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  1. Football fashion ?

    I'd rather staple my foreskin to the home bench at the city ground than wear any item of that crap... Just sayin'
  2. Man City discussion

    The current Cit-eh side have played 17 league games together, so you can hardly compare them to past great teams. Comparing them so soon to a side that went a whole season without loosing a game, one that won the league at a canter despite huge financial advantage, and one that dominated the domestic game for a decade is a little narrow minded and suits your point of view. If this team progresses and wins trophies this season and the next, I think it's wholly fair to compare them to those other teams. How do you know they were celebrating winning the league already on Sunday night??? I haven't read any report of the incident that highlights Raheem Stirling doing a samba dance outside the United dressing room, in his boxers, singing "CHAMPI-OOO-NEES", whilst smoking a big cigar...
  3. Man City discussion

    I'm not to worship at the alter of pep believe me. Could he do the same with West Brom on a tenth of Cit-eh's budget, I very much doubt it. Just pointing to the fact that Jourdan's looking a bit daft by denying the fact, they're a class outfit at the moment. On Sunday, Henry made a point in highlighting that the way they press makes it very difficult for them to be counted on. When you know what to look for, it's very impressive the way they do it. Having said that, I watched the Leicester highlights last night and thought the pace at which they can counter, could actually cause them problems.
  4. Man City discussion

    Look, I don't like the nouveau riche way they go about things either, but you can't deny they aren't a good side. Also, I don't get where you're coming from when you say they're arrogant. Just because they celebrated humbling their biggest rivals??? Screw what Jose' says, they won, they can celebrate how they want. All this is a classic Mourinho smoke screen to divert attention away from the fact he f00ked up his tactics, and his side played poorly. I didn't see them rubbing Swansea's noses in it last night, I just saw a far superior team going about it's business. It galls me slightly that Bris is getting endless stroking material out of Cit-eh's casual stroll to the title, but you're embarrassing yourself by refusing to admit they aren't a class team. Wenger was the Pep of that time, he was a genuine pioneer, but everyone eventually copied his methods and improved on them. The same will happen with Pep in time, but right now, nobodies figured out how to.
  5. There'll be some there, trust me...
  6. Steer clear of the Guardian. Those ass-hats only class spoilers as twists at the end of films. The tits ruined a good proportion of Blade Runner 2049 for me... Oh and enjoy all the middle-aged fat geezers dressed as Han Solo. I went to the midnight screening of TFA, and I've never seen such a sad bunch of people in my life. I'll probably go see it next weekend, let the crowds die down a tad. I got burned by the hype over the last one, hence me queuing for 90 minutes surrounded by virgins carrying genuine lightsabers and a 17 stone woman in a Boba Fett basque!!!
  7. George Thorne

    Owen Bradley on Twitter Gary Rowett reveals Derby are in discussions with George Thorne's representatives about a new deal. #dcfcfans🐑 🤗
  8. Happy Record Breakers Day!

    They always appear to forget the fact that they're the only team to finish bottom of the Premier League 3 times. Funny that...
  9. Lawrence injury - need another winger?

    Lawrence's injury doesn't appear to be as bad as first, and we have options to cover for his absence. So no...
  10. The one's that got away

    Could've sworn C5 show said it was his first start, or was it first goal (Rubs chin, ponders, shrugs shoulders)
  11. Will Hughes Watch

    Have Watford won since he’s been out the side??
  12. Carson

    TBF his form fell off a cliff last season, and he's still not recovered to the form he was in before his injury. At the moment, I'd take Pickford & Buckland over him & Hart
  13. The one's that got away

    I think Saturday was his first start for them. Obviously Slutzky didn't rate him...
  14. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Snow. Or least our country's reaction to the stuff. A couple of inches of the white stuff and the most hardened of people turn into a bunch of whiney, useless, common sense devoid ********. On Sunday morning I steadily cruised down a clear (if damp) B road at 50, only to be greeted with a line of traffic, slowing me down to 25... At the head of this stupidly cautious queue? A Range Rover Sport. With it's 4 wheel drive, automatic traction control & variable slip diff!!! All that money and not a clue how to drive it properly!!!
  15. The one's that got away

    The thing is, how many of these did we legitimately put a bid in for??? Until I read in the DET (no matter how late) that we had a bid knocked back, I always assume it national paper ******** or fans wishful thinking. Out of all of those I'd have been most excited about McManaman & Irvine.

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