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  1. George Thorne

    Looked ill more than injured
  2. Steve Bloomers watching?

    I assume the volume pre match also stopped them from starting chants during the match too
  3. Midfield

    Rowett's win % and points per game is better than McClarens second spell.
  4. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    Thats what they said all along. Which makes the A and B team thread rather silly.
  5. Name the A & B teams for Donny/Port Vale

    It's more Team A and Team 1 than a first and second choice team.
  6. Official: Cyrus Christie joins Middlesbrough

    Not really when people are making assumptions and guesses about what is and isn't included in a certain figure.
  7. Official: Cyrus Christie joins Middlesbrough

    It certainly wasn't £5million we paid for Thorne. It would have been a club record fee at the time and there was no mention of it anywhere. We only had previous offers at around 1-2 million turned down.
  8. Surely it's time for a New Kit thread???

    Speculation based on the colour scheme of the fixture list. Last seasons fixture list had dark blue and sky blue on it.
  9. Surely it's time for a New Kit thread???

    I see Newcastle have gone back to having red numbers on the back of their shirt for next season.
  10. General Election 8th June

    Weren't they one of the clubs partners? I didn't hear much fuss about that when they had their name above the ticket office.
  11. Under 23s & Academy 16/17

    He's been there for a year or so. A tidy player
  12. Under 23s & Academy 16/17

    They'll all be with the first team squad today, with the exception of Lowe. Do you want them to play on Friday night then potentially again on the Saturday?
  13. Derby County Ladies

    Wouldn't the women's team train at night? There aren't any grass floodlit pitches at moor farm are there

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