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  1. Driving to mates at 6:30am to get a lift so Lichfield to catch the 7:30 train to Euston, quick walk over to Kings Cross tube, tube to Covent Garden, walk to nearest boozer, drink a couple of over priced lagers, walk to next boozer, drink more over priced lager, rinse & repeat for a couple of hours, tube back to Kings Cross, Metropolitan line to Wembley Park, into a Derby boozer for more over priced lager, quick stop off at a takeaway for a dodgy looking sandwich/burger, into the ground, watch the lads hammer the dirty brummies, join in the 38k bounce, back to Wembley Park, tube back to Euston, short walk to nearest boozer, more lager, back to train station, wait til train departs at 21:40, barrack all the dirty brummies who we spoke politely to on the way down, back in Lichfield for around midnight, lift back to my mate's gaff from his annoyed spouse, sit on his sofa, spend 5 minutes laughing on twitter/watching highlights on my phone, fall asleep... 👌
  2. Or if he enjoys a pint of wine??
  3. Jeb-end in the middle looks dead inside. Probably been in a 'Spoons sat 8am every day for 10 years...
  4. Just promise you'll meet him in a crowded public place. You can't be too careful...
  5. What kinda boozer closes on a Bank Holiday?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!!!?!
  6. Only asked because there's a chap who lives across from me. Should talk to him cus he's a dog owner like me, loves the rams like me, but he just seems like a bit of a dick... Promise me you'll keep the singing down if we win on Monday, or i'll get stick from the Mrs for someone else waking her up
  7. Not from Brum, but to save a bit on travel we're getting the train from Lichfield to Euston, instead of the normal Derby to St Pancras. The journey home could be interesting whatever the result...
  8. With some of the knuckle-dragging Gumps round our way you'll be lucky if they merely nick it... You're not on Rufford Road are you?
  9. Keogh Bennett Lawrence Cole Marriott Or if we really wanted a laugh about, a Grelish or Hutton OG would be extremely satisfying...
  10. I've already set aside the exact clothes I was wearing last week. T-shirt, pants, socks, jeans, jacket, trainers, the lot. Trouble is I can't remember if I had a spare poo bag in my back pocket that night or not 😫
  11. Anyone noticing a Sky camera pointing at them on Monday, please mouth "Sky you are poo" very loudly..
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