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  1. ramsbottom

    Derby County Shirt Collection

    How did Puma get things so right???
  2. ramsbottom

    Geriatric Floresta

    I still miss Elvis... FACT!
  3. ramsbottom

    Fans Forum 9/8/18, 7.30pm @ Showcase Intu

    How are her yorkshires???
  4. ramsbottom

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

  5. ramsbottom

    Snake City watch

    From the Oatcakes forum - "Under Mark Hughes we saw some of the best performances ever by a Stoke side. Today we have witnessed possibly the WORST. Defence pathetic, surely Shawcross must be dropped for the next match. Midfield giving the ball away at every opportunity. Attack, what attack? Only when Bojan and Fletcher (of all people!) came on did we show any kind of promise going forward. Where was the intensity and pressing we had been expecting?" Intensity & pressing??? You get the feeling, their supporters only watched the Hull & Cardiff home games from last season??
  6. ramsbottom

    Snake City watch

    He hit the bar from 30 yds in the first half, but after that he barely got a touch. Stoke were really poor, the honeymoon period will be very brief if they continue to play like that.
  7. ramsbottom

    v Reading (A) Match Thread

    Those beans need subbing off for a big chunk of black pudding...
  8. ramsbottom

    Starting line up predictions....

    ^^^ This for me, although I'd have Pearce over Forsyth as Johnson could cover left back in an emergency. Anybody else got a Christmas Eve vibe thinking about seeing what this team can do in a competitive game??? I just hope to god we give a good account of ourselves, just so the young lads gain confidence...
  9. No more ins until January if required. Lots of outs please...
  10. ramsbottom

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    I think with this morning's signing of his namesake, this must spell the end of Gorgeous George as a Ram. Which hurts big time because, as we all know, on his day he's the complete midfielder at this level. Oh how much different things could've been had he managed to pull out that challenge from Douglas... 😥
  11. ramsbottom

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    I get the feeling the joke will be on us eventually. Surely we need to ship at least one player out??
  12. ramsbottom

    Manchester City

    You know there's gonna be a fan wearing this to their game against Arsenal opening weekend. And it won't be ironically either...
  13. ramsbottom

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    Two points why I'm not upset he's going - 1 - He's the only player we can make a profit on. 2 - He doesn't fit our manager's preferred 4-3-3, even if we sometimes play 4-2-3-1 as we did last season, Frank will want a No 10 who can knit things together and create chances for the wingers and main strikers, with intricate balls round the corner. Vydra, won't give you that. That's why we have Mount. Martin is a strange one, as we know that in a 4-3-3 he can be the man to make it all tick, but I guess Frank doesn't fancy him. I guess as ever with him, mobility is the biggest concern. Because I love the guy, I hope Schteve comes in for him before before the window closes and they can live happily ever after... Bar the two times we play them!!!
  14. ramsbottom

    Retro Shirts

    Amazing how many of the signatures you can actually read. I had a Errea Pedigree shirt and I could barely make out two of them...

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