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  1. Shang

    Luciano Acosta

    He looks like the player we needed Josefzoon to be. A guy who dribbles at the defence and drags 2-3 players with him but with the close control and vision to make his way out. If we can get him then I'm all up for it.
  2. Today has been a good performance, only one mistake made the difference. We had higher quality shots on target compared to Forest but couldn't get past their keeper. We definitely weren't dominated out the game and defensively we were very well set up.
  3. Shang

    Sam Cosgrove

    Watching that highlight video there's something to appreciate when a players first and only thought is to hit the ball towards goal. Our strikers we have at the moment want to place the ball all the time in the corners, whereas this Cosgrove looks like he just hits it and heads it as hard as he can and hopes it beats the keeper. I think we could do with an option like this.
  4. Renew but on the same terms. He's been out to other clubs and he's only ever performed well at Derby so I can't imagine him kicking up a fuss to leave. We're offloading a shed ton of players of the books next summer so we can afford to keep him on the same wages.
  5. This is definitely an opportunity for a big "reset". Freeing up a megaton of wages and allowing Cocu to bring in his type to define the squad more.
  6. In an effort to make it really clear for people but also stripping away any emotion from it. From a purely legal perspective... Lawrence / Bennett: Personal gross misconduct but can still capably fulfil their professional contract. Keogh: Personal gross misconduct that made him physically incapable of fulfilling his professional contract.
  7. I personally think it was just a massive shock to the system as he's been very loyal to the club. Article also states that people around the club said he was Mel Morris's eyes and ears around the training ground, they had a great relationship.
  8. Was informed by Mel Morris directly. Derbys position is that Keoghs actions have made it impossible for him to perform his duties as a football player, where as Lawrence and Bennett still can. He's looking to appeal and is being supported by the PFA in his legal case. PFA and Derby County have offered to support him with use of their facilities in his rehabilitation regardless. Derby were keen on an amicable position but Keogh turned down wage cut as he didn't agree with it.
  9. Can't help but feel really bad for Keogh over this as he has been a great servant for the club and should be leaving as a legend. Not sure what his reasoning is for turning down the wage cut as it would have been a compromise on both sides.
  10. If I was Keogh I'd take it, it's not like he could go somewhere else for more pay. However the fact this has leaked means one of the parties isn't happy about it. If I was my guess, Keoghs camp is not happy and is hoping sympathetic fans pressurise the club to not deduct his pay or meet halfway.
  11. It's pure speculation something bad happened during the negotiations, his Instagram post says otherwise. As I mentioned before, our U23s are currently first place in PL2 against Chelseas U23s at 2nd. Why in the world would we get a loan to develop their U23s when ours are as good or better?
  12. We are where we are and have to deal with what we've got. I'm a big fan of Carson and Cocu is completely aware that Roos isn't commanding or decisive enough when it comes to set pieces. I wouldn't be surprised if Cocu decides to go for a new keeper if Roos doesn't improve in that respect.
  13. Hammered the unbeaten Everton U23s 4-1, great football. Also noticed in this game that Craig Forsyth is being used as a centre back alongside Wassall. Really interesting, I wonder if it's a plan to reinvent him now that we have Malone and Lowe and us being short of centre backs?
  14. Drinking in moderation is not the issue. They're allowed to drink if they choose to. The issue is getting behind the wheel whilst drunk.
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