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  1. Ram-a-lama fa fa fa

    Florian Jozefzoon

    Ill give him a lift to the airport if he wants
  2. Ram-a-lama fa fa fa

    Harry Wilson - Signed on a season long loan

    Also says weve signed him in the mirror online. I would put a picture or a link up but ive got no idea how to do that!
  3. Ram-a-lama fa fa fa

    Demetri Mitchell

    Not happening according to DET
  4. Ram-a-lama fa fa fa

    Chris Martin

    Makes me sad but. Does Anyone else think that chris martin is the next jordan rhodes? 2-3 seasons banging goals in for fun. Then 2-3 seasons doing jack, out on loan.
  5. Ram-a-lama fa fa fa

    Mason Mount - Signed on a season long loan

    Could be the tonic that mate. Btw was u in red lion tonight for england?
  6. Ram-a-lama fa fa fa


    Beautiful. Brought a tear to eye. Might be the england match, but i really needed see that. What a great club we was and still are. Makes me proud. Top class
  7. Ram-a-lama fa fa fa

    Mason Mount - Signed on a season long loan

    God i hope this happens. Really need summat to pick me up after tonites kick in knackers
  8. Ram-a-lama fa fa fa

    Best ever atmosphere at an away game you attended

    That was class. Was it a fa cup match? I cant remember
  9. Ram-a-lama fa fa fa

    Frank's punditry- Clues on how we'll play.

    Couldnt hear the half time chit-chat. Pub was too busy 🙂
  10. Ram-a-lama fa fa fa

    Robert Huth

    Ive been to stamford bridge. And im over 30. Wonder if ill get linked to derby
  11. Ram-a-lama fa fa fa

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Phew! Just got on spain not qualifying from their group before they sacked their boss!
  12. Ram-a-lama fa fa fa

    Jay DaSilva

    I know what your saying the you cant rely on Lowe being injury free for any length of time. Which for a footballer so young is a worry
  13. Ram-a-lama fa fa fa

    Players that...

    He was a class act. Was never started enough tho. Can remember the " we want kinky on" chant even after he left the club!
  14. Ram-a-lama fa fa fa

    Our CURRENT best starting XI?

    I dont know why but when i think about our best 11 i start getting depressed!
  15. Ram-a-lama fa fa fa

    Gary WHO ?

    Hope that match is on amazon

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