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  1. Cracking end to the game and the video stream was really good.
  2. Thanks @sage - I ended up booking Isle of Wight for a few days for late August. I've never been - looks like there are a few things for the little one to do there so the days will be full.
  3. I don’t think sugar drinks are included as they count as confectionary.
  4. Your reference is a defender playing for Chelsea probably with a £15 million price tag on his head. A left footer is essential in a ball playing side. We’re not Rowett or Warnock where I would agree it doesn’t matter. Jake Buxton developed into a decent passer of the ball but it helped he was left footed. It allowed his diagonal pass to be hit earlier as the ball is always naturally on the left side.
  5. LOL - And Moore Farm has secret money tree's growing 50 pound notes?
  6. Stones isn’t - the others yes. 1) Much much better players. 2) They have top quality players around them. 3) The teams they play against tend not to press them that high up the pitch. Redo your list but with ball playing centre half’s who are right footed, playing on the left of the centre backs in the championship.
  7. No but 30 million turnover is dropping to probably 10 million. We know around 12-15m is match day (including corporate). Pride Park is closed for hospitality currently (Assuming DCFC even get that money considering Mel bought it!!). So literally what is their income right now? The TV money which we know is only a few million, 10,000 ST sales over the past four months which they need to provision for now in the accounts and maybe a little bit of merchandise. Basically it’s all gone right now. Yet they will still have 2m wages per month (all staff, not just players). They’ll
  8. Huge difference for me. Look how we play with short goal kicks. A right footer will instantly take their first touch back towards goal, a left footer doesn’t etc. For me it’s very essential we see a left footer there.
  9. Club needs to offer 3 and 5 year season tickets for 21/22 season onwards, fairly heavily discounted to generate revenue IMO. If I got 30% discounted, I would buy one.
  10. No one has any money outside the big leagues. Itll be the likes of Bournemouth and Norwich who will be signing players. The best we can do is free transfers and loans. Expect the big clubs to snap up talent and then loan them back out. Derbys turnover must have gone from circa 30 million to 8-10 million pro rata. No gate revenue, no commercial income on stadium, honestly the only income is sponsorship and TV revenue. So unless there is either cash left in the kitty from the sale, or MM puts his hands in his pocket, we are the same as everyone else, fighting for scraps.
  11. Frank went too defensive again, seems to be his problem at Wembley!
  12. If you look at the goals he has scored this season, unless he’s playing against Ben Hamer, they won’t be scored in our league.
  13. You’d argue that Pride Park with additional hospitality/commercial income is definitely worth 20 million more than Hillsborough.
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