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  1. Not sure but think Mr Magoo is in there
  2. I agree. Anybody with a copy of Football Manager would have more a success rate than our recruitment team
  3. Yeah i know. Either way none of it our fault. Hate that feeling that was our time tho. Every year its going to further away. Saying that im good friends with chelsea and city fans and look whats happened to them since. 20 years ago they'd have loved to been in our shoes. Suprising what a daft twit with a shitload of money does for your club. Always the eternal oppimist tho. How i think youve got to be being a Derby fan. Otherwise we'd all supporting 1 of above. At the minute premiership = dream. Europe = wet dream
  4. Same era as me. Re. Number 2 - This still. And probably for the rest of life has me thinking 'What could of been'
  5. What a loser. Well done mate youve ruined your legacy here. Hopefully insurance will be paying his wages
  6. Good different folk saying different motm. Means more than 1 stand out player
  7. I know what u mean mate. Nice end to a proper crap week. Just got that feeling that our seasons about to turn round
  8. I agree. Love how frank is playing young english lads who we've seen wearing our shirt.
  9. Why dont we employ a recruitment team for a recruitment team
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