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  1. Grimsby to Sheffield is ok, it's only 3 roads and an hour if you put your foot down. Folk moan when they have to stay at home, folk moan when they get to go out... No helping some
  2. "Bring back Nigel" "Cheating Leeds bar-stewards!" "Liverpool are poo" @MuespachRam
  3. That's probably because as far as Cocu is concerned he has the right personnel in midfield. Once he have a striker who can hold the ball up, whether that's a new one, or Waghorn once he's fit and the wingers are fit, he'll play a 3 in there without a number 10. So it will more than likely be -----------------Bielik/Bird Rooney/Shinnie------------Holmes/Knight Bielik or Bird to protect the back 4, Rooney/Shinnie to stitch things together and Holmes/Knight to be the box to box. I personally think Knights wasted out wide, but with his eye for goal and willingness to get into th
  4. Everton have a living legend for a manager, who's able to tailor his philosophies to suit the players at his disposal, and full internationals in most of their positions. Not to mention a chairman with a poo-tonne of money to buy pretty much any player previously mentioned manager would like to purchase... But yes, other than that, we're exactly the same 🤦‍♂️
  5. Brentford have better players than we do, and have a system that their players are comfortable with...
  6. The problem is, as Luton, Boro, Huddersfield etc taught us last year, a bad/slow start is very difficult to recover from. We’ve got a tough October to look forward to so it’s very much possible we’ll be in the bottom 3 by the end of it. I’m not even sure it’s the position is what’s freaking everyone out, but the spineless performances. There’s been a distinct lack of backbone in this side for some time...
  7. Could only stomach the 1st half, absolutely shocking performance. Marshall - 6 Byrne - 5 Buchanan - 5 Te Weirik - 4 Wisdom - 4 Bird - 5 Rooney - 4 Knight - 5 Sibley - 4 Jozwiak - 6 Marriott - 4 We looked completely incapable of dealing with the high press. Game like today we were crying out for a Chris Martin to hold the ball up, take a strategic foul and take the pressure off. Not Marriott’s fault as it’s not his game. A lot of folk saying we’ll be ok once Lawrence, Ibe & Waghorn are back, but if we carry on defending like
  8. I’ll say one thing, he’s certainly bulked up a bit 😳
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/sep/21/leyton-orient-covid-19-carabao-cup-tottenham-spurs I was under the impression that all professional clubs were regularly tested, but this story states otherwise. Therefore a couple of questions popped into my head. 1- How often are our own players tested? 2- Shouldn't the Premier League help out smaller clubs with the prohibitive costs of testing considering a number of their youth teams are plying their trade out on loan?
  10. That's the car park on the Pride Park side
  11. I have no problem with the final episode. It’s not perfect, and leave a few things open ended, but it closes the series off in fine fashion
  12. Just to remind everyone that the entire reimagined Battlestar Galactica series is available on BBC iPlayer. Don’t let it’s sci-fi leanings put you off, it’s one of the best shows of the past 20 years...
  13. Think the only time I saw him look anything like a decent player was his cameo in the play off final, and that may have been to do with the crap that was served up proceeding his introduction. Like @Gerry Daly alluded to, seems like another Nick Blackman. We bought him off the back of a purple patch...
  14. I wonder how favourite friend of the forum Bris managed to scoop this one?? I guess the sun even shines on a dog's arse occasionally...
  15. Call me cynical, but I wouldn't put it past this being intentional, and all part of Cummings' plan for herd immunity. Then when it does spike again, The Fridge Magnet will tell us that we didn't stick to the rules...
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