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  1. rammieib

    Ashley Cole

    I'm guessing Cole wasn't at the game today?
  2. rammieib

    Kelle Roos

    I'm not actually saying that he should be starting but look at this a different way - if an outfield player came in and did as well as Roos, you would probably be suggesting the outfield player keeps his spot. I'd also say that Roos pulled off a very good save in the first game to deny Redmond, and his distribution is better than Carson.
  3. rammieib

    Where VAR helped us last night

    That's not how the offside works Curb. Officials are instructed to raise not on a touch of a ball but on an obvious attempt to play the ball. (Waghorn's was very obvious)
  4. rammieib

    Where VAR helped us last night

    Really, the first response and you miss the point completely. If we didn't have VAR I am 99% sure the lino would have flagged offside on that Wilson goal. Because we had VAR it stood and we ended up winning!
  5. rammieib

    Where VAR helped us last night

    It was Waghorn whose foot was in an offside position when it was passed into him Eddie. I thought the defenders shoulder is playing him on but reality is that VAR can't tell you for sure or not. On that basis, there is no way you can overrule the on the field decision. Anyway my thread was about acknowledging the fact VAR did work on the Wilson goal.
  6. rammieib

    Kelle Roos

    Scott would pull a worldy and then kick the ball straight to the attacked who would shoot directly at him on the ground and the ball would go under Scott when he tries to use his hand to stop it instead of his feet. He would then get the ball out of the net and punch it back to the half way line.
  7. rammieib

    Kelle Roos

    That’s harsh, the second hit him because he did a brilliant job in being in the right position to block the shot!
  8. With the directive that the lino’s don’t put their flag up if it’s close, I think that is exactly how they applied it last night. So ignoring the debate over the first, think of Harry’s goal...I am sure that if there was no VAR, the linesman would have put his flag up. There is absolutely no way that the Lino would have spotted the Southampton players foot and let’s be honest, it took me a while to spot it as well. Waggy tried to head it and thus interfered so he was interfering. ‘In the furores of everything happening and the stunning result, just to acknowledge that VAR did actually benefit us in my opinion.
  9. Wow that's a huge allocation. Your ground is only 6000? Dont worry - we will sell it.
  10. £20 for the next round - Accy website.
  11. The turn around to Saturday will be tough. Gonna be home at 4am, god knows where players live so that could be an extra hour, just rest now until Saturday. Bus journey for the players will be fun for the first hour, then they will be too tired to do anything, and I bet half of them will get cramp at some point!!!
  12. 2 x TV games - £288k (It was £144k last year so assuming its the same this year or more). Gutanteed £135k for winning third round. £180k if we win next round) I guess in the region of £130k generated over two legs from tickets, increasing to £160k after fourth round. In previous years the club has said they don't budget anything from the cup (League cup must have bought in a million plus this year) but FA Cup only, that's £500-£600k. A Prem loan player on even a silly £20k a week based on 16 weeks is £320k.... so surely this bonus income gives some movement in FL's budget...
  13. rammieib

    Come on lads be brave dont give up

    I would love B4 to deliver the motivational speech as long as it can be shown on the big screen in the ground... that'll get the crowd going.
  14. rammieib


    Forgot to say, my post completely ignores the amount of crosses which do come in from RB as well!!
  15. rammieib


    Hull away - Carson in no mans land. Minor at fault. Bolton away - Bogle completely out of position, shape lost as others dragged across. Minor. QPR away - should have pushed free kick out further from goal/around post. Better feet movement and would have caught it. Medium fault. Sheff Utd home - Bogles attempt at stopping John Fleck was pathetic (So was roughly three other players). Minor. West Brom away - Rodriguez runs off him to complete a 1-2. Minor. Boro Away - Carson should stop 4 yards out to catch and relieve pressure but we know he is glued to line. Bogle miskicks. Major from both of them. Chelsea away - Fabregas shot should be stopped. Medium. Villa first - Bogle completely by winger for cross which McGinn heads in. Medium. Villa second - Bogle gone walking and shape lost again. Ball crossed in and Abraham scores. Minor. Wednesday away - Carson should stop that with feet instead of diving with hands. Medium. Stoke first - stronger hand from Carson saves it. Medium. Stoke second - must stop that shot from Ince. Major. Cross not stopped by Bogle. Sheff Utd away - header from Sharpe I think he should stop. Really slow getting over to it. Medium. Sheff Utd away - Clarke header which deflected off Bogle, possibly Bogle could have reacted better to deflect it over bar. Minor. Norwich away - their last one from Pukki. Bogle completely done by the attacker who crosses it. Medium. Boro home - how easy did they get their cross in from the throw in. Bogle loses standing in front of his man and Lamps even said they worked on this during the week before! Minor. Southampton - Bogle wanders into no mans land for the first from Redmond. Major. Leeds first - Carson HAS to catch that corner. Doesn't need to jump, no one near him. Major. So that's 18 goals between them of which I've classed 12 with medium or major errors. I've analyses the few seconds before the goals but I cannot cover the 30 seconds or so before. Looking at all goals conceded, it's amazing just how many Tomori has also had a medium/major contribution to and how few Keogh has the same level of contribution. In an attacking style, possession based (adds pressure) we are lucky to have Keogh. The amount of headed clearances he does do are phenomenal.

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