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  1. Picture of the Derby support today. Also during the minutes applause the Derby fans were excellent and applauded throughout. Well some fellow fans.
  2. Who knows how I can reduce the size (3mb) of a photo? I have a couple of good ones of the fans today (taken from the corporate areas) but too big to post.
  3. Evidence of cash will Quickly disperse of time wasters. Quite a good Move. Someone quickly find the French geezer who has won tonight.
  4. A key point many will need to understand. The NDA will preclude the interested parties from revealing any of the confidential data given to them which is NOT already available in the public domain. Should the interested party not wish to proceed with the application to buy the club or they simply get outbid, they will still not be permitted to revealing any of the information they have seen. I imagine this will be around 10-20 years in length. Revealing that you’re interested in bidding, revealing what your intentions as an owner would be, revealing what price you want to pay (not that I expect anyone will) are all things that any bidder would probably be allowed to come public with. I imagine we will never get an official announcement what % in the £ the HMRC will get but I think this will be leaked somewhere eventually and or Nixon/Percy will pretend they have the information when they don’t. So Appleby can certainly reveal his interest, who his consortium is, what his plans are, he could even say that they have seen all the finance figures and it doesn’t scare them and they will be proceeding with the bid. If they own the club they can certainly reveal that all debts are cleared, the stadium and training ground is there’s bit there will be a lot of information NEVER made public although the accounts once released may give some smart people an idea. I sign NDA’s on behalf of my company on a weekly basis. We design stuff and ask people to make the stuff for us. I don’t want these companies sharing these drawings with other companies but I could certainly tell you who I’ve sent drawings to and I wouldn’t be breaking any NDA. Hope this helps folk.
  5. I particularly like a tweet where a fan took a screwdriver and four screws to a game to fix his own seat.
  6. Great gesture - a little late in the day to process. Maybe a future game would have helped them. DCFC still selling adults at £24 and our tickets going off sale in 17 minutes time!
  7. and if you have the audacity to have a go at Steve Nicholson (The DET writer) over the constant pathetic articles with misleading headlines, he loses his *Insert word* as well.
  8. Covid has been used under force majeure in many many businesses over the past 18 months. How? My business was closed. My staff were at home. My supply chain couldn’t supply. Literally thousands of these cases around. So the administrators will simply need to prove that the covid caused the administration which in other words is demonstrating that the £20 million cash flow hit caused the inability to trade. I think they have a decent case.
  9. Everyone us obsessed with Ashley simply because we know who he is. All the others are relative unknowns so we can't talk about them as easily.
  10. Serious players thinking of buying us won’t be paying attention to the rumours on Twitter. They’ll receive the data, go through it all very meticulously by smart finance people, allocate risk to the ongoing situation and then if they still want to proceed, put offers on the table. The administrators need to remove/reduce that risk as much as possible whilst keeping the club operational day to day. The administrators have a hell of a challenge with MM, MSD, EFL all to deal with before you even consider lower creditors and day to day operations. Oh and then there will be their bill of a million quid to pay as well.
  11. Not really. The NDA will state specific areas that need to remain private. It will be relatively specific to the party as well. For instance, you can’t sign an NDA with one party starting “neither party will disclose the financial position” if five minutes later we sign another NDA with potential buyer number two and five them the same information. The NDA probably attest that any business information not available in the public domain, given to the potential buyers must remain private. For example, it’ll show the total wages broken down by every player and the length of their contract.
  12. Exactly. I would say £20 million is a good excuse for Force Majeure on cash flow. However coming to an agreement is a better option to save everyone the hassle. Id even accept a ‘guilty’ verdict if the total points deduction can be capped at 12.
  13. But what’s the alternative? What makes you think “that’s exciting”. And if you’re answer is a “locally based, Derby supporter, with a lot of money” think how the last one panned out.
  14. Disgaree. The difference between Champ and L1 is about ten million so IF there is money in the budget to appeal, and we think we have a decent case, then we should. I still don’t think it’ll come to it. EFL won’t want to lose a covid force majeure case - I think we will settle out of the appeals process on all points deductions.
  15. Nixon plucks a figure out of thin hair and you believe it?
  16. Really sorry to hear this - exactly the type of customer service new owners would need to fix. My only hope is someone with a little bit of influence reads a very articulate post and something gets sorted out to rectify the situation and make it correct.
  17. An EFL loan of £8.3 Million which had to be repaid within a year. Am I the only one who is thinking this but what was the point of that loan?
  18. Agreement on points deduction, let's say 12 all in optimistically and no more threats of other deductions. Full agreement with all creditors on total debt payable. Full agreement on payment profile to MSD Holdings. Full and sole ownership of the stadium and training ground. Full understanding of the monthly subsidy required to support operating cashflow. £30m to cover debt, £1 to take ownership of above, owners put in immediate guarantee of £15m operating cash. I think the EFL points deduction is the biggest obstacle, followed by HMRC agreement.
  19. Plus future guaranteed cash flow inbound such as the Bogle transfer. Dont need to look at it all as one way outgoings.
  20. Anyone see the administrators comment that only 2% of ticket sales have been through the ticket office. Maybe because 1) It's been closed for so long and 2) Most of the crowd is season ticket holders!!! Try opening the ticket office from 4-9pm, the most convenient times for people to get there.
  21. Any future transactions with local suppliers, such as Roadrider (or whichever bus companies supply that) are simply going to want cash up front. Any future football Club dealing with us is going to want cash up front. This Is Mel’s Legacy.
  22. Sooner keep MP’s out of it. They will literally offer nothing and then try and claim some success on the back of doing nothing.
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