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  1. CornwallRam


    You're either from Ilkeston or Riddings aren't you Joe?
  2. CornwallRam


    I got a 55inch Samsung from Currys last year. It's brilliant - can't recommend it highly enough. With that size screen you need 4k to appreciate it. The only downside is that none HD looks a bit fuzzy. https://www.samsung.com/in/tvs/uhd-mu6470/UA55MU6470ULXL/ One thing that I found out is that the affordable range of 4K TVs from LG aren't proper 4K. They use a system where 25% of the pixels are just just white. Apparently it makes the picture brighter, but calling it 4K is bit misleading.
  3. CornwallRam

    Biggest waste of money

    Clod cost us £3m and lots of embarrassment. Bragstad cost £2.7m but didn't play enough to be an embarrassment. We got most of our cash back on Earnshaw Brown only cost lots of electricity for his sunbed. Dickinson was fairly cheap Has to be Clod
  4. CornwallRam

    Some Random Thoughts

    I'd say that constant critiquing is a sign of the opposite. To me it says that the fans are engaged and care enough to analyse the team/performances. It's apathy that's the danger for Derby County. When was the last time an internet forum featured a 10 post thread complaining about the performance of Derby Rugby Football Club? I'm guessing never, because only 18 people in the city care, and they've got odd shaped balls.
  5. CornwallRam


    You do realise that at one point there was probably £1,020 in the account, but someone used the bank details you'd given them to help themselves.
  6. CornwallRam

    Alan Hinton - Slightly Out of Touch!

    Hinton played for Forest before us. When he left us, Forest were still a little second division club. We were one of the elite top flight clubs. There wasn't much rivalry as we were on a quite different level. I suspect that it was a similar relationship to that we now have with Burton. I know a few Rams fans watch Burton when we're not at home and they are. Some Brewers fans also turn up regularly to Pride Park. Maybe in Hinton's day some Rams watched little Forest for the love of football and some Red Dogs watched the Rams to see what top class football looked like?
  7. CornwallRam

    Two banks of four

    I disagree (because I know more about football than Frank Lampard??? mmm). With 433, those three players are being watched by 4 opponents. There is very little chance to make a spare man when the opposition hold position. The only spare man is going to be a marauding central defender, which is why Keogh's runs often create problems.
  8. CornwallRam


    If I remember rightly there was a bloke called Walker arrested outside Highbury that day. Swearing his head off at the stewards and then nicked for breach of the peace. I seem to remember that he he was convicted a few weeks later. Turns out he was a solicitor so he was barred from practising. Lost his house soon afterwards and his wife left him. Took to dink and was done a few months later for shoplifting from Thresher. Got sent down that time and even his kids refused to speak to him. He spent several years sleeping rough around Derby, in between prison terms for shop lifting and threatening behaviour. Last I heard he'd been sectioned. Apparently he kept accusing people of stealing his Arsenal tickets.
  9. CornwallRam


    I always try to be 100% honest with people where material stuff is involved. I think that life can be irritating enough without making it worse for others. I'd always give a wallet back or own up to a parking dent. Since being a father my honesty levels have tailed off a bit though. White lies are so much kinder than saying that my daughter's drawing looks rubbish and easier than explaining what the joke she heard about the nun and cucumber actually meant. With companies though? I still try to be pretty honest, but feel a lot less moral obligation when it comes to large corporations. I'm having a real dilemma at present. Last year I got a really good deal on fixed term dual fuel energy deal. It's coming to an end next week. As prices have gone up across the board, the cheapest deal I've found is about 10% more. I've realised that when I give in my final readings, if I add a few units to them, I'll get some extra gas and electricity at the old price, rather than the new. OK, I'll get a bigger final bill, but I'll save some money in the end. Is it worth it? Should I be honest and happily give an energy supplier that makes billions a year an extra £50 or so that I could easily, though dishonestly, save?
  10. CornwallRam

