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  1. Jason Shackell

    And Lee Morris. There's a pattern emerging here
  2. Much easier without a transfer window, agents and FFP
  3. I thought that I'd lighten the mood by posting the most boring thread of the year. Now I'm a historian not an accountant. When I read something that I don't fully understand, I have a personality defect which means I can't rest until I've made myself understand it - which is good for a historian, but not good for things like a social life. So this thread is a plea to those with better knowledge of accounts than me to help me decipher some accountancy changes. From what I can gather, from this season clubs have to adopt a new set of accounting rules - FRS 102. I'm told that this will have an impact on FFP. Company assets will have to be revalued and the rules for amortisation alter slightly to involve more front loading. It seems that this will make most clubs fail FFP this season - I presume that there will be something like a one off amnesty where penalties are waived if they would have passed the old rules. Can anyone shed any more light on this? Am I even correct in saying that there will be changes - I've been unable to find very much written on it at all?
  4. Confess your unpopular opinions

    That's the most ridiculous statement of all time. I've never met a Doctor's receptionists who wouldn't fit in flying over the set of Game of Thrones.
  5. Retro Shirts

    OK, here's a question for any of you that can remember the '70s kits. My first replica kit was this style, but in the home colours.Note the 'open' diamonds on the sleeve/shoulder trim. Now the photos of the match kits I can find online all seem to have 'closed' diamonds - see the pic below. Did the design change? Maybe the real and replica kits were slightly different? Any ideas?
  6. Top 6 Bottom 6 Championship predictions

    Middlesbrough Villa ------------------------ Fulham Reading Shef Wed Shef Utd --------------------------- Norwich Leeds Wolves QPR Derby Ipswich Bolton Cardiff Brentford Preston Burton Forest Birmingham City Bristol C Sunderland ----------------------- Barnsley Millwall Hull My prediction for the final table
  7. v TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Match Thread

    Oh no it's not - it's the amount of tickets sold
  8. v TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Match Thread

    Oh no it's not
  9. Tooth ache

    Oil of cloves will numb the area and paracetamol/ibuprofen will take the edge off the pain - unless it's and infection in which case repeatedly banging your head against a wall until the antibiotics kick in is about as good as it gets. It's definitely a job for the dentist though. So you can pay a lot of money to be butchered on the NHS or get something approaching good quality dentistry for an exorbitant cost by going private. If it's out of hours you can ring 111 and get the details for the emergency dentist - who are usually brilliant, but you have to suffer four hours of being tortured by sitting with 183 people (including 17 screaming children) in an airless waiting room designed for 12, with the heating set to max and receptionists recruited from the SS.
  10. Ross McCormack

    I'm not sure that McCormack would be a necessary part of that equation. Just giving Bent to Villa would be a major coup for Derby County.
  11. Gary and his phone

    There are much cheaper options available. For £100 you get an accomplished operator For £101 you get someone to police the midfield For £150 you get a real mobile player For £999 you can get a flashy player who ought to be a siren signing
  12. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    Well looks like Gary Rowett is working down his short list by going after Ryan Kent
  13. Jota

    So was Jimmy Saville's
  14. Keogh

    For parts or not working
  15. Official: Cyrus Christie joins Middlesbrough

    Did you never watch Conor Sammon?

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