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  1. Sad
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to RoyMac5 in Scott Carson - Signed for Man City on loan   
    I cannot see where you think Roos' ability to come for crosses has changed. He's 27 and never shown any ability bar as a shot-stopper.
  2. Clap
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to cosmic in Captain Keogh   
    Davies, who?

    Here forever, and ever, and ever...
  3. Clap
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to rynny in Captain Keogh   
  4. Like
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to Hathersage Ram in Captain Keogh   
    Captain Derby. If we had 10 others who played with his passion and commitment, then we would definitely get top 2
  5. Like
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to desirelines in Matt Clarke - signed on a season-long loan   
    Even though we're getting Bielik, I'd definitely still push hard for this transfer. Get Bielik as first-choice DM / cover for CB, and have Clarke playing alongside Keogh. SOLID! 
  6. Clap
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to cheron85 in Krystian Bielik - Signed 5 year deal   
    I thought he got a 4 game deal - And we're still waiting for him to complete it...
  7. Clap
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to Wolfie20 in Krystian Bielik - Signed 5 year deal   
    If he's rated that highly by Arsenal you would think, given their defensive frailties over the last however many seasons, they would be keen to keep him.
    They either need the money, don't rate him in the way some others do or have a better option ready to bring into their squad.
  8. Angry
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to RoyMac5 in Roos, Carson or a new senior keeper   
    Did the 'flash things' well, but didn't look so good flapping at a cross and letting an easy shot bounce off his chest. 
  9. Haha
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to Needlesh in Fikayo Tomori   
    We know Tomori's a good defender. I bet Cheryl's quite tidy around the box though.
  10. Clap
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to Pottig in Fikayo Tomori   
    Tomori. Never rated Cheryl.
  11. Clap
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to Dimmu in Harry Wilson - Joined Bournemouth   
    Has any Derby midfielder/winger scored 18 goals in a season before him?
    18 is quite a lot for a striker, never mind anynone else.
    So yeah, hopefully we'll sign someone who tracks back better.
  12. Like
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to Rampage in Daniel Bachmann   
    Simple but effective. Always the best.
  13. Sad
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to DcFc Dyycheee in 2019-20 DCFC Kits   
    "PS, it's not orange" 😂
  14. Clap
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to Animal is a Ram in 19/20 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread   
    Anyone else finding it slightly depressing that we haven't been linked with anyone just now? Not even any spurious rumours floating around..
  15. Haha
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to B4ev6is in Fire power coming season looking good   
    I think can go and get 15 goals this season as preasure of some what but be able link up play in the attack I see Bennett getting 20 goals this season.
  16. Haha
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to David in Kieran Dowell - Signed on season long loan & he hates Forest   
    Got a good feeling about this signing. Why I hear you ask?.......
  17. Like
    Cocu_Doodle_Do got a reaction from taffyram in Who looking forward to new season   
    Just being honest mate. We have lost a lot of players and key players last season were loans. We need to replenish/improve on those players to be able to compete at the top end of the table.
    Will back the lads regardless though.
  18. Like
    Cocu_Doodle_Do got a reaction from taffyram in Who looking forward to new season   
    When we get some players through the door I will be excited. For now I'm fearing mediocracy 
  19. Haha
    Cocu_Doodle_Do got a reaction from Premier ram in Roos, Carson or a new senior keeper   
    Makes me wonder if we should go in for pantillimon 
  20. Sad
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to AlfonzoBurlonzo in 433 - what's your current team?   
    How anyone can put Roos above Carson is beyond me. I personally think we need a new keeper but Roos is SO much worse than Carson. 
  21. Clap
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to Kuskus in Types of transfers?   
    Goalkeepers: Roos and possibly a new one 
    Defenders: Keogh Davies Wisdom Bogle Malone Forsyth Lowe and a New CB
    Midfielders: Shinnie Huddlestone Evans Holmes and 2 new signings or possibly Sibley or Bird could make the step up
    Forwards: Lawrence Jozefzoon Bennett Waghorn Marriott and a New winger or Whittaker or Mitchelllawson could make the step up 
    Get rid of: Martin Carson Anya Blackman Butterfield and Thorne 
  22. Sad
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to DCFC1388 in 19/20 Pre Season Photos & Videos   
    Would certainly fit the fast winger type Cocu likes 
    Imagine if Anya & Jozefzoon start vs Huddersfield either side of Martin 🤪
  23. Haha
    Cocu_Doodle_Do got a reaction from rynny in Roos, Carson or a new senior keeper   
    Makes me wonder if we should go in for pantillimon 
  24. Like
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to Saity in Chris Martin fitness   
    So could Waghorn and Marriott 
  25. Like
    Cocu_Doodle_Do reacted to Nuwtfly in Types of transfers?   
    You've got to replace Tomori, Bryson, Johnson, Mount and Wilson - so on the face of it we need to be in the market for 5 players. 
    You could then suggest we need to have at least 4 centre-backs on the books, so we may need another, unless someone is stepping up from the academy. I get the impression that centre-back is not a position we are particularly strong in. 
    Then, you might find Cocu wants to bring in a big No.9 type striker for his version of the 4-3-3. Someone to play the Luuk de Jong role.
    So, you could make the argument we need to sign 7 players before the window shuts. 7 players.
    Not that I'm beginning to worry or anything, but the clock is ticking!
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