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  1. Depending on the opposition, but yeah, Waghorn most games They differ too much to be preferable subs for each other though, i fear
  2. Rams together, courtesy of the Icelandic Ram Appreciation Society
  3. A fan supports a club and naturally wants the best players at the club, be they black, white, pink or whatever Any other stance is madness Racism toward players of an opponent team would be just as nonsensical, for by embracing our own team's diversely originating talents, we acknowledge theirs And so, racism in football is illogical
  4. i have been pouring through pdf files on the Havana and Caracas convention, but cannot find these stated rules. This is what Wikileaks editor Kristinn Hrafnsson says at this time While sources speaking to the media have contended that Assange had repeatedly violated the terms of his asylum agreement within the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Kristinn dismissed these allegations as completely unsubstantiated. “There is no such agreement,” he told the Grapevine. “It’s bogus. You don’t just decide impose terms for asylum years after the fact. This is a violation of international laws and norms, and flies in the face of moral decency.” https://grapevine.is/news/2019/04/11/wikileaks-editor-we-will-fight-extradition-of-julian-assange/
  5. As i understand it, asylum once granted cannot legally be cancelled
  6. Why is our scouting scope so narrow? imo, the only English signings we should do is for young players from the lower leagues. Wage demands for English players is way too high, compared to the quality on offer. There are clever signings to be made, but you have to spot them to get them and a top Europe scout can do that. If Frank is adamant about playing a high tempo, short passing game, he won't find affordable players in England capable of doing that. Our recruitment needs to improve dramatically.
  7. i agree, that does indeed look like a clear penalty. Thanks for the footage Admira
  8. Didn't see the game and can't find footage of the incident, but surrounding the ref should be punished IMO Was it really a penalty? Cole is known for diving.
  9. Maybe our players just don't want promotion
  10. That does it, i give up on politicians. Gave representative democracy one more chance and voted for a new party called Flokkur Fólksins (People's Party) They got 4 parliament members in the election, but that's not how it turned out. Two of the members were drinking and talking indiscreetly about other politicians and two members of another party who were there spoke candidly against the leader of Flokkur Fólksins. A woman at the bar recorded the conversation with her phone, a whole three hours worth of drunken idiocy. She took this recording to the papers, who had a field day of course. The leader of the party took great offense at her members not standing up for her and allowing insulting complaints to be thrown her way and duly fired the two from the party. Am so mad i could spit. They were elected to do a job and work together to get as much done as could be and the leader cuts the party in half. My wife and i both voted for them and they took one of our votes and threw it in the sea. That's what democracy means to these idiots, they let it take second place to their precious feelings. Pathetic worthless lot. Done with em.
  11. A welcome thrashing to get the team tuned at the right time of the season Thrilled for Waghorn, what a player
  12. On my first trip to Philippines, a few days before we were to be wed in her village chapel i got the worst food poisoning of my life. i thought i was a goner for sure. How i hung onto that blessed motorcycle rider and stayed on the bike carrying my limp body to the local medical center i will never know. Received a drip of some sort there, but still convinced i was about to die, i asked my wife to be, to move me to the family home. There i received a home remedy of strong bean soup for two days until i recovered. On the second trip, my father came along with us and he and i went on excursions while wife and son stayed in village area. We traveled by native boat to a beautiful little island named Apo, off the coast of Negros Oriental and slept in a hut. We went snorkeling first day, but it was midday and although i will never forget the undersea beauty i saw there i will never forget the pain afterward either. My back and the backs of my calves burned very badly, especially the right one. Father had little sympathy for my condition and marched me around nonstop. The mosquito's and sand flies were zeroing in on the area and making things worse. Once back on the mainland, four days later i finally went to a hospital. The doctor, after examining my glowing red leg and checking her computer, started eyeing the steel cabinet on her left. No, i said firmly, you will not saw off my leg. Startled, the doc replied, you were not supposed to see that. So much for that visit. Again, it was family remedies that healed me. Some big leaves mixed with something an old lady chewed up strapped to my leg for a few days and i began to heal. i love the Philippines and can't wait to get back there but the place tries to kill me every time. Maybe next time eh.
  13. ramit

    Jayden Bogle

    A young English quality right back will be highly sought after i should think. If bidding starts, am expecting bigger clubs to join in. 15 i say
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