    Two banks of four

    I'd echo @Doodle, we should go 352 With two strikers to occupy their centre backs we should be able to get Mount into the gap between their lines. Get him on the ball in space and he'll cause havoc. 433 just means that we get outnumbered and the opposition can usually nullify our best attacking threats. 433 works when the opponents come to play open football, but consistently fails to provide a method of getting around the parked bus.
  11. CornwallRam

    Home Kit Colours

    I'm amazed that there's even a debate. Blue and White are clearly Derby County's proper colours and anyone who disagrees is wrong...FACT!🙄 I know that at some point we played in black and white in years gone by, but I only started watching in 1973 and by then we'd been in blue and white forever (two years is forever when you're four). Every one of my Panini stickers and football cards featured players in white shirts and blue shorts - apart from the irritating Gordon Hill one which still had him in a Man U shirt despite saying 'Derby County' at the bottom. I was brought up mainly near Hinckley and pretty much lived in a Derby replica shirt from 6 to 13. I got so much abuse from Leicester fans, but I loved being the odd Ram out. I didn't mind being called Patrick but being called Le rooster got a bit irritating after a while. I had to retire my Fly British Midland shirt after the sponsor's letters moulted. Nothing compared to my first 75-76 Umbro shirt of champions though. I was there when Franny Lee thumped Norman Hunter in a packed BBG. I can remember Steve Buckley hitting free kicks so hard that the net almost burst. I can recall having England's defence and Scotland's midfield. I've seen Derby County play Man U when THEY were the underdogs. I've witnessed Paul Emson beat four players and then fall over a blade of grass, three times in a half. All of these memories are of the days when DCFC wore white shirts and blue shorts. And remember, the man who we all owe for turning Derby County from an average small town club into a club which stands proudly as the colossus of the East Midlands and the embodiment of all that's great about our city is Brian Clough. It was also Brian Clough who chose our proper club colours of White and Blue. Robert Maxwell almost ended our wonderful club, taking us to the verge of liquidation. It was he who changed the colours to the wrong ones. Is it any wonder that we're cursed to be the also rans in black shorts? It's Karma. In Blue shorts we could realistically claim to be the best side in the country, maybe Europe, possibly even the world. In my heart I know that we'll return to our rightful position as Champions of England as soon as we revert back to our proper colours, and deep down inside you know it too, unless you're a closet Red Dog who doesn't want us to succeed.
  12. CornwallRam

    Home Kit Colours

    It's a Grimsby thing isn't it. You just want us to wear black and white stripes so you don't get bullied on your way to the chippy wearing your Derby shirt.
  13. CornwallRam

    Jayden Bogle signs 4 year contract

    This is a terrible deal for the club. Just handing out money willy-nilly to an untried youngster who will probably just drift down the leagues. What was Mel thinking?... ...is something that absolutely no one who has seen this lad play is thinking. Brilliant news an well deserved - he's going to a star. I'm also really trying to maintain my position that Lampard was a poor choice for our manager. Unfortunately, well fortunately actually, I'm struggling with that position a bit a present. Playing exciting football, one win from topping the league, knocking Man u out of the cup, developing youth whilst remaining competitive and bouncing. Early days yet but even I have to admit that he's doing OKish 😍
  14. CornwallRam

    Cup valuation

    I'm surprised that TV company hasn't bought up the League Cup to sell a sports channel. Just imagine the 'BT Cup' which you can only watch on BT sports. The winning team gets £200m with decent prizes for all the last 16. I reckon it might get valued by clubs a bit more then.
  15. CornwallRam

    Jayden Bogle

    I believe that he's only under contract until the end of the season. Being under 23 we'd get compensation for him if he left, but that would be nothing like his current value in the transfer market. A new contract must be the club's main priority at the moment. If he continues to progress as he has so far, he won't be playing in the Championship next season. Hopefully he'll be in the Premier League wearing a Ram on his chest, but if he must be on Chelsea's bench, far better that we get £15m than £150k in compensation.

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