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  1. Can remember saunders coming to to Derby and the who-har surrounding it. But didnt know lawrenson was their manager. Thats cheered me up no end!
  2. Id love frank to sign a new contract and end this speculation
  3. Blackman and butterfield will never wear a Derby shirt again. This is purely for FFP reasons. Unless we sell them this summer so at least drag back a bit of money we've spunked on these 2
  4. I hope sibley will be getting more 1st team exposure.
  5. Never let football ruin a football day out. The unknown of next season both excites and scares me at the same time. But one thing i know for sure is every top 6 PL manager will be looking to loan their star youngsters to our frank.
  6. Well where i was was the Derby fans were in fine voice. Even after the game. On the tube you'd have thought we'd won the final!
  7. 2 up top for me. Same as we did against leeds. Play like weve got nothing to lose and take the game to them
  8. Im guessing ull be sitting next to dean smith on the bench
  9. I think hes a cheating git whos only thing going for him is hes got pep on speed dail
  10. Dont know wot planet these yorkshire puddings are on...corrupt ref/EFL??? THEY are the proven cheats who bottled it when it mattered Im buzzing today and reading comments like above just makes me smile more!
  11. Patrick Bamford. Sap on u twit
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