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  1. If you extrapolate the points per game, the bottom three go down. It's slightly complicated by the fact that Wednesday's ppg is slightly higher than their current points total because of their deduction. We still finish above them though. We'll be safe, but only because Wednesday tried something dodgy with their stadium sale and got penalised for it. I propose Nick De Marco as player of the season.
  2. I think the play offs might be out of reach now
  3. I can only apologise for not being as good a supporter as you Angie. I will try to remember my place before posting in future.
  4. Anyone heard anything? There's a bit of Twitter noise around that Alonso can't raise the cash and the deal is about to fall through. It all seems to be kids and attention seekers, so normally I'd dismiss it as rubbish...but with our recent record, who knows. Has the EFL fit and proper test even started yet?
  5. We won't go down. Rotherham won't get many more points. We've still got a cushion. We'll take points off Brum and Wednesday. Fortunately, this is a terrible division so we'll stay up.
  6. Rooney just called for the ref to be banned...that's a nice fine for Wayne then!
  7. I'm slightly concerned by Clarke. He's not moving very fluidly. If he's injured for rest of the season along with all the rest, we are going to struggle. We really need to win this.
  8. Today, we are being Richard Keogh. 97% superb, but 3% of insane incompetence to keep it 'interesting'.
  9. at least if we're struggling we've plenty of game changers on the bench🙄
  10. You do have to wonder what criteria lead to Rosenior being judged as an outstanding coach/manager. The team has been a disaster whilst he's been here. We don't see what's going on behind the scenes though. Maybe he's actually brilliant, or maybe he just says the right things to the right people. I can't imagine many Derby fans losing much sleep if he is 'poached' by England though.
  11. I'm not saying that it's the best thing going forward, but it has to be more straightforward that the takeovers that Mel has entered into. We don't know who the local offer was from, but imagine Gadsby, Amott, Kirkland, Marples and maybe Paul Sisson coming together to make an offer, at least you'd expect the money to appear and some sort of plan for moving forward that was grounded in reality. I don't think that would be our route to the Champion's League, but it it also wouldn't be our route to the National League.
  12. So far I think there are two very likely and a third possibility - Gabay, Sheikh and Alonso. Dream as in Mel woke up to find that they weren't real.
  13. Zodiac Mindwarp - can't fully remember the venue but could have been the De Montford Hall. The single was great, the video ridiculous but entertaining, the album was patchy but had some decent tracks but live, ugh. I used to think that I was the world's worst singer - now at least I am confident that I'm only the second worst. And it's not the kind of Johnny Rotten, Alien Sex Fiend - 'who cares about singing in tune, this is alternative music' bad. This guy wanted to be Bon Jovi but sounded like a cat being strangled. Then the band were actually worse than anything I've ever se
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