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  1. I think that you're all failing to give credit to the hero here. It's clearly me that is responsible. Since I criticised Philip Coco our form has completely turned around. Cocu obviously read that and decided to pull out the stops to make CornwallRam look silly. So you've all got me to thank.
  2. I think Ramnut means that the stadium sale was a scheme to get us out of our FFP overspend. Without the overspend we don't need a cunning plan to get around it.
  3. Someone alluded to it earlier in the thread, but I suspect that the punishment is a bit of a red herring. It's now looking likely that we'll finish in the top half, but not in the playoffs. In that case, losing a dozen points will be meaningless. The problem is that a guilty 'verdict' establishes the principle that we are significantly over our FFP limit going forward. Effectively, we will start next millions over the allowable loss and will need a fire sale to avoid sanctions again for next season. It pretty much condemns us to several seasons of relegation battles. Mel can't afford to lose this one, but I think he has some powerful allies. Intersting that theres a lot of noise around fixture congestion and cup replays. Also, I've seen some bits recently about the Old Firm playing in England. It's also blindingly obvious that FFP and the parachute system are incompatible. I suspect that PL2 will be the result of all this.
  4. EFL don't like us using residual values to account for player registrations. I tend to agree that it's a bit of an invitation to manipulate the figures, but if EFL agreed to it before, surely they can't punish us for it.
  5. I blame the Tories. They've been underfunding the National Elf Service for years.
  6. According to what we've always been told Gabay was investing not acquiring. Someone's telling porkies. The problem is that I have no idea who.
  7. I think it would be possible to get rid of parachute payments. Instead of paying the money to the relegated clubs it would go into a special fund. Relegated clubs would have to instantly comply with FFP and would be allowed to release players to get their costs down. The released players would have the remainder of their contract paid off using the parachute fund. The resultant asset losses in the clubs' accounts could be counted as outside the FFP calculation.
  8. I reckon I've come up with a fair solution. As this allegation is for the same season as Brum got their points deduction last season, we should get ours for last season. Instead of making the play offs we really finished mid table. To be fair the play offs should be re-run with Boro taking our place. If Villa don't win, they should be instantly relegated. Clearly, that's the fair solution for everyone.
  9. Actually, I think the worst case would be 23 points. 11 for FFP and 12 for administration. Fortunately, from what I've heard the latter is unlikely. Mel has reached a point where he doesn't want to put in much more cash but will keep us ticking along until he can find investment or sell the club. We might have to get used to no longer being a big hitter in this league though. The big uncertainty is if we get relegated, so we need every point.
  10. Doesn't sound very German to me.
  11. The biggest irony here is that FFP was GSE's idea. Tom Glick was the driving force behind it.
  12. As the chant goes, You twit. The points deduction is all your fault.
  13. There's always Thorne as well...if I were Max Bird I'd be very afraid.
  14. Obviously this is 95% guess work, but I don't think we're in a position to sign anyone until the investment goes through or we sell someone for a large fee. So it's not a case of us waiting for other clubs, but simply not having the resources to pay fees or add to the wage bill. If I'm right, and if the investment doesn't come through, the only players we are likely to sign are young loanees who their parent clubs want developed and are willing to cover their wages whilst we do it.
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