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  1. knowing Holmes he probably got injured during his medical
  2. think he should of hung around in chelsea reserves until he got a chance to come here. i mean. whod want to live in poxy milan rather than Derby
  3. i dont think he would walk. i think he’ll be very vocal tho. refreshingly seems quite open with the media. hes really in a no lose situation. hes getting a tune out of the players, which if continues will only raise his management stock given current circumstances. if hes doesnt hes got a ready made excuse
  4. think at the end of the season itll be a toss up between him and knight for poty
  5. would rather have tom lawrence in the team
  6. thought we’d hit the jackpot signing mikkel beck........then i saw him head over from 1 yard out
  7. very likeable bloke but as a footballer, for me, i just dont know what he brings to the team. doesnt score. doesnt assist. doesnt tackle. very injury prone. i know folk on here like him. but for £1m id snap their arm off
  8. so long as we dont sell knight. i dont care if we dont bring anyone in
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