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    Classic Movie Clips

  2. ramsbottom

    Classic Movie Clips

  3. ramsbottom

    Classic Movie Clips

  4. ramsbottom

    Classic Movie Clips

  5. ramsbottom

    Classic Movie Clips

  6. ramsbottom

    Classic Movie Clips

  7. ramsbottom

    Classic Movie Clips

  8. ramsbottom

    Classic Movie Clips

  9. ramsbottom

    League 1 & 2 18/19

    Better midfielder than Frank or Stevie G, lets see if he turns out to be a better manager...
  10. ramsbottom

    Beautiful Kit

    Very Fulhamish...
  11. ramsbottom

    Classic Movie Clips

  12. ramsbottom

    Classic Movie Clips

    There more laughs in this 2 minutes than most modern comedy's entire run times
  13. ramsbottom

    Adrenaline Junkie

    I occasionally wear my Tuesday socks ON A FRIDAY!!! 💪
  14. ramsbottom

    Pearson Sacked

    Billy Davis says Billy Davis wouldn't take a job in Scotland unless it was Rangers or Celtic, as Billy Davis considers Billy Davis to be above everything else...
  15. ramsbottom

    How to get around FFP

    Well UEFA did promise to be more transparent after Platini was ousted. So here they are being transparent about being crooked as DUCK!!! They'll be bringing Khaldoon Al Mubarak in next...
  16. It maybe worth remembering that our very own manager got a lot of flack for acting like a drunken idiot in front of a load of Americans shortly (I think a couple of days) after 9/11. He's not been whiter than white in the past but I guess certain papers & fans can forgive and forget. Probably because he is whiter than white...
  17. ramsbottom

    Promotion my arse

    Slow news day at the Derby Evening https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/derby-news/rams-fan-makes-pledge-tattoo-2464283 An avid Derby County fan has vowed to get a tattoo of Frank Lampard and new signing Ashley Cole on his BUM - if the Rams win promotion this season. Recruitment worker Luke Bodell, from Swadlincote, has even signed a 'contract' to say he will obey the commitment. The 24-year-old, who has followed the Rams since being a child, made the comment in the office when he and his colleagues were chatting about Ashley Cole's January move to Derby County.
  18. ramsbottom

    Thierry Henry suspended by Monaco

    TBF you could say that about us, do think Frank would cope and have us fairly high up the table if 16 first teamers were out for a period of time? Not saying he's a coaching messiah, but I think any team, bar the super clubs would struggle.
  19. ramsbottom

    Jim Smith

    Some of those players were good players, Strupar would've been a Derby great if it weren't for injuries. Carbonari, Schnoor & Prior were all good defenders. Burley was good for us. Kinky was slightly disappointing given his skill though. Jim's only mistake was staying a season too long. He should've gone when we stayed up by the skin of our teeth.
  20. ramsbottom

    Racism (moved from Ashley Cole transfer thread)

    You're obviously not a Daily Mail reader then... Thank god!
  21. ramsbottom

    Let’s recommend podcasts

    Footy ones - Athletico Mince Steve Bloomers Washing Radio 5 Live 606 The Magic Sponge Movies - Empire Podcast 80's All over Soundtracking with Edith Bowman Shat The Movie Smersh Pod
  22. ramsbottom

    Promotion my arse

    😂 it didn't even occur to me til now...
  23. ramsbottom

    Miles Addison

    Looked like a world beater when he first broke through. Shame it never worked out...
  24. ramsbottom

    Racism (moved from Ashley Cole transfer thread)

    No it would be the truth...
  25. ramsbottom

    Racism (moved from Ashley Cole transfer thread)

    It's not a personal attack, I haven't called anybody out, or pointed fingers. I was (as it turns out not very well) highlighting my opinion that some black players receive harsher treatment from the stands, and the media. Of which our new left back & (IMO) Ince are included. With Ince I didn't say it was purely down to his skin colour, but I think, with some, it was a factor... Happy to draw a line under this now, It's obvious we won't agree on the subject other from the fact that racism is a poo-y thing all round. Rest assured that if people begin criticizing Holmes or Tomori I won't start calling anyone a nazi...

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