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19/20 Kits  

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I wonder what the new kits are going to look like? Being of a certain age, I'd still like the colours to revert to white and navy blue, but I suspect that's not going to happen.

Umbro have released the new West Ham kits - interestingly, they're available with or without sponsors.

I really like both. I hope our home shirt is their away shirt in black and white. I also reckon that their home shirt would look excellent in yellow and blue as our away shirt. Anyone fancy doing a mock up?

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55 minutes ago, BarrowRam said:

We always seem to be late with our kit launch. The shirts normally go on sale around July.


3 minutes ago, tinman said:

It was on this day last year that it was unveiled. 

There's "unveiled", and there's "available to buy from the club shop now"!

Two different things!  ;-)

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Would imagine the kits will follow that similar template to the West Ham one, they’re normally all based off a similar model. Which is no bad thing cause I really like that kit as well, looks very smart as a kit should imo. Think it will be similar to that right shirt in black and white which will look excellent, don’t think we’ll see a split kit like the left tho. Be interesting to know who our sponsors are gonna be too cause that hasn’t been announced yet, 32red were on a one year contract strangely if I remember...

Really like that blue one as an away kit as well, always liked us in light blue away from home (that 15/16 kit was lovely), and classic styling will be even better.

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14 minutes ago, Pearl Ram said:

One of these colours is green. You decide. 😉

So it's not both? 😨  Always had that shirt down as a Miami Vice themed pastel green,  Probably goes a long way to explaining why Tom Ince never wore espadrilles and Ray Bans while marauding down the wing.

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