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  1. It's also likely that most fringe players wouldn't get work permits since Brexit.
  2. I think it's interesting that other clubs view us as gaming the system to gain an unfair advantage. The thing is though, does that stack up? To me gaining an unfair advantage really boils down to spending more on players than comparable clubs. Did we really do that? Certainly we had one Barmby window where we signed Johnson, Butterfield, Ince etc, but excluding that it doesn't feel like we've spent any more than any other ambitious Championship team. I wonder if the big difference is that we have generally spent poorly? Consequently, we had to write off millions for most of our big signings, whereas our rivals tended to recoup at least some of their outlay, so their net spend is likely to be lower. I'd love someone to look at the figures over Mel's tenure. I bet that Middlesbrough, Forest and Bristol City have spent more than us.
  3. You just know how this is going to end. The EFL will accept our appeal and reduce the penalty for administration to 6 points. Whilst considering it, they will notice that the figures show we've failed P&S by £15m and they'll hit us with a 21 point penalty.
  4. Just musing on the figures being bandied about, especially the 'soft debt' to Mel. I've read that the club owes Mel £100m, but he doesn't want it back. On the face of it, it seems a nice gesture but is it going to cause some huge issues? I know the unsecured creditors have to agree a percentage to allow the club to undertake a CVA and emerge from administration. I believe that each creditor gets a vote that is the same weighting as the debt owed - so if you are owed 10% of the debt, your vote is worth 10%. 75% of the creditors need to agree for it to proceed. Surely Mel accounts for at least 75% of the debt so he's effectively the one agreeing the CVA? Further, if the unsecured creditors don't get at least 25%, I believe that we get a points deduction for next season - 15 points maybe? Does that mean if we don't give Mel at least £25m, we get penalised, even if he agrees to take nothing. Finally, to run up a £100m debt, Mel must have been putting money in in loans for the last few years, rather than equity. Unless he's been putting in cash as well (and if he has, how has the club lost so much?), it reduces the P&S allowable loss to £8m per season. Does that mean we're absolutely bound to fail the next two or three rounds of P&S and going to be losing points for several seasons?
  5. How do you know about his swinger? Isn't upkilting illegal these days?
  6. I agree, but I think the worry is a points deduction for next season. I think all the buyers are bidding for a big League 1 club, what they really don't want is a League 2 club. With the Newcastle sale, people will be looking at Derby County and thinking that the club is worth £250m as a stable Premier League club that owns its own ground. Then they'll be working out the likely cost of getting there. Points deductions could add an extra two years, which is going to be a few million extra on the cost calculation. Hopefully, someone thinks £25m upfront, £20m of debts to service, five years @ £20m per season to fund the rebuild. Promotion to the PL gives over a £100m in profit - well worth the investment.
  7. I wonder how much the golden share is worth? I'm slightly concerned that the administrators were involved in the formation of MK Dons. Not sure how it would work, but hopefully they wouldn't consider selling the EFL membership separately to the 'club'. I can just imagine Slough Rams in League 1 and AFC Derby County in the Conference North.
  8. Also when the cash runs out to keep up with the day to day running costs. I think we're 'safe' until the summer as they seem relaxed enough about cashflow to keep the academy at full strength and January will give the opportunity for a fire sale. No takeover by June and it'll be squeaky but time though.
  9. I think it's also a sensible business decision. I daresay that their is some sense of not wanting to seen to be making the situation at Derby worse, however, I believe that the football creditor's rule disappears if we go into liquidation. So Arsenal can support us and get all their cash, or help to bury (or Bury) us and get maybe 10%.
  10. Gypsy curse - how ridiculous. It's quite obviously the black shorts. We're destined to be a basket case of a club until we throw out the Maxwell black and go back to our proper Clough blue.
  11. I think that the statement on the academy could be very important. Why would they even consider keeping it open, let alone retain its Cat 1 status? It's a drain on finances and the club could operate perfectly well without it. Maybe they want to make sure that there is a reservoir of players available in January to fill the fire sale gaps, but that would only require keeping the U23s ticking over. I believe that Cat 1 status requires a minimum outlay of £2.5m per season. Even if we take it that much of that cost is front loaded - the academy must be costing at least £100k per month. To me, logic dictates that the administrators regard the academy as a strong selling point for the club - but they are risking a lot of the creditor's potential cash on that premise. I'd suggest that a very tenable buyer has requested that the academy remains fully operational. That in turn suggests that the takeover process is at an advanced stage.
  12. Just seen that Faye Nixon was one of the redundancies. She was head of marketing, but also often ran the fan's forum events. That's such a shame - Faye is both lovely and super-competent. Hope that she gets something sorted soon, but I suspect that she won't be unemployed for long. Good luck Faye.
  13. Have any details on the redundancies come out? Obviously Steve McClaren has left. I've seen on Twitter that Shane Nicholson has gone, but nothing else. You have to feel really sorry for the staff. Hopefully we find a buyer quickly and they all get the chance to come back if they want to.
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