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  1. If it was me, I'd be more than happy to display some of my oil paintings. Such as this one...
  2. And how do you even begin to keep those attending apart when entering and exiting the ground?? My Mrs just took the dog for a walk and an ignorant couple couldn't even be bother to give her a 6ft berth when she was picking up some poo!!!
  3. Quick update, I never thought I’d be happy that I’ve come down With a car of sinusitis, but it’s looking more and more like that’s what I’ve got. My face was really aching last night so I popped a couple of Sudifed, and I’ve felt right as rain this morning. So much so that the Mrs has had me slaving away in the garden 🤬🤬🤬
  4. Cheers Schmokes. I'm not feeling too bad this morning. No shivers or high temp, just a sore throat, that feels like it could turn into the tickly cough side of it. Just a waiting game I suppose. Certainly feel better for a decent nights kip...
  5. Cheers mate It may be sinusitis, as some of my teeth and jaw have been hurting on and off for a week or so. Me too Weird that it took so long for the result to come back. I thought good ol' Boris as getting the production of these 15 minute kits ramped up?? I don't feel too bad now I've popped a couple of paracetamols, and drank a lot of fluids. Checked my temp as well, and it was saying 35.5, so if anything, I'm a little cold. But I have read that you can feel better in the first few days of it really kicking in. Right now I'm shut away in the spare room/home office, wearing rubble gloves and making sure the Mrs, the lad, and the dog keep out. One of the benefits of being stuck up here is that I've got FM19 running on my Mac for when I get bored. Every silver cloud eh...
  6. Well it looks like I’ve got it... Got the shivers around 9pm last night, followed by quite a high temperature through the night, along with a dry throat. Hardly slept a wink worrying about how the Mrs is gonna cope as she received her letter from the NHS confirming she’s a high risk patient. Judging by all the info on the incubation period, there’s a good chance she’s already got it. I’m ducking terrified right now...
  7. Watched 20 minutes on my lunch, this Charlie Methven is already set himself up as an uber rick!!! Wanting the team to come out to the theme to The Apprentice 🤣 You can practically see those young lads in the office dying to tell him it's a crap idea... #gold
  8. One of the first things I'm gonna do when all this is over is throw a fancy dress party round my gaff, and I'm already sourcing stuff to dress as Joe Exotic. What a legend 🤣 The Mrs will have to be Carole, who's the real nutter in the whole story...
  9. You are Chris Whitty and I claim my £5... The big problem we face is the 2 week incubation period and the fact that as soon as restrictions are lifted, what's the first thing people are going to do? Run straight round to family/friend's houses and potentially spread it without knowing. Whereas the yoof will go straight to the nearest pub/club and do the same. The only way we're going to get back to any kind of normality is to test, test, and test. Anybody who's found to be immune or found to have had it, but only with mild symptoms should be given a certificate or licence to say they're able to return to work, or help with front line services where applicable. The rest of us would have to be done in stages...
  10. Has this beaten the George Thorne thread yet??
  11. I've been up & down. But on the whole I'm handling it a little better now. I think I've come to accept the situation and the fact that it's gonna be a long haul. Hopefully not the 6 months the father-in-law ranted about earlier, but with news that this is having a positive affect on the spread, I think it's gonna be another month at least. One of the biggest things to worry me was being able to feed the family, but shopping on Sunday was quiet and orderly, so the message about not stockpiling appears to be getting through to folk. So I've felt relieved. Most important thing I can say is, try not to watch the news frequently, and choose your sources carefully. And make sure you get out for the walk/jog/run your allowed each day, even if it's for 20 minutes or so.
  12. I don't think we would've spent that much to be honest. Perhaps replaced or provided cover for Grant, Sir Jake of Buxton, Russell, Ward & Martin. Obviously signed Thorne on a perm. That team would've comfortably stayed up.
  13. Sir Brian and Seth Lad!!! The anecdotes would be unreal
  15. Out of those, I'd try and get rid of Malone, and (if we fail to sign a decent replacement) Roos. The rest can happily stay put for me. Waghorn - Currently our top scorer despite being used mainly on the right. Big team player Forsyth - Has come back from a massive injury, and has picked up where he left off. Which is to say he has 3 steady games, 1 crap one, and 1 blinder. Wisdom - Steady cover for both fullback & centre half positions.
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