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  1. GR good manager or lucky manager

    At both Burton and Brum, Rowett created effective sides that were 'just' good enough to compete at the sharp end. He now seems to have done that with us. He doesn't do spectacular; his teams find a way to get the points, not dazzle with silky football. The repeating pattern indicates that luck has little to do with it. He's clearly one of the best managers in the Football League. The question is now, can he take it up a level? Can he get us to the Premier League? He now has a decent level of resources, but not enough to spend his way to promotion. IMO, the next 18 months will decide Rowett's career. Will he be Mick McCarthy or Sean Dyche?
  2. Owen Bradley leaving Radio Derby/Joining Rams TV

    You're behind the times mate. It should be 'Derby annonce key departure - click here to find out who'.
  3. GR - stick or twist

    The time to change managers is a month before a transfer window opens/end of the season to give the new guy a few weeks to assess the squad. So if I were Mel, I'd be reviewing Rowett in late November and early April. So I'd certainly stick for now. As it happens, this season is going exactly as I thought it would. The one problem that seems to pass fans by is that many of our players aren't good enough. That is compounded by the 'fact' that the players who are decent don't really fit together in a cohesive unit. This squad needs major surgery and that can't be done in one window. To me it looks like Rowett has made numerous mistakes - but that doesn't mean he actually has. It's more likely that I'm wrong than a man with Rowett's footballing knowledge. We can't form a judgement on any manager by analyzing individual decisions. It's what happens on the pitch over the course of several months that counts. It's still too early to get too worked up about that as we were always going to be a work in progress this season. As long as we're 6 points off the bottom three in November and top half in April, we should stick with Rowett. What the club, including the manager, needs to do is stop blathering on about promotion. Mel shouldn't make offers about free season tickets in the PL as it just raises expectations. Managers need the fans to cut them some slack, not feel too pressurised by the need for instant results that they panic buy and cease all experimentation. When we go up, it might be an instant fix or the culmination of several years of building. Yet everyone should realise that Rowett's record at present looks very similar to Brian Clough's early tenure. Another thought though. How many teams have been promoted from the Championship that didn't play 442? I reckon that it's about 2 from the last 30. Special formations require special players to make them work - which always costs a lot of cash.
  4. RamsTV

    Hi Simon
  5. Joe Ledley - Signed

    I'd say that having an effective combative midfielder is the difference between finishing 16-20th and 4-8th.
  6. Joe Ledley - Signed

  7. Joe Ledley - Signed

    I'm not sure that we've got a choice. We don't have a 'Bryson' to make 433 work and we don't have a proper target man for a 451, so we're going to need a midfield pairing (whether we play 4231, 442, 352 etc). At present Huddlestone and Johnson are our only fully fit central midfielders. They are just too immobile and neither have much defensive ability. Unless we get to play Hull every week, we are quite likely to get tonked. If we lose the next three, the atmosphere around the club will be toxic. Things may ease a little with Thorne and Hanson coming back, but neither are perfect for the midfield battler role and both are likely to break down again. IMO we are in a very precarious position atm. We have some excellent players, and many more who are perfectly adequate for a top 6 side. The problem is that the balance is wrong. When the opposition have the ball, we have a gap where our midfield should be. We need a proper battling, defensive central midfielder. Even better if that player can actually play a little when we do have the ball. This was blindingly obvious in July, but the club stuffed up the transfer window. In August we should have been able to find a young, energetic player, who would have jumped at the chance to move up to a club like Derby County...but we didn't. Now we're left with the scraps. Ledley looks like the best of those barrel scrapings. He's older than we would want, so might tire more quickly than is ideal. He obviously thinks he's too good for us, so might have an attitude problem. He's not played regularly, so may well need several weeks to get fit. He's probably going to demand a huge salary and signing on fee, so will cause FFP issues, but who else is there? Joe Ledley is the price that we have to pay for making such a mess of the transfer window. IMO it's Ledley and a promotion battle or no Ledley and season looking over our shoulders at the relegation trap-door.
  8. Apple

