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  1. to force clubs onto ifollow so the efl get the revenue that DCFC generate themselves
  2. Had a look around other clubs and while it’s hard to find any similar news it looks like international Ifollow subscribers are being charged £140 for the season.
  3. Monthly subsciption for ifollow looks like it's £20 per month. Guessing EFL are demanding a £5 surcharge for clubs who use their own TV channel.
  4. just had an email saying that the EFL have decided the fees for international subscribers is doubling in price to £25 a month!
  5. Lausanne are owned by INEOS, who also own Nice in Ligue 1.
  6. That’s not true at all. The share price had already dropped before that press conference.
  7. Just put a fiver on the sweaties to win @ 12/1
  8. 4 First team matches lined up so far. 2 at home and 2 away 18/07/2021 Home - opponents TBC 24/07/2021 Salford City (A) 28/07/2021 Home - opponents TBC 01/08/2021 Notts County (A) https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2021/06/pre-season-plans-taking-shape-ahead-of-202122-season
  9. Tuned in earlier to see what the fuss was about. saw some Botox Faced chap interviewing lady Colin Campbell about Prince Harry while she was holding a dog. All with graphics that wouldn’t look out of place on a teenagers YouTube channel.
  10. But Lausanne? That’s the strange bit that doesn’t make sense.
  11. New kit announcement coming soon...
  12. A bit of a come down for Cresswell considering Man City, Man Utd etc were after him a few years ago.
  13. It's mostly rental accomodation there with lots of students.
  14. I don’t get the big hoohah about its not being published yet. there won’t be any surprises in there. Jozefzoon and Carson will be released. All it will say against wisdom, Davies and Waghorn is that they are out of contact but are negotiating a new deal.
  15. Mel Reid currently leading the Women’s US Open.
  16. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news?type=&category=academy&archive=&page=8
  17. That's just the academy training kit.
  18. No, good god, no.
  19. The sponsorship deal that has now expired anyway?
  20. Well done in Ramstrust typing out the letter and moving on from using crayons.
  21. That will be because it is essentially a jumbo sized can. Gone through the same pasteurisation process as a can rather than a keg. that’s why cans last up to a year and kegs a couple of months at the most.
  22. At least there won't be much of this squad left for next season so hopefully not much of a relegation hangover. of those who will still be under contract: Marshall's past it but would be ok in league on good luck trying to move on the useless lump that is CKR. "Ooh he's got an interesting back story". I don't care. he's stealing a living from us now since he signed his new contract. I expect Bird, Knight and buchanen to be gone. Sibbo might want to stay. Forsyth will be good at that level. Jozwiak will go, probably back to poland. lawrence will go to a mid table champ
  23. tinman

    Craig Bryson

    Starting up his own Estate Agents
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