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  1. he is a good ref. still cant get my head round why he booked a sub who wasnt on the pitch tho!
  2. its farcical. just sensationalist journalism. dont know how their allowed to print lies. big IF. but if found guilty. fine max. which we’ll probably appeal
  3. i dont think new evidence was allowed
  4. agree with every word. for me, with the amount of new faces coming in. im praying WR has his list done so were not playing catch up. getting new players in BEFORE preseason starts is a priority for me
  5. felt for him today. really hope he gets wednesday up next season
  6. 1 yr left on his city deal and his a million miles from their 1st team squad. id fancy taking him on loan, then signing him for free.
  7. me to. think hed work well with kazim.
  8. think after next season hes out of contract. so for me he signs an extension (i hope) or we cash in
  9. good goal actually. but could have come off mick macarthys nose for all i care
  10. ive had my eyes shut for last 10 mins.
  11. dont worry. ive just bumped into Elon Musk in home bargains in Alfreton and he says he’ll check down the back of his settee for some loose change to buy us
  12. good points. all quality players uv mentioned. even grealish offers something different. lots of quality depth your point about an world class dcm is also valid. as we know such a difficult position to fill. and if we did i can see us challenging for euros and world cups
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