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  1. Lol. Give you that one! 🙂 Sorry Gibbo!
  2. For what B4? Because a journalist has run a story with a number of rumoured facts and covered himself by using words of possibility?? The mature and professional response is to do nothing and say nothing. That’s exactly what I want my club to do and it’s exactly what I think the club will do. Phrases such as sue them only lower yourself to the levels of what Colin Gibson has shown himself to be based on comments in the press in recent months.
  3. Amazing the amount of people who think that in play-offs (semi's and final) we get all the money. One quick google check on EFL Play-Off Ticket Revenue will show you what you get. Then - don't forget to take VAT out of the equation. So losing team from Wembley (So Villa then), I imagine you are looking at: Average ticket price excluding VAT - £50. (Don't forget seniors/students etc). £50 x 80,000 = £4,000,000. Wembley costs for the day - circa £500k as a guess but I have no idea. £3.5m. Half of this goes to the EFL so £1.75M is left. If both teams come to the agreement that the loser gets the money, maybe this is what we are looking at. I think I also read that TV income and other match day income is included so total turnover could be towards the £5 Million mark but I'm not 100% sure.
  4. I could now get tickets in block 225, club Wembley, on the half way line. But obviously I got mine yesterday, so angry.
  5. it's just wrong on so many levels.
  6. I don't find the ticketing pricing unreasonable for this game. £36 is a fair price. Personally I wanted club Wembley - I treat this as different to a normal game and perfectly prepared to pay £98 which is the same price as years ago. Just didn't get the opportunity to this year.
  7. I think the fact that not all blocks are available for people to buy at the point they are passed the queue is an absolute disgrace. I don't mind I was 5000 in the queue, I accept it probably was random, but then to get the only tickets which were really available to me, and then afterwards, find out certain blocks are being released which have better seats is an absolute disgrace in my opinion. Whether it is the club or Wembley who dictate this, they should be ashamed. A few years ago, when we played QPR, it was through Ticket Master (or a relevant big company) and they could cope with a large volume at the same time and all seats were available. It won't taint the day out but not to have the opportunity to buy the best view seats because the blocks were not released at the point of getting through is a huge disappointment.
  8. At least a few years ago, we used Ticket Master and that could cope with the demand all at once!!
  9. Bloody hell - the size of this queue! 5372 in the queue!
  10. Good try....but I wasn't desperate for the answer 😉
  11. I hope they don't do away membership first. I have away membership, my dad doesn't but we're both season ticket holders. Obviously we want to go together. With 36k tickets available, does it really need the away membership? The argument would be they can get the best seats first I imagine.
  12. Just be patient until the club publicises the information!!!
  13. If Lampard intends to start next season with Roos or a new GK as his number one, we should let Carson go for a nominal fee. £250k at most. No point in keeping him.
  14. No chance lino saw the corner so that's irrelevant. My issue is why didn't the lino tell referee over the microphone immediately that a (non-existent) foul had been committed by Bogle. That way the ref could have given a free kick straight away. The head butt incident...again the lino was going to give nothing until Tomori reacted. If the lino had seen it, why has he not communicated to the ref. Plus it's a red. Not for the force but for the intent behind it. Just another bad day for officials.
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