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  1. It was the day football was postponed in this country. It killed our momentum and the break ended Rooney as a viable footballer.
  2. Over paid, over the hill and poisonous
  3. As much as Boris has blundered his way through things, I actually thought he was the most leaderish I've seen him last night. Once you get past the "squeeze the disease", he struck the right tone with the cautious optimism and plea for people not to get carried away. Just a shame he's surrounded by clowns and leeches which will undermine the message.
  4. Yet again, It’s not the club who set the fee
  5. It wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t make an appearance again sadly.
  6. Eno Nto is moving to America to enroll with Notre Dame University
  7. The Daily Mail are reporting England U19's are going to be playing against one of our Academy teams this week.
  8. Ex ram Javaun Splatt on the bench for Tonbridge Angels against Bradford City in the FA cup. Live now on iPlayer.
  9. my concern with full Electric vehicles is the lifespan of the batteries. How quickly do they degrade? With your phone, the drop off in capacity it quite large each year.
  10. Died in February, fawaz bought the club in July
  11. Doughty would have struggled to stop the sale to fawaz. What with being dead and all that.
  12. Samuelson makes the three amigos look competent
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