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  1. Hope Sibley gets a run second half I think he can unlock this one for us
  2. We look good we'll look even better when Bielik is out there
  3. A new keeper for me I'd happily sell Carson and Roos
  4. Hopefully he's coming here he is quality. I'd be slightly pissed off with Frank if he sent him to one of our rivals.
  5. Chris Martin is a good option to have in our squad and as long as he has a contract with us I will support him.
  6. Glad to hear Cocu is interested in the strength of our a academy. Step forward Louie Sibley
  7. Hopefully he can unearth another Van der laan for us.
  8. Where's all this Valakari talk come from? Nevermind get him in
  9. Peterborough's chairman reckons we should go for Barnsley's manager not a bad idea he is German after all and that seems to be the in thing these days.
  10. Unless a really good offer comes in I hope we keep him the rate we get through left backs we'd be mad to sell a half decent one with potential.
  11. He goes down an absolute legend in my book I still would like to see Derby honour him with a statue of him on his knees celebrating the hatrick against the red dogs. Thank you Craig Bryson
  12. Rammed79

    Jayden Bogle

    If we were to sell Bogle I wouldn't rush to buy a replacement and try Jordan Brown from our u18 side out. He will surprise a few with how good he is.
  13. I Would like to see a green away strip don't think we have ever played in green have we?
  14. Right back Jordan Brown looks a quality player not as eye catching as the other attackers but could step up if Wisdom moves on.
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