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  1. Thought well and long on what H to deliver this evening, but in the process i lost my mind again, so it's this
  2. Your knowledge of Iceland's volcanic and other history is commendable, Eddie. Indeed, one of our older volcanologists pointed out similarities with the Krafla Fires, that went on with pauses for many years. The scientists are now scratching their heads a bit, because the tremor surge last night indicated imminent volcanic activity, preceded by one or two tremor surges, but those surges have not happened as of today, many earthquakes but not a swarm. Every scientist with any excuse to claim a place among the crowd on this deserted and now closed off area of the peninsula is there and li
  3. Happy you enjoyed your stay. Yes, that's a decent spelling, roonttur also, rúntur in Icelandic. Think Belly's went belly up or changed the name. Had to google as i've not been there and up came BrewDog Reykjavík on Frakkastígur, a side street of the Laugavegur strip, specializing in Scottish brews.
  4. On a side note, the non stop earthquakes (thousands of them) during the last week is strongly indicating a volcanic eruption about to kick off on the Reykjanes peninsula. It won't be an explosive eruption, but could be lots of lava flow and it could be long standing, as in years or decades. Expected soon, or within the next week or two. There is little danger to flights being cancelled, but it could happen as poison gas could spew out, requiring clearing of some areas and the main road to the airport could be crossed by lava flow on it's way to the sea. This is why we don't make long t
  5. Seriously dude, not in Reykjavík it isn't.
  6. Growing up the formal greeting to a man was komdu sæll of blessaður, (come happy and blessed), less formal being either sæll or blessaður. The young today exclaim sæll when they like something. Halló works fine, hi also. Thank you is takk fyrir formal, or just takk. Einn Kalda takk
  7. Most people are happy to speak English, the young are mostly fluent.
  8. It's been non-stop very shallow earthquakes for the past few days. We had activity there last year but this is a record amount of quakes. Something to see in Reykjavík, yeah check out the lava flow running down Laugavegur
  9. There is lots to do in Reykjavík, all of it expensive. Many excellent restaurants, my favorite atm is Nauthóll. Downtown area has lots of pubs and shops, museums. If it's snowing, go swimming in one of the outdoor pools, eat fermented shark washed down with Brennivín, experience eating the face of a sheep (svið) or if you're really brave soured rams testicles. Scoop Skyr into a bowl, sprinkle golden sugar over, pour cream, get spoon. Have to try Icelandic pancakes with whipped cream and jam, you must have harðfisk (dried fish) with butter every day of your stay and locals will smile at yo
  10. New boys on the bench, that's proper, become local hero when coming on is a fix
  11. Excellent news and well deserved. Great to have a real powerhouse forward like him and he's a battler too, gives us a presence up front.
  12. Very unique, as opposed to slightly unique, i suppose
  13. Either 0-0 or 4-3, i am going with 4-3 Kamil
  14. i think Rooney comes across well, he is honest and straight forward, it's refreshing
  15. That's right, Keogh hurt the club with his stupidity and then dared to feel hard done by, instead of getting on his knees. Yes i know his legs were shattered, but he still should have, heh
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