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  1. Do we have any Guitar Players here?

    Quite an instrument you've got there and standing straight up too
  2. Do we have any Guitar Players here?

    Thanks, now i'll be dreaming of balloons all night
  3. Automatic Promotion

    In the position we are in now, we should definitely be looking towards that second place spot. You can't reach your goals if you don't set them. Oh and Keogh is anything but a very naughty boy
  4. He's a Derby player and has earned respect. Did he piss in your porridge or something?
  5. Only half a season to go, we should go for it and get ourselves into a strong position. My tail is up already. Playoffs don't appeal to me for some reason
  6. This is a six pointer, a must win if we are to keep up the race for second place. Come On You Rams
  7. Bitcoin

    i have no idea how these things work, but apparently he upgraded his computer and the coins were on the hard drive that he threw away
  8. Bitcoin

    A friend bought 100 bitcoins when it was just beginning and threw it away later He doesn't ever want to hear that word again
  9. Tips to keep the peace at Xmas

    "It's up to you" If it's something you offered to do, then by all means do it, but in all other cases it means you better not buster
  10. A Duck Cob

    So i can know which dialect to attempt to properly parrot when i come visit (and i will) Which one's consider themselves the accent purists? i bet it's the northern ones, it usually is
  11. A Duck Cob

    We speak oddly around here too. Here are some loose translations and explanations of everyday talk To have many a beach sipped = Been around To lap up death from a shell = Live by very meager means To play chess with the pope = To poop To let someone feel the tea water = To let em have it To let the knee follow the belly = To follow through (Nigel Clough VS Billy Davies comes to mind) With the hook in the arse = Returning from a fishing trip without a catch I´m going to thread out your intestines now = I'm going to interrogate you I'll show him where David bought the ale = I'll get him (Have no idea of the origin or identity of this David) To have a bone in one's nose = Tough as nails You are such an asshole = You are so adorable To take someone to the bakery = To reprimand someone harshly He´s no blue water = No weakling All dead lice fall from my head = Astonished It lies in eyes upstairs = It's so obvious There are many strange things in a cow's head = There are many strange things in a cow's head
  12. v Villa (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 Villa 1 FRGS Weimann
  13. One Gary Rowett!

    Rowett seems to me the type who likes to build a certain structure and is not really content until he's seeing it succeeding and then will want to stay on because he's in his correct environment. The man is methodical. The team has grit and determination now and it's been sorely needed for many seasons and i heartily applaud it. There is a confidence growing that we are becoming a tight hard to beat unit. His work has just begun
  14. v Barnsley (A) - Predictions

    One of these days we're going to win a game 3-2 Barnsley 2 Derby 3 Vydra

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