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  1. You can’t play advantage and then go back to send the player off.
  2. Anyone still want cup vouchers with their season ticket?!?
  3. That guy is an attention seeking twit. he loves to create a rumour for the attention.
  4. Wisdom on Twitter twits @ing players ots about 35 minutes in if the link doesn’t work.
  5. Non football staff will be through the stadium company, won’t they?
  6. I’m surprised no one on here knows someone who works for the club who could say whether they Got paid on time. enough people seem to know someone at the club for transfer rumours.
  7. Ever through it could be related to Keogh being paid. it will be his agent who has leaked the story. And probably him being the “spokesman”.
  8. It's a quote from the article
  9. I’ve never had a problem with Rams TV. I suggest the problem is at your end.
  10. Have they said why Mitchell isn’t starting despite being named in the starting 11?
  11. Holmes was blowing out of his arse for the last 10 minutes. He wasn’t helping Lowe our at all.
  12. The biggest one was not giving a foul for Holmes being bodychecked around the halfway line when we were breaking forward.
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