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  1. Big shame injuries stopped him from reaching his potential. Wish all the best for him as he's had a terrible few years, hope he gets back to where he can go. Need to change my profile picture now.
  2. £250k is an absolute bargain for Millwall, such a low value it doesn't matter if he works out or not. He's worth more than that and we're losing a player who can play on the wing. Not sure I agree with this.
  3. If we got the written approval of the EFL before we actioned anything they do not have a leg to stand on
  4. It's not going to be that soon. It'll at minimum be in a years time if it were to happen especially if we choose to appeal.
  5. Could be the FFP issue is based purely on the interpretation of the rules. I hope it's not a retrospective punishment discounting the stadium sale on the EFLs part as it could open up a few wounds for other clubs in the league.
  6. Wilder doesn't like players who aren't focused on playing for the team. Sounds plausible he fell out with Billy Sharp because he wanted a new contract but brought it up at the wrong time. A bit in the Athletic about something similar happening before:
  7. Steve Bloomer's Washing interview with John Percy saying that it's quite likely to happen this time as apparently he was extremely close to joining us last January when Frank was in charge. Starts at about 35 mins.
  8. Not in pace, but acceleration. Bit like Holmes who can burst up 2 gears over a couple of steps to beat a player.
  9. Bennett was good for us last season under Frank, got some crucial assists, penalties and goals for us. One thing I like about Bennett is that with the ball at his feet his only thought is to run towards the opposition goal but unlike Lawrence he doesn't overcomplicate it with tricks that never come off. We miss someone with his explosive acceleration to beat a man in the final third or on the counter attack and his willingness to take a chance at shooting on goal.
  10. Lampard did the same by the way. He played Lawrence when his mum had just passed, and Frank is praised a lot by players for his man-management style. Must have been a choice and decision by Lawrence otherwise I don't think he would be played.
  11. According to the S*n article WBA wanted him last year as a loan with an option to buy but Chelsea turned it down as Jody Morris is a big fan and expects him to be in the first team squad for Chelsea next season.
  12. Didn't he play under Lampard one game and he absolutely terrorised the opposing teams full back winning us a penalty? Looked sharp and is very highly rated in the academy, you can tell by the amount of times they feature on RamsTV.
  13. Hamer is doing okay for us at the moment. In terms of distribution he's better than Roos and nearly as good as Carson was, he's got the long ball to our full backs dialed in. He's just gotta get rid of the little mistakes and learn to hold onto the ball. We have more urgent positions needing filling in my opinion (new long term CB, wingers)
  14. I've watched close to all the games on RamsTV this season and whenever I've seen Lowe play he's shown flashes of the brilliance we see now. Always thought it was frankly ridiculous when I saw people posting earlier in the season that we should sell him. I genuinely think the reason we haven't seen this as much is because Bogle was in the team. Lowe needed to stay back more to make sure our slow centre backs weren't as exposed but now that Wisdom is playing very well on the right and Knight has the legs to cover, Lowe has freedom to charge up and stretch his legs. Really interested to see how Bogle is brought back into the team, I wonder if Cocu will push him up to right midfield or on the wing again.
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