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  1. Just catching up - it’s Ok though as I’m sure we flew Fletcher in from NZ to carry the water bottles?
  2. Agreed with those positions - although I still harbour a dream we play 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 instead of wing backs. A LF is therefore a requirement. I just believe that CBT and NML are wingers - not strikers, not inside forwards - they're wingers and to get the best from them, that is where they need to play.
  3. Beat Birmingham on Sunday - truly challenging game - and then it’s a genuine possibility of fourth place. Problem with games called off…. We will never know the 11 he would have put out. As a fan, it’s another home County Ground game we miss out on.
  4. Sorry - they don’t. P and L is at £300m. Not cash position.
  5. We’re going fourth without bowling a ball. This is becoming a perfect evening 😂
  6. This is where its annoying - I'm still debating whether to go or not, the weather being the main off-putter as it stands.
  7. Or simply asking a question with a potentially simple answer if that's allowed?
  8. In the company report - it specifically says "Resigned".
  9. Not quite but the backing of the ownership group is very secure and Clowes Developments have, as of 2022, got nearly £300m in their bank account as cash. In their last accounts (2022) they made around £40m profit BEFORE the acquisition of Derby County on T/O of circa £250m. (Cannot remember the exact details). The acquisition turned this into a loss for the year. Derby County's current legal name is DERBY COUNTY (THE RAMS) LIMITED - they need to sort their own cash flow out but the investment from Clowes Developments who have nearly £300m in the bank is what has obviously supported that. Clowes Developments have invested into the club financially for sure. Clowes Developments are owned by "The Clowes Trust 2014" - but I cannot see who specifically runs/owns them... but obviously David Clowes will be the main driver behind it. the one thing I still find slightly intriguing is the resignation of one of the Directors from every single Clowes Development Business back in late 2022. Makes me wonder if Ian Dickinson fundamentally disagreed with what David Clowes did. David rescued the club - he's used the success of his business to bail out his sporting love. However, he's not used his own cash from his own pocket - he's used the resources of Clowes Developments to do this.
  10. If our budget for a midfield destroyer is 600k - we aint going to get much with that.
  11. If Portsmouth bought in an International player on loan in Jan, won the league with him, made a huge impact and became a fans favourite but then we tried to sign them - I think you’d be talking one million. Championship players cost seven figures I am afraid. We sold Bird for £1.5m! Question to you - if Ebou was already our player - and someone was trying to buy him from us - how much would you want if you were selling him?
  12. Apologies - you're right. Excelsior were in the top division for the last two years. OK - I'm a tad more excited despite their 4500 seater stadium 🤣
  13. I'm not going to get too excited just yet - lets not forget his last two seasons were in the second division in Holland, not the top division. that's probably L1 equivalent.
  14. Three wins from the remaining four needed to finish top four but some tough games in them.
  15. The process of obtaining the permit is easier - no specific criteria is required to be met for up to 4 individuals… but you still need to apply for the permit.
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