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  1. Those who only support during good times, never were supporters
  2. i am used to humiliation and seeming endless suffering, so for me, it is what it is, until it becomes something else. Whatever has passed, meh, whatever lays ahead, bring it on, i am happy to be a Derby County fan.
  3. It would be a near impossible job to be honest. Ole Henry would be chasing me about the station in his turbo wheelchair within hours.
  4. @sheeponacid to have long political discussions with regarding the planned Martian revolution Henry Kissinger - My chance to drive him absolutely bonkers Dolly Parton in her bunny outfit, because i can @David to keep the peace
  5. 78 new cases here and returning talk of harsh restrictions. The problem is that the large majority of Icelanders has had it up to here with restrictions and useless mask requirements. Summer is short here, we will enjoy it, even at the cost of civil disobedience.
  6. Was very lightweight when here, if he hasn't strengthened considerably physically, he will fail to impress i reckon. Would much rather see Brown and Dixon fighting for a spot.
  7. 58 new cases here today, 1 in hospital. The vaccinated are catching and spreading the virus, fancy that. From a month ago: "Public Health England (PHE) has previously published analysis showing that one dose is 17% less effective at preventing symptomatic illness from the Delta variant, compared to Alpha, but there is only a small difference after 2 doses." https://www.gov.uk/government/news/vaccines-highly-effective-against-hospitalisation-from-delta-variant
  8. You haven't lived until you've been barred from society
  9. Found a barnacle covered Zippo lighter on the seashore in a storm. Lost it on sea during a storm. Lost my wedding ring and cell phone on a fishing trip with friends. i called the phone from time to time for a few months, until the battery died. Old Nokia lasted. Found a thick 18k gold wrist chain. Found a wallet stuffed with money. Lost my mind a few times.
  10. After a few weeks of hardly any new cases, we have a sudden explosion again of 38 cases in a day. Talk of another wave, i have lost count, perhaps #5. The far majority of the cases are double jabbed though, which leads to local concerns that the vaccines do not work well enough against the Delta variant. Uhoh, roll up yer sleeves, need a new concoction now.
  11. Even as i am satisfied with survival, on and off the field, that's not how i want the players to think, they must be hungering to win more games than lose. Guess i want more than survival.
  12. We've been traveling in the countryside lately enjoying the good weather we had and radio turned on while driving. Two songs have been played quite a bit, one a cover of a 60's local hit Lífsgleði (life joy) an upbeat song about enjoying living, the other Iceland's first attempt at breaking into the foreign scene, Yakkety Yak Smacketty Smack.
  13. Am really liking the deep yellow and black training gear
  14. i got a few minutes in and then i couldn't take it any more, the narration i mean.
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