid rule, so hence, Clattenburg messed everyone around.
  8. The Ref Bashing Thread.

    To be fair mate, it's only really B4 that doesn't see the bigger picture. But to cheer up, I like the free kick we got second half, plus booking to their player when it was originally flagged as offside. Lino put his flag down quite quickly but the offside takes precedence.
  9. "I've really not enjoyed this season"

    Bolton game the exception, we haven't even looked like scoring for a few months. Games are depressing. Attitude better today but as soon as we conceded, there was no chance of coming back.
  10. Derbyshire cricket 2018

    That would be a dream - wonder what our budget is. Such a pity about Santner - would have been perfect.
  11. Derbyshire cricket 2018

    Definitely a batsman light who can average min 40 in my eyes. Lot of pressure on Madsen and Godleman. 20/20 - I really hope they don't bring in two bowlers for this but go with a big hitting batsman at the top. Derbyshire always have had the problem scoring runs and one batsmen can affect up to 20 overs whilst one overseas bowling can only affect 4 overs in a game. Worcs did well in snapping up Guptill for part of the season. Not much other talent left out there but lets see what there is...
  12. Some fans...

    I think the players, especially someone such as Scott are mature enough to realise that there are idiot fans everywhere and that's something that, dissapointingly and wrongly, they have to put up with. Even more, I hope DCFC have the bottle to investigate and identify these idiots and ban them for a long time. That's the only true punishment which would hurt them.
  13. v Middlesbrough - Predictions (H)

    Lose 1-3. Weimann
  14. Under 23s,derby v West ham

    So did I read Steve Nicholson correctly with the under 23 formation today? Three defenders, 2 holding midfielders and wing backs who would be full backs? Hope this plan stays in the under 23's!

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