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  1. tinman

    Academy Thread 2018/19

    Possibly found out someone at the club was passing lies on to the local paper about Luke Thomas trying to unsettle him and leave derby so Gloucester got a sell on fee.
  2. tinman

    Phone signal at Pride Park

    It’ll be because the highest usage is before kick off and at half time. Five minutes into the match, demand has died down as people concentrate on the match. During any long breaks in play you’ll notice the networks fail too.
  3. tinman

    Curtis Davies injury

    Steven Warnock
  4. tinman

    Curtis Davies injury

    What is this ridiculous obsession amongst some derby fans of playing centre backs in midfield despite them having g never played there. It’s ducking ridiculous. It’s nearly up there with throwing seats at your own fans.
  5. None of those apart from Burton have facilities or pitch as good as Loughborough. And burton play their reserve matches away from the Pirelli.
  6. tinman

    Academy Thread 2018/19

    It’s not just a straight forward Elsnik’s gone to league two. He’s gone back to a manager who trusts him implicitly and got him performing incredibly well.
  7. tinman

    Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    The FIFA generation. Hold down sprint and run down the wings.
  8. tinman

    The Debate

    Not really baffling. There is one constant. The fans. So quick to get on the players backs. At times it feels that if we’re not 2 up by half time then the crowd are going to boo. Teams know that the fans will turn on the players very easily if things aren’t going our way. First job for the swat team is to frustrate Derby and stop us from getting into a rhythm. Then wait for the fans to get on the players backs. The players get anxious and start making mistakes.
  9. tinman

    My son's new chant...

    You can quite easily go through the whole team and squeeze the names in.
  10. tinman

    Paul Tyrrell

    It’s Charlie Fail. A particularly special breed of supertwat.
  11. tinman

    Squad Numbers 18/19

    Keogh switching from 6 to 4. 🤬
  12. tinman

    Desert Island Chelsea Loan

    Mason mounts been in Russia at the same time as Frank...
  13. tinman

    Away Kit 18/19

    😴looks like a boring training kit
  14. He was supposed to be on the Spain v Portugal match but was back in Derby instead
  15. tinman

    Backroom Staff Departures

    They’re still listed on the club website. I’d hope that derby dig their heels in and make life difficult for stoke and Rowett to take them. Even if they were put on gardening leave their wages aren’t exactly huge.

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