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  1. To be fair, a lot of the highlights from last season were full of filler. Overplayed passes in the final third & under-powered efforts bobbling through to the keeper aren't exactly highlights...
  2. Also, he broke through a bit too late in the era of two up top. If he'd come through 5 years earlier he'd have been a star
  3. Saunders & Goddard Sturridge, Biano & Wanchope And for that joyous 5 week period Kuqi, Beuno, Cwyka & Commons purred
  4. TBF, Huddersfield have been fined and told to resize the sponsor. Like others have said, this whole episode will be the catalyst to bring about banning gambling companies as shirt sponsors, the same way alcohol & cigarettes went. I'm not against any club trying to maximise profits due to FFP constraints, and I believe that if you become addicted to gambling it won't be solely due to seeing a name printed on a shirt. If anything, I just find it extremely boring to see half the shirts in the league with the same sponsor... As I've said on other threads, a lot of it is down to jealousy. Either people thinking little old Derby County can't be allowed to have a player of Rooney's stature play for us while we're still in the 2nd tier, and the fact most other clubs didn't think of it first. There's a line spoken by John Henry at the end of Moneyball, when talking about Billy Bean's new approach to baseball "The first guy through the wall always gets a bloody nose, always". Mel's getting the bloody nose, but they'll be plenty of other clubs pulling the same trick until they can't. Nobody is saying anything about the Wendies' chairman selling Hillsborough to himself the other month are they? No Mel takes the flack because he was the one who thought of it first. Same with this...
  5. I think @MackworthRamIsGod was making the point that the rich to tell what we should be doing about the environment, don't practice what they preach. Surely newer coaches could keep the fridges running by hooking up to an electric point instead of keeping the engine running??
  6. I currently own a battered old MKIV Golf V5. Counting the days that I can get rid of it cus it's lumpen, slow (surprising, considering it's 230bhp), thirsty as hell and is covered in dents, prangs & scratches. Considering either an A3, 1 Series, or Leon Cupra as a replacement. Anybody enlighten me on any of those??
  7. I wasn't at the D-Day landings, the moment Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity, or the birth of Christ but I'm able to comment of those... Ridiculous comment...
  8. As I said, I wasn't there due to a wedding. Just wanted some clarification...
  9. Wasn't there on Saturday, but reports from Final Score on BBC were saying that the crowd were singing for our incoming January signing throughout the game. If this is true, don't you think it's a little stupid, and not to mention counter productive to the players on the pitch??? It's practically telling them that what they're doing isn't good enough and they're in need of a player 5000 miles, and 4 months away from being able to assist them. Hardly going to help is it...
  10. We'll be 10 points clear by Jan, so the media will already be all over us 😉
  11. Compared to hysteria around a lot of Man U's preseason tours of the Far East, the level of attention he'll get round these parts will be a drop in the ocean. Considering he's been in the spotlight for 20 odd years, I'm sure he has his coping mechanisms
  12. That's a good idea. Which gambling company will you choose to place said bet?
  13. But of course, just to clarify it for any Gumps tuning in, we're still not as famous as you. Allegedly...
  14. Wow, that looks gr... ... for some reason I now have the uncontrollable urge to set up an online gambling account...
  15. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/aug/09/church-criticises-wayne-rooney-over-Derby-gambling-tie-up The Church of England, who have been taking money from their worshippers for thousands of years and amassed a fortune with dodging tax are now piping up
  16. I feel slightly queasy for actively seeking it out on their website, but it's a very interesting article. Interesting last couple of paragraphs - Interestingly, though, after the friction (regarding the stadium sale) of last season, there has been a very muted response to Derby's ruse from their rivals in the Championship. Might this be because Middlesbrough, Leeds and Preston are also sponsored by 32Red, while Birmingham, Blackburn, Bristol City, Charlton, Fulham, Huddersfield, Hull, Queens Park Rangers, Stoke, Swansea and Wigan also have gambling companies as shirt sponsors and are kicking themselves they didn't think of it first?
  17. The level of hypocrisy is massive. Considering that MP who came out the woodwork the other day is largely responsible for the laws that allow gambling companies to be so omnipresent in sport is as laughable as the papers moaning, then printing the the racing timetables every day. You can't have it both ways. I agree that there's a bit of snobbery about it all. Little old Derby County signing the likes of Rooney, while not being funded by either Murdoch's cartel or an oppressive oil rich state. How very dare they!!!
  18. But a lot of folks took his Forest form into account and weren't exactly excited about him coming in.
  19. I can remember a lot of folk on here having the exact same 'meh' opinion about Ince. Not saying he'll have the same impact (who knows), but he's got good technique, so in the right environment he could do well. I for one rate the lad, and I trust Cocu to get the best out of him.
  20. As someone above said, if we'd signed Hamer & Paterson on Tuesday then Ronney (that still seems slightly ridiculous when you say it to yourself) last night, everyone would've creamed their pants. I've always rated Paterson, and he's a damn sight more capable in this league than Zoon. Hamer is good competition to Roos, and I wouldn't feel apprehensive about having either of them starting a run of games. As for the rest of the incomings, Clarke stands out a mile for me. I think he'll prove to be a very shrewd deal, and come October most people will have stopped pining for Tomori. Overall I'm happy with the window. The squad on paper isn't quite as exciting as last years, but it's not about the individuals, it's about getting the right mix of them. And one Monday night's showing, I trust in our current manager a hell of a lot more than our previous one to come up with that perfect blend.
  21. Pete O'Rourke rumour = Utter 🐮💩 I hate Twitter journos... Bunch of lady bits
  22. From The Guardian's live updates - Big news out of Tottenham ... 6ft1in defender Cameron Carter-Vickers has joined Stoke City on a season-long loan. There are more goings on in the Championship too, with Nottingham Forest busying themselves. John Bostock is close to a move, as is the defender Chema Rodriguez. Luke Steele has departed on loan for Millwall, who needed to strengthen in goal following injury to Frank Fielding. Forest appear to be stockpiling, contrary to Sabri Lamouchi’s wishes. Last week he said working with 29-31 first-team players was “impossible”. Since then they have added Brice Samba and Carl Jenkinson, with seemingly more signings to follow. Looks as though their bakery bothering chairman is doing what he wants again...
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