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  1. Can pass, top player for interceptions in league one, big physical presence. He should dominate the position for years.
  2. Liability with the ball and no longer a great defender.
  3. Spot on. Only two natural attacking players though are Knight and Sibley.
  4. There are no leaders when you think about it.
  5. This is your best post I’ve ever seen. 👏
  6. I was referring to the grief in social media. Yes I also don’t like that he has avoided the post match interviews. But ultimately he has dropped himself now which was painstakingly obvious needed to be done so let’s hope this helps.
  7. I think Rooney has taken plenty of flack over the past week if not more.
  8. Thanks Bob. We’re also very lucky and appreciate that fact. My parents live in the same village and although they stay safe they do realise life isn’t for being locked up. They pick our 5-year old up and we’re there most days and they have no issue. My wife talks to my family more than I do! I’m pretty safe work wise and earn a good salary, my wife has a good maternity scheme from her company and I believe is also sage for when she goes back next April. We have a decent house, a garden and our school for the 5-year old has been pretty good throughout as well. Just obviously for my w
  9. Depends how we look at things I guess. I think we can all agree (to some extent) that back in March and April cases were significantly higher than what they have been in recent weeks. However, the government had no way of measuring it back then with no capacity in the market to test. Now, if the two amigo's Vallance and Witty could produce a graph which showed a genuinely rate of infection and it captured everybody from day one, I think the recent weeks would only be a very small increase on where we were back in March and April. Now though - they've made decisions, affecting mi
  10. Give it a few days for the data to filter through with many questions on "Why am I in this" - I think the public pressure will build. and IF a vaccine starts to be delivered soon...... The Lateral Flow tests are the Governments excuse to find people with the virus to justify their decisions. The money we are wasting now is just eye watering.
  11. We were never going to be anything but Tier 3. Government is continuing to screw the country. We as people are accepting it too easily unfortunately. Anyway - only change i see - I can now go and play football with my mates in Tier 3. Everything else - same as usual. They have to 100% release the criteria - why they haven't already is shambolic in itself.
  12. Very fact he's answering these questions and having to state this shows how much of a farce this club is.
  13. Bugger - you beat me to it but hey @Richard246still has two hours.
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