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  1. ramit

    Funny Pics Thread

    Balls. Right thread.
  2. ramit

    Random stuff that people do that annoy me

    Stuff about my body that annoys me A yawn i cannot finish A sneeze that never arrives Having to pee while being busy with something and the urge instantly tripling in intensity
  3. ramit

    Weird dreams

    i dreamed that i went to bed and fell asleep and started dreaming a beautiful dream full of cheer and good will. Then i woke up from that dream into a nightmarish reality and when i awoke from that i didn't know if i was coming or going, awake or dreaming
  4. ramit

    Funny Pics Thread

  5. ramit

    Fair play table

    Dirty Derby 🐏
  6. ramit


    Well what sort of chance does that give me then? Alright I am the Messiah!
  7. ramit


    The questions won't end there though. How did the creator come to be will be the next. It stands to reason that if time and space are interlocked and space is determined to be infinite, then there could not have been a beginning for either time or space.
  8. ramit

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    i feel dirty now Thanks
  9. ramit

    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    Uhh, did we just beat United?
  10. ramit

    Boycie’s Birthday Today

    Happy birthday Boycie
  11. ramit

    Dear Moon

    Satellite You turn the tide to ebb and flow A pockmarked face of craters wide Yet some of us still want to know What's concealed on your other side Groovy gray satellite in the sky Who placed you there and why? It is said at night you're cold as hell And burning sunlight makes you glow We hit you hard you rang like a bell So we calculated you must be hollow Groovy gray satellite in the sky Who placed you there and why? The lunatics they worshiped you They fell into obscurity long ago But maybe it was they who knew And more respect to them we owe Groovy gray satellite in the sky Who placed you there and why?
  12. ramit

    EU Nations league

    Ballsy post, no, Jewel's behind, no no, paddle, uh, carry on
  13. ramit

    EU Nations league

    i could point out that three of our best players are injured including the captain, but it's not a valid excuse for that kind of trouncing. We have a new manager, he's a prime Swedish idiot. It's good to have this competition to quickly get rid of him. The schmuck humbly apologized to the fans afterwards, when he should have been furious with himself and the players and shown it. Next up is a Belgian spanking on Tuesday.
  14. ramit


    i understand your decision and respect the reasoning behind it. i am not leaving the forum, but i don't think i will be posting much. Free speech is important to me and if i am not allowed to discuss this or that, i am inclined to not discuss much at all. Farewell, i will miss your input PistoldPete

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