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  1. You don't sit on the front row of the West Upper, about level with the south penalty box do you J?
  2. Which ground did they aquire? My understanding was that the Club played originally at the cricket ground, which DCCC presumably owned.
  3. I think it's a case of can't sign a new deal. Our embargo is sponsored by viagra. It's so hard that we can't even extend the contract of a coach.
  4. Remember when we got worked up about McClaren not having a plan B.
  5. Notts County. Dad and father in law both played for the reserves. We sometimes used to go to Meadow Lane when Derby were away. Always kept an eye out for them. My family are all Derby, my wife's family are all Notts County. The great thing about family get togethers is that everyone hates Forest.
  6. I do wonder if we'd be better off just using eligible players in the friendlies. If nothing changes, that's what we'll have to start the season with. I get that not playing the 'trialists' and out of contract players will have fitness issues if they do become eligible, but the flipside is we're currently showcasing them for other teams. I think if Craig Forsyth is going to be our centre back until January, let him get used to it in preseason. It's a long way from ideal, but maybe the least worst option.
  7. Quite hard to build a team when you can't bring any players in
  8. As we're a bit of a pantomime at present - Oh! no he hasn't!
  9. Surely getting around the current hard embargo problem should be relatively easy? Get one of the local semi-pro clubs to help out. Look at all the youngsters who are currently counted as senior players and decide which ones are unlikely to be ready for any involvement in the first team. Give them all free transfers to, say, Mickleover, with Derby paying their wages. Then bring them in as trialists (can still train with and play for DCFC below first team level) once the we've bought in the necessary first team freebies and loans. Once the embargo situation is fully resolved, we just bring them back in on their original contracts.
  10. I hope they don't rush him back. If he can get fully fit he'll still be an asset even if he loses a bit of pace. Maybe he'd have to convert fully to a centre back, but he'd still be the best one at the club.
  11. Someone posted a few years ago that footballing debts take precedence over HMRC. I was so sure that they were wrong that I researched it for a couple of hours. Bizarrely, it turns out that the poster was right. HMRC even took it to court and lost. It makes no sense, but it's true.
  12. It looks like the club have forgotten the new kit. Well when we forgot our kit at school, we had to play in vests, underpants and spare plimsolls which were 2 sizes too big.
  13. The paragraph you haven't highlighted is actually the most important. It is within the EFL's power to relegate or eject any club found to have acted in bad faith. No need for points deductions, DCs, LAPs or anything else, just a straight red card.
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