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  1. Yep spot on - and those one-nil's won't happen as much this year given the defensive options. Losing Clarke is a huge blow.
  2. Only if we can win games without scoring.
  3. Think Ben Fosters will be more authentic based on CKR's promo there. Foster didn't do glitz and glamour - just showed us what it was like.
  4. This was weird. In the West Lower there were three open blocks to buy from - not next to each other but with gaps between them. You'd have thought they would open up the whole of the lower West (apart from player subs spaces) and all of the East upper/lower to still allow fans an element of spacing. If we're going to have a few blocks full, and other blocks empty - it'll look so weird. Yet another DCFC decision I'm sure there is a reason behind it but doesn't make sense.
  5. Only if we can swap him for Bird, and even if Carroll is a free agent, it's still a swap deal!
  6. I'll be casting my eye from behind the dug out 🙂 Only because I park close to Wilmorton and I can't be bothered to walk around the stadium 🤣
  7. Sorry - you're right. The police said 31-year old and then Everton said it was one of their players. And then they said it wasn't Delph! Bit silly... It's like playing guess who and there is only one card left.
  8. Won't be on my tele at all. Crowds recently being back show just how much of a difference they make.
  9. They will still probably have a 14-day hotel quarantine in place in 2032!
  10. It's a pretty pathetic statement by Everton to say. a 31-year old member of their squad. Why on earth did they have to specific the age. If I am Fabian Delph now, I'm royally pished off and by the club stating its not Delph, this only leaves one other player who it could be.
  11. Pretty embarrassing that the scanners cannot scan the bar code on a mobile phone but it needs to be a piece of paper.
  12. But with our defence, its still close to relegation. I also don't see many goals in the six you've said above. We just want to think it 'looks good' on paper.
  13. Stephen Ireland apparently had a huge aquarium and had (mini) sharks in it!
  14. Surely if a player of Delaps pedigree becomes available, its a no brainer.
  15. I think we are arguing the same thing and not the same thing. It's the interpretation of the word exponential - to me, the increase seen in the past few weeks is not exponential. Todays number will be interesting - even if its reported, and not case date, but if its below 50k then I think we are definitely seeing a slowing down, if its over 50k we are still seeing a big (not exponential) increase. If its below 40k, then we will even see the 7-day rate decrease! (OK, I'm not hopeful of it being below 40k but I am hopeful of being under 50k)
  16. I don't think Mel was at the game on Sunday. Looking at the Directors Box, I could see Pearce up there but not MM. Doesn't really mean anything though.
  17. Good interview. Yes I remember Corona unfortunately got him quite severely but good to see him in a better place now.
  18. I was thinking that exactly after your first post above 🙂
  19. Completely agree - very, very strange decision and I imagine the courts will overrule it when the first cases go to court.
  20. Government data only goes out to the 14th July. When is your average of 42% from? Again - over how many days/weeks does something need to be going up for it to be called Exponential Growth? If I go back to the 18th May, and work to today, and average the % increase out then the number is 39% - which is pretty much the same as yours. I think my point and why I disagree on the phrase to call it exponential is that its not a linear increase of 40% day on day, its clear to see two decreasing trends in the graph below where growth was slowing down. We've now had three consecutive days of the number of cases report (not specimen date) going down - Yes I completely understand the weekend reduces the numbers but schools are now starting to close. Ultimately, what we gain on the schools closing will probably be offset on the night clubs opening up - but most of these will only be actual symptomatic cases, unlike the swathes of asymptomatic cases from the schools. Again, I don't think we are too far away from hitting the next peak is my own opinion.
  21. 14th June = 32% 21st June = 40% 28th June = 70% 5th July = 44% 12th July = 25% That’s the week of week % increase over the last five weeks. Data from Gov website. That’s not exponential - that’s a slowing down!!!
  22. No chance B4. Don't get your hopes up. 15 to 17 very max. 8k ST holders, of which 10% may decline. Another 6 to 8k buying match tickets. 500 away fans. Still, its a crowd, its football and I'll take it.
  23. Thanks. Nothing has gone mainstream yet on this, checked the EFL site as well. Maybe its all advisory guidance to see what clubs may adopt, but leave it to the clubs?
  24. But you said there was a EFL rules and referred to 20,000 fans yet I’ve not seen this anywhere.
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