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  1. We've been trying to get a flight to Spain to spend some quality time in our new house, but each time we book a flight, it gets cancelled, Mrs ramit has yet to see her property. Now we have missed our window of opportunity for some time And, i've got the no flight blues
  2. i believe in working with what you have and not becoming dependent on loans, for when they leave, the cohesion of the team goes out the window and then you need loans again, a vicious and unwise circle IMO. The exception would be an option to buy. Good luck to Clarke, he did a fine job for us and i would welcome him back on a permanent deal, that however being unlikely.
  3. If it's true that Martin is welcome back if he cannot find a better deal elsewhere, it's understandable that he would try that first
  4. We were close to virus free a few weeks ago, now it's 100 cases with 11 new cases just yesterday and social restrictions have been reintroduced. A whole lot of tourists have arrived, because they had heard that we were Covid free, so this is no surprise. Already talking about schools having to alter plans for the coming school year. Our son is starting a new school, it might be an odd start.
  5. Money being tight could also be a factor. i see this as a carrot. There is no point in entering talks again next summer if he has not progressed sufficiently to justify that.
  6. My guess would be that he is on relatively low wages and would expect a new contract if he can break into the first team within 2 years.
  7. Thread of the year - The Politics Thread Who's with me?
  8. Well deserved. To be that young and in the starting 11 as a holding midfielder is a rarity. We have to keep hold of him.
  9. This has been dragging on and on and has hurt our beloved club. If the club is found guilty of breaching rules, many are expecting a 12 point deduction, and so i propose that it be only fair that if a not guilty verdict arrives, we instead gain 12 points, thereby securing playoffs. Yay.
  10. Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga i am not a Will Ferrell fan, but am considering changing my mind. Every Icelander has seen this film, oh yes, each and every one, now that my wife, son and i, the last 3 in line have seen it too. It was silly, cheesy, Hollywood formulaic, soppy, emotionally manipulative, got all the Icelandic names wrong and i loved it. i give it 3 &1/2 stars for entertainment value and 4&1/2 handkerchiefs for sentimental value. Pierce Brosnan arrived early and in style, having driven a rental car the scenic route from Reykjavík to Húsav
  11. Damn it, am i that transparent? 😁
  12. “Literally break your leg for a club and get comments like that. Can’t win can ya. Oh well.” A matter of opinion i suppose, but around here, that would be called whining
  13. Bit of a whiner. It was not known his leg was fractured.
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