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  1. Coventry 0 Derby County 1 FRGS Morrison
  2. We all take our chances. You bet on the vaccine, i on natural immunity. Time will tell.
  3. A few months into this godawful scenario i scribbled this for fun My Corona Ooh, my itty bitty one, my tiny one When you gonna let me outside, Corona? Ooh, you've taken all my fun, all my fun So here inside I have to hide Corona I can't leave this place, or touch my face, such a dreary time I always clean my mouse, the whole house and what else I find My, my, my, aye-aye, whoa! M-m-m-my Corona Don't come any closer, huh, but will ya, huh? Close enough to get in my eye Corona Keeping it a mystery, when I'll be free Free to do whatever I like Corona I can't leave this place, or touch my face, such a dreary time I always clean my mouse, the whole house and what else I find My, my, my, aye-aye, whoa! M-m-m-my Corona When you gonna give to me, infect me Is it just a matter of time Corona? Maybe it's the powers that be, powers that be Are they playing games with my mind Corona? I can't leave this place, or touch my face, such a dreary time I always clean my mouse, the whole house and what else I find Why, why, why, aye-aye, whoa! W-w-w-why Corona?
  4. i rate Roos and Allsop as fairly equal options, Marshall i don't rate. Juggle between the two, the one who's hot keeps the spot until he's not
  5. Preston 0 Derby County 1 Bird
  6. ramit


    i saw the second plane..
  7. There might very well be a shortage of many items in the near future, as the global economy is about to take a nosedive. The debts that have accumulated are becoming unsustainable. Snicker if you like, but better safe than sorry. i have begun stocking up on oats, rice, pasta, etc.
  8. Yep, that used to happen to me quite often, but not as much anymore. We are electromagnetic creatures, it makes sense that the output can intensify under agitated conditions. i blew one out once, that was interesting and pissed me off even more. Radios don't work well around me though and i get problems with my computer which the experts say cannot happen and yet it does. My cellphone turns on it's camera by itself and does other odd things, but that's probably some spooks rather than other spooks heh.
  9. Long ago i shared a house with many residents. i was standing midway up the stairway chatting with a guy when i saw what i thought was a female resident walk down the hallway on the ground floor. i called her name twice but she didn't turn around, so i chased after her and was maybe 3 meters from the figure when she turned into the room at the end of the hallway, which incidentally was the room that woman i thought it was resided in. i was in there 2 seconds behind her, but no one was in the room and the woman in question had been on the top floor the whole time. Thinking about it after, i realized the figure had a hood halfway over the face and didn't really walk down the hall, but floated. i hear bumps in the house quite often, have become used to it, but when it gets loud and repetitive i call out, what the heck do you want and it stops for a bit.
  10. i didn't feel it actually, we were out shopping, i think we were driving at the time. It is worrying, not least when you hear scientists stating in a matter of fact way that this is the beginning of a very long period of volcanic activity on the peninsula, perhaps 200 years long. Krýsuvík is part of this system and it's quite close to us, as well as other long dormant areas near and in the city of Reykjavík. Next year likely, we will be looking for a house to buy outside of the city, far outside, way up north if i have my way. Hope the place hangs together until then heh.
  11. https://odysee.com/@Odysee:8/How-To-Stop-Misinformation:5
  12. Possession obsession baffles me. Goals win games and yeah, we are a bit light up front.
  13. Thanks for that info, you see what is going on on the field and i don't. You are right, pressing is very important when playing the counter
  14. Pressing high will suit our game-plan though, soak it up and counter
  15. i must say, Keogh surprises me there, didn't think he could sink much lower.
  16. Derby County 1 Swansea 1 Byrne
  17. Just watched an old British film from 1954, one which likely many of you have seen at some point. i do enjoy these old British films, much prefer them to most American productions of that period. i liked the film very much, it is a screen adaptation of a play, so it happens more or less in one room. It's stars a fellow named Alastair Sim, who i recognize from other films. The film is a bit uncomfortable at times, gives cause for reflection. Good acting by all involved, especially Olga Lindo playing Mrs Birling. i would give it 4/5 stars. Oh the title An Inspector Calls
  18. In some ways better, in other worse. Coming from a small formerly rather isolated community, the changes have been very fast and in one's face. Honesty was the rule, not the exception, if you dropped your wallet stuffed with cash on the main street, it was very likely that it would be found and returned. Life was simpler and as the years pass ever quicker, i find myself appreciating simplicity, to the point of planning to move from the city to quiet town. Intolerance of anyone different in any way is one thing that isn't missed though and is more prevalent in the rural area and if it's a fishing town and one is not particularly interested in chatting about fish, there won't be much to chat about.
  19. Rooney appears to have created a siege mentality within the team. i applaud it, it is the only way we can pull off the near impossible, staying in the division.
  20. The eruption has halted for the time being, but something worrying has come up, numerous earthquakes around Keilir mountain, which scientists worry might indicate a fissure extending to that location and an eruption being imminent. It is much closer to the greater Reykjavík area and magma would run it's course to the sea in Faxaflói, cutting the main road to the airport and endangering inhabited areas.
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