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  1. A new Cold War

    A lie told by many is still a lie
  2. A new Cold War

    George needs to brush up on his delivery but he does make good points on the incident. First 7 minutes of the video
  3. Beatles or Stones?

    Stones had their moments but it's not fair really to compare them or any other band to the sheer brilliance of The Beatles
  4. A new Cold War

    Found the proof
  5. A new Cold War

    You mean bull like this? "British military scientists exposed more than 3,100 human "guinea pigs" to potent nerve gases in top-secret chemical warfare tests spanning four decades, according to new figures obtained by the Guardian. The figures show for the first time the substantial scale of the nerve gas experiments which were carried out on human subjects by the poison gas establishment at Porton Down, Wiltshire." https://www.theguardian.com/uk/1999/sep/03/freedomofinformation.politics
  6. v Cardiff (H) - Predictions

    i always get it wrong, so may as well take one for the team and predict we lose Derby 0 Cardiff 2
  7. A new Cold War

    i don't know why i would need convincing about something i already pointed out, that the substance was originally developed in USSR. It is a proven fact, but that in itself does not prove that Russia was behind the incident.
  8. A new Cold War

    USSR broke apart. Each state after that was responsible for it's territory. Who knows how much stuff went missing and to whom? The substance could have gone through various hands for all we know. There are no facts behind these accusations at all and as for motive, we are supposed to believe that Russia decided to kill an agent with a substance historically connected to them and even then failed to do so and this a mere month before the Russian presidential elections and an upcoming World Cup? An act of war some even shout, a chemical attack. Really? That's the method Russia chooses to use to instigate a war with Britain? Handing NATO a propaganda tool to wave in front of the world audience? Yeah, right.
  9. A new Cold War

    Proof that is withheld is no proof at all. The burden of proof lays with the accuser and shouting something until blue in the face does not make it so. Yes, they are getting bold, but mostly reckless and desperate IMO
  10. A new Cold War

    i have no idea whether it is still produced or not What i know is that the breakup of USSR was disorganized and messy. All kinds of weapons and chemical and bio agents were mostly left laying where they were. Even nuclear material was available for purchase during crazy Yeltsin times. It's proven and accepted that this agent was developed by USSR in the 70's and 80's. There is no proof however that Novichok was used in the Skripal incident. Russia has requested a sample of the substance for it's evaluation, but it doesn't seem likely that will happen.
  11. A new Cold War

    Yes, i want proof, i don't believe a word. You've got it all backwards. It was USSR who developed and manufactured this nerve agent. Russia doesn't have to explain anything. The accusation is the conspiracy theory and those touting it by definition conspiracy theorists.
  12. Domestic abuse on men

    i had a crazy girlfriend. She told me stories of her abusive former bf's and like a chump i bought it. She played a victim while being a manipulative, button pushing antagonistic insulting, overbearing bitch from hell, when not showering me with praise and caresses. The good times were amazing as you can guess, but holy mackerel the psychological games crap she put me through. One day when we were having a particularly enthusiastic dispute, she waved a butcher knife in front of me where i sat on the sofa. See what you are making me do she screamed. i told her i didn't care if the devil himself made her wave that knife, she was three seconds away from being flattened against the wall by a sofa table and she calmed down. Somehow later she managed to make me feel guilty for the incident, she was a real artist when it came to mind games. After six months with her, i packed my stuff and ran my rust bucket car into the ground to reach Reykjavík again. She ended up doing half a dozen years in prison for stabbing her partner to death. He hung on for a bit at the hospital, but refused to press charges, claiming it was all his fault. She was that good.
  13. A new Cold War

    These accusation tactics by US and British authorities are getting tiresome. Saying that they know Russia was behind something and not supplying any evidence for it won't fly. Present the evidence or it's a lie. The said nerve agent BTW was manufactured by USSR and could have come from any of it's former territories, but the fact that May claims that proves Russia is guilty tells us all we need to know, it's a fabrication, a provocation. NATO wants confrontation with Russia in Syria. If they think that can be contained, they are wrong. Dangerous times
  14. A half sheared sheep
  15. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    The second yellow for Tom was a shameless cheating blatant dastardly dive

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