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  1. I really hope we don't have a requirement to play Dowell for a bunch of games. Jesus we were let off there.
  2. Really close shot by Knight there!
  3. We haven't attacked their box for a long while...
  4. Waghorn putting a proper shift in, up and down the whole pitch.
  5. Looks like we're going 3-5-2 boys Wait no, 4-3-3?
  6. I guess this counts safe side-to-side passes are accurate? I'd rather have lower accurate pass stats because we're playing more incisive riskier balls which move the ball towards the opposition goal. I just hope we don't end up in a Clement situation where we're passing the ball around waiting for the perfect moment to appear.
  7. I hope fans don't forget that when Cocu was appointed the talk was that this is a transitionary season where we're under FFP pressures and we've had to be smart with signings and play youth. Top six isn't given, we're not owed that position. I'm more than happy to spend this year finishing mid-table developing our youth prospects and get them settled into a team and get everyone understanding Cocus philosophy fully. We need to be patient with Cocu, he will work out fantastic for us.
  8. Malone's always been a better attacker than a defender, he's also got the stamina to overlap all game long. The issue I saw yesterday was the he had no passing options in front of him and his attacking instincts and natural game aren't working in the current set up with Lawrence in front of him. If we weren't changing to 3-5-2 after being a couple of goals down he could do a job as a left wing back where his defensive duties are covered by others and just let him go forwards and stretch play.
  9. I think the issue is that Cocu has given Tom too much freedom. The consistent problem last night was Malone wasn't given a forward pass option as Lawrence drifted central and the pass was blocked by the opposition midfield. Lawrence clearly prefers to be in the centre of the pitch but he should be told that he can drift in once he has the ball at feet with Lowe or Malone on the overlap. Malone was visibly frustrated as he kept having to pass the ball back to Clarke and fans got on his back because of it. We're already way too narrow on the right, Tom needs to do his part for the team and keep wide on the sidelines until we're attacking the final third.
  10. Way way way too narrow. Same issue with the last game, everything is too central in the final third. Severely suffering from lack of width.
  11. Chance for Bennett with Huddlestone threading the ball through. Goes out wide for a corner.
  12. It's like that when we're attacking but we're finding it quite hard to get past their midfield.
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