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  1. And the 3 on the back please?
  2. Think its disrespectful to the job he is doing to say hes letting mac snd rosenier run things. Rooney is clearly the main man and uses his coaching staff how he sees fit
  3. They know it.. We know it. Tonight there is a solid chance the trophy returns to its rightful owners. COME ON YOU RAMS
  4. This is a rhetorical question right?
  5. Just finished the book. I have been reluctant to read it last few weeks because i knew the end was near and i just didn't want it to finish! Reading books has never been my thing. Like mason mount and harry wilson i like my playstation (proof i have read it all 😄) so for me to enjoy this book speaks volumes. Congrats @HuddersRam really impressive. I certainly feel proud to be a ram after reading it despite all the shanningans and pain we have all had to endure as fans. I am sure you will keep the forum posted of any future releases which seems a possibility reading this thread.
  6. In advanced talks over a loan move according to o rourke at sky
  7. Of course he would go. League 1 to premier a big jump
  8. I would be surprised if he made it at this level. 700k is fine by me but a cheeky add on would be nice should he prove me wrong
  9. Not a bad offer. I wouldn’t have even renewed his contract to be honest. 1m he’s got to go
  10. These adverse weather conditions may delay the takeover 🤭
  11. The_Sheriff


    Sky sports reporting Derby appealing the 2m they are ordered to pay. Is it 2m then? :s
  12. Jordan Ibe wont play this season hes clearly struggling right now so i pray hes ok and he gets all the help he can with support from the club. Playing is not important right now.
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