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  1. That's almost as tinpot as the Zamora masks... Almost...
  2. Well it's been about 6 years since you were sitting comfortably above us, so I admire your restraint...
  3. ramsbottom


    Still a complete and utter lady bit...
  4. The fair weather antagonist returns!! At least Dawny pipes ups when you're doing crap...
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/nov/12/chelsea-players-fined-twenty-thousand-pounds-late-training-frank-lampard-football Chelsea’s manager, Frank Lampard, has imposed a strict disciplinary regime on his young squad with a range of hefty fines, including £20,000 for being late for the start of training. Players are also charged £500 for every minute they are late to team meetings. Any player not reporting an illness or injury before a day off or an hour-and-a-half before training can expect a £10,000 fine, while lateness for treatment, medical appointments or match day departure will cost £2,500. A phone ringing during a team meal or meeting will set a Chelsea player back £1,000, as will wearing the wrong clothing for team travel or match days.
  6. Always knew he'd look this smug...
  7. TBF to Aldi, they normally have small car parks and a high turnover of customers, so can't have spaces taken up for long. An example would be my local one at Long Eaton. 1 1/2 hour stay compared to the Tesco (with 3 times the spaces) over the road that gives you 3 hours. Similarly I'd be pissed off if I'd driven 4 hours to stop at a Premier Inn and there were no spaces. Still, I'm not advocating the parking company's practices. They're a bunch of see you next Tuesdays!!!
  8. Not really. You have a piece of land to sell, just as a piece of land, for around £100k. You then get approved planning permission for 5 houses on that land and you can then sell it for £1m...
  9. The glaringly obvious was when Holmes could've slipped him in with a simple 10 pass, but chose to shoot from 25 yards. Hardly Marriott's fault his team mates don't choose the right option. He isn't the type of striker who'll create chances for himself, he needs service. Last season he got it, and he bagged. This season he hasn't had it.
  10. Did I mention either players level of performance?? Wind your neck back in!!! I was merely pointing out that both of them play a similar role, the little in a Big man/Little man combo...
  11. Christ I can remember as a 10 year old wishing all the old farts sat around me at the BBG would shut up calling my favourite player at the time lazy for not chasing down back passes. The name of my favourite player... Dean Saunders. Small, nippy strikers, who's games are based on runs in behind can easily be labelled as lazy, cus they have to be given the ball in the right areas to be effective. They were really deep on Saturday so he wasn't going to get much joy. Although he should've done better with a couple of presentable chances.
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