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  1. In a year or two I wouldn't be surprised if a team like Man Utd went for Max Bird. He's very similar in play to a prime Matic and fits the young English player that Solksjaer is trying to utilise.
  2. Bird last night was incredible. Was pressed by two or three United players at a time and never seemed to be in a panic. He seems reassured and seems to have loads of time whenever he receives the ball in a similar fashion Gilmour was against Liverpool. His job isn't to pass forward, he's there to keep the ball ticking over and being the "safe" option, recycling the ball and retaining it until it ends up in Rooneys feet for a pass or to Sibley / Holmes / Lawrence to carry toward the goal.
  3. A point deduction wouldn't happen this season anyway, especially if we appeal. It'll be offset to the start of next season if it were to happen (which I very much doubt as the EFL have gone very quiet on this)
  4. I think I watched an interview where he's fully settled in Derby and bought and recently renovated his family home here. I feel he'd retire rather than move again.
  5. Love his ability to play first time passes. Doesn't need to take an extra touch on the ball and is always moving around to be available a pass. Slick player.
  6. Bennett is one of the only players who's natural instinct is to drive forward and run past people. Never wanting the ball to feet but into space. We saw against Luton all of our front 5 players natural instinct is to pass pass pass around the parked bus, where as if we had more players like Bennett, Knight, Bielik and Holmes in our front line we would have players trying to force their way through, giving them more problems or conceding a penalty. Silly to get rid of him right now especially since none of our forwards are playing particularly well.
  7. We have a former Manchester United and England captain in our squad. Leadership isn't the issue, it's the fact our centre-back pairing have only played 2 games together and in front of him we had Max Bird who's game isn't dropping deep to defend.
  8. Big shame injuries stopped him from reaching his potential. Wish all the best for him as he's had a terrible few years, hope he gets back to where he can go. Need to change my profile picture now.
  9. £250k is an absolute bargain for Millwall, such a low value it doesn't matter if he works out or not. He's worth more than that and we're losing a player who can play on the wing. Not sure I agree with this.
  10. If we got the written approval of the EFL before we actioned anything they do not have a leg to stand on
  11. It's not going to be that soon. It'll at minimum be in a years time if it were to happen especially if we choose to appeal.
  12. Could be the FFP issue is based purely on the interpretation of the rules. I hope it's not a retrospective punishment discounting the stadium sale on the EFLs part as it could open up a few wounds for other clubs in the league.
  13. Wilder doesn't like players who aren't focused on playing for the team. Sounds plausible he fell out with Billy Sharp because he wanted a new contract but brought it up at the wrong time. A bit in the Athletic about something similar happening before:
  14. Steve Bloomer's Washing interview with John Percy saying that it's quite likely to happen this time as apparently he was extremely close to joining us last January when Frank was in charge. Starts at about 35 mins.
  15. Not in pace, but acceleration. Bit like Holmes who can burst up 2 gears over a couple of steps to beat a player.
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