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  1. Agree with this. As money is going to tight next season for nearly all non prem teams. They will be looking in house at u23s and u18s. Our youth set up is already producing 1st teamers. Just read DET Trailist now training with 1st team
  2. Brilliant read. Started going with my dad the year before Arthur joined us. Really brought back some happy memories. Can remember the Sheff utd away game. Cant believe we only took 8000 there...it felt like the whole city was there to me!
  3. To be fair to the lad he did say his test had come back negative. Im guessing he was on about an IQ test
  4. What a signing he was. On a free i think.
  5. Could he have gone out on loan like Blackman and at least pretended to be a footballer?
  6. Real shame how what its turned into. Loved it back in 80s when gerald mortimer wrote for them
  7. What would be the point in selling him. I want bird, knight and sibley to be our midfield trio for the next 10 years
  8. If your birthdays april 17th....unlucky
  9. Think dean is his agent. Might be wrong tho
  10. Fast becoming my fave player
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