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  1. I've defended Lawrence time and again, and have wanted him to come good and give us consistent performances over a good stretch of games, but I think I've lost my patience. To go from Huddersfield to the performance he gave against Cardiff, you'd struggle to know it was the same player. He's got all the technique to be a top player, but the footballing brain just isn't there. To give a bit of perspective, imagine if this kind of form came from Tom Ince? I don't, for one second believe so many would've been willing to cut him so much slack...
  2. Going by the number of red seats visible at every home game, yes...
  3. Yeah but at the same time, not being exposed to Gonch's money making schemes would produce less city traders, which would be a good thing. he was the original Briefcase banker...
  4. Pigeon Street, Chockoblock, Mr Ben, Button Moon, Let's Pretend, Rainbow, Muppet Babies, Fraggle Rock, Inspector Gadget, Bertha, Super Ted, Jonnie Briggs, Sports Billy, He-Man, Transformers, Thundercats, Droids, Dogtanion & The Three Muskehounds, Terrahawks, Star Fleet, No. 73, The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Battle of The Planets, Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends, Defenders of The Earth, Centurions, Mask, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures, Knightmare, Blue Peter, Round The Twist, Grange Hill, Byker Grove, Press Gang, Activ-8, The Movie Quiz. Pains me to think that my lad and his mates will look back and reminisce about watching some geezer do bottle flips on Youtube when they were kids...
  5. You wouldn't have to declare everyone's wage like they do in the NFL/NBA etc. Plus when you sign a player who's been offered the same amount by a number of clubs, you know he's actually wants to play for you, instead of just going where the money is...
  6. Drove on it the other night. Once both lanes are open, it might actually be of benefit... Looking at the above, you can no longer turn right and go towards town when you pull out the Wyvern?? So you have to go up to the roundabout and come back on yourself??
  7. Been saying this for years. Only fair way to sort it. No percentage of turnover, as that only benefits the bigger clubs, a base amount agreed on before the season starts. Parity... Also, that's when scouting systems & academies come into their own. Everyone would be more willing to take a punt on lesser known players in the hope they come good while costing them peanuts, compared to higher value players. As for Gibson. Mel's got his feet up in the 10 bedroom mansion, he's renting inside his head, and has been for months 😂😂😂
  8. Would like to see - Hamer Bogle Keogh Clark Lowe Bielik Holmes Knight Waghorn Lawrence Marriott
  9. To do that you need a very good scouting system, and the last time I checked ours hasn't been that great for the past few years. Especially compared to Brentford's
  10. If it was the son of the current Liverpool owners I'd be far less dubious. But this guy was part of a board that almost bankrupted one of the top 10 clubs in the world. he also has an incredibly stupid name. It's a massive no from me...
  11. ramsbottom

    iPhone 11

    It's not so much the three lenses, it's the configuration. Just looks they swanned in on a Friday morning, scribbled this high fived each other, then ducked off for lunch
  12. He's said himself that he's a better centre back, but we really need him in midfield. Cocu said he was now fit enough to play in midfield, so fingers crossed he'll be in there a lot more, starting tomorrow night. And preferably flanked by Holmes & Knight...
  13. ramsbottom

    iPhone 11

    Albeit a lot smaller one... I have a mild case of trypophobia. Some geometric patterns and stuff in nature makes my skin crawl 😵 The promotion stuff i've seen haven't, so the people who are freaked out by it, must be really bad...
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