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  1. A very late reaction, but for me there can be only one There's A Light. Many a midnight showing i fondly recall and still a handful of decades later i get this irresistible impulse to flick a Bic once again and i did.
  2. Christ on a bike, you can say Jesus, but mention G*d in a factual manner and it's goodbye post and i got a heaven sent like for that too and that's gone as well, ah to hell with it, no i mean heck. Don't know why i Buddha.
  3. Am glad Leeds fans equate the two, it makes despising them all the easier. i will love it if we hurt them tomorrow, love it.
  4. Gambling addiction is a horrible affliction for sure. Excellent video Andy and admirable effort, continuing to heal yourself by helping and inspiring others.
  5. Cocu is said to generally improve players, here's hoping he can get more consistency from Lawrence, because the player needs it. It's not enough to show PL quality once in a while but be league 1 standard at other times. As it is, he's a liability most games IMO.
  6. ramit

    How long

    On the average 6-8 hours, but if i've been lacking sleep for some days and get a chance to sleep as i need, it's 10-12 hours
  7. Going all out on this one Leeds 0 Derby 4 FRGS Marriott
  8. For now, perhaps yes. We needed to tighten our girders, since we're still stuck in the Championship. This will turn good in the long run, becoming financially sustainable while utilizing the promising academy talents produced. Just need to hang in there and not panic, while readjustment is in process.
  9. We had visitors, so missed the game. Reading through the comments after 3 glasses of white wine i got the following. Roos can't catch a cold, Lawrence is poo, Clarke had a stinker, but thank God for Holmes and Bielik and somehow average Malone scored, but superstar Marriott didn't, Waghorn won another penalty not given and it's all Keogh's fault, no wait Clarke's, err Cocu's. Lucky to draw, but should have won, if we had been better. Does that about cover it?
  10. Didn't have much choice of material as a young kid. Local TV began airing when i was 5, so all we could get on our smuggled Radionette TV/radio cabinet were grainy transmissions of American programs from the NATO base station. For kids there was Felix The Cat which i loved and Captain Kangaroo which i found creepy. Enjoyed the grown up programs most, especially Get Smart and Combat. Learned English watching that stuff, that's why i talk funny. Every Sunday most kids were allowed to go to the cinema at 3pm where we had a choice of mostly Roy Rogers or Looney Tunes, the latter being most popular with me, specifically Daffy Duck, loved when he went crazy and the rare occasions he got the better of that deplorable Bugs Bunny character.
  11. Derby 1 Cardiff 0 FRGS Lawrence
  12. ramit

    Beer Thread

    Was not aware of storage issues with lagers, but guess it makes sense as i've noticed Stella not being as good at some times as others. Will try Birra Moretti. Cheers
  13. ramit

    Beer Thread

    Had this one for the first time while in Spain. Excellent beer, a bit bitter.
  14. Holmes is the man for the position until Bogle is fit. Has already shown he is capable in that role. Would feel comfortable playing him in most positions apart from left back and GK obviously. A very good all round footballer, one of Frank's best signings and coming into fitness now that we need him most.
  15. Cocu needs to learn from this horrid showing and fast. He's supposed to be a professional, a tactical thinker, time for him to show that. Yes, this is a very tough league where mistakes are cruelly punished and it takes real effort to mold a team into shape. Pull your trousers up Cocu, this cannot continue. Find a system and stick to it. We are getting worse, not better. Unacceptable.
  16. Holmes is a good player, should be in every starting 11 when fit, or even not so fit
  17. Good call. Don't know if i can take watching any more of this, but i probably will, sigh
  18. Don't care how crappy your guitar playing is, it's easily miles more tolerable than watching this garbage performance. Fuming!
  19. There is no excuse for this kind of non performance, none whatsoever
  20. What in the world is going on here? This is atrocious
  21. There is no width in our play, it limits the options severely. Am a firm believer in using the entire field for play.
  22. Yes, but that's the funny bit, US presidents are simply stage performers who do the bidding of their owners, the money movers. It's just a show. US foreign policy remains the same from one president to another. Trump campaigned for no more interventionist wars around the globe, yet troops are still in Iraq, still in Syria stealing the oil in cahoots with terrorists, still in Afghanistan and he openly declares that he wants to steal Venezuela oil because that would be good for American businesses. Tactics change, policy doesn't.
  23. All they need now is to lay a flat blast resistant pad on the Martian surface and they can land that thing
  24. i am going to state something that's been on my mind for a while about Brexit. You've been played, big time. The Americans have been encouraging this scenario all along. When Obama threatened to move Britain to the back of queue he know full well what the reaction of the British public would be, that it would markedly increase support for Brexit. Clever move that. Keep in mind that social psychologists are among the main designers of insidious foreign policies of large nations today and so in continuance it makes psychological sense that the next US president Trump become a virtual cheerleader for Brexit. It's the old bad cop, good cop routine. Why would the power players in USA want that to happen and preferably in the hardest way, eh? Because they are not your friends or anybody else's, apart from Israel and only while that suits their agenda. The bottom line (they love that phrase) is that they see the EU as a potential threat to their global hegemony and thus by throwing their "friends" under the bus their purpose of a weaker EU manifests very nicely indeed. They don't care even if this means the end of Britain as long as they gain by it.
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