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  1. I wouldn't say I'm depressed, but it's certainly the least excited I've ever been about the start of a season. With the current owners and the manager we have in place I can only seeing us go one way...
  2. You can practically hear the static electricity building up on that...
  3. Yeah I saw something on Instagram about the player in question, very worrying... "I'm getting the word..."
  4. The world’s crappest boy band 😂😂😂
  5. Really like it. Take it the blue is a little nod to the 88/89 away kit 👍🏻👍🏻 No I just need a new owner, new manager and 5-6 top quality Championship players and I’ll start looking forward to the season
  6. Indeed, saw a tweet the other day along the lines of "I'd the billionaires flying to space stay on Earth and pay their taxes" which pretty much sums it up my feeling on this...
  7. Bar last night, pretty much every tactical call he made came off in the Euro's and World Cup, he's taken us the final of the former, and semi final of the latter, so I'm a bit confused on how people can't rate him. On the flip side, I don't think I'd want him as Derby manager, as I think he suits international management a lot better as he has a lot more of a thinker than a day to day boss. The 2 month gap he has in between games gives him plenty of time to assess opponents and make plans accordingly. It also helps having the cream of English players to choose from instead of a mish mash of mediocre players like he had at Boro.
  8. I was being positive so i stayed well away from here...
  9. And to think at approximately 20:03 last night the country was a wonderful place and it felt like anything was possible. Then by midnight it a complete an utter poo hole full of disgusting racists & nutjobs who only seem to follow the national team as an excuse to be a dick head for a few days a year. I wanted us to win more than anything because I know what it's going to be like for the three lads to fluffed their penos. Yes they were crap, but there's no need to spew the racist bile that a lot of these gammon heads have subjected them to already. Bar the Scotland match the whole team performed admirably and shouldn't feel any way ashamed of their achievements this summer. Personally if I were Southgate I wouldn't have sat back in the 2nd half as much as we did, but you have to give the Italians some credit in sorting themselves out at half time and pressing us a lot more effectively. Unfortunately once their goal went in you could only see one winner
  10. i feel very conflicted when it comes to JHB. Like Katy "Horse Faced ****" Hopkins, 90% of the reactionary crap she spouts is done for shock value and clicks/listens as she tries to stay relevant and employed. But unlike Hopkins, she's got a definite MILF thing going on. Definitely confuses both my heads...
  11. I think this is the key thing. I see loads folk wearing them when they're in cars, on their own, or simply walking down the road. In my opinion that's being overly cautious but I won't call them out on it, it's whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  12. I can imagine that’s so they can charge £20 for their Ryanair approved masks 😷
  13. I'd like to think that I'm one of the people who'll use their common sense after the 19th. I'll keep a mask or two in the car and wear one if I think it's prudent to. For example, small independent shops with not a lot of floor space I'll stick one on if it's busy, but I'll leave it off if I'm in a Tesco Extra. I've had both my jabs, as have most of my family & friends but I don't see anything wrong with being cautious still. Giving folk a chance to pass by me in a tight walk way, or briefly vacating a pavement when someone's coming the other way isn't inconveniencing me, or curtailing my freedoms. Of course, this is because (i'd like to think) that I'm a considerate person, but there's plenty that aren't. But that was the case before all this kicked off, and it'll be so long after we come regard it the same we do with the flu...
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