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  1. I’ve noticed the club haven’t taken payment for RamsTV this month.
  2. It’s taken nearly a year for the minutes to be published?
  3. It’s all about the cultured left foot. You never hear about a cultured right foot.
  4. They lose seats in the back of the west stand too to make room for tv cameras around the 18yard box.
  5. Steele has forgotten more about football than Ramage will ever know. It's so refreshing to have someone with so much knowledge on the media, national or local. We're incredibly lucky to have him on Radio Derby. He has opinions but he has the reasoning and eloquence to back it up. When De Gea signed for Man Utd, Eric Steele went and had Spanish lessons to help De Gea settle in. Ramage would have just talked louder and slower.
  6. I quite like the lack of saturday 3pm kick offs for home matches. It frees up the rest of the day to spend with the family. quite often I’ve found that if I can’t go to a game for one reason or another, Sky have it moved for me. 🤗
  7. Mostly through it makes it easier to be massaged and when they crash it makes it easier to clean out the wounds.
  8. The cyclists shaving their legs is a hygiene thing not a performance thing.
  9. Maybe that technology and info has lead to them finding that what happens at half time isn’t that important?
  10. Not the clubs fault. BT sport have the rights to it.
  11. Roos was excellent tonight. Was let down by the midfield not offering an option a few times when he had three ball at his feet.
  12. You can’t play advantage and then go back to send the player off.
  13. Anyone still want cup vouchers with their season ticket?!?
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