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  1. More in need of an Asanovic, but both would be nice
  2. The deal is done it's five years in length My Will is sapped for the coming season Phillips claims it was for lack of strength but Will was sold for economical reasons
  3. Okay, a ballet dancer for an aging gorilla. Better now?
  4. The best Welsh band ever from their greatest album
  5. The way Kevin Phillips talks about it, we are selling a recreational sports vehicle and on the lookout for a tractor
  6. He has vastly improved the infrastructure of the club, the training facilities and the academy. That's an investment for the future and it's something i will always praise him for
  7. i got the two mixed up and stand corrected, thanks
  8. Some fans boo and jeer, some players throw their shirt on the ground. Seems both parties behaved badly.
  9. i was kidding, but are you being serious? What crap treatment was that exactly?
  10. Last time is saw him on TV he gave me a look i didn't like Outrageous, no respect for the club or faraway fans Off he goes to Norwich or wherever he came from
  11. i'm getting drunk and all i have is Stella lager, that's how determined i am
  12. i think it's a good move for him. Starting at a small PL team is much preferable to going to say Tottenham or Everton and parking his butt on the bench most of the time. If he does well there, bigger doors will open and for a young player that's an exciting proposition. That being said, grrr, whatthe? sonofasomething, fourandahalfmillionareyoukiddingme?
  13. i can understand Will wanting a try at the PL now, but this price seems very low. Will wait to hear the club explanation before passing judgment.