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  1. Well done David and everyone else involved in the switch over.
  2. Great news that the deal is finally done. Can play on either wing. Happy days.
  3. Poor game today. Same old problem again. When teams get behind the ball we can’t break them down. Good penalty saves from Roos. Hopefully we can get a winger and a forward in before the season starts next week.
  4. Good move for Derby and Bennett. Think he should of gone after the joiners arms fiasco. Hopefully got a little bit of a fee for him.
  5. Good news Clark is coming back for another season. Wonder if we will have a clause to buy him.
  6. Fantastic news for the club. Now we can concentrate on the season ahead. 🐏
  7. Pink is not for me but my little granddaughter will be getting excited about a pink shirt.
  8. Good starting line up for today’s game.
  9. Yes Evatt went to Bolton after Barrow won promotion. Think he would of been better staying at Holker Street. David Dunn is in charge now.
  10. Shame John Rooney isn’t still at Barrow. Would of been interesting him against Wayne.
  11. Can’t believe Derby are playing my home town club. Just a shame the stadium will be empty for the game.
  12. Thanks Mozza for all your hard work. We all appreciate it.
  13. Birmingham 2-2 Derby frgs Bird
  14. I got the away shirt and the sizing is good. I just get my normal size. Umbro are normally good on the sizing.
  15. Derby 1-2 Dirty Leeds frgs Bird
  16. Going be a really hard game against Brentford. I’d be happy with a draw today. If we don’t get promoted I hope Brentford do.
  17. Derby 2-2 Brentford rfgs Rooney
  18. The flag looks fantastic. Can’t believe you got the flag made so quickly. Well done guys.
  19. Derby 2-2 Forrest frgs waghorn
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