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  1. Actually, looking at the replays, their player was holding Wisdom. If it wasn't a goal, it should have been a penalty. Terrible decision.
  2. We need to take Sarr out of the game. I'd go 4212, play long and use Shinney just to mark Sarr. Roberts off for Sibley and use him behind Waghorn and CKR.
  3. They are a good footballing team who are pressing us really well. It's a fairly unusual combination, but if Rooney doesn't change things they'll get 6.
  4. They look a lot better than us so far. Hopefully we'll grow into the game. I'm not sure playing out from the back is a good idea tonight.
  5. Rooney has taken us back to grass roots football - we now play next goal wins. Let's hope it's us.
  6. I have no idea if this is of any relevance, but 2 days ago BZI registered at Companies House https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/13208275
  7. To me he's a large part of the reason that our defence has been so good, but our attack has been so poor. His work rate is superb - that alone occupies opposition players. His tracking back is excellent - he directly adds to the defensive effort. He generally moves the ball towards the opposition goal - which is a huge help defensively as it gives us a few seconds to get organised at the back. The problem is that his shooting is terrible and his crossing is only average. In a side so short of attacking quality, his lack of threat is not ideal. I'd still play him every time above Law
  8. I think some of this might be due to having a very thin squad until the end of the transfer window. Rooney didn't want to throw kids on with things so tight, so the starting 11 generally played longer than would be ideal. I suspect that now we have a reasonable bench, the stats will start to even up a bit.
  9. As if - you've just washed the one you found at the bottom of your drawer and are amazed that it still fits.👴
  10. I think the summer is going to be interesting. Assuming that everything doesn't go horribly wrong from here, Rooney is bound to get other offers for management jobs. I think if one of those offers came from Man U or Everton he'd be off like a Lampard. If we're still an off-field basket case, I'd be quite surprised if he stayed at all. An offer from top Championship club would look very tempting compared to the cobbled together squad he'd have here. If we get sorted, we'll be a top Championship club again, so I doubt he'd jump ship for anyone else in this division. Where it would get
  11. Jason Knight needs to come off - he looks like he's going to get a red card
  12. OK, I was wrong - there were three defenders between their player and our goal when the ball was played Has someone bribed the gypsies?
  13. Rooney has made our corners really dangerous. That leads me to ask - WTF have our managers and coaches been messing about at for the last decade?
  14. No- there were two defenders between their player and our goal when the ball was played - thus it was onside
  15. Very lucky there, their goal should have stood And now we're flying
  16. Rooney - it's the Derby Way 😀
  17. Very close to 99% wanting to give him a new contract. That would be very close to the percentage of us (including me) who were wrong about signing him. Really hope we can show our appreciation for him 'live' before he leaves.
  18. I believe that it's fine for MSD to loan money to numerous clubs as long as they have no say in their running. Where it would get complicated is they actually took control of a club. The thing is though MSD is owned by the Dell family, but not directly run by them. I think that Dell could still buy Derby County, but the company that they did it through would just have to be completely separate from MSD.
  19. I don't think you can use standard practice as a model here. A Championship club with a single owner who is also the Chairman is a very peculiar situation. Mel does seem to have delegated day to day stuff to Stephen Pearce, but he can't delegate the putting in £20m plus per season or the big decisions involved in a takeover. I think Mel's health also explains the question of why such a wealthy man needed to borrow from Gabay or MSD. If, God forbid, the worst were to happen, the debts are within a limited company, rather than missing from Mel's estate. It looks like sensible planning
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