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  1. If we win on Tuesday, we should do a new poll. Sticking it up half an hour after the game is going to create such false results.
  2. Marshall - 6 Byrne - 6 Forsyth - 5 Wisdom - 5 Clarke - 6 Bird - 6 Shinnie - 7 Roberts - 6 Sibley - 5 Jozwiak - 5 Lawrence - 6
  3. What muppets of a ground keeper decide it’s a good idea to put a slope down the side of a pitch 2 metres of the edge of a pitch?
  4. Stupid corner to concede. Shinnie should be putting that out for a throw in even if he thinks their player is going to go for the ball as well.
  5. Hi All Unfortunately my screen on my Galaxy tab has broken and I need to get it repaired. After four long months, the shop In the Intu who have had the device have been a unable to source a screen (that’s what they said). I now have the device back. Does anyone know any really good shops/people who focus on this type of repair. I know it’ll cost 300/400 but hits only a year or so old and I’d prefer this to paying 700 for a brand new one. If anyone can point me in a direction it would be much appreciated. thanks
  6. I'd just love to see us play in the Champ one day.
  7. This whole episode has disaster written all over it for me.
  8. The training ground isn’t included?
  9. Marshall - 6 McDonald - 5 Forsyth - 5 Wisdom - 6 Mengi - 5 Roberts - 7 Bird - 6 Shinnie - 7 Jozwiak - 6 Lawrence - 6 CKR - 6
  10. Can’t blame Shinnie when the ball bounces one foot up just infront of him.
  11. I hope Mengi isn’t here next season - really don’t see a player in there.
  12. Just Imagine if we actually had an end product.
  13. How I would even appreciate Lars Bohinen in today’s team lol
  14. How much does 11 new players cost?
  15. Lawrence rarely picks out the right ball. Roberts was through around the 40th minute Mark and Lawrence keeps the ball instead and then plays it to McDonald. His decision making really let’s himself down as a player.
  16. Well we’re paying the players 😂
  17. What’s he actually contributing of any value currently?
  18. Not confusing for anyone else.
  19. Norwich will have a field day..... They'll drive their tractors all over us.
  20. Can’t believe I forgot to post a prediction on this @mozza. Now I would never have gone 3-1, and I would never have gone Lawrence but I would have 100% gone for a reading win so any chance of my token point?
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