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  1. Simply Red were simply boring, no effort, just going through the paces Toto, same
  2. Preston 0 Derby County 1 FRGS Ebosele Come On You Rams
  3. If we could afford it financially, it's tempting to think of doing a Southampton, but we can't, we have to survive in this league
  4. It's not looking very good, but nothing is over until it's over, we are not relegated yet and those who say so have IMO a losing attitude which i hope is not shared by too many of our players. Rooney may not be up to Championship management yet, but he has a temperament and i don't see him going down without a fight.
  5. That's what they would most likely be, raiders. Steer well clear.
  6. i was going to start the post with " i must be nuts but" but skipped it. Happy you noticed the lunacy. i just have this feeling that this is how it's going to go.
  7. More vents are possibly opening up south of the main cone. The northernmost vent is dying down, which indicates to some scientists that elevation over sea is a determining factor in where new vents will open. Gas pollution in Reykjavík today.
  8. i used to be a content A, but the women in my life relentlessly hounded me for it until i became a dissatisfied B In other words, i vote A and do B
  9. Everyone knows you need to plan big to get medium. i support it, i like dreamers
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