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  1. ramit

    Kelle Roos

    Right you are RamNut i will be a good 😇
  2. ramit

    Kelle Roos

    i really don't care how offended you feel. It's okay for you to throw insults around, but you don't like it in return, poor thing. Kitchen and heat and all that. Who the heck are you to question any fan's loyalty, eh? You shouldn't have gone there and you know it and now you are pathetically trying to worm your way out of your own mess by pointing the finger back. Laughable, man.
  3. ramit

    Your all time classic tracks

    This is how i am feeling these days, both personally and for Derby
  4. ramit

    Kelle Roos

    i made my point and stand by it. We see things differently, that's fine, but you keep doing what i was talking about, apparently without noticing it. You call my opinion an absolute joke and you came off as talking down to others, in my opinion of course. Your opinion is no worthier than mine or anyone else's. Step down from the high horse fella.
  5. ramit

    Kelle Roos

    Failed to quote, but this is in answer to Alfonzo You certainly seemed to imply it with the no loyalty poke at fans wanting Roos to be given a chance. i like reading different opinions on all things Derby, but what i don't like is when fans speak down to other fans for voicing their legitimate opinions. Roos has been with us a number of years and his contract is running out soon. It makes sense to see if he can cut in this league. So far, so good, he played in a winning side today. Carson has been fantastic for us, but his form has arguably dropped a bit recently. It's good for him to know that he is not automatically chosen each game. If he still has personal ambition, which i don't doubt, he will try and up his game. A win win situation, i would say.
  6. ramit

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    As well they should Repeatedly
  7. ramit


    i really like Waghorn, he has attitude. Didn't like him much in previous seasons playing against him, but appreciated his quality. Am delighted he is a Ram now and hope we use him to his fullest extent. Loved his interview and understood every word and i am Icelandic. Still thinking about that amazing cross he pulled off from the left for Lawrence, it was sweet and that header goal, a beauty. He´s got a lot more like that in him i am betting.
  8. ramit

    Kelle Roos

    Some fans want to give Roos a chance after doing well in the cup and you berate them for lack of loyalty? i am one of those fans. i have one loyalty in football, it is to Derby County. No player is bigger than this club.
  9. ramit

    Kelle Roos

    It's good for the team for Carson to get competition. Roos has been with us for some time now and deserves his chance. Improving his skills requires game time.
  10. ramit

    If you could pick 2 ex-Rams

    Hector and Asanovic
  11. Sure i am, but i am the king of this household Nah, not really
  12. Keogh, like the gaffer said, we played really well, like the gaffer said. Gotta love this guy
  13. Good to see Frank smiling again
  14. Keogh with the winner, how great is that eh😀

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