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  1. Cocu has lost the plot it will be difficult to pick the players up from this I'd be asking our Nigel if he would look after things till the end of the season.
  2. Marshall Byrne Wisdom Clarke Buchanan Rooney Bird Knight Sibley Jozwiak Hector- Ingram (Shonibare if Jozwiak not fit)
  3. I think this will be an excellent signing I've got a feeling he'll be a goal machine should be familiar with Sibley too from u17 England games. I doubt he'll be in our u23s for long
  4. We have a decent replacement for right and left back in Jordan brown
  5. Quite happy with the reported fee were getting for Bogle and Lowe both are decent players but so are Wisdom, Buchanan, Ebosele , J.brown and Forsyth . I think we'll be ok .
  6. Leeds saying injury but Yorkshire evening post say it's not a fresh injury either way probably won't happen.
  7. Been withdrawn from Wales squad but not injured as a precaution they say hmmm
  8. Just read we are interested in Tyler Robert's from leeds thought it was just trash but then noticed he'd been withdrawn from Wales squad as a precaution but he's not injured. Could this be true ?
  9. How could we not have had "Wooly bully"
  10. I like him and think he'd do very well for us so it probably wont happen.
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