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  1. The catering is a joint venture between the club and Delaware North.
  2. I have. And yes refreshment does include food drink, sweets, crisps etc. It is a massive change in the way many fans will experience the game. People will need to leave their seats after 25 mins to get served before the 2nd half starts. It'll kill the atmosphere, along with all the other downsides.
  3. https://www.change.org/p/Derby-county-fans-calling-on-Derby-county-to-reverse-the-no-refreshments-policy?recruiter=false&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial&utm_term=psf_combo_share_abi&recruited_by_id=3b793dd0-acaa-11e9-b4c2-55885157f4e8 Please everyone, sign the petition.
  4. This is an appalling decision. I think we need to organise a protest. It'll add hundreds of pounds to the costs for families and make the whole matchday experience far poorer. Changing t&cs after purchase is also grounds for mis-selling.
  5. Wusses, but what did you expect from a nation where people have to dress up like Evel Knievel to play Rugby.
  6. Keyboard on the mac stuck again? Typical Apple rubbish
  7. Mel indicated that the role might only be to help with Cocu's transition. With Simo being based in Burton, he could combine his FA role with an advisory one at Derby County.
  8. Paul Simpson would be a good fit. Knows the club, the Championship and the top young English players. Seems to fill in the gaps that Cocu will inevitably have. Also worked for a manager with a strange Dutch accent before.
  9. Football - it's 22 blokes kicking a bag of wind around. It makes no sense, yet it occupies hours of my waking thoughts every day. Derby County - a ridiculous club that I was dragged to see by my Dad and somehow got fully addicted to when I saw Franny Lee thump Norman Hunter and it felt like the whole world was shaking and singing. I'm a grown man with kids, yet somehow feel like that 7 year old again when I buy the latest home shirt or happen to bump into a player in town. Cocu - a man paid vast amounts of money to organise 11 blokes kicking a bag of wind around. Yet, this morning I feel absolutely jubilant. He's going to build it properly and play attacking football. He'll need time and patience. I feel however, that this is the one. We'll be back to competing with West Ham for that final European slot in three years. Mel Morris - he's one of our own. This morning I could kiss his shiny bald head. The orange theme - what's not to like? The future's bright - the future's orange. COYR
  10. That wouldn't be an emergency, just a bit of a Cocup
  11. I told you all last week the reason for the delay. It's @David coining it all in with all these site visitors. He's rung his mate Mel up and Mel's keen to help his bestie out. @David will have a yacht to rival Abramovic's by the time this lot is sorted.
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