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  1. if we owe £60 mill tax. how much did we earn!
  2. excellent point. im guessing clauses like this would be negotiated as apart of the transfer. quite simple really. i wonder why this never happens
  3. yeah normally its some bugger with a torch and more bad news
  4. at 28. if he fails here he’ll surely never play at championship or higher level again. league 1 and 2 will beckon one last crack might be the inspiration he needs
  5. ah gotcha. thought it ended this year
  6. thought with over 21 you dont pay compensation if out of contract?
  7. personally i would have gone for nick powell
  8. good move for me. now lets gets this embargo lifted and extend his contract
  9. yes they have. Chong from utd is staying with utd for the preseason, same as mengi. then going to brum for 1st league match. id always think it better to get the player in for preseason so he can get used to the team, formations etc. unless it’s something to do with extend rest for players involved in the euros
  10. bet the efl Derby county file is that thick its got its own room
  11. sounds like an estate agents
  12. with lawrence. his contract needs to be extended this window or sold this window
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