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  1. Because he was asked specifically about Holmes and Shinnie.
  2. Don’t blame Derby, blame Marston’s for charging them so much to supply it.
  3. tinman


    Jim White said he was on his way to meet sponsors.
  4. Goal or an assist every 3 to 4 games so not too bad at all.
  5. It feels to me like we’re one game short of a decent pre season. Having the transfer window shortened by two weeks isn’t useful especially when we have a new manager. This in turn makes it even more important to get recruitment right as if we realise that we’re still weak in a position due to an incoming player not being as good as we thought then we can’t correct it. I’m glad Cocu has taken his time over recruitment. The answers for how he wants the team to play could be within the squad. Only he will know that for certain.
  6. One will be Daniel Taylor who reported on the Barry Bennall abuses
  7. They’ve spent £100mil to create a good championship side. Not a premier league side. It looks like they’re preparing for the 2020/21 season back in the championship.
  8. So how long have you had to keep this under your hat?
  9. Not really. We do it with Leeds. Actually not a bad place but completely stained by dirty Leeds united.
  10. Like we did last season...
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