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  1. rammieib

    TalkSport Best Championship Grounds

    Elland Road costs and arm and a leg to get into - ticket prices must have had a low weighting in this survey. My favourites are still the likes of Griffin Park and Loftus Road. On top of the players, smaller, better atmosphere etc
  2. rammieib

    Matej Vydra

    If your Vyds now, you may well be taking a look at the new culture Lampard is bring to the club, seeing Wilson and Mount join, and actually just turn round and say "I am playing for the best Championship Club". I would get moving to the Premier League and I could almost understand moving to another Champ team if it doubles your wage, but otherwise, I wouldn't be surprised to see him stay. He may just work his butt off to make sure he has a spot in whatever formation Lampard decides on.
  3. rammieib

    Sell to buy?

    Yeah but I imagine you're not on a million a year...
  4. rammieib

    Derby, Now, Always (Memberships)

    Have they got the work experience kids writing these statements again? This is shocking. I've had to read it three times to understand it... Anyway the ever popular DNA - Derby Now Always is a shocker of a slogan. Not catchy or witty or anything. It's not popular and never has been. P2/P3 - seriously does anyone sensor check his crap that goes out. It can't be priority because further down below they say away memberships get priority (which we know from previous years is the case) but it says P3 against it. Always - such a none clever name to call a type of membership. Anyway, basically season ticket holders LOL. Come on derby, you can do better promotions and statements than this. I don't even mind away memberships - creates £100k revenue for the club but just call it what it is...Away membership!
  5. rammieib

    Sell to buy?

    The player is probably happy - he lives in Lichfield, has three kids (at school), him and his wife has just opened a fitness shop in their home area etc. I also don't see Brighton selling Matty Ryan so not sure why this one has come about? Carson may be at an age now where money isn't a deciding factor for him and happiness is.
  6. rammieib

    Mr T Abraham and Mr M Vydra

    Vydra has a Box at the stadium - anyone know if this has been renewed? Surely that's more of a give away than any patio set/private number plate!!
  7. rammieib

    Now derby has chelsea fitness coach

    Wow B4, we replace a fitness coach with another one who because he comes from Chelsea it makes you a lot happier? Just imagine what you will be like when we actually make a signing...
  8. rammieib

    Matej Vydra

    I rate the guy but I don't think he is in the class of Ince. You could say imagine how much more Ince would flourish under Lampard as we all think that Frank will be bringing a more attacking element to the team. I just worry selling your leading scorer in the league to a rival in the league will make them stronger. I don't buy into the concept of selling to raise money when you are selling a player who needs replacing in the first instance. I know there isn't likely to be takers but selling Johnson, Butterfield, Nugent, Jerome, Blackman, Hanson, Forsyth, Anya, Ledley, Thorne (maybe), Pearce, Bennett and Olsson are all sales which could raise money/free up wages and wouldn't weaken us IMO
  9. rammieib

    Birmingham Open Tennis

    Attended the final of the Birmingham Open Tennis yesterday. Glorious weather and an excellent match between Kvitova and Rybarikova. Bit sad though - roughly a 3500 capacity had around 2000 fans there. They wanted £49 a ticket for the final. I know England clashed but I don't believe this was the factor for less fans in attendance. £100 for both us is a lot!
  10. rammieib

    Matej Vydra

    Just the once ;)
  11. rammieib

    Matej Vydra

    Very good - I was wrong BIG time.
  12. rammieib

    Bobby Reid - Signed for Cardiff City

    Payment due dates, end of life residual life sales, etc never as straightforward. Getting 10-12m for Vyds won't actually mean we have 10-12m to spend if FFP is a serious threat. I'm not convinced it is though.
  13. rammieib

    Derby Goal scorers

    None of them now. It's why we can't let Vydra go.
  14. rammieib

    Matej Vydra

    It will be a huge mistake if Vydra goes for this club. Sold Ince and in comes Lawrence, not as good. A player who we now know can score the goals to get us out this league - don't let that talent go please.
  15. rammieib

    Bobby Reid - Signed for Cardiff City

    Why sell guaranteed goals when you need to spend roughly the same to replace it?

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