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  1. Rammed79

    Craig Bryson

    Hope he stays for the rest of his career and then we build a statue of him on his knees celebrating that third goal against the red dogs.
  2. Rammed79

    Squad. What do we need?

    My assessment would be sell Butterfield, Johnson, Anya, Keogh, Wiemann, Ledley, Forsyth, Pearce and Olsen for starters and see what Chelsea youth players we can bring in but use Our own youth preferably first.
  3. Rammed79

    If it’s Frank

    As long as he has a couple experienced heads around him I'm happy
  4. Originally wanted Simmo but I gonna jump on the bandwagon **** it give Lampard a go if it's really going tits up by Xmas sack him off start again getting used to a new manager every six months .
  5. Rammed79

    Jim Smith

    Ahh the bald eagle liked him instantly but didn't have a clue who he was.
  6. Rammed79

    Next Manager Poll

    I opt for Simmo but wouldn't mind Alex Neil . Not overly bothered by Dean Smith not sure why everyone seems to want him
  7. Rammed79

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    The most annoying thing about this whole scenario is Rowett signed a load of old knackers likely on decent wages also gave new contracts to the likes of Forsyth and Hanson when we had promising young players like Lowe and Elsnik on loan and now he's gonna jump ship what a complete **** pile .
  8. Rammed79

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    If a new manager comes in he isnt going to be familiar with our u23s and so it could be another year of our youth being overlooked unless .........it's Paul Simpson. Simmo simmo it's your turn
  9. Rammed79

    Nick Blackman return?

    I'd be happy to give him another go
  10. Rammed79

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Let Gary go and get Paul Simpson in.
  11. Rammed79

    Aston Villa F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Wish I was there today come on you rams! And I thought Jerome was a waste happy to be wrong.
  12. Rammed79

    Neil Warnock as Derby manager.

    He does a good job of turning teams around but I just can't stand him.
  13. Rammed79

    Outgoing Prices

    I'll be pretty pissed off if we sell Bryson for pittance especially to ******* Warnock. Keep him here!
  14. Rammed79

    Promoting young players

    Anyone know how Emil riis Jacobsen is getting on in his loan ? Of our u23 strikers he looked like one that could develop into a decent player tall can hold the ball up and most importantly can score.

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