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  1. CornwallRam

    Injury watch

    Anyone know what's happening with Carson?
  2. CornwallRam

    Efe Ambrose - Signed on short term deal

    Quote from his wiki page - 'He normally performs a somersault after scoring a goal'. For that reason - I'm in.
  3. CornwallRam

    DCFC(NOT SO)MEGASTORE/Legal advice required

    As it appears to be the fault of the shop, you are entitled to either a replacement shirt or a refund. Any claim for material losses is a bit of a grey area. Most retailers won't entertain such claims and let them go to court. I suspect that you'd lose that claim as you didn't inspect the goods before leaving. Yet many retailers will make a good will gesture to hopefully keep your custom and save their reputation. A good manager can turn a complaint into a real positive by making the customer feel valued, so it's good business practice. The only issue is that I believe that the shop is still outsourced, so they are not as bothered about the reputation of DCFC as perhaps they might be. They're also the only suppliers of DCFC replica kits so you can't go to a competitor. I suspect that you will get a replacement shirt and complimentary Gary Rowett poster.
  4. CornwallRam

    Is Frank ready for Chelsea

    I think he'd be gone in a heartbeat if Chelsea came calling. Indeed, I think he'd go to any Premier League club not in imminent danger of relegation. Our FFP position means that he might well struggle next season. He won't want that on his record. I also suspect that he'd do better with better players. I get the feeling that sometimes he struggles to understand why our players can't do the things he found easy. At Chelsea his ideas would be so much easier to implement.
  5. CornwallRam

    Roach landed

    I heard he's a bit of a rooster EDIT...That joke works better without the swear filter.
  6. CornwallRam

    Rowett ball v Lampard way

    433 always becomes less effective as the season progresses. Teams know exactly how we'll play and exactly when to press. Also, a few games back Frank mentioned the need to tighten up at the back. Since then the full backs have hardly ventured past the half way line. That's removed all our attacking width and made us even easier to nullify. McClaren did exactly the same thing when we let in two late goals against Birmingham. In both cases it's turned us from being a lovely side to watch to being an average side with occasional flashes of brilliance. The daft thing is, in both cases it's also made the results worse.
  7. Bournemouth still have an FFP fine over their heads. They overspent massively. Watford are part of a group of clubs with the same owners who transfer players between them, thus circumnavigating FFP. Indeed, it was their loan activity which brought a tightening of the loan rules. Burnley and Cardiff both had parachute payments - although they were also brilliantly managed. The club who probably stand as the best example are Huddersfield, although they did amazingly well in the transfer market to allow significant spending. I don't believe that it is now possible to get promoted on a shoestring. Clubs have to spend a lot to get promoted. With FFP, our only real hope is to sell players for huge fees and use the money to strengthen.
  8. CornwallRam

    Will MM sanction a CB for Frank

    I reckon I've found the answer. We need a free agent centre back. A big lad who has played at the highest level. Some experience in England. At one time he was rated so highly that private jets were used to ferry him around. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/raul-albentosa/profil/spieler/77026
  9. CornwallRam

    Roof over Pride Park

    I'm not sure this would ever pay for itself but I think that two of the reasons on this thread for it not happening are probably not correct. Firstly, Derby would make a fantastic venue for large concerts. We don't put many large concerts on so people don't come to Derby for large concerts. Yet we have fantastic infrastructure with the motorways and airport so close and we're at the centre of the rail network. Derby is just so easy to get to. As soon as the concerts became established, Derby would soon become the stadium venue of the midlands. Maybe there aren't enough hotel beds at present, but that would soon change if there was the demand. Secondly, and possibly less certainly, the club own several big UV lighting arrays. If we bought a few more, Pride Park would be the world's largest isoponics set up. I reckon that the grass would grow just fine. As for FFP, my understanding is that the capital to build it would be FFP exempt, but the ongoing operating profit/loss would certainly count. If it actually worked out well, it could provide club with valuable extra revenue. Massive risk though, and not one that I'd take.
  10. CornwallRam

    Michael Ngadeu-Ngadjui

    So we're going to outbid three Premier League teams?
  11. CornwallRam

    David Nugent

    That'd be a silly thing to do. It risks taking massive losses on players in the last year of their contracts, with making a huge profit on a transfer or two the only way of offsetting it. I can't believe the club would be so daft. That said, loaning out our third choice centre back does look a bit desperate until we sign a replacement. The one helpful thing is that we get a few weeks at the end of the season to flog players to redress the balance. Also, FA cup ties at PL grounds don't hurt.
  12. CornwallRam

    New Contracts

    I feel like I must really be missing your point here, but how do over 23 players retain value at the end of their contracts?
  13. CornwallRam

    New Contracts

    The club can manipulate the rvs according to the FFP situation, but it has to end in zero at the end of the contract - although I wonder if that is the true of U23s as they retain some value at the end of the contract due to compensation being due if they sign for anyone else. Ignoring youngsters, an example would be a player who cost £8m to sign and has a 4 year contract. Using amortisation at the end of year 1 he'd have a bv of £6m, y2 - £4m, y3- £2m and y4 - 0. With rv it could be something like this - Y1 (Club well inside FFP) - £4M, Y2 (FFP tight) £3m, y3 (FFP disastrous) £2.95m, y4 - 0. The start and end points have to be the same, but rv gives wiggle room in the middle. We could also offset a big hit on a player at the end of their contract by retaining a high rv on a player recently signed. eg, if we are about to lose £2m on Johnson, we might to chose to carry an rv on Marriott that is almost the same as his cost price - w could very easily argue that Marriott has gone up in value so writing him down is unreasonable.
  14. CornwallRam

    New Contracts

    People on here suggest lots of things. Player values can never increase in the accounts, unless some cost has been incurred,eg the costs of a new contract. Thus, if a player's value has been written down already, that value doesn't come back, but the existing residual value can be added to the newly incurred costs. eg, if we signed a player for £7m on a 4 year contract and wrote his value down by £1m in year one and another £2m in year two, his rv would be £4m. If we then gave him a new contract and gave him a £1m signing fee and paid his bloodsucking agent another £1m, his rv would then be £6m. The thing is though, we don't gain in FFP terms by doing that as the £2m rise in his rv has come at the cost of £2m...and that's without a salary increase.
  15. CornwallRam

    New Contracts

    Players are not valued, it's their registration that has a book value. After the Bosman ruling, over 23's can leave for free at the end of their contract, so that is always the value of their registration at the end of the contract. If a contract is extended, the player's registration regains some value, but their book value cannot go above the actual cost of that registration, thus extending in the final few months of a contract only ever produces a low book value.

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