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  1. rammieib


    The handball in the build up to the first Bournemouth disallowed goal was absolutely not handball.
  2. Only getting token minutes so far ar Oxford.
  3. Yep, got a ticket for my converted German friend who's flying in by this method.
  4. Ok different question - can a child season ticket buy their ticket and then have it upgraded to an adult ticket? Anyone done this?
  5. rammieib


    That’s my point - I think we’ve had circa ten clear and obvious decisions this season (Red cards like Maguire) or penalties not given which had they been called correctly then the only discussion would be around offside or the rules themselves.
  6. rammieib


    Would be OK if there wasn't so many bad decisions being missed by VAR. That's not even considering the stupid offside fiascos.
  7. Flojo hasn't learned how to kick a ball yet. So frustrating.
  8. I hope next season we see Rooney next to him and then new dynamic number 10.
  9. But in all honesty how will they get them? Although I know they always do lol
  10. Not going to be pretty tonight, don’t like the line up but c’est la vie.
  11. KP (Who does a great job) has confirmed that I can get a further two tickets using my daughters Fan ID. She's only four, never been to a game yet, but I did set her up pre-season so thank god I did....
  12. Their rules which appear to prohibit me buying a second ticket yet a fan without a ST can buy two tickets.
  13. Well that just confuses me lol.
  14. I'm a ST holder who is looking for 2/3 extra tickets (above mine). Hoping/assuming there will be availability still on the 25th Feb for me to buy. (If I need three should be able to use my dads ID as well)
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