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  1. Higher chances of Notts County winning the PL title
  2. Flying to Spain again in the morning for a one week work trip finishing off work in the house. Last 3 week trip nearly did me in, the summer heat is too much for me, but it will be better this time, our builder has installed two air con's in the upstairs bedrooms, they were like a oven before. Excited at the prospect of finishing all needed work there, the place is being totally renovated. Was taking B12 vitamin to ward off the flies but had to stop, i got a bad ear infection, seems i may be allergic to cobalt.
  3. Intolerance against intolerance equals intolerance. We cannot claim that one type of intolerance is any better than another, surely that would be hypocrisy. All sides must be heard, as much as that may offend, or none at all should be heard.
  4. My poor attempt at sarcasm that was. Waghorn is a massive player for us, love him to bits. He's a good team player too, does the defensive work as well as working the forward line. He will most annoyed at any opportunity he misses, but the fact that he gets those opportunities is down to what a good positioning player he is.
  5. Yes, we clearly have an analytical highly intelligent manager in Cocu, a cool head, as opposed to hothead Jones. Man VS boy really. You could say it's understandable that Jones is upset with the current standing of his team, but to blame his players in that way shows a lack of class, something we have in abundance in Cocu. Good times ahead for Derby fans if we stick by him. What with the preseason being so short, the players learning total football and tough games we have had, i am well pleased with the start we have made, something to really build on as the team gels better.
  6. Derby 3 Bristol City 1 FRGS Clarke
  7. Jones claims Stoke should have been 4 to 5-1 up at halftime. Really? Says he works so hard 12 hours a day 7 days a week and then blames the players for a lack of killer instinct. That's not something you want to say in public, i think, or even at all. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/stoke-city-boss-nathan-jones-3222975
  8. It just dawned on me what the problem is, it's that useless unfit to wear the shirt lazy has been no first touch Waghorn who's to blame. Boo
  9. Firmly believe we will get stronger as the season progresses. Tough bunch of fixtures to start with, the more points we can gather from them, the earlier we will gain momentum in the league. Still undefeated, a win in the next game will see us well placed.
  10. Come on Waghorn, get that hat-trick and steal this game
  11. We have a tactically thinking manager, i trust him to read the game correctly. Has shown he is not afraid of making substitutions at halftime
  12. Top man @SaintRam keeping us updated on the action
  13. Important for Waghorn to get off the mark, pleased for him and what it means for the team
  14. We do exist, so the chances of us not existing are zero, unless we drop dead, then the chances of us existing are zero, unless of course there is an afterlife, in which case we still certainly exist, unless we never really existed at all except in God's mind, who certainly exists, unless he doesn't in which case there is zero chance of any of us existing and this was never written at all. Ain't life grand?
  15. Stoke 0 Derby 3 FRGS Waghorn
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