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  1. I read that as the status poo!
  2. There isn’t. Each club is only allowed one official supporters trust and The Rams Trust is it.
  3. There was absolutely no sense of introspection on the discussion yesterday. No sign of admitting that it was a clumsy tweet at best. Just went on about accusing the people who called her up on it a bunch of sad men who hate ramstrust.
  4. I was told something yesterday that sums them up. There's a google group set up for members to discuss things. Fair enough. it's a bit clunky though and hard to keep track. So a channel was set up on Discord. It's an app/website that is a bit like a message board crossed with Whatsapp. I've never used it because I've not needed to. From what I'm told it would be ideal for that kind of thing. However one of the comments against using it was " I'm not using it as I don't like the name".
  5. Need a modern, forward thinking Supporters Trust, not the navel-gazing, curmudgeonly, old fashioned one we have got now. Yet it's impossible to change from the inside because the control the board have from the Chair, Vice-Chair downwards is too strong. It really is a closed group.
  6. They’re more mobile than David
  7. An appalling decision from the ref not to give a penalty for handball. And equally so from the Lino looking right at it. i really don’t want to believe there’s a conspiracy, but the evidence is mounting up. Todays decision was even worse than the handball against forest.
  8. And his other son sang the National anthem
  9. There’s a really good piece in The Athletic about Matthew Langton. The former academy player who killed himself earlier this year.
  10. I’m always wary when groups involved in real estate start looking to buy football clubs.
  11. On the flip side you have Phil “Leeds is the best team the world ever” Hay who couldn’t be objective if his life depended on it.
  12. Downloaded my next two tickets. Easy. more than happy to continue to do that in the future rather than have a physical season ticket.
  13. There is another huge link to a prospective DCFC takeover involved that match… just to stoke the baseless rumour fire.
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