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  1. think cocu needs to grow a pair and drop rooney for this one
  2. cant work out that formation. is that rooney no10 role?
  3. i really hope no would be buyers read this
  4. possibly. but he came to the championship last season. ok to the favourites to go up. but was only used as an impact sub to run at already tired defenders. to me the lad needs game time and with our lack of striking options we can defo guarantee that
  5. because Clarke is playing there
  6. what about eddie nketiah on loan from arsenal? Didnt really get the game time at leeds
  7. u been reading the tony pullis guide to exciting football?
  8. is this game available to watch anywhere? are ramstv doing it for a £10
  9. wife just finished painting a radiator, so ill be watching that dry 2nd half
  10. nice early goal for marriott today. rest those nervous and kick start his goal scoring run.
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