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  1. Interestingly, they have amended that now. Instead of being 'the takeover remains on', it now says 'a takeover remains on'. Am I reading too much into that?
  2. Me, on the first day they went up for renewal - when Coronovirus looked like the new Sars - a bit dodgy for the Far East but never going to be a big issue here.
  3. Is the QPR game one of the free away games with a season ticket or do we have to buy it separately?
  4. It's just what the word means as used in this context - I don't see the debate.
  5. You are conflating the term stakeholder with shareholder. A stakeholder is generally considered to be anyone with an interest in a business. It is usually considered that stakeholders in a business include shareholders, management, employees, customers and suppliers. Supporters of a football club are always considered stakeholders.
  6. The impression that I got was that the timescale for closing has been missed. I stress that I just don't know how credible this is. One thing though, the original source for this is supposedly an attempt to alert potential investors that the club is back on the market. If it is genuine, I would be amazed if the journos don't get wind of it very shortly. I'd suggest that if it isn't in the 'papers' by tomorrow, it is just BS.
  7. I've just heard from a mate that Mel has now walked away from the BZI takeover. He's still very keen to sell, but no longer talking to the Sheikh. I can't vouch for the reliability of the source - it's at least 4th hand and even my mate thinks it is probably fake. I suspect that if turns out to be true, we'll start getting hints pretty soon.
  8. Will Hughes, Will Hughes, Will Hughes
  9. As it's 'Sunday' in the UAE, nothing is going to happen today. Just thinking about things - if administration did happen, what would it look like? With the club, the academy, the stadium and the catering arm all being different companies and being owned by different holding companies, is it possible that some could continue and some be in administration? If they all went under, would the sane administrator's look after them all? Would a points deduction only happen if 'THE Derby COUNTY FOOTBALL CLUB LIMITED' went into admin? Even going bust is ridiculously complicated at Derby
  10. One of the most remarkable things about this takeover is that so few people seem to be actually ITK - seemingly not even the manager or CEO.
  11. Richard could sell snow to eskimos though - he's always been a very difficult man to disbelieve.
  12. He said today that none of his usual starting players will be leaving in this window. He's been quite pragmatic in admitting that he has plans for if the takeover doesn't happen. That suggests that Rooney has been given assurances that as a minimum the wages will be paid, he'll get some wiggle room to bring in cheap players and no one will be sold without his permission. I think if that limited set of assurances are kept he'll stay. What might tip the balance is if he wakes up to see Bielik in red and white stripes saying that he's so proud to have signed for the Blades.
  13. Medical at Huddersfield tomorrow
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