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  1. If I was Frank in that dressing room half time I'd be telling them to duck confidence and take that ball and ram it down their ducking throats.
  2. I agree nobody has been happy with recent results but I believe we should back Frank to get it right. This summer will be where its crucial we will be a much lighter squad with all the contracts coming to an end and loanees going back so with a mix of u23s stepping up and a few quality signings to form the spine of the team things will take shape and have something to build on.
  3. I would rest Bogle and Tomori and bring in Ambrose and Wisdom for this one also try Waghorn and Marriott up top together and look to introduce the likes of Sibley , Bird etc from the u23s at some point.
  4. The only way I can see us getting that spark back is by throwing in a couple u23s we need youthful enthusiasm. Half our team are out of contract or going back to their parent teams at the end of season so probably are not gonna be in the right frame of mind.
  5. I always thought Wisdom would make a good defensive midfielder
  6. Well another match of absolute dross I can't understand what happens to our team in February wtf
  7. Is it too early for a sub? I think we need Bennett on to push people around
  8. Right now I'd rather field our u23 team for this one
  9. To think earlier in the season we beat Man utd what's happened to this team they are awful. I never believed in the February curse until now Monday night we will get ripped a new one if we play like this.
  10. I hope McAllister gets a chance at derby next season he may save us a few quid
  11. Fs we are going to lose this if they don't wake up
  12. I get the feeling once he starts getting regular games and a couple goals he wont stop scoring unfortunately it'll probably be with some other team.
  13. There wasn't an abundance of quality centre backs out there to choose from in my opinion we should muddle through till the end of season and if it comes to it let our u23s step up with a little luck we won't get any injuries.
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