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  1. rammieib

    Mason Bennett

    Tin hat coming but still think his quality on the ball is poor. Often runs into dead ends, makes it easy for the defender to tackle him and first touch isn't good. Work rate phenomenal today, super cross first half for Nugent though and his best game this season. I still want more from him in goals/assists. Wilson comes in after one game and scores/assists (winning the free kick). I would also say no-one else in his position is performing enough to warrant the shirt over Mason.
  2. rammieib

    Man Utd (A) Carabao Cup Tickets

    If we'd sold 5000 so far A) the club would make sure we knew this and B) 1 in 5 of us pretty much on this board would be going. I'm fairly sure that's not the case. i just hope there is no financial penalty on Derby. Also anyone know what % of gate revenue we receive?
  3. rammieib

    Man Utd (A) Carabao Cup Tickets

    So around 3000 sold so far?
  4. rammieib

    Mason Bennett

    Yes because I'm using Messi and Ronaldo as my benchmark. 100 appearances, six goals. Regardless of the fact the vast majority of them are sub appearances, I still fail to see the end product of Bennett and we're struggling to score. Just to show I'm not against youth, Bogle could turn out to be be the find of the decade for us. He is brilliant.
  5. rammieib

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    But sadly Nugent is getting in because of effort when the team is desperately shouting out for goals. My one criticism of Lampard so far this is.
  6. rammieib

    Mason Bennett

    I think your right here. For me, he doesn't contribute enough with goals/assists (yes I know he has two assists) but generally his final ball is actually poor. His first touch isn't good enough either. For however well we did play on Tuesday, the team line up didn't shout out goals to me.
  7. rammieib

    First use of VAR in a Rams match

    Don't see an issue with it in my eyes. More Man Utd players may have used it before and could be cleverer with it though. For those saying the same rules (rules being the use of VAR here) should apply in all games but sorry, you could be really pedantic and therefore say that it's unfair as each game has a different referee who will have different styles. I still don't know if I like it or not, but I'm not against trialling it.
  8. rammieib

    Declining attendances

    Not in the Championship. This is only true in the Premier League. In the Championship, Gate revenue is still 40-50% of a clubs income stream so actually they need to maximise the amount of money they can generate and this becomes the priority over ticket prices. Sure the club could choose 1 or 2 matches a year and make every ticket a tenner (i.e Like Cardiff last year) and then there will be 30,000 there. If you did that every weekday game, it would lose its effect although you may see attendances at the 26-28k mark. I'd also say that £20 for a midweek game isn't a big difference from £25 and therefore you wouldn't see fans coming in. Why anyone would pay £33-35 for a West Stand seat for a home midweek game against Blackburn is beyond me as well. I would love to see Derby take the option of prioritising numbers over revenue but I get they can't do this. However we will reach a saturation point whereby the product isn't worth a lot for the TV viewers. I wonder how many watched on the red button last night - 10-20,000 maybe? (Especially when its not HD and one camera only) but three TV trucks outside, I bet there was still a £10k fee for Sky to pay to broadcast it last night. I wouldn't be surprised to see Sky drop this initiative at the end of the season. I was really excited it by the idea as I thought it would be full TV coverage with multiple angles, replays, HD etc but one camera is really poor.
  9. rammieib

    Away Days

    I actually think they do but I'm not sure what role they play.
  10. rammieib

    Away Days

    I can't think of any condition where beer going all over me is enjoyable. I am curious to know though whether you think drinking on coaches would see drink spread out and this behaviour slightly improved or more alcohol consumed and thus behaviour getting worse? On Saturday, about three or four 'kids' (I had them down as 16-18) arrived late, walked half way up to concourse, had tried to sneak beer in, got caught by steward, still tried to hide it, stood on stairs (SS3) and wouldn't move. It was truly pathetic behaviour, they thought they were being cool, and I wish the police had come up and moved them away. The youth of today is so sad.
  11. rammieib

    Away Days

    Yeah you can - ban all idiots who misbehave at away games. Have Derby staff/stewards in the away end. Take pictures of offending people etc
  12. rammieib

    Few idiots spoil the day

    This seems a bit odd unless it's to actually I.D the individuals. I'm sure DCFC have provided names but nothing yet coming out about whether CCTV was permanently watching all seats? With regards to away fans and sitting - why not try and have one block which is for fans who want to sit? Any tickets issued in this block come with a letter asking the person to sit and at the same time, the stewards/police are asked at the other end to police it? I know it's not 'easy' but if there are 300 people whose attitude is to sit, it's a lot easier!
  13. rammieib

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    Agreed but in reality on a melee it wouldn't have mattered if both benches had come completely out their dugouts if the incident is next to them. One thing which doesn't help at Rotherham is the benches are so far apart. Don't think any other ground has them that open. Makes it impossible for the fourth official to talk to the manager and also it opens up the lino to being closer to the management team throughout the game.
  14. rammieib

    Few idiots spoil the day

    Then CCTV can do its job.
  15. rammieib

    Few idiots spoil the day

    Completely agree although I sadly think Rotherham will recharge DCFC and it'll be impossible to get the money back from the individuals.

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