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  1. rammieib

    Wigan (A) Tickets

    Another very fair price. Take note DCFC.
  2. rammieib

    v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread

    Carson Tomori Keogh Davies Malone Hudds Bryson Mount Waghorn Wilson Marriott Take the game to Wednesday. Drop Bogle (not good enough) and get the core players back in (Mount and Bryson). £36 plus booking fee. We will still sell the 2000 out.
  3. rammieib

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Team too weak - experience won over youthful energy. Bogle, Bennett and Holmes is potential but not current. Strange one for me today was the change of formation. Frank was trying to do something to effect the game but our midfield was being killed and three centre half's was not going to fix that. Come the first goal, Keogh has gone off marauding up the pitch, Tomori gets pulled across, Bogle is too high up as he's now a wing back (Not that he would have stopped a cross anyway) and then Forsyth is left with multiple runners. Similar type of scenario on the second goal. Anyway, forget about it, move on. Mount and Bryson back fit, maybe Waghorn, Davies back in (Hopefully).
  4. rammieib

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    So 23% of fans who voted on here are now not attending. So 5000 season ticket holders now not able to make it - yeah right. I think a fair few are telling porkies... Oh and at £36 for cheapest ticket I think there is a fair few very happy to see this now on sky!!!
  5. rammieib

    Peschisolido Story

    I actually remember that day being so disappointed when he started lol.
  6. rammieib

    Andre Wisdom

    Should have jumped against Fellaini instead of doing what he did, which I'm not actually sure was anything!
  7. rammieib

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    Ooooo I do love a local Derby game under the floodlights, but fully appreciate how many people would get annoyed at this.
  8. rammieib

    Ridiculous Ticket price

    Great post. However, lets include away fans though in the debate as I think it is fair to say away ticket prices can also impact on numbers to an extent - although you have a limited captive market at a certain value. Wednesday could charge £39 but fi they only have 2000 seats to sell, odds are enough Derby fans would have done it. So - Birmingham game then. 8000 people paying £33 (I've upped it from £32 to try and give an average) against a ticket price of £25. So how many extra fans would we have needed to put on the gate to break even, (Forget other sales on the day such as programmes, food). Answer is: 8 x £8000 = £64,000 £64,000/25 = 2,560. So if the ticket prices were £25, would we have sold an extra 2,500 tickets. Previous attendance history in previous years suggests a Saturday afternoon, the answer is yes, Derby County believe the answer is no. Someone in the commercial team I think has obviously looked at the opposition and said - is the away team going to bring 3000 fans regardless of ticket price? If the answer is yes, they've probably gone for maximum price and sacrificed Derby fans in doing so. I just think ethically and morally its the wrong thing to do now. I definitely think 1000-1500 extra fans would have come to the game. At some point, the extra support you have to say will give you an additional points return by the motivation it gives the players. You just cannot tally this up or put a financial figure on it really. I'll finish though and just hope/wish someone from DCFC reads this forum and threads like this and decides that as the season goes on and we continue to stay in our lofty position, getting more and more fans to games is a hugely important thing to do. So reducing ticket prices will obviously have an effect (I'd argue only the Forest game isn't price sensitive although that didn't sell out last year). No Derby ST hold will complain at a £25 ticket price when your season ticket works out around £19 (Cat C) per game. Over to you DCFC.
  9. rammieib

    1 Loan Signing

    Agreed it's unrealistic but you would have said Mount was unrealistic as well?
  10. rammieib

    Ridiculous Ticket price

    15/16 avg attendance was 29,600 16/17 avg attendance was 29,000 17/18 avg attendance was 27,100 18/19 avg attendance is 25,700 so far. Yesterday was a clear opportunity to put 30,000 on the gate by charging £25. 28,100 was our highest yet, but on Birminghams run you were always going to see them sell out whatever price you charged. So really, DCFC could have taken a real chance at filling out stadium (at least when there is 30k plus it looks full) but chose not to. Real shame. Villa again they know they will sell their allocation out. The season ticket offer is a way of getting around the high pricing as they know 3100 tickets will be sold at £36. We should sell more, I'm sure most people will know so,done who is a ST holder but it's a real shame our pricing approach. Youve got 3 to 4000 people being made redundant at RR, plus the knock on effect in the local supply chain. It's getting harder and harder and when the average numbers are dropping that much, shocking prices just for the cheapest seats isn't the way forward. I'm hoping they will learn at some point.
  11. rammieib

    1 Loan Signing

    He's been playing when fit, plus he plays the Huddlestone role more. Brilliant player though. RB is the one position I think we can clearly strengthen at the moment. Or how about Loftus-Cheek? Let Wilson, Lawrence and Waghorn battle for winger spots and have Mount and Loftus-Cheek in the middle. Only chance is purely down to the Chelsea links...
  12. rammieib

    Match Thread V Chelsea (A)

    Despite the deflection thought he could have done better. Malone getting sucked inside and committing himself.
  13. rammieib

    Derby vs. Sam Rush

    Didn't SR win the first battle with the unfair dismissal but suggestions on here was that DCFC didn't want to reveal the evidence they had for the bigger court battle still to come? Probably better that this was done behind closed doors. I heard SR didn't have the financing for a big court room battle but likewise, I don't imagine SR has Millions in his pocket. As a complete guess, I bet neither party has paid the other one anything.
  14. rammieib

    Coming off your line training

    You're opinion fella. Others on here believes the four or five strides he could have made in two seconds would have been easy for him. Even could have called for Bogle to let it bounce and Carson catches it on the bounce in the air.
  15. rammieib

    Fikayo Tomori

    Take your point but the opposite of this is dropping Bennett made us stronger (as I ultimately believe here it led to us playing our most effective offensive players). Bogle has been a breadth of fresh air, I agree with that but last few games I feel that he has made a few positioning mistakes, allowing players to cut inside very easily and I think his final ball is weak currently. He gets into good positions, but doesn't quite delivery that final ball. Again, I'm completely happy to say he needs time and development opportunities. League is always my priority, so I can see your point about Wednesday being a 'reward' but Davies still is our best defender and we are not keeping clean sheets. I'm not even going to say it's stronger, would just be happy to give it a go.

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