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  1. I actually think we should just sing the keep crying Frank Lampard version. It's the most effective way to throw it in their faces. It would be brilliant if 36,000 of us sung it at Wembley as we got promoted and it went on to be our new club anthem.
  2. Does the new house have a place for discussing politics? 🤐
  3. I really enjoy GoT, but I'm nowhere near your level of geekdom. Is there a word like "trainspotter" that's appropriate here? Maybe Thronespotter?😁
  4. FFP regs prevent owners from injecting cash artificially. They can sponsor the club, but can only pay at a level that is in line to any standard commercial sponsorship deal.
  5. Based on logic rather than any real knowledge, I'd say that football finances have moved on so much that Gadsby's wealth is now not sufficient to provide anything close to the ongoing 'investment' needed.
  6. I think that FFP limits the choice of new owners. It's incredibly hard for a non-parachute club to compete for automatic promotion without seriously breaching FFP. A new owner can't simply walk in and throw £200 million at us knowing that there'd be a 90% chance of promotion - unless they went 'do or die' and ignored FFP completely. Even to stay in the top ten, and thus be in with a chance of winning the play-off lottery, and owner has to put in something like £20m per season. That probably gives a 5% chance of promotion each season - not a fantastically attractive investment opportunity. And trying to turn a profit in the Championship bring the likelihood of relegation to something like 90%, so that's no viable either. It seems to me that the best way around FFP is group ownership. If our owners also had other clubs where they could make losses without worrying about FFP style sanctions, they could 'sell' or loan us players of sufficient quality to really compete and the losses would not be Derby County's. That's where Forest are heading and what Watford did. It's also the only realistic future I see if Mel sells up. Do we want to be part of a group? I'm not entirely comfortable with the idea, but am certainly hypocritical enough to celebrate like there's no tomorrow if it brings Derby County success.
  7. And prize for the slowest internet connection goes to...
  8. I still think that this is the month that is going to decide Frank's managerial career. We're in a hole at the moment. But most seasons bring poor runs and injury build ups. It's part of what managers have to cope with. A good manager will find a way to dig us out of that hole. A poor one will just see us sink further and further. Which is Frank? No idea, but ask me again in a month and I reckon we'll all know. I know a lot of people want Frank to be given time and I reckon 99% of those would be saying the same thing for any Derby manager in our current position. There's a lot to be said for stability. But it's not a simple recipe for success. Mel needs to give the right manager time and resources, but the more time and resources he gives to the wrong manager, the worse things will get. We really don't want to spend next season in a relegation battle and slip into administration the season after because a poor manager has wasted all of Mel's resources and halved the support. That's what backing the wrong man looks like. Given the situation in the summer, Mel has a really big decision to make and I don't think he can risk the gamble of sticking with Lampard if things continue to decline. Hopefully, tomorrow is the beginning of the fight back and we'll all be singing Frank's when he's waiving at us from the top of the promotion bus.
  9. Well Frank fooled us that we were in the good place for a while.
  10. Have you seen Birmingham's wage bill?
  11. I'm basing my argument on logic, not gut feeling. Yes, if we were a League 2 club I'd have promoted a coach like Eddie Howe to take charge. They were a lot smaller than Derby and Howe had more experience than Lampard. You seem to be proposing that Lampard should be given lots of time because he used to be a good player. Are you basing that on fact or gut feeling?
  12. Because it indicates that his signings, training regimen and tactics are not the basis on which to build. That's not to say I've written him off now, just that this is the point where he proves himself or fails - and reinforcing failure is always a mistake.
  13. I think if we continue to fall away, a summer rebuild under Lampard is more likely to be a disaster.
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