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  1. He’s got to pay for the stadium somewhere!
  2. It’s u19’s in Europe I think.
  3. Scored again last night
  4. You posted pure speculation and innuendo. Just like you do on Twitter. I guess you just like the attention of being a drama queen.
  5. Never had a problem streaming RamsTV wherever in the world I’ve been logged in. So long as the wifi/4G connection is decent there’s been no problems.
  6. The ability to live stream in any quality would’ve reliant on the pubs WiFi. (Probably o2 cloud)
  7. He only made his debut for us at this point of the season 5 years ago.
  8. It wasn’t a band, it was being set up for a private party.
  9. Football fans, especially the younger generation, feel they have a divine right to success. And I say the younger generation because they’re able to turn their playstations and football manager off and restart the match when they lose a game
  10. You’re including cup games and replays there, aren’t you? That’s going to skew the results.
  11. Funnily enough they’ve dried up since Sam Rush left...
  12. Only two players needed. Need a centre forward to replace Nugent and a centre half to replace keogh now.
  13. Is it just me or is the crowd noise out of sync with the pictures and commentary?
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