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  1. ramit


    Well said, i am having similar conflicting feelings. Haven't seen my mother in a month. We talk on the phone every day, sometimes she calls to check if i am really at home because she was feeling my presence. She is so frail that if she got this thing it would be the end of her, but she needs assistance with shopping and such. Feel simultaneously sensibly responsible and carelessly absent.
  2. Have these voices been quieted in Britain? They have not been so here, or in the cradle of capitalism USA. i find their hypocrisy staggering.
  3. Isn't the market supposed to have the answers to every question? Where are those market criers now? Oh, receiving hand outs from government, that's right, but fear not, they will be back chanting their mantra soon enough.
  4. i accidentally swallowed 4 pieces of Nicorette gum Now this sounds amazing
  5. USA going full wild west in acquiring face masks. "A delivery of 200,000 masks left a 3M factory in China this week and arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, from where they were supposed to be sent to the German capital. The masks never got to Berlin, and police in the city told Der Tagesspiegel that the shipment was instead bound for the US. Berlin's Senator for the Interior Andreas Geisel confirmed on Friday that the masks had been “confiscated.” “We consider this an act of modern piracy. This is not how you deal with transatlantic partners,” Geisel said. " https://www.rt.com/news/484935-us-takes-masks-germany/
  6. Granddaddy issues? Saggy arse fetish? A line from Bob Seger's song Night Moves comes to mind though "I used her she used me but neither one cared We were getting our share"
  7. ramit


    i suspect Icke may be what is called controlled opposition. Perhaps 5G is a major health concern for the public. What better way to shut up people holding that view than to make outrageous claims about it being the real Corona?
  8. ramit


    That's the problem, it is a fine line and it is often hard to define who is the exploiter and who the exploited. Having said that, free speech has a price and money grubbing opportunists sadly will persist. Critical thinking and discernment is the best info radar, in my opinion and it comes with practice. But yeah, we mostly agree ✌️
  9. ramit


    No worries, they'll criminalize any dissenting voices soon enough. i agree with you up to a point though, but much prefer open discussions about subjects to stifling it and relying solely on official information. i feel for those vulnerable folks stuck in that loop with their blinders on. Truly painful to witness their emotional need to control all narrative. You can see examples of that in comments here and there.
  10. ramit


    Okay, i like a good conspiracy theory, but this one didn't keep me occupied for long. If 5G is causing this outbreak, one would expect the worst hit areas to correspond with 5G network locations, so i checked one location that has been hit very hard indeed, Guayaquil city in Ecuador. No 5G to be seen on this continuously updated page. A rather cool network info site actually. https://www.nperf.com/en/map/EC/-/8263.Claro-Movil/signal/?ll=-2.4903653934242618&lg=-79.69482421875&zoom=9
  11. Changing history would have unforeseen consequences. i would be tempted to do away with Sun Tzu before he wrote The Art Of War, but would instead probably choose Brian Clough and Sam Longson working out their differences and Clough staying at Derby.
  12. That list started so well and then tapered off a bit, ending in what must surely be a jest. i refuse to believe you went to a Kiss concert.
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