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  1. Duck 'em!! Their fixture pile up was completely their own doing. THREE separate covid outbreaks??? One could reasonably be expected, especially at the start of the pandemic, but three??!?!?! If someone were to point out to me that all the Rotherham players and staff live in & train the same 2 bedroom terrace house, that's smack bang in the middle of Rotherham city hospital grounds, next to the ICU I'll cut them some slack. But if not there's no other excuse.
  2. Relief. Sheer relief. Nothing more, nothing less...
  3. I’ll be perfectly honest I’m britting shicks...
  4. I’ll be too relieved to do either. I’ll simply have a couple of drinks to calm the nerves, and chill out...
  5. I stopped reading when QPR were listed as being a big club...
  6. Weds will be scrapping for everything, and we’ll be paralysed by fear. We’ll lose. But will Rotherham win?? Their form says no, but it’s football, and it’s been that kinda season...
  7. And considering Fwank didn't have much in the tactics locker other than "Give the ball to Mason & 'Arry", that's not saying much at all... I think he may do a Roy Keane, have a couple of high profile gigs, do alright, implode on the last one, then think "Sod this game, punditry is the way forward".
  8. Realistic alternatives that are better than our current manager - @B4ev6is Boris Johnson Ted Lasso The reanimated corpse of Dame Vera Lynn Claire Ince The decapitated head of a 70's era Action Man Purple Aki Anybody who shows some "PASHUN!"
  9. ramsbottom

    F1 2021

    Exclusive picture of Lewis Hamilton having breakfast this morning -
  10. Where else would I get to enjoy so many cheese puns? Or discuss crisps in fridge?
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