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  1. When we were white and navy blue, we didn't need crap slogans to show we were superior to Leicester and Forest.
  2. We simply must return to our proper colours of white and navy. We played Man U in those colours and THEY were the underdogs. We had three quarters of the England defence and the whole of the Scotland midfield in those colours. I reckon that 25 of our 30 best ever players wore those colours. I logged thousands of playing hours on local roads, car parks and playing fields in those colours. Clearly, if we're ever going to properly succeed again we follow the path of Brian Clough, not Robert Maxwell.
  3. People will always judge the manager on results, with those in the league paramount. If tonight is part of our development which eventually makes us competitive at the sharp end, then it's a good decision. However, no one (Mel especially) will accept a relegation fight. A drubbing tonight and an ongoing poor run in the league, and tonight looks a very poor decision by Cocu. I don't think we can make any judgements on the manager based only on tonight. As I tried to make clear in my previous post, what is key is the league form. Cocu has much more 'slack' than most of our previous manager. We all get he's a 'builder' and we all get we're in transition. As long as we're top half in the spring, most fans will be fine. But that doesn't mean we aren't allowed to criticise the manager - hopefully he'll answer by getting us promoted in the next few seasons.
  4. If things don't improve, Cuco will need a win on Saturday. Most fans will accept a cup defeat from a weakened side, as long as it helps the league form. Dropping to about 20th won't help things, but a win to take us back into the top half and tonight will be forgotten.
  5. Franny Lee thumping Norman Hunter. Steve Buckley almost bursting the net with a free kick. Steve Cherry waiving at the ball against Pmymouth. Igor cutting out a pass, running forward, beating two players and clipping an inch perfect pass to Dean Sturridge. Johnny Russell's goal against Forest. Jack Marriott's goal v Leeds
  6. As long as he's not like Conor Sammon - 6ft 2 standing and 5ft 2 when he jumps.
  7. My prediction is that we'll start really poorly. Cocu will underestimate the pace and power of the league. He'll also fail to realise that when he says 'keep possession', our players hear 'pass it sideways until we give it away'. I reckon we'll be 19th by the end of October. I think Cocu will learn quickly though. To sure things up, we'll go defensive and look to play on the counter. This will be like watching paint dry, but it'll gradually edge us up the table. We'll be in 12th by new years day. In January, we'll recruit two big fast midfielders and a tall striker. We'll play a diamond formation, with either Waghorn or Marriott just behind the new signing. Suddenly everything will click into place and we'll be the form team in the second half of the season - what February wobble? We'll end up 4th and get promoted through the play offs.
  8. It's not the way you look, it's not the way that you smile.
  9. Also Cole, Johnson, Nugent and Bryson. Obviously none as key as the loanees, but all made contributions last season.
  10. Oh for the days before someone had the bright idea driving up costs by instigating a transfer window.
  11. The catering is a joint venture between the club and Delaware North.
  12. I have. And yes refreshment does include food drink, sweets, crisps etc. It is a massive change in the way many fans will experience the game. People will need to leave their seats after 25 mins to get served before the 2nd half starts. It'll kill the atmosphere, along with all the other downsides.
  13. https://www.change.org/p/Derby-county-fans-calling-on-Derby-county-to-reverse-the-no-refreshments-policy?recruiter=false&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial&utm_term=psf_combo_share_abi&recruited_by_id=3b793dd0-acaa-11e9-b4c2-55885157f4e8 Please everyone, sign the petition.
  14. This is an appalling decision. I think we need to organise a protest. It'll add hundreds of pounds to the costs for families and make the whole matchday experience far poorer. Changing t&cs after purchase is also grounds for mis-selling.
  15. Wusses, but what did you expect from a nation where people have to dress up like Evel Knievel to play Rugby.
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