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  1. $500,000 a month playing video games

    "OH MY GOSH BRO!!!" It's amazing how many times I have the urge to grab his phone and stick it in the blender...
  2. $500,000 a month playing video games

    Judging by the stuff my lad watches, all you a need to do is shout as loud as you possibly can, when the game beats you, whilst trying not to swear... TBF I'd really f******* struggle with the last c****** bit!!!
  3. Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    I'm not saying it isn't offensive but at the end of the day, jailing someone for this kind of thing is stupid. Trying to sanitise what people say has gone to such extremes that the only way people feel they can get back at the authorities is to vote for the likes of Brexit & Trump. I'm all for political correctness up til a point, I don't care if you're gay, black, white, Pakistani, transgender, into Scientology, or scatting, but jailing someone for putting up an unfunny Youtube clip is going to far. In fact, if the tosspot had done it in the streeet instead of broadcasting it to millions he'd still be free as a bird...
  4. Derby County F.C. v Sunderland A.F.C

    If we don't win this one, the season is effectively over...
  5. Derby Snow - Game called off

    95 pages and this Snow guy hasn't signed yet!!! Never seen him play, but as he's a German centre half, we must get this deal over the line...
  6. Championship best 11

    I'd preferred if he'd said no Butterfield. At least Johnson has some stand out traits...
  7. Reading sack Stam, hire Clement

    Listening to the away game on RD, as soon as I heard "Johnson on for Kasey Palmer", I knew we wouldn't hold on, lo & behold 2 minutes later we conceded...
  8. John Gregory

    The state of that!!!
  9. Spurs

    To be fair, they are in the away dressing room for this one... And as others have pointed out, The FA have got bills to pay. We didn't need Wembley, at least the £750m version that was built. Finals could've been in Cardiff or the Emirates, and England could've toured like they did in the early noughties. I loved it when they came to Pride Park and thumped Mexico 4-1. If they insist on having a national stadium, they should've had the balls to move it to the middle of the country...
  10. Tony Pulis' Hat II

    Ryad Marez's hair... Absolutely shocking
  11. Happy Birthday Curtis Davies...statistically the best

    he's been solid as a rock. And it helps Keogh as he hasn't got to worry about who's next to him...
  12. FFP going into next season

    Considering his 'performances' at Weds, we'll be lucky to a 12 pack of Stella and a signed photo of Debbie Harry for him...
  13. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    I stick my tongue out as well...
  14. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    coincidentally, that's what I do to the doctor when they ask me to show them my sex organs
  15. Blackpool fan here help needed please the petition

    Are you referring to Karl and his father, the convicted rapist Owen Oyston??

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