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  1. Agent talk to get a new contract sorted here
  2. looks like he's ok to play golf. #newmarriott
  3. the one place where it's always advisable to wear a face mask. not just for covid reasons!
  4. Age and Treachery will beat youth and endeavour! Look at the EFL Trophy, depsite Man City's millions invested in their academy it's always senior teams in the final.
  5. Same here, although Aluko and Baldock could easily be swapped due to lack of strikers. As much as I want Mengi back now, I’d rather have him for the whole season.
  6. i think that article puts an end to the common question of is Zion Dixon related to Connor!
  7. still available online. you just have to read the instructions.
  8. Alfreton are streaming the match for a fiver
  9. For the EFL, the accounts and P&S submissions are separate. It's possible that the EFL have been sent a copy and are now scrutinising it. It makes sense for the club to hold fire on the acocunts being sent to companies house until the EFL bits have been sorted otherwise we're just going round in circles.
  10. I have a Revolut Card that I load up every pay day with my 'pocket money'. The App tells me how much I'm spending, what I've got left etc. Plus for security after so many contactless transactions it asks me to confirm on App rather than forcing me to use chip and pin.
  11. Apparently men running around wearing green can be confused for the grass!
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