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  1. tinman

    Paul Tyrrell

    It’s Charlie Fail. A particularly special breed of supertwat.
  2. tinman

    Squad Numbers 18/19

    Keogh switching from 6 to 4. 🤬
  3. tinman

    Desert Island Chelsea Loan

    Mason mounts been in Russia at the same time as Frank...
  4. tinman

    Away Kit 18/19

    😴looks like a boring training kit
  5. He was supposed to be on the Spain v Portugal match but was back in Derby instead
  6. tinman

    Backroom Staff Departures

    They’re still listed on the club website. I’d hope that derby dig their heels in and make life difficult for stoke and Rowett to take them. Even if they were put on gardening leave their wages aren’t exactly huge.
  7. tinman

    Retained List Announced.

    He was, but never really developed more over the last couple of seasons.
  8. tinman

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Are any of these players any good in real life or is it just on FIFA or footballl manager?
  9. tinman

    Shaun Barker

    He was given the contract because the club ******* up his insurance.
  10. tinman

    Online Tickets

    Mine worked phone when I did it on my phone this morning.
  11. tinman

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    The formation didn’t change when he came on. Weimann went to left wing back.
  12. Nope, you’re thinking of Dan Robinson. He’s now head of Burtons academy
  13. tinman

    The 2017/18 Academy Thread

    Sorry Richard.
  14. tinman

    The 2017/18 Academy Thread

    Keogh is in midfield.
  15. tinman

    The 2017/18 Academy Thread

    It’s a shame they’ve weakened the team by picking Keogh

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