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  1. ramit

    Uche Ikpeazu

    Apparently he's a solid dribbler and we are beating off the competition https://soccersouls.com/why-Derby-county-should-beat-off-competition-to-sign-uche-ikpeazu/
  2. ramit

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Maybe he checks out this forum and Stoke's while he is deliberating, if so, then i just did.
  3. ramit

    Birkir Bjarnason

    There is local media talk of Birkir joining up with former Cardiff midfielder Aron Gunnarsson and former national coach Heimir Hallgrímsson at Al-Arabi in Qatar. i would be very disappointed if he does this, to me it would display a lack of ambition. He failed to prove himself at Villa, granted they didn't give him much of a chance, but he needs to prove that he can cut it in this division and should be happy to have that chance. Going to Qatar would say to his fans that he is only about the money. Aron had already proven himself and is older so he IMO has a more valid reason for cashing in on his last years in football than Birkir has.
  4. ramit

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Obviously a bit and a half, but everything is negotiable, that's why discussions are ongoing
  5. Been trying to figure you out for some time Now i get it You're a sadist
  6. Yeah, but another one. The first being Lars Lagerback, a wily old fox who knew how to play Iceland to it's strength, unlike this idiot we have now. FT Iceland 2 Andorra 0 Goals, Arnór Sigurðsson CSKA Moscow a 20 year old talented left winger central attacking midfielder, one to watch for sure Second goal Kolbeinn Sigurðsson MOM, who English fans do not need reminding of. Been injured for a very long time, but back to his awesome best. A player i would have loved us to sign, a physical monster, technically proficient and a natural goal scorer with head or feet. Plays currently for AIK Sweden. Birkir Bjarnason had a much better second half, as he ignored our idiot coach and played more centrally and forward, giving Gylfi space to do his thing. Got rewarded by the clown by being substituted on 69 minutes. Come to Derby Birkir, Cocu will use you properly.
  7. Watching Iceland VS Andorra. Half time 1-0 for Iceland. Andorra won their last match against Moldova. They play a very physical game and have a few nasty dishonest players in their ranks. That worked against Moldova, who got irritated and committed a red card offense, giving Andorra a chance which they took. Hungarian ref has allowed lots of physicality so far and no yellows have appeared. For some bizarre reason the Iceland manager Erik Hamrén decided to field Birkir Bjarnason as a defensive midfielder right center with Gylfi on the left. Most of the game has passed by Birkir and Gylfi likes being on the right, so his game has been frustrating so far. They decided to change position midway through the half, Birkir moving further forward but shouts from Hamrén ordered them back to the nonsense. What a clown that guy is. There is no need to play a defensive midfielder against Andorra in the first place.
  8. ramit

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Made a quick call to a friend at 69Pink, he said sure thing, but Birkir has to wear shirt #69 and the team play in all pink. Actually betting companies do not operate in Iceland as they are illegal
  9. ramit

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Birkir's performance against France has been noticed "Free agent Birkir Bjarnason has shown he is ready to earn a deal at Derby County following his impressive performance for Iceland in their recent defeat to France." https://www.derbycounty.news/opinion/reported-Derby-county-target-birkir-bjarnason-shows-hes-ready-for-rams-deal/
  10. i read thongs and was intrigued
  11. ramit

    Birkir Bjarnason

    He played well, his strength, positioning and passing was very good, especially in the second half as he became used to the unfamiliar position of defensive minded left central midfielder. Fitness is not an issue with Birkir, the longer the game went on the more he ran. He has a phenomenal engine, so that does not surprise me.
  12. Sorry about the England result. From a neutral perspective, my opinion, stop messing around and get Eddie Howe on the job. i did better than having actually a word with Birkir. While the national anthem was playing the camera zoomed in on every player's face, one after the other of course, you know to show which one's were singing our impossibly difficult anthem and so when the camera stopped on Birkir who was not singing but apparently deep in thought looking straight at the camera i sent him a (mental) message that went something like this. Show your stuff, have a good game and come to Derby, you know you want it and i am telling you, he gave a little nod. i am not making this up, well sort of but i did and he did and he's coming and that's that. You may thank me when this Nordic god becomes a Ram BTW my mother who is 82 and knows nothing about football watched the game and confided in me in a phone call after the match that she has a favorite player in the team, Bjarki Bjarnason or something like that, but that he is cute and that she likes how he moves hehe
  13. Ft Iceland 0 France 1 (penalty) Birkir Bjarnason was very good in the second half, Iceland's best player, his passing and positioning excellent. Looks to be in top fitness. France played nasty as the game went on and were time wasting the last 15 minutes while Iceland pressed hard. i seldom complain about refs but France got every free kick they asked for and Iceland got maybe 2, out of 10 clear free kicks.
  14. Watching Iceland VS France. 0-0 at halftime, not many goal opportunities for either side. Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson (Burnley) pulled a thigh muscle 13 minutes into the game. Birkir Bjarnason started in the unenviable position of replacing team captain, defensive ball winning midfielder Aron Gunnarsson. Has done alright so far and seems to be in decent fitness, won a header from a corner that went wide. His positioning has been good and he's showing his physical strength. Girioud got a yellow card for chasing the referee demanding a penalty ( and it wasn't one) Real PrimaDonna that fellow, hope he shouts **** off to the ref one more time heh. The French players are getting frustrated by getting knocked about by the physically strong organized Iceland side. Not a fan of Iceland coach Erik Hamren, it's a plan of organized defence and basically kick and run going forward, effective though it may be at times.
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