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  1. Mark Sampson

    It's got nothing to do with Aluko misinterpreting his comments as banter because she's an educated lawyer. What he said was racist, he intimated that because her family are from Africa, they must all be carrying a deadly virus. Would you stand by and let your boss say the same about your family???
  2. Amazing goals thread

    Got goal of the season as well. Personally I think it was a sympathy vote, cus his dad or someone had passed away that week... At the end of the day, it was a simple hoof!!!
  3. Amazing goals thread

    They're close, I'll give you that, but the tekkers for firstly the inch perfect pass from Hughes, and then for Bent to keep it under the bar, with that amount of power, with ti dropping over his shoulder is top drawer...
  4. Amazing goals thread

    Best Derby goal of the decade...
  5. Amazing goals thread

    Trying to posy up Bent's goal against Wolves but it won't let me, can someone oblige???
  6. Amazing goals thread

    And people don't rate Wilshire... he's the only English midfielder even remotely capable to taking a man on in the middle of the park, without having to have a 40 yard run up to get going.
  7. Derby City Centre

    I said from the day the Westfield opened that, local developers should've bought up a lot of the vacated shops along St Peter's Street and convert them into bars/resturants. There's no point retail businesses trying to compete for footfall, should've been offering something different. Works for Iron Gate & Saldergate. The old Debenhams should've been turned into a club as well. Nobody wants to come to Derby for a night out anymore, cus there's no decent clubs. The council have been that narrow minded, they could probably fit their heads through a f***** letterbox!!!
  8. Will Hughes Watch

    I lose a lot of respect for anybody who has black alloys on a car...
  9. Will Hughes Watch

    Not nowadays. Advances in conditioning has upped that to around 30/31 for a lot of midfielders, depending on their roles. Pirlo's game went up a level once Conte played him between Marchisio & Vidal at Juve, he was 32 at the time...
  10. Will Hughes Watch

    Two things jump out in that pic - 1 - Hughes must be really f****ng nesh. 2 - That ladies scarf is lovely...
  11. Lets find something to moan about after beating Forest

    There's plenty of folk moaning about the actual game...
  12. US Men's National Team

    Allow it to be played by everybody, not just privileged white kids...
  13. Leicester sack Shakespeare

    You just know King Bill-eh is readying his dossier of proof about why nobody will employ him...
  14. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Was just about to post that. Completely impartial view of yesterday's events...
  15. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    And how long before Warburton is given his marching orders from your lot. 22nd at Christmas??

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