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  1. i have not had need of the ignore function until recently but it has been a great relief, as i simply can't stand the person.
  2. i don't have a Derby County mug i am a Derby County mug
  3. QPR 1 Derby County 2 FRGS Clarke
  4. There are so many artists i revisit, but perhaps these below more than others The Beatles T. Rex Blue Oyster Cult The Kinks Stan Getz Credence Clearwater Revival The Doors David Bowie The Police Steve Miller Band Steely Dan Bachman Turner Overdrive Cat Stevens And some Icelandic bands, of course
  5. Governments the world over take note. Tired of the serfs demanding answers and apologies from you for breaking the Covid rules you set? Canada has the simple solution, do as we say, not as we do.
  6. Mount, Wilson and Tomori may have had an effect actually. With them we could play effective possession football, it gave a false impression that we were close to making that system work, ignoring that they were the spine of the team and the creativity. Cocu tried to continue Lampard's style, but slowing it down for lack of capable players and we saw how that went. To conclude, we were chasing the wrong system because of three guys.
  7. To name a few: Dirk Bogarde - The Damned, The Night Porter etc. Fabulous actor capable of intense restrained performances. Ray Liotta - Goodfellas, The Ice Man, etc. Always brings a focus and intensity to a part. Top pro. Mickey Rourke - Angel Heart, The Wrestler, etc. The best troubled bad boy. Eats up the screen. John Hurt - The Hit, etc. Super performance in a forgotten film. Frances McDormand - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Fargo, etc. Tremendous actress. Woody Harrelson - Every scene he's ever been in, etc. A gift to cinema.
  8. 5. Man City (spoiled scum) 4. KR (spoiled scum) 3. Man U (spoiled scum) 2. Forest (hapless neighbors) 1. Leeds (dirty rotten scum
  9. The next game will show the reaction within the team under Rooney, win it and we have hope again
  10. Derby County 3 Rotherham 0 - Kamil
  11. Rooney appears to have attributes that i have been longing for in a Derby County manager, determined, driven, ruthless, focused. Congratulations to him on the appointment, an emphatic yes from me, even as i admit that i had doubts about his ability at first, which i apologize now for.
  12. Some of my favorite female soul singers live First off, the Queen Of Soul IMO Gladys Knight. Extraordinary voice, such a passionate singer. What subtlety, what power, what delivery, just wow. Now that is a hairdo worthy of Jean Knight's voice A big big favorite of mine, the amazing Helen Folasade Adu. She knew how to work a crowd. Would have loved to see and hear her perform live.
  13. All in all, yes indeed The past months though for me have developed somewhat like this Followed by that Becoming this
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