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  1. The map isn't right. The gangways should be on either side but they seem to have them in the middle. On block three there seems to be only about 10 seats in between the gangway entrances looking at the indentation in the right. Very confusing.
  2. Paying £40 for away membership should in my eyes give you a preference for the best seating at away matches. This is not a discussion on whether we should or shouldn't have it but on the basis that they do - the customers who had bought this, and therefore often buy tickets first should get preferential seating positions. i can't think of any other event or system where the people buying first get the worst seats!!!
  3. rammieib

    Ipad Pro 12.9

    Hi All Looking for some advice. I want to buy an Ipad Pro 12.9 model and want to know the best place to buy from? I'm not interested in second hand/refurbished but interested to know where I can obtain a good deal from? Can anyone provide me with some advice? Thanks
  4. These comments annoy me - you can't take away his goals - you have to include everything....but what everyone should look at is what he offers now.... I'm not sticking up for Craig Bryson - he offers absolutely nothing now and we should be saying thank you for your time but we're moving on. As for the poster who suggested offering him a new contract because we don't have many midfielders - No No No. FL should have players he thinks are good enough. If he does think Bryson is good enough (Which I'm sure he doesn't as a new contract would have been on the table by now and I am assuming it isn't) then fair enough but we should be aiming for top six - IMO Bryson is nowhere near this now.
  5. Still share this opinion? The player a dog turd of a footballer. If he could at least show some front and desire to hide the footballing deficiencies that might help, but we only had ten players today when he was on the pitch.
  6. I am still hoping Flojo May break out as a footballer at some point.
  7. Apart from the fact I don't think Grealish should be able to make that pass unchallenged - I agree the holes at the back were.....big!
  8. Oi watch it otherwise I'll make a complaint about you....to you.
  9. Turnover £22m Running costs - £35 Million Loss - £13m. We're allowed £39m over three years. If Mel is some form or another is pumping £13m a year into the club, then I do believe this. I know it gets complicated with players write off values but in a simplistic form, that's roughly where we are. But as soon as the headline said £3m a month, I didn't even bother reading rubbish like that.
  10. 4-2-3-1 worked a treat at Villa....not. Why are we getting even more defensive in our formation when we've had one shot on target in three games. What I think he should do (Not what I would do with players available) Carson Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone Huddlestone Holmes Wilson Waghorn Lawrence (I think he'll be back fit) Marriott
  11. I agree he was better than Evans (who was just pointless full stop) but we had two of them sitting and neither one of them got remotely close to Hourihane or Grealish. Take the first goal - Grealish just turned and played a ball over the top - Bird not on him. (I think it was Bird). We created nothing for the whole game and he was our midfielder in the middle of the pitch. Too much of a left foot, one step too slow for the passes. What I will say is he had totally inept players around him - everywhere. Only Holmes tried to do something with the ball but that was impossible. We basically sat with four at the back who didn't attack, two defensive midfielders, a useless FloJo, a useless Bennett so the only chance of anything happening that game was if Holmes and Marriott could have combined. It actually still makes me angry that Lampard thought that 11 would have achieved something.
  12. Flo Jo possesses no intelligence whatsoever. I think he’s an awful footballer. Doesn’t run behind, wants it to feet, threatens to take players on but actually doesn’t. Crossing terrible, can’t kick a ball properly, when the going gets tough he is nowhere to be found, etc
  13. Derbyshire will be last in all forms of the game this coming season. If ever I feel unenthusiastic about a line up, it’s this coming season.
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