    ...and that highlights another issue. When a PC starts to play up with a software issue, you can just clean out unwanted files, runs a malware scan and tidy up the registry. It's easy to do and there is loads of helpful advice online. When a Mac struggles, you are pretty much stuffed once you've cleaned out the file system. Such an inflexible infrastructure set up.
  9. Apple

    On my PC (now 4 years old) I can watch iPlayer in a small window, edit a photograph, use Dragon to dictate an article and send an email all at the same time. On my wife's Macbook Pro (6 months old), even trying to edit a photo whilst doing an internet search results in a thirty second pause whilst that irritating spinny thing makes its hundredth appearance of the day.
  10. Apple

    Macs really struggle with multi tasking, iPhones have tiny storage capacities and iPads are pointless for anything other than playing games - which you can do on a cheap Android tablet for 10% of the cost. All three have slow processing speeds compared to their PC and Android equivalents...they do look pretty though
  11. Apple

  12. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    Fully agree. Whenever I listen to other local station's commentaries I appreciate just how good the Radio Derby coverage is. When Craig Ramage first appeared, I really didn't warm to him. He just sounded like a slightly dim bloke from Alvaston mouthing of to his mates in the pub. Somehow though, I've come to actually like his input. I like that he appears to give his honest assessment. So often local journalists are so worried about their access to he club that their output becomes insipid. Ramage just says what he thinks, which I like. I don't get the negativity around Ed Dawes. Now he's always going to struggle a bit because so many of us remember Graham Richards. To me, GR was the best sports commentator that I've ever heard - the man was a genius. Ed Dawes certainly isn't at that level. He is pretty good though - always informative and knowledgeable. I suppose there are two criticisms that could be leveled at him. He's completely partisan and his opinions are always shot through with pro-DCFC bias. He also has this bromance thing going on with Ramage. I can see how both those things could annoy people. They don't annoy me though - in fact, they add to my enjoyment of the commentary. Owen Bradley is clearly a talented journalist. I like the fact that he's often asked managers the uncomfortable questions that we have all been dying to ask in post match interviews. It's also good fun blaming him when another manager gets sacked. If we get another couple of poor results, Rowett would also be well advised to kidnap Owen's dog. Mangers always get sacked when Bradley walks the pooch.
  13. Bad summer window

    I reckon that the window will prove to be disastrous. I'm not worried by any of the transfers out particularly. We needed the money and I don't think that Ince or Hughes would have been a good fit for Rowett's style. Bryson has been poor for years and Butterfield is slow in body and mind. Christie is probably the one we'll miss the most as it's always handy having some attacking intent at full back. Letting Elsnik go on loan with so few senior midfielders available was also questionable The 'ins' themselves look a little patchy. I like Lawrence and think he'll be a big improvement on Ince. Winnall looks decent, but I don't see where he fits into the side. Wisdom is OK, but his lack of attacking intent makes us a little predictable on the right. Davies is an average player and very poor on the ball - amazingly, we're still missing Jake Buxton. Huddlestone is horrific signing. He has no defensive ability and the pace of an arthritic snail. He's also Ince like in his ability to compete in the air. Obviously, some of his passing is good, but his presence leaves such a big hole defensively that it's irrelevant. For me, the window has left us with an adequate defence - they're not the best, but if the rest of the team was functioning properly they'd be just about good enough to put us in the top 6. The attack is pretty good, although we'd be improved with a big, mobile striker. It looks like we're going to go with 4231, so our big issue is the 2 in midfield. That formation calls for two players who are, mobile, combative and have enough footballing intelligence to know when to hold and when to get forward. We currently have no players at the club who can do that - so, imho, we're screwed until January. The way I see it, if you could somehow teleport in Gemmill and Rioch in their prime to this side, we'd win the league. If we could get in DPFG and RVDL we'd be comfortably in the top six. As things stand, the gap in the centre of our team will make us lucky to be clear of the relegation scrap by the time Santa rolls up.
  14. Bad summer window

    Just be patient - we've only had 133 years to develop one.
  15. "In the building" with Gary Rowett

    I fink that this is a really unnecessary fread. It's not big and it's not clever to demean our manager's way of speaking. In fact, I fink that it's downright rude.

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