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  1. Id swap bielik for huddlestone. But then again i didnt play for barcelona
  2. Defo exciting times to be a ram! Cant remember so many quality youth players in and around the 1st team in 30 odd years watching Derby. Think they will get game time. Cocu has gone on record saying he rather have the best u23s here with the 1st team than out on loan
  3. Just 3 league wins in 22 for jones. I hope Derby arent going to be that team u want to play when your at the crest of a slump!
  4. Get that. but thats what happens. Simply question : who would u want as derbys manager? Lampard or Cocu? Cocu for me every day. But without lampard rising our profile i think wouldnt have got cocu
  5. What they're being serious?? Let me laugh even louderšŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£
  6. Mount got minutes again. Nice to see frank putting faith in him. Wonder if tomori will get game time following that horrorshow against man utd
  7. I hope frank does well at chelsea. Done wonders for us. Without him rising our profile would cocu had come? We're in a far better position going forward than this time last year. Plus nice to see an englishman managing a top club
  8. Is this a made for channel 5 film?
  9. Thanks for the info. Defo one for the future then. Having so many academy lads in and around the 1st team shows what a good job wassall and co are doing
  10. Cheers mate. Thanks for that. Was hoping whittaker played RW. Not overly convinced about our options there At the minute. I know only time will tell but do you think he can make the step up and regularly play there?
  11. Not really kept up with the u23/u18 but really pleased some got 1st team action. Hoping to see more games this season. So just wondering what are buchanan and whittakers natural positions? Im guessing buchanans a left footed center half(even tho he played lb) due to the comments in last nights match thread
  12. Billy gilmour for chelsea looks a good player
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