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  1. Was that in between the 40 yard long ball punt to Marriott against Morrison and Flint?
  2. Anyone actually know what the Cocu style of play is?
  3. Played nearly 400 games for us and not sent off once. Cried at Wembley? jesus, that's just emotion. Absolutely no problem with that. My only issue is that he berates refs too much when he should get on with the game but his passion to win and passion to Derby is second to none.
  4. Honestly not seen enough of him to comment. Hasn't looked scared the two times he has come on the pitch for us which is a plus.
  5. Top Two: Keogh, Marriott, Waghorn, Bielik, Bogle Top Six: Holmes, Clarke, Forsyth (Assuming old form) Mid Table: Lawrence, Huddlestone, Dowell, Evans, Malone, Lowe, Davies, Roos, Shinnie, Hamer, Paterson, Wisdom Relegation: Bennett, Flojo I'll leave Knight and Sibley out of the above - both have great careers ahead of them. Buchanan I'm sitting on the fence. Bird and Whittaker I don't think will make it. And the above is exactly why we will finish mid table.
  6. If you watch the pre match shooting the players do, he is truly horrific. I honestly believe we will be better off when he's gone, because he isnt good enough for now. As for Tuesday, I was hoping Whittaker was going to be withdrawn and Bennett moved out wide. Whittaker for me is the next Izale McCloud. Sibley and Knight have something about them but not Whittaker.
  7. Just for once when I saw a decent punishment, money gets him a temporary escape. Let’s hope the appeal is unsuccessful. I also hope Talksport drop him. I think he’s thick as two short planks when I hear him and don’t enjoy listening. I often think to myself “Shut up Saunders.’ McCoist is my favourite, hands down.
  8. Our fans throw chairs at games. Ours sung about the Forest chairman who died. Ours vandalise their owners Vehicle. There is no real club in the country who doesn’t have its idiots. Often fuelled by drink and often a macho attempt to show off to their mates. I hate it, truly hate it but accept that it won’t change. The club, just about all clubs, don’t do anything about it to improve the experience for fans. Just have no idea why fans can’t go to games, have banter, have a drink, chant ‘friendly’ stuff etc. I saw two Derby kids on Tuesday, prob 10-12 years old, giving V signs to the fans above them. Truly pathetic. (Any Derby fan trying to give it the big un, slashing their neck, wanting to fight after the game are all truly pathetic in my eyes). What’s worse, during the day a lot of them probably have decent jobs.
  9. Brentford 2 Derby 1 FRGS Waghorn
  10. Set pieces are some of the worst I've seen in years.
  11. Decent but lost ball in build up to their goal. Not the place on the pitch to lose it. Big future ahead of him.
  12. Dont really know what Clarke had done wrong to be dropped. Dont think it made any bearing on today's outcome but a tad harsh. I want to see Bielik in the DM position. I am sure thtas what we bought him for. Ultimately, won today we have Bogle to come in (means a step up), we have Lows to go to LB (which his performances have learnt him), we have Holmes to come in (Presently for Dowell!) and a Marriott who can only get fitter. So whilst results and maybe performances to a lesser extent have been disappointing there are positives still to come.
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