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  1. He probably thinks he means the Chelsea left back
  2. Or Hughes. Or Bryson. Or Sibley. Or any midfielder. You want them to be noticed. in no way at all do the best midfielders go unnoticed.
  3. Isn’t it Bin Zayed International who are involved in DCFC, not Bin Zayed Investments?
  5. ormer Premier League footballer Dexter Blackstock has been ordered to pay back more than £8,000 in rent repayments, in addition to the hefty fine he previously received, for unlicensed rental properties. Nottingham City Council said that Blackstock, who invested in the buy-to-let market, failed to licence his properties and must now pay back £8,593 in rent payment he received, on top of the £24,000 he was fined in October 2019. Former striker Blackstock, 34, played for a number of English clubs, including Southampton, Leeds Utd, Nottingham Forrest, QPR, and Derby County. Blackst
  6. Edmondson will be staying permanently
  7. 14 wins would get us in the play offs at the end of the season. 4 more wins will see us safe from relegation.
  8. Matt Yates is on trial at Stoke City
  9. It could be this is a journalist he respects and trusts? he’s not one the bog dwelling rumour mongers journalists
  10. Chelsea U18 Defender Whyteleafe Town. Non-League. Midfielder Ipswich Town midfielder
  11. IF the BZI backer/investor has pulled out after a contract had been signed then that obviously leaves BZI in a tricky spot. I'm no expert but if they now pull out of a deal then could Mel sue them for breach of contract? So in that case Mel doesn't want to pull the plug on the deal, and neither do BZI. We're stuck in a state of limbo until another investor comes along or a new purchaser completely.
  12. I didn't realise that every time I watched a training session, I was actually involved in the coaching of the players involved.
  13. Danny Simpson is playing for Leicester tonight
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