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  1. Has there been any news on Matt Clarke?
  2. Agree about Lawrence, no malice but still a red. In mitigation, he was travelling at speed and had been twice fouled. I think the correct decision would have been a direct free kick to us, but Lawrence getting sent off. The Yates one was far worse. It was a nasty, thuggish tackle. It looked intentional to me and has probably ended Clarke's season. When you think what getting injured did to George Thorne - turned him from the best player in the league with a probable England future, to a player who will likely drift out of the game when his contract expires, it's hard to believe that Yates didn't even get a yellow.
  3. Studs up into the ankle/lower shin. Those sort of challenges are outlawed because they break bones. The idea is that players know they will be sent off, so don't make those sort of challenges. It was a straight red. Two footed challenges are also outlawed because they often cause serious injuries. Yates was also a straight red. The fact that players might have been going for the ball or got their timing wrong isn't a defence. Professional players are fully aware of this, and those rules are there to protect their careers. They should be making those challenges. Both are dangerous play and both straight red cards.
  4. I think Yates should certainly have gone. Two footed and straight through Clarke. That was a potential career ender. As it is, the way that Clarke's foot was twisted through 90 degrees, it looks to me like it's knee ligaments. That means out till Feb if medial or for a year if it's anterior. A lot of injustice that a player can do that sort of damage and not even get booked. Lawrence should also have gone. That was a really poor studs up challenge.
  5. Not quite true. Although they have the same rights whilst employed, the length of the contract has specific implications when dealing with fair dismissals. The contractual situation makes a material difference where the employees ability to do the job has been impinged to a point where they cannot physically do their job to the end of the contract.
  6. He's not an ordinary worker. He's under a fixed term contract and has made himself unable to fulfil his contractual obligations. Effectively, his actions have rendered him contractless. The club have offered him a new contract which he appears to have declined.
  7. I seem to remember them not getting promoted. Obviously all that travelling took its toll at the end of the season. Oddly enough, both Sheff Wed and Norwich did very early training camps in Europe with a friendly, but came back early and played a lot of games against local clubs of gradually increasing stature and had a big home friendly just before the season started.
  8. It would be very interesting to hear from overseas fans as to why the became Rams. I'd bet that Clough, McKay, Cox and Smith, along with Dad, Mum, Grandad and family from Derbyshire, and probably Stimac, Poom, West, Wanchope, Kinkladze, Biano, Eranio and Strupar feature about a thousand times more than I saw a friendly.
  9. Matches against lower standard teams aren't irrelevant. They are essential for gaining fitness. If we spend a long time travelling, we player fewer games, so aren't as fit. Playing in the conditions that the players will experience at the start of the season is key to a good start. I suspect that you are quite young. We have played quite a few big friendlies at PP and they have certainly given a good feel for a proper match day. We have a few overseas fans because we used to be good and that has echoes. I would say that by playing overseas friendlies we've gained about 3 fans at a cost of £12m each.
  10. Our overseas tours have all featured fixtures against low profile clubs played in front of hundreds. They haven't done anything to increase our future revenue and have cost the club huge amounts of cash. Our recent pre seasons have meant that the players have barely trained or played in English conditions and any new ones start the season without having experienced a proper match day at PP. IMO, our poorly thought out pre season schedule is why we always start seasons so slowly. I'm also not convinced that Championship clubs have any realistic chance of developing overseas fanbases. It's just a pipe dream until we get promoted and are challenging for European football. Man U aren't big in Asia because they tour there. They are big in Asia because they've been successful, so their Asian tours sell out.
  11. I'd rather it be a tour of local clubs with two big friendlies at PP to end. Maybe, Micklover, Matlock, Buxton, Alfreton, Chesterfield, Burton then Celtic and PSV. Much better than silly overseas tours - we don't play overseas, so why prepare for it?
  12. I suspect Mel is thinking that he wishes he'd been born in Burton, followed the Brewers and used them as his hobby investment, rather than the fiscal black hole which is Derby County.
  13. It'll never go to tribunal. Those are for normal employees, not millionaires. If Keogh fights it, it'll be through the civil courts.
  14. Rooney will be fine. He's been in worse positions. When most people would have cringed with embarrassment, he managed to turn the situation to his advantage by trademarking the word gilf. He once also outsmarted Lord Farquaad. Our Wayne doesn't take the easy way out. He didn't accept losing his tousled locks, he didn't even go for a toupe to mask the problem, he just redeployed his pubes.
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