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  1. i knew it didn't and you knew it didn't but he didn't know it didn't, did he?
  2. The u19 team becoming champions of Europe. Success breeds success and lifting that trophy together will make them better players in a better team. Furthermore i think the first team could use an extra season under Cocu to strengthen.
  3. Bristol City 0 Derby County 1 FRGS Martin
  4. i do that sometimes like now for instance
  5. Sibley seals it woohoo, Derby County through to the last 16
  6. What a Ram charger that Festy is, love the guy
  7. Getting spicy out there, Sibley in his element
  8. What an excellent goal from the very promising Jordan Brown
  9. Not harsh, correct. Silly of him to punch the ball away like that
  10. Pretty even when it comes to chances whilst Dortmund have most of the possession. Am fine with that as long as we are incisive going forward and mobile off the ball.
  11. IMO one of our best, an all round midfielder, a creative battler. Been out with an injury for some time now.
  12. Best of luck to the lads, wish i could see the game Great to see Dixon on the bench
  13. Swansea 0 Derby County 1 FRGS Martin
  14. Best advice i can give is don't rush it, narrow the field down to 2 to 3 car types, follow the advertisements daily and be ready to pounce when a promising car is available at an acceptable price, because those will usually go within 2 days of being put on sale.
  15. That got me thinking, but then i thought better of it
  16. Was told by a friend that she had spotted me in a street scene in a news program but that it was okay, that i looked much weirder in person
  17. Think it's the perfect time to throw the young guns into the deep end in a must win game playing alongside more experienced players. The whole team needs to be utilized, everyone needs to be as fit as possible, which increases options on match day.
  18. Saw EiĆ°ur at the gas station two evenings ago with his Lexus, wearing a short sleeve designer shirt, slender fit jeans and a nice tan in the -2 weather. Too busy polishing his driver side rear view mirror to give me or my beat up XTrail a first glance, even as i was staring open mouthed at him for a prolonged period. Not a nice man
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