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  1. Rack of lamb and tapioca pudding with cinnamon sugar and cream for afters heaven
  2. Do left supporters really know what they want? Hard left is the only true left, but they don't want that, they seem to want some sort of soft left, capitalists with social leanings, social democrats by name which are really Tories in disguise, the Tony Blair's of this political world and they will probably get them too and when they do and have seen what they actually stand for they will complain that they are too far to the right and none of it was their fault, even if they did vote for them and around we'll go again and it's just the darn left politicians who never seem to be able to get it right for once. It's a global story, a pathetic tragic farce leading nowhere
  3. It's how i see it though, i would never put up with being ignored by my underlings, i would find a way to ensure that didn't happen, no matter player power, Prima Donna attitudes or any other considerations. You are either in charge or you are not.
  4. Any manager who tolerates his players ignoring his instructions is incompetent
  5. Great album, excellent band. June 21 1980 The Clash held a concert in Reykjavík, at a time when hardly any known bands had us on their tour map. i was 19, the big concert hall had terrible acoustics, it was very much just a wall of very loud sound, but everyone was pretty much zonked out of their heads, so it didn't matter much. A band member said after the concert that Icelandic teens were livelier than they had imagined, heh. As i dimly recall, i enjoyed it
  6. Good running with the ball too. A player that fast with those mentioned attributes can become a very valuable player for the club. The young players are getting lots of games due to being in so many competitions, that will serve them really well. The future is bright by the looks of it.
  7. This is the part of football that i really don't enjoy
  8. Actually, with the strength we have in younger players, going down could work in our long run favour. We would probably go into administration though, so i guess that's not a viable scenario
  9. Am generally not in favour of loan players, unless it's with an option to buy. To me they are a shortcut attempt at building a competitive playing squad, a goal that should be reached by the longer route. Paying fees for loan players is outlandish i think, both the club loaning out a player and the club receiving the loan player gain by the deal, the former in the long term, the latter in the short term.
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