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  1. That will be because it is essentially a jumbo sized can. Gone through the same pasteurisation process as a can rather than a keg. that’s why cans last up to a year and kegs a couple of months at the most.
  2. At least there won't be much of this squad left for next season so hopefully not much of a relegation hangover. of those who will still be under contract: Marshall's past it but would be ok in league on good luck trying to move on the useless lump that is CKR. "Ooh he's got an interesting back story". I don't care. he's stealing a living from us now since he signed his new contract. I expect Bird, Knight and buchanen to be gone. Sibbo might want to stay. Forsyth will be good at that level. Jozwiak will go, probably back to poland. lawrence will go to a mid table champ
  3. tinman

    Craig Bryson

    Starting up his own Estate Agents
  4. Tick Tock Tick Tock goes the Grandfather Clock!
  5. The cask is brewed and packed in Cornwall. The majority of the bottles and the cans are done in Burton. If they weren’t you’d have no chance of buying it so easily. the canned version is much nicer than the bottle.
  6. A statement from Alonso said: “We are privileged to take ownership of one of the founding members of the Football League and to build a fresh future for the fans, staff and players of Derby County. “It has undoubtedly been a difficult period both on and off the pitch for the club over the last two seasons and we recognise that all of the staff have been dedicated and worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the club’s first team and academy football operations were fulfilled. “We are looking forward to working with Wayne Rooney and his team, and will do everything possible to su
  7. And being wasted by aidy boothroyd
  8. He’s been helping out with the u18’s and U23’s for several weeks. he was coaching in the academy before taking the burton managers job
  9. He’s been there a couple of months helping out with the U23’s and U18’s
  10. Those three have all been injured along with Bateman who’s back on the bench
  11. There will be a number of people on this forum earning more than Ibe is at the minute.
  12. In advanced talks with Erik Alonso according to The Athletic. https://theathletic.com/news/Derby-takeover-erik-alonso/Uygjb9atc38P
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