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  1. ramsbottom

    O'Notts Forest

    Roy Keane will love him...
  2. ramsbottom

    If you could pick 2 ex-Rams

    Ace Asanovic & Lee Carsley in his marauding full back days
  3. ramsbottom

    O'Notts Forest

    If they hired The Snake I swear to god i would lose all my bodily functions laughing...
  4. ramsbottom

    O'Notts Forest

    From the LTLF forum - "Ffs back to a circus again, I wasn't a massive AK fan but this is a joke. Em and his posse are sounding more like Fawaz everyday and I don't trust them anymore, AK may have "walked" but whens there's a gun to your head and they tell you to walk you walk. The Greeks need to realise that we aren't mugs and bullpoo like this won't fly with us anymore." They stuck by Fawaz for 5 years 😂 "I know this sounds ridiculous but supporting Forest was one of the best life choices I ever made. Even in the bad times before and after BC I have had great times...so I am that junkie who can never cut adrift." The poor soul "Clough is going to happen at some point. Might as well be now. Get it out of our system."
  5. ramsbottom

    O'Notts Forest

    Life is always grand when he pops up 😊
  6. ramsbottom

    O'Notts Forest

    Ready the Laughing Chimp... ENGAGE!
  7. ramsbottom

    Would you ever...

    If he accepted he must work with the current coaching staff, and brought back Jonny Metog, yes.
  8. ramsbottom

    George Thorne - Joined Luton Town on loan

    Poor George just can't catch a break can he. Watch them replace Jones with a 4-4-2 dinosaur...
  9. ramsbottom

    Snake City watch

    Both taste like piss...
  10. ramsbottom

    Snake City watch

    I was really hoping they'd stick with him a little longer...
  11. ramsbottom

    My Dream

    If this was my birthday cake I'd seriously have to question my life choices...
  12. ramsbottom


    The only thing bothering me about Apple at the moment, and what will make me think twice about upgrading is the absence of a home button. Huawei, OnePlus and a couple of other manufacturers have managed to embed a fingerprint scanner into the screen so I can't see why Apple can't as well. I don't want to have a phone where I have to pick it up and look like I'm taking a selfie every time I want to unlock it...
  13. ramsbottom

    If you could live life in any movie...

    National Lampoon's Animal House. TOGA, TOGA, TOGA!!!
  14. ramsbottom

    George Thorne - Joined Luton Town on loan

    It really shouldn't have ended this way...
  15. ramsbottom

    Watchable telly

    Saw a trailer for Cleaning Up with Sheridan Smith the other day, looks pretty good. Starts next Wednesday. I'll also be watching True Detective season 3 on Sky Atlantic, and the new adaptation of War of The Worlds on the BBC1 when they start in the next few weeks.

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