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  1. Bennett will be lucky to score 20 in his life lol. We have two good strikers - Waghorn and Marriott. Now to see if they can play together in a Cocu team...
  2. So saratosa was a farce, this game abandoned. Only three more games which kind of mean 1-2 games even for players we expect to be starting the first match. Just a suspicion but we won’t be very fit/match ready.
  3. If I wanted to score against Carson last season, just shoot at his feet..... He was extremely poor..... all this tosh of a stat does is back that opinion up.
  4. Great post. It's interesting to hypothesize what Cocu could be worth? 2-4 positions in the league table? If a league table of managers was done based on their abilities and sentiment was taken out the equation, I think Cocu is top six but lack of Champ knowledge could stop top two?
  5. But lots of people on this thread are making assumptions and putting teams down on paper and saying it’s top six. So people are disagreeing that we’re not weaker... (or the league is a lot weaker to say we’re still top six). I’m saying when someone on this thread points out three wingers, two being Bennett and Flojo and then says we’re too six material, that’s seriously misguided IMO. I agree though, signings will come in and we should be stronger come opening day.
  6. Lots of posts about formations and team selections. Am I in a monitory that right now, our team/squad is bang average mid table. Lot of people hoping/expecting miracles from fringe players last season. Even with Shinnie/Dowell joining so far - we need as a minimum two star players but hopefully three. CB/AM/Winger. I am patient and I expect plenty to happen over the next month but right now our squad is middle of the table at best.
  7. I’ve always seen Pontus as a ‘winner’ - so for him to be accepting Brentford is a very strange play.
  8. Don’t worry B4 - we will have scouts in most places including USA. We don’t need to look whilst we are there... The players that could make it from over there are not that cheap though.
  9. Only one poster has put that rubbish up about the play-off final. MM has handled this whole situation with class and dignity from start to finish. Lampard lost some respect from me by putting his holiday over his career. No reason for me he couldn’t have sorted Chelsea out first then had his break away. Jody, one twitter picture aside of him kissing the shirt, has been good and a very excellent goodbye from him. I give Mel enormous credit. He’s taken a situation and turned it on it’s head immediately. Without Cocu fans would have been angry at FL, then if no manager comes in, would have turned frustration onto MM. He’s not only stopped that, but we’ve got a manager who on paper is better, the team and structure is in place and we’re £5-7m better off. Well played Mel.
  10. One of two things, 1) Compensation for all the staff has taking has been agreed already and Lampard is having pointless discussions on things that won't change whatsoever. 2) Mels trump card is to hold back Jody, Chris and Shay until the compensation there is agreed. Lampard won't want to go in alone, he wants his trusted team behind him, and therefore MM can simply say its pay up or you don't get them. All cards lie with MM in my eyes now.
  11. Morally FL has messed his own reputation up with DCFC supporters and some of the general public. By going on holiday and putting the current position between parties on hold he has created this awkward situation which I think Mel is dealing with well. Day by day, hour by hour his position is becoming untenable at the club. We should hold out for the full compensation (I wonder if his staff have exit compensation clauses?) for every individual who is going. Also, don’t for one minute think this doesn’t affect pre-season. At every drinks break, lunch break, gym session, what do you think the players are discussing. Without a manager in place there will be a large number of them not putting 100% in and a lot of me doesn’t blame them...
  12. it's more the lack of signings and watching other clubs sign players.
  13. If/when he goes, I kind of feel that he has already burnt a few bridges in my eyes. Every day that has gone by, is one less day for us planning. I'm sure we have a shortlist in place but we're what, 7/8 days from the players returning? I see transfers being done etc Of course I want him to stay, and in the miracle he does, he can come out and say planning never stopped etc All over, by the virtue of this not being done quickly (one way or another), this will be a messy situation.
  14. Well we are missing out on potential player signings (or sales) if you ask me.
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