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  1. A lot of folks saying their arses were twitching the last 10/20 minutes, but for all the possession and lumps into the box Hamer was barely troubled. Now if you’d have listened to it on Radio Derby you would probably have thought we barely clung on. I thought we handled it well, and couple of sharper passes we would’ve had chances to finish them off. AAAAALLLLLLLLLL ABOOOOOOOOARRRDDDDD!!!
  2. Na, his grandson's too busy in his pool...
  3. 2) When the "when" happens, we hire (seemingly from nowhere) our first foreign coach and Dutch international legend Philip Cocu! Leading to a truncated pre-season, with no time to prepare, and having to settle for cast offs from other teams to make up the numbers. No helping hand from Frank "I'll still love Derby" Lampard.
  4. I think he'd do very well over in Holland. He's been a great servant over his two spells, but paying someone around 15-20k a week be 5th choice midfielder isn't very wise from a financial perspective. And from the sounds of the agreement being mutual, he more than understands that. I think we may see him back as a coach in a few years time.
  5. It's pretty good, but I do prefer a simple, clean design to something flashy. Won't buy one as I only ever wear a football shirt to play football in. Unless I'm on holiday, in which case the 95/96 home shirt gets a run out by the pool.
  6. Stoke - Crap fans, crap ground (fill in your corner, you funky cheapskates!), associated with Pulis Hull - That mauled by the Tigers chant is the single most cringe-worthy thing in the history of football, associated with Phil Brown Boro - Crap fans, more pink seats than the red dogs, complete mardarse of a chairman who has a Fred Savage tight perm, associated with Pulis Nothing really against the other 3, even Barnsley, as it's a great away day.
  7. I watched it a few weeks ago and noticed the same thing. Other than that I do like him as a man. He came across very well in that Harry Redknapp England veterans thing on ITV the other week as well. Back to '89, I was really hoping Tony Adams would say something along the lines of "All I can remember from that game was Dean Saunders making me look a bamford all game". But alas, he didn't give us any credit either...
  8. If anyone still thinks this man and his staff haven’t done an amazing job to get us into play off contention considering the amount of crap they’ve had to work through this season needs their bumps feeling!!!
  9. Was thinking that myself. Obviously even just being threatened with a knife isn’t high on many folks’ wish list, but if it serious we’d have heard something before now. Funkin thieving ricks!!!
  10. Can’t believe I’ve just given The Sun another hit, I feel dirty now Get well soon Andrea.
  11. As impressed as I have been with Rams TV, I'll go with Sky as I can watch in the front room, and I don't have to worry about any buffering
  12. He barely moved his head, but people are acting like he lent back 45 degrees before unleashing a thunderbastard into the guys melon. It was nothing. Yellow for me at best. As I said before, he could’ve been provoked all through the game, who knows. As also said previously, if it was any other Derby player it would be nowhere near the same level of moaning. And considering the amount of people think he’s crap, I can’t see why there so incensed that he’ll be missing for 3 games...
  13. Hamer 5 - Jesus wept that punch was bad, but make one or two decent stops Bogle 6.5 - Bit more positive in his crossing thaN last week and better defensively Clark 8 - Solid. Much better distribution Wisdom 9 - His best game in a long, long time. Surging runs like Keogh, but without the panic that it could go horribly wrong Forsyth 6 - Didn’t really do much wrong at either end the pitch, tired late on Bird 8.5 - Just gets better with each game. Controlled things and kept the midfield under control even when Rooney went off Rooney 7 - First game he’s been closely
  14. I’m saying in every level of football, there’s argy bargies like today’s. And I reckon everyone on the forum has been involved in one without stopping to think about their behaviour. Therefore they shouldn’t spout crap saying Lawrence should know better, cus they will have done it themselves. And it was hardly even a headbutt. The ref was crap all game and shouldn’t have even booked him in the first half. Overreacted in my book... At the end of the day if it was any other player that had done it, they’d be a fraction of the moaning on here...
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