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  1. Dont worry folks I think we can turn this around after all February is usually a good month for us.
  2. This season has been an absolute s##t tsunami
  3. Hoping Martin and shinnie get on second half
  4. Hamer Bogle Wisdom Clarke Lowe Huddlestone Holmes Rooney Bird Marriott Martin Would rest knight but have him on the bench as an option also maybe try to get Shinnie some mins
  5. I think we should sign a Chinese player someone like Wu lei from Espanyol and hopefully drum up some interest over there get our hands on some of that sweet china money provided whoever is virus free.
  6. Massively frustrating game but on the positive massively impressed with how much better Max bird is playing looks alot more confident.
  7. Leave it to uncle Mel he'll put the whole system on trial. For now business as usual up the rams get behind the team tomorrow and let's hammer hull.
  8. Hamer Bogle Davies Clarke Lowe Bielik Rooney Sibley Holmes knight Martin Something like this I'd like to see
  9. What has happened to Tyree Wilson? he was supposed to be the next big thing under Lampard
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