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  1. I'm going to be making the most of this season I'm not so optimistic that we will exist next season I know other teams have gone the administration route before and survived for the better but does anyone know if they were facing the size of debt we are?
  2. Got to be Wooly bully by Sam the sham & the pharoes
  3. Sheffield got lucky there well played our young rams we were the better side .
  4. Well earned point battled for everything and to think Bielik and knight still to come back.
  5. I would like to see the same team too much chopping and changing isn't good for anyone time to have a settled team.
  6. Roos Stearman Davies Jagielka Ebosele Buchanan Shinnie Morrison Lawrence Stretton Sibley Something like that
  7. Positivity is all we have to try and get through this Rooney won't be leaving unless he walks , embargo won't be lifted and no takeover not really sure what else we can do but look for positives in what I agree is a rather poo time.
  8. Can't let two stupid mistakes ruin the good that came out of the game up until last ten mins they did ok not amazing but ok we just need to try harder not to duck up next time.
  9. Oh dear we better get our heads out of our arses and start ducking playing.
  10. Maybe we're in a position where we need to sell to stay afloat and if that's the case then sell .
  11. Roos Byrne Cashin Forsyth J brown Shinnie Jozwiak Bird Sibley Lawrence Kaz This would be my starting team if no signings are made . I would bring Ebosele on for last twenty mins to run at tired legs and generally cause havoc .
  12. I personally think Wayne is on borrowed time and will be gone before we get ten games into the season. Unfortunately even our Nigel wouldn't come back to this poo parade so don't know what we will do.
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