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  1. Lets face it, relying on the Premier League & EFL to agree on anything for the good of the game is a fool's errand. Personally I'd bar PL teams from entering the league cup, and scrap the Check-a-Trade (whatever it is right now) completely. I would also bring the FA Cup 3rd round forward to the weekend before Christmas, and have a blanket winter break the 14 days after the new year. No football of any kind League 2 upwards Scrap replays but to keep the smaller clubs benefiting from a lucrative tie, give them the choice of venue, and give them a 70-30 split of the gate receipts. Any teams from the same division drawn against each other would split the gate 50-50. No more Friday/Saturday night kick offs, including the final. Televised games kick off at 12:30. The final at 3pm No more semi finals at Wembley. Duck the debt on the stadium, it can put a couple of gigs on that weekend instead.
  2. Really?? I struggle to remember who won the FA cup 5 years ago, yet everyone remembers Arsenal's Invincibles. Taking your LFC haters hat off you'd recognise what an achievement it is. If Cit-eh had the exact same record & results this season you'd be applauding them...
  3. INT - BBC NEWS OFFICE - DAY EDITOR (shouting across the floor) Reports coming out of America are saying an old basketball player has died in a helicopter crash. We need video for the report in 5 minutes, anybody in from Sports yet? CLEANING LADY They've gone to get breakfast EDITOR Fine, you do it. Fine something on Youtube and email it to me. HURRY UP! CLEANING LADY What's he look like? EDITOR He's black, and used to play for the LA Lakers, I think. Think they play in yellow and purple. CLEANING LADY I'm on it!
  4. Especially seeing as that gutter news site TMZ broke the story before they were notified of their deaths by authorities, shameful. A lot of celebrity & sportsmans deaths just pass me by, but this one has really saddened me. My fave player when I was a kid was Jordan, but this guy was not only a flat out baller, but pretty much universally love by his piers and fans. Something that you can't say about my idol...
  5. In an alternative universe, West Brom chairman Jeremy Peace wouldn't have acted like a B&M Daniel Levy, and strung out negotiations for 6 weeks, so he signed earlier, got some minutes under his belt in other friendlies and would've been rested against the clogging bamfords Zenit. After which he played pretty much every minute of the season and we won promotion at a canter...
  6. Possibly. But as others have said, it upsets other areas of the team. In other threads I posited if 3-5-2 is a way to go, seeing as we don't have any decent wingers, and our width comes from the fullbacks. Something this would be about the best compromise for all departments. ------------------------Hamer ---------Wisdom----Davis-----Clark Bogle--------------------------------------Lowe --------Huddlestone/Knight----Bird/Shinnie -----------------------Rooney ---------Waghorn/Martin------Marriott
  7. As @duncanjwitham has already said, he just doesn't fit our system at the moment. I think if you put him in a Cardiff or Millwall team playing a stout 4-4-2, hitting it forward quickly he'd thrive and easily get 15-20 a season.
  8. It's going to be a really great Superbowl. The result will be down to defences, can 9ers contain Mahomes, and can the Chiefs stop the run game? I guess one advantage the 9ers have is that they can win in different ways. The run game was so good yesterday they hardly had to use use Kittle or the receivers as outlets. I can see some crazy scheming/plays coming from both sides in a couple of weeks. Even though I'm a big 9ers fan, I wouldn't begrudge losing to a generational talent/legendary coach combo like Mahomes & Andy Reid.
  9. Haven't voted simply because I think it's a combination of all three, plus the introduction of the youngsters. Bar the first half at Boro, the side has looked so much more energetic in games since Charlton. Players like Rooney and Huddlestone will need others to do their running for them, and to provide outlets and stretch the opposition with their passing range.
  10. But that makes my other point even more. Why didn't anyone at the EFL pipe up and say that the stadium was over valued despite going over the books twice??
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