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  1. ramsbottom

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    Surely if we go down that route, we need the original Manageress??? 😍
  2. ramsbottom

    Gary Rowett could be a wanted man again?

    Different team, with better players would mean he could play his preferred 4-2-3-1, so he could quite easily fit Vydra in. With them not having any stand out wingers, bar the sure to depart Shakiri, he might want Lawrence but I'm sure with the £20m odd they'll get from sales + the parachute payment, they could source a more reliable player for the same asking price we'd want. As for davies, they've got a load of defenders the wrong side of 30 already, so I doubt he'd come back for him...
  3. ramsbottom

    Gary Rowett could be a wanted man again?

    I was thinking the same. Thanks to Uncle Mel's 2015 Cash Spunk-athon we're right in the crapper. Said it at the time, but if our recruitment team were half way decent we could've covered Hughes & Bryson's inuries with Prem loans, not splurging £10 on two ineffective round pegs in Johnson & Mr Happy... If GR leaves then we have two options go with someone from the lower leagues, like the Cowley's from Lincoln who're used to a budget and can maximise the talent they have or a similar type from overseas. If we go with any of the usual names, we're stuck with signing over the hill Championship/ex prem journeymen on frees
  4. ramsbottom

    Retained List Announced.

    If he was as good at football as he is at appearing to a miserable, boring, emotionless ****wit, he'd be a world beater. But he isn't, he's not a very good footballer at all. I suspect Huddersfield are still laughing at fleecing us out of £4.5m...
  5. ramsbottom

    Retained List Announced.

    Buy??? We'll be lucky give him away!!! Especially if any potential buyers were to visit the Wednesday forums...
  6. ramsbottom

    Time for youth

    Unless we sell or wind up the contracts of 2/3s of the first team there's no point in playing all of the lads mentioned at the start of the thread, just for the sake of it. Some might swim, but others will sink, and before you know it League 1 beckons. Lowe, Elsnik, Bird & Thomas look decent talents but despite the recent revamps, there's a massive difference between under 23s and Championship football. I'd rather we integrate them slowly with sub appearances and starting the majority of them in the Carling Cup. As others have pointed out, if they were considered to up to the standard of Hendrick & Hughes they'd have played already. Just because we increased the spending in the academy, it can still take years to provide players of the required quality, most of those mentioned above have already been with us before Mel's millions started rolling through the door.
  7. ramsbottom


    Like most have said, he gives it his all playing in uncharacteristic roles, but he's a level below the quality we need, especially in the role GR insists on playing him. He's another on a long list of strikers who broke through at the time the popularity of big man/little man combos was waning. As a poacher he'd be good, but seeing as we won't play with 2 up top anytime soon, he's better off as an impact sub... Plus he wasted our best chance on Monday night...
  8. ramsbottom

    Next season

    And what makes you think our scouting department extends any further that the English Channel 🤣
  9. ramsbottom

    Next season

    The problem is, even youthful players that can make an impact aren't cheap nowadays, even from Leagues 1&2. If we were to get fair market value for Vydra, say £15m. You've got to bring in, and cover the wages of a combative midfielder, two good wingers and a good striker. 4 players at an average of £3.75m. I'll remind you that Tom 'Mr Consistancy' Lawrence cost twice that. GR has got a ball-bustingly tough summer. And all thanks to Mel, Clement & Evans paying stupid money for dross three summers ago...
  10. ramsbottom

    Reasons to be positive !

    Dons tin hat - A fully fit George Thorne...
  11. ramsbottom

    Championship or Premiership

    Carson, Davies, Huddlestone, Vydra...
  12. ramsbottom

    Tomorrow's another Day

    Hmmmm... Not sure it's a good idea to sell that many. I reckon it'll be more like - GK: Carson, Roos, Mitchell Defenders: Forsyth, Keogh, Baird, Pearce, Davies, Wisdom, Olsson, Shackell, Lowe - How can we possibly sell Olsson when he's injured for the next 9 month Midfielders: Huddlestone, Ledley, Thorne, Johnson, Anya, Palmer, Thomas, Hanson, Bryson, Butters, Guy, Elsnik Forwards: Lawrence, Bent, Nugent, Jerome, Winnall, Weimann, Bennett, Blackman, Martin, Vydra - You Missed our top goalscorer off completely, so I'll assume it's a given we'll have to sell him? Would like us to strike a deal for Winnall, he seems to like it here, and has made an impact whenever he's played. I'd like to see us continue with 3 at the back, but be more like we were under Smith with two up top and an intelligent No 10 behind them. Surely GR can remember enough to make it work... What I wouldn't give for a bargain but like Ron Willems!!!
  13. ramsbottom

    Good Luck Tonight.....I hope you batter Fulham

    I bet your captain wasn't watching. He's still suffering from PTSD style episodes when anyone even mentions Cameron Jerome...
  14. ramsbottom

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    Top class shithousery so far... Huddlestone quality, Davis immense, Wisdom excellent. Want a little more from Lawrence though. So far, so good
  15. ramsbottom

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    Me too, just muttered to myself "Go on Fozzy, like you used to"...

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