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  1. Would happily endorse all of this except perhaps for the Ebola bit. Replace that with their eggs shriveling into raisins and i'm all in
  2. It would depend on the confidence one has in one's ability. In Frank's position, i would be flattered by Chelsea interest, but i would bet on myself to finish the job i set out to do, to reach promotion this coming season. Then my stock would go up further, having actually achieved something in football. To take the Chelsea job at this time would be too risky with no recruitment possibilities, yet high demands. Yeah, i would stick, the money and prestige to come later.
  3. Making it up as they go along. Am not supplying these pot stirring media outlets with a single click of the mouse
  4. Chelsea would have made their move by now Sign the contract extension Frank
  5. Today would be a good time to announce the contract extension Before fans have a collective nervous breakdown heh
  6. i know what it's like, happy to see you've had better luck
  7. Yeah, i feel a bit silly now that i have been set straight. Gee, what was i thinking.
  8. Not as if silly threads will stop appearing, whatever the circumstances be
  9. The black and blue army? Ouch
  10. If Frank signs an extension on his contract, then surely this thread can be laid to rest
  11. Watching Canada VS New Zealand, Canada being heavy favorites here. An unusual incident just occurred, a New Zealand player gets hit on the hand by the ball and appears to have broken her wrist.
  12. Don't see why that would have any influence on loan decisions. The club that loans a player out gains just as much from a deal as the loaning club does, especially, as is the case here that the loaning club plays a similar style as the better PL clubs do
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